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JOHNNY CASH lyrics - Heroes

I'm Never Gonna Roam Again

Original and similar lyrics
I've giving up on running off each time i want to go Quite a change has come to slow me down I've set aside an empty search for something always wrong And i took the time to look around I've wandered down some lonesome lines and slept beside the road Turned my collar to a freezin' wind And i faced the day i lived alone and drank til i was dry Givin' up for gone down to the bone But i don't believe i'm ever gonna roam,again I traded all my promises on things that i can't keep Keep them with my back against the wall Changed my mind so many times i don't know where i stand Lucky i can even stand at all And i fool myself and no one else til daylight drove me home Sleeping off outback the whole day long And i don't believe i'm ever gonna roam,again Because everywhere a fool has been a fool has been there too And i don't believe i'm ever gonna roam,again


Little T
police and mounties, federalies law makers in 46 counties always after me for something stupid wrongfully accused man, i didn't do it shoot kid they got me runnin, gunnin no bones about it the got me stuntin face down in the mud from my bludgen can you imagine a fate worse then that outlining chalk with a hole in you back i can but it ain't gonna happen i' gonna keep on steppin keep on rappin never get caught in the cross fire cappin and if i do i won't fall i won't even need a bandaid y'all gonna clogg your arteries up with fat nah man i'm immune to that stuff your nose up with doggy crap nah man i'm immune to that from the day i was born been a fugitive mom an dad didn't want not kids got condom to prevent me spermin but all it did was tempt me i bust on through the safe sex and protection tail in the air with my muscle flexin swimming through th high tide of spermicide no doubt i was gonna survive and then it hit me bam let me say god damn mom had a diaphgram but it wasn't enough to stop the T renegade sperm with a plan to plant seed like a farmer soon to be plowing straight through to the ovaries home free with an egg to impregnant ? layed low for 9 month straight dipped in a cut building my strength up til my reign of terror could commence on earth immune to death since my day of birth gonna break your legs in a booby trap nah man i'm immune that ? ?

The Loser Wins

ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] You know you fucked up right? Bye bye, wish you luck with life But I'd be damned if, I let you manage to bless that blade and keep taking advantage Look man, yeah you shook my hand But that was back then, we're not good fam I'm the fool cause I started to be cool with him But I got schooled in the art of opportunism I ain't the only one that walked away Look around, everybody gone today You all alone with your empty chest So bury the bones with any regrets and keep those skeletons piled in stacks Just drink your medicine, don't bite your glass I tried to make a difference But the only thing that changed was I gave you distance [Chorus: 2X] I won't trust you again Getting better at choosing friends This time the loser wins Cause I learned how to cut off the looser ends [Slug] I'm not tripping, this just an excuse for me to dick down a little bit of the truth We killing time and time's killing us So I won't waste mine tryna grip a grudge But don't twist it into what it isn't Don't call, don't write, don't visit I put you on ignore, you're not the homie anymore The only thing that you could show me is the door Game over, yeah who's winning? Save your gas, I refuse to listen If you doing math, we doing division Don't even ask how I've been, there's no you in existence Go your way, I'll go my way And you keep going until there's no one to violate And I'ma remember your last impression Thanks for that lesson [Chorus: 2X] [Slug] Now I lay you down to sleep I swear to God you're dead to me If I should give you any thought It's just to teach self how to not


G. Love And Special Sauce "Yeah, It's That Easy"
Suck it thru a straw My name is G so see of course, I got my slogan not a hero like Hogan, I'm from downtown A flower child of the truest kind, of the clear blue eye of the fresh squeezed jive mind time to tick, turn off the clock tell by the shade, work the lick and then I dig the sun the Sensei, the teach, the talk, so listen up soon ingredients won't fit in the cup or the teaspoon So dig on, check your list twice, spread stuff, wassup Yo check it again Know what's in my pen And you still want to front Go ahead be that jury But it poor see I got more in store for ya I got more in store for ya I got more in store for you I got more in store for you to lunch on Brewin' in the night kitchen I'll be stirrin' strings to spell ya In the cauldron like a witch and wishin' on the stars Of my eyes of my sight 'Cause I'm outta sight daily And nightly I'm giggin' So stop gigglin' Step to the bartender Slide us some sauce Yeah, the specialty The recipe, ain't gonna tell me no I got the specialty, ain't gonna tell me no one I got the specialty, ain't gonna tell me no one I've got to keep on moving I've got to keep on moving I got one a proud pony ride I'll ride till I die more crunch than Nestle's Yo who is this guy, I think I saw him on stage Stage a show unlike any I seen before Got cool guitars strings and all contacts to call Hey, hey, hey come on y'all bust some ups and some downs bust a hoot from the ground Louise tore me up eh yo how'd that sound she made me walk from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico fished out my pond and slept with my girl so Blues at sunrise what a way to start the day Juannes so rough that they're like sandpaper to smoove out the edges as I flow like water from sink, drain, river to sea Whip the butter I got the recipe, ain't gonna tell me no one I got the specialty, ain't gonna tell me no one I got the recipe, ain't gonna tell me no one I've gots to keep moving I've gots to keep moving I got chicken heads I got lanky legs I write lyrics so sloppy it's like a different language I got olive oil and I got spinach I toot pipe like Popeye, smile like Grimace Flip like the Hamburgler, 'cause it's correct 'cause I know why it all costs so much bet on conversion got all my words in my composition book my honey in the nooks and crannies I sleep in my jammies and Special Sauce is Jammin' so much stuffs in the flavor the recipes all in favor say I got to keep on moving I gots to keep on moving


ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
[Spoken:] Yo this is dedicated, to this girl that I dated Complicated maze, Complicated maze [Verse 1] At first sighting, only a stranger to my eyes, couldn't keep them off me I'm sure your friend recognized, I didn't care, I had to stare, stood there at attention Not many words mentioned still I felt the thought connection, wanted to sex then Got to know you wanted more, Things got complex when You had a man and wasn't sure My thoughts were pure, Is it gonna be him? Or is gonna be me? Cause that's the way I have to have it Grasped the idea, Ms scribble head Talia Wanted you to feature but your man is screwing up the procedure What is it that you say? I'm on your mind all day But still say you're content, how the situation lay Why you play? Why do you stay? There's something better Know you felt it when you received my first poetic letter Why you fronting? Tell me something Is it that you want your cake and stuff it down your face too? Did I have to chase you? Why oh why do you cry? Instead of afraid of losing me I think that you're confusing me a lot No wait a minute stop, bring that back I missed a page Was it that time of the month or were you going through a phase? [Chorus - repeat 2X] Complicated maze. This phrase fits you perfect Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain You're always changing. Never stay the same person Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain [Verse 2] Miss Merry weather, the partial, the martial artist of fake imitation love products Now facing you is irritation Know you used to have me placing you on pedestals like a goddess Personality changes, it seemed to me you were the oddest Soon to depart us like red seas by Moses Our friendship's diseased, unfeasible, hopeless No reasonable answers to my question of focus, Caused my tension Nothing made sense when you replied with a tied tongue Said you feared abusiveness, I never swung Why all these excuses miss? What have I done? Figured I had the right kind of lady, yeah maybe it was fun, for you But not for me, I found it quite unamusing You were using me as a bridge just to pass what was left behind Play times for dangerous minds, but why'd it have to be mine? Why'd it have to be mine? [Slug - speaking] Now I'm not really trying to come of abrasive but why you messing with my mans head? I mean I'm spending time trying to keep his mind on rhymes and beats and you're a distraction. I mean you got my man just shook I mean honestly I guess what I'm trying to say is... [Chorus] Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn ([Slug speaking] 'Why are you doing this? See you're too old to be playing games') And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn ([Slug speaking] 'you wanna come back?') And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm [Verse 3] Do you know what today is? It's the third anniversary, you came back to flirt with me For certain, you must mistake me for a fool See I know how you are, I see those tricks in you Tried to make amends, there's something new Had problems with your friend, so it's me you always run to Come to, and smell the coffee, go drink the pot with extra caffeine Cause next to acting you win awards for cloudy vision Tired of vision for the what, why and when Will this repetition end, step away and give me oxygen Not interested in talking, say nothing keep walking go bout your away See the colors of these areas have started turning gray See you later goodnight, got no more candles to light Yo its time to move along cause baby something isn't right Still I'm glad I met you, its too bad you screwed it up The only thing I regret is that I didn't get to (fuck) [Chorus] [spoken till finish:] 'I was blind and now I see'


BRYAN ADAMS "You Want It, You Got It"
I can't complain about the way we tried, So maybe it's time to say goodbye, Not gonna look around I'm just gonna look away. Don't put the reasons back in my head, You say you loved me now you've left me for dead, Oh I just can't stand it this way. Oh jealousy, coming over me, It's that jealousy, breaking my heart. Whoa jealousy, taking control of me, Now ya just gotta know, That I can't let it go, And it's time that ya knew, I can't stop loving you. You say I'm a sentimental fool, But all I tried to do is go with you, Not gonna look around I'm just gonna look away. It's been a battle since you broke my heart, I tell you now that it's been coming down hard, Oh I just can't stand another day.

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