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John Reuben lyrics

Divine Inspiration

Original and similar lyrics
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girlies From Upper-class America to minimum-wage employees Wherever you are, wherever you're at From Columbus Ohio to your point on the map It's that kid John Reuben, mic checkin' one, two'n MCs get the boot when they claim to be the shoe in nothing new Everybody wanna be a superstar MC As for me, I find better things in which to place my energy Diverse family, we up and at 'em full fashion Been locked up in the lab mixin up this contraption Smackin the mic with verbs and nouns of life I utilize my time right to hold it down and keep it tight And then decipher that I step through Yeshua equals life so I don't separate the two True peace 'n joy, more love to the connector Illuminate your town as we hit your sector Everywhere we rock, everywhere we go Every type of thought, every type of show We got divine inspiration, we got divine inspiration Well, let me come into the track, yes ya'll Bring it on back, yes ya'll One time for the mental piece release Mos def John Reuben will decrease Christ increased inspired lyrics hit your soul direct blow How we communicate graf DJ and break Take a minute, now listen and dissect the intuition More than ear candy but yo, I dwell in submission to Heavenly powers, hours on end I spend Lookin for creative combinations to blend Now that's a good combination, that's a good combination Chorus In the place to be bringin it out like... Like dots, I connect my rhymes to the spot Warp speed like I'm trekky, to bang heads of block To rock, to petrify, combust with mad rush More cool than that J to bring that cold crush Transcend, runnin through this whole scheme Seen with raps, stay fresh, more ultra to the V I'm clutching microphones and roamin thru them zones And melodies I release serk ambassadors and vocal tones Shooting missiles from the lab, I contract, bust verbal raps Ripping, torn thru, and spilling into laps, douse lyricals with divine divinity To rise above the normal mediocre plain MC Let me introduce cause I feel I'm rev'd and heated In a state of mass destruct MCs like they never existed Seein stars, like I'm spangle in your banner Christian manner, b-boy for Christ, roaring like I'm Judah Chorus

Hold It Down

Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
Rappers stepped to me, but they didn't get none I'm the Kane so you know the outcome The microphone crooner, should have set the tone sooner Hip hop to me Re boxing to Roy Jones Jr. The genuine, search and you'll find That on the microphone I can handle mine Here's a view to a kill as I flipped the skill When it's time to rock the mic like Al Scratch I get ill I come equipped to fight and if I flip tonight Effects on MC's are similar to kryptonite Water flows that be hard to distinguish It's best to relinquish, you don't want the God to bring this I'm marvelous at the art of this, even if you got assist stepping to me is a lot of risk. I release skills that's abundant to explode and drop on you like flight 800 Chorus Keep it moving world renown showing and proving That we can hold it down Verse 2 Here's a percentage of that old vintage Macaroni flow but its mare than an image Don't let the smooth taste fool ya , Let me school ya On what it is, straight up square biz Swift maneuvering to crush the crew you bring Last thing them want tell me is Kane go do your thing who the king Asiatic non equivalent to any Plus I play the game a more harder way than Penny The plan that I mobilize for dough to rise is no surprise That it comes from what I vocalize I'm the best you can get as I hit you with The stroke of death And I ain't even broke a sweat But this is where I draw the. line you're sure to find Lyrics I be dropping is too much for the mortal mind What's being caused is many MC's I'm seeing lost The hip hop laws should be reinforced You made a record this year, Oh you're hot Something fishy about your style, who flow you got You thought that you could hold me down no you're not Now back up off me, here I come to blow the spot Chorus Verse 3 Alright, here I come to get some But instead you don't want the love to spread I heard that jealousy and envy is a dum one's tool so daddy says nothing he keeps his cool I been through your tribulations and conflicts Anything possible to keep me out the mix But ease back, boy you better freeze that Where my rivalries lack I'm still nice with these Black I rap with the safety cap so that you don't get it twisted And be another statistic How many more to try, is sure to die Slaughter I, all that playa hating only makes me fortify to get the papers to me is a necessity And I don't want a piece of the pie I want the recipe I can't lose with what I use I'm the reason why the lady sings the blues Don't get it confused Chorus

The More You Hate It

JACKYL "Relentless"
Sweet Atlanta dances under the lights Me and the boys are back in town Tasting the nightlife Now the time is as right as it ever was Got a good buzz all is right you see I got a good time in my sights (Chorus) And she dances on the center stage Like a fantasy jumps straight off the page She got electric moves and got them down to a tee She got a Vegas smile, she gets a rise out of me Those all American girls got it goin' on They got it all in place oh yea And they let it be known And she ain't wrong From Detroit City down to Bourbon Street Dip me hand in the cookie jar oh yea And I'm hangin' with the World's elite Look at that boys (Chorus) And she dances on the center stage Like a fantasy jumps straight off the page She got electric moves and got them down to a tee She got a Vegas smile, she gets a rise out of me Got a Vegas smile it gets a rise out of me (Bridge) It's so good it will make you fall to your knees and beg for forgiveness It'll make you crawl across the desert on your hands and knees for a long hot mile It's time to break it down like a shotgun when you see that Vegas smile (Chorus)

Life Is What You Make It

NAS "I Am"
(feat. DMX) [Nas] Yo ill will, ruff ryders what what, sraight like that You a killer or a hustler, dealer or customer Gangsta or buster, youngster or old nigga A weed head, a coke sniffer You rich or a broke nigga Know you all relate to this shit that i wrote niggas Lots of my mans trapped up in a max Penatentary, sending me letters i answer back That eventually, we all be bentley'ed out Throwing campaigns, fuck it I'm running for White House My niggas control Senate, pipe seats jeeps tinted Mad Lewinsky chicks, some kinky shit Did dirt now I knew it would come back one day So I'm on point, scrap, prepare for gunplay Stared at one face, thought it was beef he looked familiar Ready to blast ,nigga gave me daps said I feel ya Can't believe how my life changed From the hood, the first time in my life I can say i did the right thing [Chorus: 4x] Life is what you make it nigga, I'ma make it No matter what it takes my nigga, we gonna take it(uh) [DMX] uh, uh, uh, uh, uh Everyday shit, around the way shit got me stressed (what) So i keep on the vest in case a nigga wanna test (uh) I got no time for games cause I'm all grown up You wanna joke nigga laugh when you get blown up (come on) See how funny it is when your kids aint got no father Cause you played it sweet now you floating in the harbor (for real) Shit is hectic so respect it for your health (what) Didn't think it was right, you should've checked it yourself (come on) Life is too short to get caught up in some dumb shit Wake up one day, 40 years old on some bumb shit Time flew by, you was too fly to see the light Everyday it's getting darker then comes the night Now what (what) realize that you ain't got shit (uh) Not long ago you was the man on some hot shit So just peep the flow yo, cause you already in this Make sure your shit is right kid and handle your business (uh huh) [Chorus] [Nas] Make history before you go Fuck the misery, you po we gettin doe Except the dollars other reasons why I'm living yo (why) Time is viable Low and behold the young, black, and powerful Got to eat yo, everyday my daughters feet grow You wack and cheap with the doe, my heat could blow Payin doctors when I'm born, a preacher when I'm buried That's why cash is needed for my kids to inherit Gotta pay just for living, tax life is a b'ness (business) If you catch a bad deal, watch your life deminish Deals made by God and the Devil, and we in it Pawns in the game, can't complain or say shit Just strap up and hold on, hope for the best prepare for the worse, no fears no nothing on earth No tears if I'm dumped in a hearse, I won't be the first Nor the last nigga, let's get this cash nigga [Chorus]


i think about the time spent see the dooted line, sign the fine print ma minds bent and i'm about to get ma rhymes pimped tryin to find rent, set the record straight, uniform do decorate since performing for the second grade koolaid and cannabis i'm sick ot these scavengers i'm like a anarchist standing in panic demanding damages they only flash cameras at muthafucking amatures wanna trade a good review for some bandages? i've got managers that need to do more, i'm stuck inside this shoe-store thinking, what the fuck i need you for? all i try to do is rock a few floors, let me do tours and then off course, 'boatdrinks', see the blue shores gotta love life, might loose yours over some booze of loose whores or them dudes at war, until nothing is real, bagging up the muscle to chill it's all a hustle all this fussing for bills, but still chorus 'imagine that'- we handle raps like it ain't nothing 'ya crackerjack'- see that's a fact you can play something 'yeah you're handicapped,' paperboys- with the hat to match 'don't sleep' it's all about the boatdrinks x2 yo, whatever turn of events it's only paper that's concerning ma gets this tournaments leaving permanent dents i've got a burning of earning cents and i'm bent only human, thinking bourbon or rent? hmmm.. see ma strategy stumbles with vodka-battery id rather be straddled by a lady with top anatomy a bastard, filling ma pockets is all i'm after a little laughter, sick of freezing like it's alaska with choking astma and frozen fingernails got jehova sending mail, dream of climbing over with ma single-sales a little ginger-ale an gin makes a cinderella spin ma ears ringing lika a jingle-bell again i pop ma collar, get a glass, top it and swallow ma shit'll knock scholars, bet i'll make 'em hollalike a rotweiler *voff* euro's and top dollars, gimme that a cynics rap, i keep it rolling like a jimmyhat chorus x2 i've got a confession to make, cant escape depression and hate every session i tape i always think it's lesser than great, but i'm guessing it's straight i think it's just a test of my faith don't mean to desecrate, stressing, guess prfoessionals relate i got a cause, i'm a rebel in my drawrs get applause, better metaphores, tell 'em if you get it yours' grab my set of balls, rocking the floors like heavy metal tours we ready for whatever is in store, it's time to settle scores and if i said it before, it's cause i'm bored, i'm broke, but not poor, is smoke but got a lot more i'm not sure i'll ever make it but i'm trying, keep it basic i ain't lying, like i'm naked with the choir crying i'm just a passanger, a passionate ambassador, fashion massacre this chicken laughs while i pass at her fuck that, all i need is my family and paper shake your moneymaker calling breaker breaker, holla chorus x2

Drag Em N Tha River

YELLA: You fake cheerleadin' bitch! You want a nigga like me to beware, ha? I'ma show you some spokes right now.. Ya' bitch'you... TEC-9: Take them braids out his hair, Yella... (CHORUS) YELLA & TEC-9: I'ma drag him from the river, dump his body in junkyard, Leavin' a note around his neck readin' 'BAD ASS YELLA BOY..' Oooooh, he wants some? Ain't that cold, ya'll? YOU A HO! MYSTIKAL! YOU A HO, MYSTIKAL! I'm from the three, and I don't give a fuck.. And I know you thought I wouldn't be back, but you can't keep me down, Don't forget about the 'U' and the Cash Money Clowns... YELLA: I'm from the the and I don't give a fuck, off the record, Once again it's Mystikal with the Chuck's, I'm back up on the scene with the two like a Viper, Been in so much war, I think I straighter than a sniper.. Mystikal, you bitch, are you ready for the drama? Told your ho' ass people, 'Ho don't run, I'll kill Mama..' If I catch ya' wit'cha draws down, I'ma do ya, Once upon a time, I up'd the rugga, gimme the cruiser.. (CHORUS) YELLA: I be the Jack of all Trades, don't make me spl-iz-it, ya' fuckin' head, The Queen I mean the King, I mean he learn't many trades, Comin' to get'cha round the bend, I'm ready to unwrap your braids, Get played, now what'cha wanna do? My nuts you can chew, Because they told me you wanted to battle, Time for you to sca-dattle, You ain't 'bout to be one doctor show, don't make me bust you up.. Gra'ze the left, the uppercut, the roundhouse, sidestep, roll'o Let go of my shirt you ho, blood's up on my Polo, (CHORUS) YELLA: Stop playin' with me, stop playin' with me bitch, stop playin' with me.. I'm like the BG's I'm gat totin, but this time, it's the Bulldog barrel smokin, I hope they catch and chop ya down, tear ya ass apart.. Thrash all the swine, touch down, your brains on the ground.. I got's the gat spell it backwards, That's what I do up on that ass, ya bitch, I'm not an actor.. I'm comin' dumpin' on ya fake punk wannabe, I warned ya too many times, so watch the bloody tragedy, I got the diamonds and the 'Bauds, twinkle up your golds, I spin the bin, in the turtleneck Polo, cause I don't care.. Fuck what you sayin' about 'Beware' I'm tired of tellin' you that I'm a donkey, nigga, stop playin... (CHORUS) YELLA: Up in the front room, in the whirl-around, the brown table, Are you able? Capable? All of a sudden, um... I had to pop em, I had to pop em.. I top em... Authority, respect is what I need, Hollow tips in the clips just to make your ass bleed, It's time drop this pussy, rip the braids off, see.. I'ma dump his body in Chuck's yard, UNLV.. I'm bout'ta teach the cheerleader not to fuck with me, I told y'a to keep my fuckin' name out ya fuckin' mouth, You didn't do it now it's time to take your ass out.. (CHORUS) YELLA: I get's lowdown and dirty with the thirty-thirty, Because I'm in your neighborhood, plus my nose dirty, I'm into Chuck's house, off deliverin' the bad luck, As I spin the bin with speed, it's too late to duck, I'm like Jim Harbaugh, puffin' on a hot Marlboro, I'm strictly with that asshole and comin' to down ya far, Why did I ask would I please leave ya alone ya see? I caught my enemies slippin' gettin' groceries I waits behind the mailbox, like an old drunkard, As Archie Bunker, comfortable? Ya bitch'you, You see I walk by, I ride by, I drive by too, I got's to hang a .45 and a AP-9 too... (CHORUS) (4X)

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