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Johnny Clegg Savuka lyrics - Crocodile Love / Ya Vuka Inkunzi

Love Is Just A Dream

Original and similar lyrics
Something in the way she moves In the way she touches me In a way that no one can ever do Something in the way I feel When she's standing there Makes me feel more real than the rain Igama lami 'nkunzi emnyama (My name is black bull ) Yimi 'nkunzi emnyama (I am black bull ) Ngicitha amasoka (I am the one who tests young men in love) Standing on the corner There's nothing warmer Than holding her hard and close to me Chorus Isoka latatazela (This young man is nervous) Lentombi ifuna ukwendlala (because the young girl wants to stay the night) Itshitshi limnandi itshitshi limnandi njengoshukela (a virgin is sweet, a virgin is sugar sweet) We're sitting at the river's end She smiles and says to me Make my heart beat like a drum Time, time, time, can we hold the line? Can I keep this picture forever? Igama lami 'nkunzi emnyama (My name is black bull ) Yimi 'nkunzi emnyama (I am black bull ) Ngicitha amasoka (I am the one who tests young men in love) Love is just a dream by another name Love is just a dream.

I Am Your Future

[Verse 1] I'm gonna take you back .. to 1980 People thought she was crazy for keepin' her baby Being only thirteen thinking' how she would love a son Barely a child herself .. now she would mother one When that had come to past some wondered how she had made it by Some had bets on the side that she wouldn't live to see '85 But she would prove them wrong .. corrosion kickin' strong And like the calm before storm so was mom when it was on Back in '86 .. as he grew up in the mix Watchin' his mother hang around men that slang the cain to make them licks Strugglin' year after year switchin' daddy to daddy Last one had him a lincoln .. this one got him a caddy Plus a house in the subs and apartments run by thugs Pushin' dubs to them scrubs 'cuz he got a connect with killa bud Little young buck seen all of that then the man had a hand on that crack And he out there lookin' for tear that come black Cuz he know that smack on a comeback He was nothin' but 9 years old doin' nothin' but what he was told Always the one that would hafta hold Till the man let him know when it was sold Then he would take what wrapped in the paper sack Make the drop and he'd make it back Imagine that to play the mac And not know how one's s'posed to act [Chorus] When them hustlin' on them corners Don't play them for weak cuz them will shoot ya Real young killa gangsta rude-boy destined for death yet O'm your future How can the youth be humble when we live in an age of rage too young and naive to conceive that them diggin' an early grave [Verse 2] And by the time the nineties come around .. Mom's had a frown since the man went down Kites fly penitentiary bound and lil' man's left to hold his ground Playin' his art stayin' in school .. Nothin' short of payin' his dues Mamas heart's what made him choose .. Got him a start in breakin' rules Hittin' them books hangin' with crooks .. Watchin' out when that law man looks Money's put in them pocket books And business good 'cuz he got them rooks To make the run getting' it done .. With the advantage of bein' so young Nobody cared about what had begun .. Then by the end of '91 He was the kid in junior high Lookin' to get some new supply Got him a hook up through some guy Livin' like either it's do or die Under the influence of the game .. Already been through the love and the pain Feelin's to him that one in the same .. Gotta maintain or go down the drain It was the life he learned to live .. He's never had an alternative Most forbid the things he did .. But what would you do if you were the kid growin' up Around the cut only exposed to what's corrupt Nothin' could break a boy so rough except the touch of his mother's love [Chorus] [verse 3] Around the summer of '93 .. Everyone's packin' artillery Do many wantin' to be a 'g' Ready to make a delivery Whatever it took to get in a set .. Not even worried about regret It's who could pose the biggest threat And catch the most of all respect He can't stop .. He won't stop .. Even though every spot is hot Givin' it everything thing he's got .. Tryin' to keep from getting' caught Never the one to be any place Long enough to catch a case After all no time to waste When doin' your business face to face He's comin' equipped to make the lick .. Not about to play the trick Puttin' in work to make the hit and keepin' it low to stay legit Mom's and dad's i'm talkin' to you .. These are the things our children do Hopin' you listen and catch the clues then maybe [Chorus]

White Man's World

2PAC "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"
I ain't saying I'm innocent of all this I'm just saying This song is for y'all For all the times I mess up when we mess up Dear sister Got me twisted up in prison I miss yah Crying Looking at my nieces and newphews picture They say don't let this cruel world get yah Kinda suspicious, Swearing one day you might leave me for someone thats richer Twist the cap off the bottle I Take a sip And see tommorrow Gotta make if I have to Beg and Borrow Reading love letters late night, locked down, and quiet If brothers don't recieve their mail Best believe we riot Eating Jack mat Staring at walls of Silence Inside this cage Where they captured all my rage and violence In time I learned a few lessons Never fall for riches Aplogizies to my TRUE sisters Far from bitches Help me raise my black nation Reperations are due Its true Caught up in this world I took advantage of you So tell the babies how I love them Precious boys and girls Born black in this white mans world and all I heard was [Chorus] Who knows what tommorrow brings In this world where everyone lies Where to go No matter how far I find To let you know That You're not alone Being born with less I must confess Only adds on to the stress Two gunshots to my homies head Died in his rest Shot him to death and Left him bleeding for his family to see I pass his casket Gently asking Is there heaven for G's My homeboys doing life Begging mama be stressing Shedding tears When her son finally ask that questions Where my daddy at Mama, Why we live so poor Why you crying Heard you late night Throught my bedroom door Now do you love me mama Why do they keep calling me nigger Get my wieght up, with my hate and pay 'em back when I'm bigger Still thugging in this jail cell MIssing my block Hearing brothers screaming all night Wishing they'd stop Proud to be black But why do we act like We don't love oursleves Don't look around busta (you sucka) Check yourselves know what if means to be black whether a man or girl we're still struggling in this White man's world [Chorus] (we must fight) Who knows what tommorrow brings In this world where everyone lies Where to go No matter how far I find To let you know That You're not alone So tell me why you changed Choosing new direction In a blink of an eye My time away just made perfection You think I'd die Not gonna cry Why should I care Like we holding on to love Thats no longer there Can you please help me God Bless me please Keep my seeds healthy Banging on my enemies Bleed While my G's healthy Hoping they bury me With ammunition, weed, and shells Just in case they trip in heaven Ain't no G's hell Sister sorry for the pain That I caused your heart I know I'll change If yah help me But Don't fall apart Rest In Peace To Latasha, Little Yummy, and Kato To much for this cold world to take Ended up being fatal Every women in America Especially Black Bear with me, can't you see We're under attack I never meant to cause drama To my sister and Mama Will we make it To better times In this white man worlds [Chorus] [Along with revolutionary talking]

Step Into The Projects

Me'Shell Ndegeocello "Adam (Instrumental)"
She's darker than a child's deepest sleep And into his mind she creeps In this world of lies and confusion She's the only thing not clouded by illusions The pain of everyday life is hidden by the blackness of our skin He searches to find peace within He finds love in the blackness of her skin Back to the ghetto Serenaded by the violence outside the window Project aristocrats gather they realize That our hearts and minds are shackled by the lies But he finds peace when he looks into her eyes And see her blackness is fine The blackness of her skin the blackness of her mind Straight from the womb Right smack dab in the middle of¡­ Poverty insecurity no one to save me The young black man lays his head on her young black thighs So that the child in her womb can hear the tears That the black man cries Soon come on a wave of positivity the big swinger, Swingin'like a jazz singer travelin', movin', movin', Steppin'in my three-quarter shell-toes, Groovin'love to hear the brothers signify sisters with their head held high Summertime, the livin'is easy dreaming of seas of dark tranquility On the project train full speed on the project train heading for my love that's sweet like sugercrane

The Holland Handkerchief

Connie Dover
A wealthy squire lived in our town; he was a man of very high renown. He had a daughter, a beauty bright, and the name he called her was his Heart's Delight. And many is the young man to court her came, but none of them could her favor gain; till there came one of the low degree, and among them all she did fancy he. But when her father he came to know that his lovely daughter loved this young man so, over fifty miles he sent her away, all to deprive her of her wedding day. One night as she lay in her bedroom, her love appeared from out the gloom. He touched her hand and to her did say, “Arise my darling and come away.' With this young man she got on behind, and they rode swifter than any wind. They rode on for an hour or more, till he cried, “My darling, my head feels sore!' Her Holland handkerchief she then took out and with it wrapped his aching head about. She kissed his lips and to him did say, “My love you are colder than any clay.' When they arrived at her father's gate he cried, “Get down love the hour is late! Get down get down love and go to bed. I'll se this noble horse is groomed and fed.' When she arrived in her father's hall, “Who's there, who's there?' her own father called. “It is I dear father you sent for me; My love was the messenger was sent by thee.' “Oh no my daughter that ne'er can be. Your words are false and you lie to me; for on yon far mountain your true love died, and in yon green graveyard his body lies.' The truth had dawned upon this maiden brave, and with her friends she exposed the grave; where lay her love although nine months dead with the Holland handkerchief around his head.

Mojo Pin

(J. Buckley/G. Lucas) I'm lying in my bed The blanket is warm This body will never be safe from harm Still feel your hair, black ribbons of coal Touch my skin to keep me whole If only you'd come back to me If you laid at my side Wouldn't need no Mojo Pin to keep me satisfied Don't wanna weep for you, I don't wanna know I'm blind and tortured, the white horses flow The memories fire, the rhythms fall slow Black beauty I love you so Precious, precious silver and gold and pearls in oyster's flesh Drop down we two to serve and pray to love Born again from the rhythm screaming down from heaven Ageless, ageless and I'm there in your arms The welts of your scorn, my love, give me more Send whips of opinion down my back, give me more Well it's you I've waited my life to see It's you I've searched so hard for

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