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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - In My African Dream

Scatterlings Of Africa

Original and similar lyrics
Copper sun sinking low Scatterlings and fugitives Hooded eyes and weary brows Seek refuge in the night Chorus They are the scatterlings of Africa Each uprooted one On the road to Phelamanga Where the world began I love the scatterlings of Africa Each and every one In their hearts a burning hunger Beneath the copper sun Ancient bones from Olduvai Echoes of the very first cry Who made me here and why Beneath the copper sun? African idea African idea Make the future clear Make the future clear Chorus..... And we are the scatterlings of Africa Both you and I We are on the road to Phelamanga Beneath a copper sky And we are the scatterlings of Africa On a journey to the stars Far below, we leave forever Dreams of what we were

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ARLO GUTHRIE "Running Down The Road"
Words and Music by Arlo Guthrie I remember now the time you left You thought to say farewell But for how long you would be gone There was no way to tell You just set out upon your road It caused you lots of grief And took you many places that You came to, for to leave CHORUS: Alone for years you sailed around At last your ship come in Well, charge admission on her deck Or sail her out again Among the people that you met Are some you'll see again With perfumed flowers in your hands You stood there in the rain They set the stage for anything And everyone was game You came alone and now at home They stop and ask your name CHORUS You'd like to see your friends again The ones left on the road And ramble 'round from town to town And tell me what's been told And sing the song you sang before You sat before the king And fate alone will guide you on And give you words to sing CHORUS

What's Left Of Me

AVANTASIA "The Mystery Of Time"
I think of the days I was thrilled by this road ahead When the moment won over what was to come Not afraid of the distance but the distance afraid of me Everytime I made it there I found nothing The distance was gone Now, I don't wanna fade But I ain't gonna run I'm resting my head on these stones God, what have you done to you and me I'm tired of scaring the future away No road ahead, the fire is dead Father don't you see in front of you Is what the chase has left of me If only they told me What the kerbside was hiding away Where the angels from high street didn't want to go And a heartbeat is forced To resign to the glory of a commonplace I am jaded I don't wanna see what's becoming of me Here's a bit! Then spare me this sight now… Cut it out I'm tired of the future myself I don't wanna fade but I ain't gonna run I'm resting my head on these stones God, what have you done to you and me I'm tired of scaring the future away No road ahead, the fire is dead Father don't you see In front of you is what's left of me God and glory torn to pieces, No no, it's just the spirit of the times I'm drawn to a flame that won't release me Release me! And I see a thousand who wait in line I don't wanna face what I ain't gonna stand I'm resting my head on these stones God, what have you done Look at yourself! I'm tired of scaring the future away The dark road ahead, the fire is dead Father don't you see what you have made of me

Stones In The Road

JOAN BAEZ "Play Me Backwards"
When we were young, we pledged allegiance every morning of our lives The classroom rang with children's voices under teacher's watchful eye We learned about the world around us at our desks and at dinnertime Reminded of the starving children, we cleaned our plates with guilty minds And the stones in the road shone like diamonds in the dust And then a voice called to us to make our way back home When I was ten, my father held me on his shoulders above the crowd To see a train draped in mourning pass slowly through our town His widow kneeled with all their children at the sacred burial ground And the TV glowed that long hot summer with all the cities burning down And the stones in the road flew out beneath our bicycle tires Worlds removed from all those fires as we raced each other home And now we drink our coffee on the run, we climb that ladder rung by rung We are the daughters and the sons, and here's the line that's missing The starving children have been replaced by souls out on the street We give a dollar when we pass, and hope our eyes don't meet We pencil in, we cancel out, we crave the corner suite We kiss your ass, we make you hold, we doctor the receipt And the stones in the road fly out from beneath our wheels Another day, another deal, before we get back home And the stones in the road leave a mark from whence they came A thousand points of light or shame, baby, I don't know

Dust Down A Country Road

Could not get to sleep It was on my wedding night I was tangled in the sheets And I was dreaming of a light Pouring from her window Coming up through the floor Lifting up the darkness Crashing through my kitchen door Down to that old oak table I went to take a look And my whole life flashed before me Just like a story book She used to make me breakfast Or sit around and talk Have another cup of coffee Or maybe take a little walk CHORUS: Dust down a country road Blowing int he wind Behind an old truck load Up before the rooster crowed There's an old dog staring At the dust down a country road And that truck is going somewhere I just can't be sure When tomorrow's just the day After all that's gone before And I always thought of leaving I never could stay too long Now her memory's catching up And our sweet dreams are all gone CHORUS If I had a bullet I'd put it in this gun And I'd catch that old dog napping And I'd shoot him before he runs Cause he ain't much good for nothin' Except staring at the dust Lord I wonder what he's looking at Sneaking up on us CHORUS


Bob Welch "French Kiss"
Last night red lights & sirens sound Nine miles on a back street looking out of town Out of touch going underground Looking into the mirror You can see 'em bearing down (chorus) Long road winding, headlights in the dark Don't know where we're going, but it can't be to far... Ten g's three for you the rest I'll keep No clues no avenues, it's a perfect scheme Outskirts hang a left at the hanging tree Cause they say they're going to get you But they won't mess with me (chorus) Long road burnin', you know you can't look back Cause everywhere you are turning You can't escape the fact... Yeah they're getting closer now Step on it man, you know they're gaining ground Not afraid to die until right now I can almost feel them breathing, fear for me.. Last night murder one was in the air Johnny didn't mean to do it, he was really scared Outlaws runnin' hiding who knows where Next time your on the outskirts, I'll be waiting there... (chorus) Long road a winding, headlights in the dark Long road returning Like a knife in your heart I'm on the outskirts now...

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