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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Crocodile Love / Ya Vuka Inkunzi

Thandazani (Everybody Pray)

Original and similar lyrics
Johnny: Eshe mfowethu! Ithini lenkunzana yasesemanzani? (Hi there 'Bro! What does litte Bull from the place of waters, say? Sipho: Hayi, noma izacile isandonsa-nje (No, even if the Bull is gaunt and thin, it still has a lot of life left in it) Johnny: Uthini mfowethu ngesimo esanamhlanje? (What do you think, brother, about life in these times?) Sipho: Ithatha osemsamo lamhlahla emyango ngichaza abakini mangishonjalo (Fortune has removed those from chosen positions and thrown them out of the house. I am referring to some of your fellow countrymen who were once in power.) Johnny: Ngibona abelungu betoyi-toyi eSandton bengasafuni ukukhokha irenti, uthini ngalokhu mfowethu? Sipho: Kulomhlaba omusha yilo usho okuthandayo (In this new country of ours, everyone and anyone has the right to express themselves freely....) Chorus Thandazani nani makholwa (Everybody pray, including you Christians) Namhlanje kunzima-nyana (for today things are a little difficult) Abazusazi ekhaya mhla sifika (our families will not recognize us the day we arrive) Ngoba saguka endleleni njenge thaya (for we grow old on the road, like a car-tyre.) Johnny: Egoli ngabona umfazi eshaya indoda emhlala phansi ngemzuzwana (In Johannesburg I saw a woman punch a man and knock him out in a few seconds) Sipho: Namhlanje isandla 'somfazi sinjengesendoda (Today a woman's hand is equal to that of a man) Johnny: Egoli ngabona umnikazi wegalaji oswela imoto (In Johannesburg I saw the owner of a garage who didn't own a car) Sipho: Isicathulo se-shoemaker sicela ipapa (and the shoemaker's shoes are hungry because they have holes in them and the tongue is sticking out begging for porridge) Johnny: Bengithi ngishela intombi e-Hillbrow yangibuza ukuthi ngiphethe imalini (I tried to chat up a girl in Hillbrow but she asked me how much money I had...) Sipho: Hawu! Ungakhohlwa ijazi lomwenyane, pasoba! (Wow! Just don't forget the son-in-laws' overcoat [condom], watch out!) Chorus

Walk Of Life

WALK OF LIFE Dire straits Here comes Johnny singing oldies, goldies Be-Bop-A-Lula, Baby What I Say Here comes Johnny singing I Gotta Woman Down in the tunnels, trying to make it pay He got the action, he got the motion Yeah, the boy can play Dedication devotion Turning all the night time into the day He do the song about the sweet lovin' woman He do the song about the knife He do the walk, he do the walk of life Here comes Johnny and he'll tell you the story Hand me down mu walkin' shoes Here come Johnny with the power and the glory Backbeat the talkin' blues He got the action, he got the motion Yeah, the boy can play Dedication devotion Turning all the night time into the day He do the song about the sweet lovin' woman He do the song about the knife He do the walk, he do the walk of life Here comes Johnny singing oldies, goldies Be-Bop-A-Lula, Baby What I Say Here comes Johnny singing I Gotta Woman Down in the tunnels, trying to make it pay He got the action, he got the motion Yeah the boy can play Dedication devotion Turning all the night time into the day And after all the violence and double talk There's just a song in the trouble and the strife You do the walk, you do the walk of life


LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
*first 30 seconds: woman moans as beat slows down* I gets right to the point -- no time to play around When it comes to this cheddar -- lay a nigga down Bust shots at his Rover if he dare come back around Pay me on time or I gots to take mine At first I seem friendly; but that's just in me I warn you -- when I blow, it gets a little windy You make me wanna fight you, I ain't nothin like you Y'all Paper Thin, my shit recycled They call me Lil' Kim, a.k.a. Cover Girl Sometimes I feel like I'm from another fuckin world Niggaz buy me glass slippers and diamond fingernails and awwwww, shit, I got it all in this bitch (Chorus) x2 Goodness gracious, the papers! Where the cash at? Where the stash at? Nigga pass that! We rollin in tinted Nav's TV's in the dash, see we love the cash To all my bitches in the strip club -- shakin they ass (I ain't mad, do your thing mami!) Get that cash! And all my hustlin niggaz still out on the ave. Fightin over blocks and who got the best rocks and Goodness gracious, the struggle never stops The things we all do to keep our pockets filled with knots People fuck to my music -- they say it's pornographic My Billboards is nice; one day gon' be a classic I fuck with dudes, with Members Only jackets that sleep on brass beds, with money for a mattress Gettin' Money bitch, and I roll with dimes Take pictures with our nines on the cover of New York Times Tattoos down our spine with the the picture of a dime Cuttin niggaz short like inmates for phone time Everything I get is -- custom made Niggaz, wanna get laid; I, gotta get paid (The papers..) *woman starts moaning again before the chorus* (Chorus) x2 *woman keeps moaning while beat fades out*

You're All I Need Be There For You

Chorus: Mary J. Blige You're all, I need to get by, ahhhhh You're all, I need to get by, ahhhhh (Background sample: Notorious B.I.G.) [Lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope we fuckin' die together] Shorty I'm there for you anytime you need me For real girl, it's me in your world, believe me Nuttin make a man feel better than a woman Queen with a crown that be down for whatever There are few things that's forever, my lady We can make war or make babies Back when I was nothin You made a brother feel like he was somethin That's why I'm with you to this day boo no frontin Even when the skies were gray You would rub me on my back and say 'Baby it'll be okay' Now that's real to a brother like me baby Never ever give my booty away and keep it tight aight And I'ma walk these dogs so we can live In a phat-ass crib with thousands of kids Word life you don't need a ring to be my wife Just be there for me and I'ma make sure we Be livin in the effin lap of luxury I'm realizing that you didn't have to funk wit me But you did, now I'm going all out kid And I got mad love to give, you my nigga (Chorus) 2X's Mary J. Blige Like sweet morning dew I took one look at you And it was plain to see You were my destiny With you I'll spend my time I'll dedicate my life I'll sacrifice for you Dedicate my life for you I got a love jonz for your body and your skin tone Five minutes alone I'm already on the bone Plus I love the fact you got a mind of your own No need to shop around you got the good stuff at home Even if I'm locked up North you in the world Wrapped in three-fourths of cloth never showin your stuff off, boo It be true me for you that's how it is I be your Noah, you be my Wiz I'm your Mister, you my Mrs. with hugs and kisses Valentine cards and birthday wishes? Please Be on another level of planning, of understanding the bond between man and woman, and child The highest elevation, cuz we above All that romance crap, just show your love (Repeat chorus till fade)

God Has Smiled on Me

AFROMAN "Sell Your Dope"
(speaking) yeah i be acting crazy rapping nasty but dont get me wrong i god sense ima thank god on this song this song is dedcated to all the homeboys who almost died but for some strange cowinsadental ironic reason u lived through it homeboy but im here to tell u man its not a cowinsadence and its not ironic gods got a planet purpose for your life man the quarter pasce choris gonna take for me reight a bout now (chicken sound) (chorus) God has (come on) smiled on me he has set me free (like when them bullets just fly past you)OOOOH god has smiled on me and hes been good to me (rapping) before i was a wild juvenille i used to be a mild christian young child i used to seek and seek search and search analyze everybody in my church a 1 2 ive seen a lot of hippocrits religeous fakeres deepen hormungers and oftent talkeres when i turned 13 i thought church was fake i took all i could take so i took a lil brake i went to throught the wurl and bought a jerry curl and some crack to slice so i can do my own thing the street life i didnt understand good so i started gangbanging to proove my man hood yeah have fun baggin the gun the baddest kid on the block was a christian son went to the county jail not once but twice gambling with my life with the dealing dice (chicken sound) (chorus) i got realezed in 94 told my mamma i dont wanna get in trouble no mo' i wanna get a job obtain myself be independed like u and take care of my self i stopped bangin i really quit but not the people i got into it wit back in the day from pompale to LA they got beef wit me homie up untill this day to make a long story short i stepped out the club walked around the corner to the local night club sittin at a table just doin my thang just when i got up close to a rival gang his gang and my gang just got into it i tried to explain i didnt do it i told ya bro scence 94 i been straight man i dont mess around no more (chicken sound) (chorus) u know what he said man he got smart wit me he said call the mortuary order some flowere u quit ur game but we never quit ours he got exited we started fist fightin like mike tyson we was scrathin and biteing a bunch of them started mobing me threw me on the floor and started robbing the stuff they took wasnt nothing major wallet walkman cheap lil pager they took my foodstamps took my knife took me and tried to talke my life (chicken sound) i tried to fight back but my efforts were useless aint know need to make enough excusses amen i was on the ground getting beat down 8 different people kicking me around i thought about all the bad things i did when i ran from god as a little bitty kid no sign no reason no clue no warning no fare nobody cared 2 o clock in the morning heavy licks they was layin on me but at the same time my momma she was prayin 4 me lights from the helicopter filled the air and the police cars came every were i told jesus i dont deserve you let me live and ill serve you god has smiled (chorus) sometimes when im drinking i think about all my close calls ya know what im saying the times i almost got shot the times i was comiting crimes almost got caught by the police man i think abought car accidents that never happend i think about home boys i speak to one day next day they catch 50 60 years mabey even rest in peace u know what im saying but we still alive right? god aint through wit us so lets put it down man stop all this madness go on take care of some situations we need to take care of and to all the homeboys who robbed me im still alive so if yall be so kind go down there and buy my tape man that will make up them food stamps yall took from me right (chicken sound) Amazing Grace how sweet the sound ? I once was lost but now im found was blind but now i see god has smiled on me he has set me free god has smilled on me and hes been good to me amazing grace how sweet the sound ? i once was lost bt now im found was blind but now i see

Johnny In The Morning

Brandmeier Jonathon
(Jonathon Brandmeier) Well people say I'm crazy Some say I'm insane Some say I'm immature Some say I'm inhumane Ah, let 'em squawk 'Cuz I don't care What they throw my way Yeah, I'm plaing tunes In the valley of the loons And loving it every day CHORUS I'm just havin' fun Can't ya see And I ain't out to hurt no one But there's a few of 'em after me Now, life goes too fast So I'm just trying to make it last I'll be Johnny in the Morning Just as long as I can be Now they're strangling ducks in Tempe He's got a crowbar in his head They're eating dogs in California And blowing off donkey's heads They got rats in the sewer with Spaghetti-O's And disco killing mice Wel it's stories like these Full of stink and sleaze That make my job so nice CHORUS Well I get up 'fore the sun does To go on the radio Yeah, the folks they should put in a mental home They just put 'em on my show You got the Singing Loon, Roscoe too Don't forget the Repetition Kid You got Yvonne in heat, sound so darn sweet She's trying to get me into bed CHORUS People, you know I love you You really make my day And until I get a better offer Well this is where I'm gonna stay CHORUS And I'll be Johnny in the Morning Just as long as I can be Good morning to ya buddy And I'll be Johnny in the Morning Just as long as I can be ------------------------------------------------- -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Eric Wincentsen Telephone call for Dr. Paradox... -Dread Zeppelin, Jungle Boogie Glendale Community College, Glendale, Arizona Hug the world and sit on its face! -Me +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

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