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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - In My African Dream

In My African Dream

Original and similar lyrics
Somebody broke the place where the rain is born something stole the promise from the light of the dawn people, people everywhere struggeling to get their share honest cruelty in the eyes of the innocent squeezing one more harvest from the tired earth they call to you, but the wind just blows away their words I didn't believe in miracles, I didn't believe you'd come, I didn't see any reason to carry on Chorus: But in my African Dream, you touched my soul raised up the children, made them whole in my African Dream you wiped away my tears, whispered the promise of a thousand years Children with eyes like souls ready to fly looking at me -- for some kind of sacred sign who will teach the young, the names of the ancient ones who will tell them from whence they come I have no answer, I don't even have a prayer All I can do is close my eyes and hope that you will be there Chorus: In my African Dream, you touched my soul raised up the children, you made them whole in my African Dream you wiped away my tears whispered the promise of a thousand years In my African Dream you blessed the rain let me stand proud, eased my pain, African dream,you raised me up, gave me love, you filled my cup. Old man sitting in the shade of the thorn treee he says these thorns are all that is true, life is suffering, suffering is life, be happy with the small things that come to you, that come to you, oh they come to you, They will be coming to you, oh come to you. Chorus

Music Evolution

Buckshot Lefonque
Chorus: Music evolution change Sometimes the common makes it sound strange Add a little this, take out a little that Then you'll come up with jazz called rap Where it's at, bring it back Because it is an ill format (Repeat) Once upon a time not long ago When all the cats went to hear Satchmo blow Groovin' at a tempo fast or slow Jazz was at a new plateau ready to grow Also developing ways to make dough Although we always heard no when at a show The Klan couldn't keep the man from makin' mo' Better blues, kinda confused here's the news These grooves is better than your blue suede shoes Some G's are fake and some will make moves I prove jazz gone up another level Real without making a deal with the devil And so, I'm about to let the world know That bebop and skattin' was an old school flow Callaway was a dope MC, you didn't know? Now that the years gone by some will try Try to make that hip hop and jazz thing die When it was skat before it was rap, Yo it was fly Now it brings tears to the eye, oh my I didn't hear that back in the days I wonder why Chorus: Ennie, meenie, minie, mo Let's pick a song Let's make it long and add the rap to make it strong And if it's wrong, then I'll chill and let it stop If not, then I'll bust chops to get props To make sure jazz and hip hop is at the tip top But wait, we must cross roads to get it straight in rhyme there's a thin line between love and hate Some state rap will never make it out the gate But I'm here to cause a debate and contemplate Why jazz and hip hop is considered second rate But what' the use, if I proceed to break it loose There's always an excuse why the rapper gets abuse Don't wanna tangle because the angle is obtuse Same kinda cas that was facin' the juice My tongue can get necks hung, where's the noose My hypotenuse was to make rap fun But what I done has put the soldier on the run From sun to sun carryin' weight that weights a ton Convinced without a gun Forget the fame of your name they need someone to blame For murder one Chorus (5x) Change Strange This That Jazz Rap Because it is an ill format

Children Can Live (Without It)

DC TALK "Nu Thang"
I don't want another country I want ta recognize intent Of our forefathers when they wrote Precisely what they meant Taken on the form of Christian But the power is denied In God we trust only when we lust For the apple of our eye One nation under God With morals out of proportion An end result is murder Under legalized abortion (chorus) Children can live without it Who's gonna take it away? Children can live without it Maybe we'll learn someday Oh, that we'll learn, I pray A miracle of God Now looked on as a choice It's time for all His children To unify a voice With influence in our numbers And power in out prayer We must defend the children And fight for what is fair What appears to be an upset Can change its ugly course And we can do it all Through Jesus Christ our Lord (repeat chorus) (bridge) O, they can fight, but they cannot win They can scream, but none will hear them Don't ya know that our conscience will die If we take away the freedom to survive? (repeat chorus 3x)

A Christmas To Remember

AMY GRANT "A Christmas To Remember"
Twinkling lights A chill is in the air And carols everywhere Close your eyes, it's almost here Candles and cards And favorite movie scenes The smell of evergreen As special as it's always been And I have a dream or two Maybe they will come true CHORUS: Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight We'll wake up to a world of white It's gonna be a Christmas to remember Light up the fire, play some Nat King Cole Always sentimental and don't you know that It's gonna be a Christmas to remember I know it's true Time doesn't stand still Many things can change But we know some things never will The memories we share The songs we always sing The mystery of life The hopefulness this season brings And I have a dream or two Maybe they will come true CHORUS

Same Space

AESOP ROCK "Appleseed"
Killaz reflect the destiny of the village So when 20 count regrets float down futility spillage See I'll pass the broken arrow this time for certain Yea but from here on out its hoof the mare the bare footed urchin Dig it in person Now exhibit true audacity and passively hack grease into ribbons Your excused from the roundtable admissions committee Activist legends turned hostage in fallen cities Dirty earthlings circling vision immaculate Spin me dizzy in a crosswalk My too far gone mastodon senses inspect relentless For fitted boogie systems and crook addictions Well sure my crown is formed of thorns Yea but my thorns are formed of sound And I have found sound will keep me warm When the mornings born with frozen ground Put a rope down pull me from where the buzzards cleared I mean from the bones you and your little badass mad max musketeers When the silhoettes of emaciated frames dance on a highwire Mistook for aspiring third world poster children But is inserted ghost with dealin Dead to administer links like chief then whats your forte Devil dragger in disguise seeking the match made in your eyes Friend it don't take the wise this minute triplicate pace unified I don't condone the blasphemy naturally its procreation From the floods, to the fires, to the droughts, to the cyclones Tidal waves, the twisters, tornadoes, and hell stones Whirlwinds, tropical storms, blizzards and monsoons All of which I witnessed prior to waking up inside my room Look at the crook as I panic episode tantrums Fuck hugging my cool The edginess readies the mock knock quick draw hence the duel The company of similars couldn't excite the motor But hermit crab Ace home alone-uh One barrel of idioms and charcoal stick, courage under desire Canopy draped beautiful messiah reluctant Stuck in the pluck in the haul buzzing the fuzzing televison mixer Book of saturated matches and a half-made bed Pick of the litter, litter of the pick Pack leader will huff cannibal fumes, mechanical zoom There's ample room Stowaways inside the cargo bed Said leech prior to firing up his barnacle magnet Instincts leashing himself to where the wind splitting ice storms And termite swarms are commonplace I'm a trace this silver lining winding round the profit chase I know there is good in you if one peels back the opulence But I also know its ratio the bad don't feed my confidence The nutrients will be intense circle The clues units of success being personal Then sucked basic diversion Rusty anchor budget for nothing Wedged between aesop rock and a scarred face of frustrated fuck yous Bound by concern I can't believe I'm still concerned I can't believe side children turn in their sleep over one-liners Well I yield to hear your burns Color me out of my skull draggin a wagon of creature features And all I ever wanted was to aggravate the sleepers Look self-crafted heroics murder worthless Crash test ideologies, catalog alien doctrines type disturbance Got em out, killing machines turn belly up Buckled, the troubles I've seen Coax twenty four sevens of wide eyes from day dreamers Clean or dirty serpents in turn wish preference for the latter Justified the germs burn cauterize the gashes after On my left, one finger for each burrough I can touch On my right, one finger for each time that I wake up midsummer night Who's cloaked in a pristine mantle of hellfire But A-capital glaciers out the east slide lateral Born for one task indeed To spoil the citizen kane emote self this ugly duckling seed Look I aint too attired of draggin the baggage over the seasaw seeds When the reapers turns mortals to caspers See the plain and stone conjurable can't mimmick the null Of a billion troops holding matchsticks to empty cannons Stand of a many moons when the sun hit the mountainside splendidly Bask in the last warmth that be known to man's tangents In the wink of an innocent starchild's eyelid drop he vanished Managed to carve initials in the granite wall the damned it all up I hung with cats that do the donts Cats that forage through the moats Hoping they open with soveriegnty and a cantine deemed with prodigies I love the wake, the watch, the walk, the work The well its almost six o'clock I've never seen so many tugboats miss the dock (watch)

Didn't I Say I Love You

Written by Elliot Wolff/Stacy Piersa Something sweet fills my soul with wonder Tender arms wrap me in my slumber Cherished thoughts keep our hearts together Safe and warm, nothing could be better I will be there whenever you call me Didn't I say I love you I will be there to keep your tears from falling Didn't I say I do Just a breath passing from your two lips And I forget everything, I lose it Just a look makes me feel the madness In my world no one else will have it Chorus Time may change some things But you and me will always last forever Dreams may come and go but we, we know Will always be together (Didn't I say I love you, boy) Chorus I will be there no matter what the reason Didn't I say I love you I will be there and I will never leave you Didn't I say I do

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