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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Heat, Dust and Dreams

Emotional Allegiance (Stand By Me)

Original and similar lyrics
I don't want to be a tourist in your heart I don't want to visit someone else's ruins Don't want a day trip to the feelings in the dark Don't want a quick-fix honeymoon Bridge: We need: emotional allegiance, devotional love a living promise like in the story of RAM Chorus: Raghupati raghava raja Ram Patite pavana Sita Ram Stand be me -- feel the sun Emotional allegiance -- divine love There's a change in the weather and a hole in the sky snow in the summer and the rivers run dry who will guard your fragile dreams of rain when your heart is tired of daytrippers and nobody stays.... Bridge: We need: emotional allegiance, devotional love a living promise like in the story of RAM Chorus...

Heart Of Every Man

To a world turning cold as stone To a world spinning out of control See the sigh of the times Feel the emptiness inside To try to hide the pain inside CHORUS May the love of Jesus fll the heart of every man May the hope of heaven touch a life with healing hands And may all who seek him find grace enough to stand May the love of Jesus fill the heart of every man To a soul that's too tired to fight To a heart that's too weary to try When all faith is taken away by the trials of the day When there's nothing left to say CHORUS BRIDGE For God so loved the world that He gave his Son and Whoever believes will know His love CHORUS

We Can Be New

Can you tell that I've been hurt so? Can you tell I wanna lay low? Can you tell that I'm a flower Waiting for a sunshower? Can you tell that love denied me? I need someone to revive me If you give me a reason, I'll be with you through the seasons (Bridge) And we'll shed of our skin like trees do with leaves We'll glide together down on winter breeze And rest in the earth intertwined at the roots Until we have grown into one, me and you... (Chorus) And we can be new And we can be new And we can be new Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo And we can be new Can you tell me a story That ends with morning glory? Can you tell I will believe you If I could remember how to? Can you tell the girl I once was Come back, there's nothing here to fear, love? If you give me a reason, I'll be with you through all seasons (Bridge) (Chorus) Want to begin, want to begin to grow our new future, love Where the ground is still fertile, full of hope and life Never again, never again will pain and lies do you in Let's bury them beside us, so they can remind us of when we... (Repeat chorus)

You're The Only One For Me

Yeah ummm... yeay. I've gotten close so many times Tryin to fit in I don't know why I had to leave behind a dream that could be mine I thought that I would never find Someone who's heart could read my mind Now I don't have to hide cause you are in my life Chorus: I promise you that love won't be easy I promise you there'll be times apart (apart) But I swear that it comes from my heart When I promise you're the only one for me (for me.. yeah) Sometimes I know it hard for you Wondering if we'll make it through But if you give me time I'll show you that you're mine, I promise you Repeat Chorus You showed me who I am, I know you understand You taught me how to trust not be afraid of love I'm not afraid to look in your eyes I surrender to love I open up and let you inside Repeat chorus x2

You're Not There

JACI VELASQUEZ "Crystal Clear"
You're Not There Why do I think of You Far beyond my reach Why can't I comprehend The love you have for me God all of the universe Of earth and sky and sea Your desire to own my heart Is such a mystery Chorus: You're not there Way out there Wandering in Your great unknown You are here ever near In my heart You've found a home You are living You are breathing I dan feel Your presence in me All the prayers To the saints Every votive burned But now I know From within Your loving voice is heared You've sent Your Spirit The promised One To be with me forever Repeat chorus You are living You are breathing You are loving I am needing Words and music by Jaci Velasquez and Mark Heimermann

Get Me To The Church On Time

ANDY WILLIAMS "The Great Songs From "My Fair Lady" And Other Broadway Hits"
Happy Heart Artist: Andy Williams (peak Billboard position # 22 in 1969) Music by Hans Last and Words by Jackie Rae There's a certain sound always follows me around When you're close to me you will hear it It's the sound that lovers hear when they discover There could be no other for their love CHORUS It's my happy heart you hear Singing loud and singing clear And it's all because you're near me, my love Take my happy heart away Let me love you night and day In your arms I wanna stay, oh my love Feeling more and more like I've never felt before You have changed my life so completely Music fills my soul now, I've lost all control now I'm not half, I'm whole now with your love CHORUS Repeat CHORUS with La-la's Repeat CHORUS with La-la's and FADE

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