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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Heat, Dust and Dreams

These Days

Original and similar lyrics
Yashimbawula! (the watchman's fire is burning) What happened to the diamonds in your eyes, What happened to the hunger for the day's chase? What happened to the electric smile That danced across your face We used to talk about changing the world Now all you want to do is change your name Come on baby don't surrender now to the empty heart of these days. We used to talk so deep into the night You had the heart of a wild horse running You bared your soul to me and we both knew these days were coming Chorus: These days -- blood in the heavens These days -- fire and ice These days -- burning streets and visions These days -- of the loveless child Yashimbawula! You were the reason I came here You will always be the one I am looking for I can't stand to see the way these days are pushing you against the wall Got to get up, got to move out Face the tide beyond the door Outside there's a whole world changing We can't stand here, trapped inside Let's step out and test the weazther Hang on baby, it's going to ge a rough ride thru' Chorus These days -- searching for a vision These days -- gun metal blue These days -- changing my religion These days -- heartless and cruel say the words and fill my sails I will love you through the coming gale we'll get through the darkest heart of these days It's killing time Who will watch the watchers? Who will keep the keepers? Who will love the lovers -- could you? Chorus....

Foolish Love

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT "Rufus Wainwright"
I don't want to hold you and feel so helpless I don't want to smell you and lose my senses And smile in slow motion with eyes in love I twist like a corkscrew, the sweetness rising I drink from the bottle weeping Why won't you last? Why can't you last? So I will walk without care, beat my snare Look like a man who means business Go to all the poshest places with their familiar faces Terminate all signs of weakness Chorus: Oh, all for the sake, all for the sake of a foolish love I will take my coffee black, never snack hang with the wolves who are sheepish Flow through the veins of town, always frown Me and my mistress the princess Chorus So the day Noah's Ark floats down park My eyes will be simply glazed over Or better yet I'll wear shades on sunless days And when the sun's out I'll stay and slumber Chorus

Heart Of The Rose

AIR SUPPLY "News From Nowhere"
A long time ago, from the valley of the sun Came the holy power, When the gods were one Searching for a new home, Searching for this land Guided by the stars, and a vision they had seen The pillars of the temple, In these hills of green Buried deep inside for only us to find (Chorus) It is the roar of the wind, The power of the sun The strength of a thousand bows And those who near it again, will fear it again And it's here in the heart of the rose Painted in the sky was the moment to awake All that lay within you, As this dawn should break With this force awoken, none can stand before This is the hour, now is the time Driven by the purest love, I give you mine All that we must be, is everything we see (Chorus) Our love, has brought us both together And it's our love that will go on forever There is no love that can become as one Before it's time (Chorus) It is the trees in the earth, It is the rivers that run And through us this secret flows And now our destiny calls, You'll remember it all Our love for the heart of the rose

The Crimson

ATREYU "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses"
i feel it well up inside and robert smith lied, boys do cry abd with blood tears in my eyes i'm anne rice novel come to life i cant hide the monster anymore one can only feel desolate for so long until one starts to change into something the mirror doesnt recognize i metamorphosize the darkness has been biding its time to claim its latest victim fresh meat for carnal desires to become wut i became i viewed the sun for the last time will u still hold me when you see what i have done? will u still kiss me the same when you taste my victims blood? so crimson and red i fell it flowing fromm your lips crimson and red My heart is dead and so are you and it pulses through, the desire to change to deconstruct all of my past failings but where to begin becasue when you live is sin its hard to look at the saints without them reflecting their jet black auras back on you and all i have is hope my inner burn's not fading ill wipe the blood from my cheek and get on with my day (chorus) and all i have is hope and all i need is time to bury in pine under six feet of time the lies i told me about myslef claw my way out, pick the splinters from under my fingernails i wont loose hope, i wont give in just live and breathe, try not to die again(x3) (Chorus)x2 my heart is dead, and so are you!!

Big Shots (G-unit Diss)

JOE BUDDEN "Mixtape Kings"
its that on-top music!.. (Chorus)(Big Shot) ..Yea Yea its cha boy boy listen to'em I think finally the steroids is gettin to'em or maybe if people believe in all his hard raps, or maybe its the tangtops with the bra straps maybe he's really believen he's a heathen like the dude he stole his name from, dude ain't the same none nothin's hard body about'em, he's like pudding, so here we are beat the floor it's dwight goodman so i can sit and wait while ya team gets soft, or i can go get u picked, no screens involved I can get you offed for a clip no fiens involved, or we can take it one further and get Queens involved Where they no he went to jail, never over a banger He went to boot camp, not to pop wit the gangsters sorta like Yayo who staid in D.C. and you can ask anybody up in J.D.C. so i guess he's a tough guy now that he's free, but doin that kind of jail time is easy but it's not beneath me, really i gives a fuck I can put the whole unit on the next flip and tuck, BUT! If he keep his dudes in check, I keep it real wit'em punch Banks in the face if he still wit'em i don't worry bout puttin the clips in the 40 (why?) pistol whip Lloyd when Fifty'll do it for me (chorus) Far as the kid Game, he's lame lets say the least Mad he's from the west so he converted to the East Always talkin about him n' his mans that'll blast pounds but when you see him, he's just dancin in the background I tore Game apart, i thought by now the asshole would have a change of heart Especially since i got the tape, but it's gangster on 'change of heart' Teary eyed cause his shorti had a change of heart, But i smell somethin fishy theirs a con in the air slacks, his tongue peirced, streaks blonde in his hair Who's he playin wit? Keep sayin shit and ya body'll take the same tour Regan's did Still tryin to get a buzz, embarrased, the kids hurtin Reachin, he's losin his head, he's Nick Birdman And as far as Banks and Buck i'm done discussin'em I only beef wit niggas who own publishin Curtis your a bum and your almost done Same artist that you were dissin, is exactly what you've become Saw'em at Summer Jam and all he did was stare Walk off stage and all you heard was 'Geah!' (They through the chairs at'em!) Dont be seen no more, he's a Queen no more and he can't even step foot in Queens no more Sellin his soul, Banks I hope your proud of your father Now we all see the 'Power of a Dollar' (Chorus) ..fade out with quarter drop..

31 Days

ZEE AVI "Ghostbird"
The ripe age of seventeen Moved into the big bad city Hoping it'd accept me But I didn't care it would make me wise and lean Spent many a-sleepless nights Don't care if the bedbugs bite A hundred fancy couches But my pillow was the thought of you A flameless name A foolish game I'm half crazy And you're too sane 31 days in June My only mission was to find you Yes I may be tired and I'm spent But my love will pay the rent With one shirt on my back My father's duffle bag And it's seen better days Just like the youth that was once on my face A shameless name A foolish game I'm half crazy And you're too sane 31 days in June My only mission was to find you Yes I may be tired and I'm spent But my love will pay the rent My love, yeah my love will pay the rent

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