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John McDermott lyrics - Old Friends

Fairwell To Pripchat

Original and similar lyrics
It was a Friday in April 1986, The day that nightmare begun, When the dust it fell down on our buildings and streets, And entered our buildings at noon, Touched the grass and trees, bicycyles, cars Beds, books and picture frames too, We stood around helpless, confused, Nobody knew what to do. At two o'clock on Sunday the buses arrived, A fleet of a thousand or more, We were ordered to be on our way, Not knowing what lay in store , Some of our citizens fled in dismay, And looked for a good place to hide, When four o'clock came and the last bus pulled out, T'was the day that our lively town died. (Chorus) And the shirts, sheets and hankerchiefs cracks in the wind, On the window ledge the withering plants, And the Ladas and Volgas are parked by the door, And the bikes in its usual stance. Our evergreen tree lies withered and drooped, They've poisoned our fertile land, The streets speak a deafening silence, Nothing stirs but the sand. A visit back home is so eerie today, A modern Pompei in view, To see all the old shops ond the Forest Hotel, And the Promyet cinema too. The momentos we gathered all left behind, Our photos and letters and cards, The toys of our children untouchable now, Toy Soldiers left standing on guard. So fare thee well Pripchat, my home and my soul, Your sorrow can know no relief. A terrifying glimpse of the future you show, Your children all scattered like geese, The clothes lines still sways but the owners long gone. As the nomadic era returns, The questions in black and white blurred into grey, The answer is too easy to learn. (Chorus) (Chorus)

Choppin Up That Paper

DO OR DIE "Headz Or Tailz (Explicit)"
Chorus: 1x (Val Young) Choppin up that paper(with you) I do it for you you know you got me lovin you Choppin up that paper(with you) I do you got me love-in youuuuuu Verse 1: (AK) Now first you gotta pimp wit me, but now you livin in that high-class luxury no matter me, I'm a trustin G says shell never see , shell never tweak, now do you really really wanna ride wit me? now happy here and there aint now love lost, fitty cars with these bumps but you others always want some and tell me true or false i know you got tight game, but your game been peeped too monkey see , monkey will do, feel me and I'll feel you we can ride in the backseat drunk type all night sun up til the moonlight, true dat(true dat), baby but you knew dat first you gotta understand(uh-huh) we makin pennys out of dollars and boys out of grown men, from Chi to Texas to Los Angeles smokin canibus puffin phillys after phillys I got my homies in Atlanta on a burner actin silly but lets pause back gettin back and when we call fax, I know you cant see it, but I'm all that you got the video of me and Twista ridin in the Benz/Lac but tell me can you fade back? still ridin in the c-a-d-i double L, double a-c always Chorus 1X Verse 2 (AK) Women love my philosophy, for spittin somethin in the poetry point the finger if you know its me, so flow when the lights on hittin notes in the mac song you can see me cause the mask gone dead wrong, if you think that I, am on the paper chase cause you seent that I kick it on the Sundays at a party watchin bodies sippin Hene spead your love and show love and not pro-long and for a minute I can get wit when I gone tax on your hips and thighs lips and I seems better when we put her down in my dime hat, layin cool and G stacks but remember when we packed, Tennessee dont need that but we back, nice hoe put her down exposed to, how many hoes you can go through I aint hatin cause she told you see I'm a boss player who can sit back and floss player, dime hat and a raw scale do you really wanna ride on the side and chop it up later, you can sit back and ride wit me, take a puff, get high wit me still ridin in the c-a-d-i double L double a-c always Chorus 1x Verse 3: (AK) Now identify who it was that labeled me, systamatic its a habit, situation when I'm such a real, bitch, a oozie, by jacouzie, puff a blunt I did, so why you actin (?) we gettin crunk and did, run around givin G shot, party til the beat stop, divin in the pool and the rules, oh they all dead, choppin up the paper so we all rich, and take a puff to the head til we all sick, but in the meanwhile, Chrystille, now you lady wanna do it again to an end, in a couple (?) less than Jeeps then Bentleys, VIP and the whole 9 we in the back of a caddy wit the cold rhyme, never slippin, just dippin still ridin in the c-a-d-i double L , double a-c always Chorus 2x fade out

Dreams Of The Funky Towel

[Featuring Teenage Fanclub] Intro Travellinnnnnnnnnnnnnn' at the speeeeeeeed...of thought... Verse 1 Hey yo kids! (What's up!) Remember when I used to be dope? (Yeah...) I owned a pocketful of fame... (But look what you're doin' now!) I know well I know I lost touch with reality now my personality Is an unwanted commodity (believe it!) Can't believe I used to be Mr Steve Austin on the mic Six million ways I used to run it I guess Oscar Goldman got mad Cos I got loose circuits (so loose, sigga-sigga so loose...) I be the Mother Goose with the eggs That seem to be... [Fallin'...] Chorus You played yourself x4 Verse 2 A-yo, pack my bags cos I'm outta here Mama don't love me and my mama don't care Read the papers the headlines say Washed up Rapper Got Some [Buck-kawk!] Lingo's busted while the guitar sways B-side copy for the radio plays for somethin' I knew I blew the whole fandango When the drum programmer wore a Kangol Never could be light, great fish won't bite Fake, realise that I'm over like clover No good luckin' so Mase beep the f(Hey!)ckin' beat While the Teenage fan the heat I bring it to the glues, paid all my dues So what's gone's dead, let me use my forehead Easy, pack it up, man, let me stop stallin' Cos everything I do is like Fallin' [Fallin'...] Repeat chorus (many times)

Proud To Be Canadian

Arrogant Worms
Our fair country, Canada, is north of USA. Our Maritimes are lovely and our prairies give us hay. Oh, you might think you Yankees are better than us Canucks. Well, we don't need no microchips inside our hockey pucks. We know that you've got Disney World, and you keep it very clean. Well we don't have Bob Dole, but we can drink when we're nineteen. We may watch your TV shows for hours and hours and hours. We'll give you Alan Thicke, but Shania Twain is ours. Chorus: We're proud to be Canadian. We're awfully nice to strangers, our manners be our curse. It's cool in many ways to be Canadian. We won't say that we're better, it's just that we're less worse. Your beer's not too tasty and your weather can be beat. We all fly south in the winter time to escape the snow and sleet. We're pleased to say that we've enjoyed all your southern charms. But we get sunburnt when we exercise the right to bare our arms. (Chorus) Alanis Morrisette she is our latest pride and joy. She used to sing about high school dances and chasing after boys. But now she is fed up and about as angry as can be. She's got one hand in her pocket, and the other's on guard for thee. (Chorus) (repeat) Beers are not enough

Touch You

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
(Intro) Oh what's up everybody this is Rick James Talib Kweli, DJ Hi Tek, Reflection Eternal (Chorus) [Supa Dav West] We Make the Music That Change your life 'Bout to touch you just right All night we gonna to shine the light 'Bout to touch you just right [Piakhan] Piakhan floating on the mighty clouds of joy Building a future, yo, for my baby boy (uh huh) I moved form the hood yet the shit still in me And your opinion is nothing to me I have plenty like bein' out of prison With a roof over my dome And possessing the gift such as sparking the microphone Accumulate the provolone makin' it happen with Talib A Nattian cat we got em' snappin' Roberta Flackin' the track and Killin' em softly with out flossin' But yet the shine is glossy and the run the lyrical train through your brain shit Strategy pain, I'm on some Clubber Lane shit With the iron, ain't no use in you trying I ain't lyin' Through your ears mesmerize em' It's about time we started risin' Once again replace bullets with words, try to make it fun again (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] if the put my life on the screen then its got to Be the IMAX I live large stroke your mind, till you reach climax Terrorist hijack on Hi Tek fly tracks front don't try that My niggas got my back, you gotta relax, ease back What's that all about with the feedback All up in my mouth we don't need that, the asphault is the place to be at Where the people fire burn so bright you can see that believe that It ain't light music (no) We make the right music (true) Keep it tight music (yes) Affirmin' life music (come on) (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] It's like girls got the bass all up in they hips My favorite part on the face is the shape of the lips Yeah I wanna touch you there (right there) Your mind is my concubine, when I deliver shivers up your spine Like the bread and wine, my brains embedded with rhymes That's ahead of they time, I rock the better design You cats ain't got the touch You all suck, like getting head from a dime I run up in em and, clutch em' if they tremblin' It's a rush like adrenaline, at a point break the joint shake When you play this (yeah), your crew is haters when they come Through with the newest/latest (like that) Reflection Eternal Shine light bright like the day till the sky turn purple And the moon arrive, reflection through the night That touch you just right (Bridge) [Talib Kweli] With the rhythm, the rhythm, God bless the rhythm It's the rhythm, rhythm; yes ya'll the rhythm Shorty on the dance floor giving me rhythm Hi Tek make ya'll nod ya'll neck to the rhythm And (Chorus) w/ minor variations (x2) [Talib Kweli] Uh yeah yeah yeah Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh (x2) Clap your hands everybody (x4)


REHAB "Southern Discomfort"
I am the everything the all knowing The omnipotent one I watch the fields I do not feel I circumnavigate everyone I am the scarecrow, alone and disconnected You stare right past me undetected I am only here when you expect it And feel a sadness undescribable I hange here motionless holding a bible No revival I died and became apathy Then married vacancy Then moved my children to the tundra of complacency I do not exist in your world I've burned the bridges, I've cut the life line Now all I have left is my mind Which judges all of you Analyzes your dumb philosophies Inwonderment of how you all have ruined your ecology But you do not hear for I am to you only but nothingness And I can't understand why I'm the only one that feels like this It's all piss, I flee Out of all the people that have left me The one I miss most, is me I am the scarecrow and I am so alone And I've seen thirty years of down time The face of a clown, a stick for a spine From a grandiose small town mind And crows fly all around mine They shit on my shoulder I got no voice, no mobility I get older, heated but colder No yield in my field, fuck my opinion I stare at your houses in the distance Silent persistence at night windows glisten I got nothing to say cause no one would listen anyway So I remain against the grain I've seen sunny days with rain Busted knuckles and pain and never complained Dirt is my domain, my view is plain But I'm invisible, sound mystical Not really, the days are dry the evening chilly The only one who understands is little Billy when he's lonely Make me feel something, make me worth a damn Make me new again, make me a fuckin' man Seen the rise and fall the high and low the come and go And if you knew what I know, sometimes one does not reap what he sews The wind blows, the moon glows the water flows The rain turns to snow, and the ground is froze And only God knows why that's the way it goes I am the scarecrow and I am so alone

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