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JOHNNY CASH lyrics - Man In Black

Singin' In Vietnam Talkin' Blues

Original and similar lyrics
One mornin' at breakfast, I said to my wife We been everywhere once and some places twice As I had another helping of country ham She said "We ain't never been to Vietnam "And there's a bunch of our boys over there." So we went to the Orient: Saigon Well we got a big welcome when we drove in Through the gates of a place that they call Long Vinh We checked in and everything got kinda quiet But a soldier boy said: "Just wait 'til tonight "Things get noisy. Things start happenin' "Big bad firecrackers." Well that night we did about four shows for the boys And they were livin' it up with a whole lot of noise We did our last song for the night And we crawled into bed for some peace and quiet But things weren't peaceful. And things weren't quiet Things were scary Well for a few minutes June never said one word And I thought at first that she hadn't heard Then a shell exploded not two miles away She sat up in bed and I heard her say: "What was that?" I said: "That was a shell, or a bomb." She said: "I'm scared." I said "Me too." Well all night long that noise kept on And the sound would chill you right to the bone The bullets and the bombs, and the mortar shells Shook our bed every time one fell And it never let up; it was gonna get worse Before it got any better Well when the sun came up, the noise died down We got a few minutes sleep, an' we were sleepin' sound When a soldier knocked on our door and said: "Last night they brought in seven dead, and 14 wounded." And would we come down to the base hospital, and see the boys "Yes!" So we went to the hospital ward by day And every night we were singin' away Then the shells and the bombs was goin' again And the helicopters brought in the wounded men Night after night; day after day Comin' and a goin' So we sadly sang for them our last song And reluctantly we said: "So long." We did our best to let 'em know that we care For every last one of 'em that's over there Whether we belong over there or not Somebody over here love's 'em, and needs 'em Well now that's about all that there is to tell About that little trip into livin' hell And if I ever go back over there any more I hope there's none of our boys there for me to sing for I hope that war is over with And they all come back home To stay In peace

Let It Be

Kane "So glad you made it"
Well the answer is always the same Won't you please just let it be Cause I've been there and all I can say Is that it slips away from me With the memory of yesterday's grace She spins away from me So I can go on As cold as the void of the night The dark surrounding me She leaves me there every time As alone as I can be And I drift with the thought of her eyes She's all that I can see But I will go on Every long night Every whisper Every song that never saw it coming And she says it's oh so right Every cold night Every shiver Every time I didn't feel it coming She says it's oh so right As heartless and cruel as can be She moves away from me Still I need to be hers every time With all that I can be As she calls in the deep of the night She takes all I've got from me So I can go on Every long night Every whisper Every song that never saw it coming Baby don't you know that is not alright It's not alright, no, no, no Every cold night Every shiver Every silent scream And she never listens Well it's not alright, not alright She rides with the gods of the night She rides with the tides in me She crushes the waves with her sigh And she...oh lord...she becomes a part of me But her care is as sharp as a knife I'll say, for how can she step away from me How can you just walk away from me Every cold night Every whisper Every silent scream And you never listen And you say what...It's alright Well it's not alright, no, no Every last time Every shiver Every dirty game Well it just isn't right It just isn't right She wakes at the dawn of the day And takes my heart from me Leaves with nothing to say Nothing left for me But the fever of final goodbyes She spins away from me So I can go on I can go on

Book Of Liars

Walter Becker "11 Tracks Of Whack"
Bye and bye now We'll get over The things we've done and the things we said But not just now when I can 't remember Exactly what it was I thought we had 'Cause I waited so long girl and I came so far To find out you're not always who you say you are And there's a star in the book of liars by your name Santa Claus came in late last night Drunk on Christmas wine Fell down hard in the driveway Hung his bag out on the laundry line There's a Cobra Gunship for his golden boy And there's a Hello Kitty for his pride and joy And a silver star in the book of liars by your name They hung a star in the book of liars by your name Stars imploding The long night passing Electrons dancing in the frozen crystal dawn Here's one left stranded at the zero crossing With a hole in its half-life left to carry on But now the world's much larger than it looks today And if my bad luck ever blows me back this way Then I'll just look in my book of liars for your name I'll just look in the book of liars for your name


Often things in life don't make sense It's when the timing is right thins can happen And I feel that my clock is tickin' So if you wanna get with me, you better start thinkin' How I want to be loved by you baby How I want to feel your sweet love for real Cause I'm the bomb and soon I'll explode Do you know which buttons to push, do you know my code Cause if you do I'm gonna take our destiny And turn it into freaky reality (That's how) How I know, well it's my female intuition And something tells me that it's time for some action Cause I've been waiting for so long for the right moment to let you know That my desire is too string to let you go (How) [Chorus] You know it's all about timing That rules everything And tonight the time is right it is our night tonight Take your time don't let me stop you Do what you wanna do As long as, as long as you will affect me with the things you do Tonight's the night the time is right it is our time tonight

Song From The Bottom Of A Well

Kevin Ayers "Whatevershebringswesing"
This is a song from the bottom of a well There are things down here I've got to try and tell; It's dark and light at the very same time, The water sometimes seems like wine. I learned some information way down here That might fill your heart and soul with fear; But don't you worry, no don't be afraid ... I'm not in the magical mystery trade. My imagination begins to purr As things don't happen, they just occur. Softly crackling electrical smell, There's something burning at the bottom of this well. Sitting here alone I just have to laugh I see all the universe as a comfortable bath; I drown my body so my mind is free To indulge in pleasurable fantasies. There's something strange going on down here .. A sickening implosion of mistrust and fear. A vast corruption that's about to boil A mixture of greed and the smell of oil. This is a song from the bottom of a well I didn't move here, I just fell. But I'm not complaining, I don't even care 'Cause if I'm not here, then it's not there.

Cousin Dupree

STEELY DAN "Two Against Nature"
Well I've kicked around a lot since high school I've worked a lot of nowhere gigs From keyboard man in a rock'n ska band To haulin' boss crude in the big rigs Now I've come back home to plan my next move From the comfort of my Aunt Faye's couch When I see my little cousin Janine walk in All I could say was ow-ow-ouch [CHORUS:] Honey how you've grown Like a rose Well we used to play When we were three How about a kiss for your cousin Dupree She turned my life into a living hell In those little tops and tight capris I pretended to be readin' the National Probe As I was watchin' her wax her skis On Saturday night she walked in with her date And backs him up against the wall I tumbled off the couch and heard myself sing In a voice I never knew I had before [CHORUS] I'll teach you everything I know If you teach me how to do that dance Life is short and quid pro quo And what's so strange about a down-home family romance One night we're playin' gin by a cracklin' fire And I decided to make my play I said babe with my boyish charm and good looks How can you stand it for one more day She said maybe its the skeevy look in your eyes Or that your mind has turned to applesauce The dreary architecture of your soul I said - but what is it exactly turns you off [CHORUS]

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