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As days go by and fade to nights I still question why you left I wonder how it didn’t work out but now you’re gone and memories all I have for now but no it’s not over we’ll get older we’ll get over we’ll live to see the day that I hope for come back to me I still believe that we’ll get it right again we’ll come back to life again we won’t say another goodbye again you’ll live forever with me someday, someday we’ll be together someday, someday we’ll be together I heard someday might be today mysteries of destinies they are somehow and are someway for all we know they come tomorrow for today my eyes are open my arms are raised for your embrace my hands are here to mend what is broken to feel again the warmth of your face I believe there is more to life oh I love you much more than life and still I believe I can change your mind revive what is dying inside and someday, someday we’ll be together someday, someday we’ll be together someday, someday we’ll be together we’ll be together we’ll be together someday

Could It Be Any Harder

THE CALLING "Camino Palmero"
You left me with goodbye and open arms A cut so deep I don't deserve You were always invincible in my eyes the only thing against us now is time [Chorus:] Could it be any harder to say goodbye and without you, Could it be any harder to watch you go, to face what's true If I only had one more day I lie down and blind myself with laughter A quick fix of hope is what I needed And now i wish that i could turn back the years But i know i just don't have the power [Chorus] I'd jump at the chance We'd drink and we'd dance And I'd listen close to your every word, As if its your last, I know its your last, Cause today, oh, you're gone Could it be any harder... Could it be any harder... [Chorus] Like sand on my feet The smell of sweet perfume You stick to me forever,baby and I wish you didn't go, I wish you didn't go I wish you didn't go away To touch you again, With life in your hands Could it be any harder...

You Went Away

Earth Wind And Fire "Faces"
Ross Vanelli Philip Bailey How can you explain that we're apart When all we've known is being together Time had made our love a work of art So sure we were, that nothing could change us The dreams we thought tomorrow would bring us, were fading away Oh you reassured hope and I believed that never would our promise be broken And now I question what is yet to be When all is left of me is a token of dreams we use to build upon each day But you wouldn't stay You don't know the very best part of me You don't know cause you went away I can't believe you want no part of me (Ever) since you went away, there's nothing quite the same in my life I may be shaken by the night But I know the truth will never mislead me I have the love, I have my life And even with your memories beside me I know the strength inside me Will guide me all of the way

Comes Crashing

It's picking time, Time for me to leave, And walk away from us. My feet are tired, Too tired to carry both of us through this again. On into nothing, Out in the open. I say goodbye in faith. I'll wait. [Chorus:] Surrender your pain. Lay down your love. When I come back, And it all comes crashing down, The end-- of your world -- is closer than you think. My shattered heart, Is stained with memories, Of how was life to be. When giving hurt, The sacrifices made, Were not enough for me. I'm coming back, To rectify, All the pain, I caused you. Don't shield your eyes, Face tomorrow on your own. Failure to reason, Endless confusion, The unanswered question, Is why you're on my mind? [Chorus] Incomplete without want, Want is what I know I can't have, Left alone to argue, The only arguement that I can win. Yesterday has past you, That day that we thought we had, Incomplete without you, I want you to know. [Chorus]

Last Goodbye

This is our last goodbye I hate to feel the love between us die But it's over Just hear this and then I'll go You gave me more to live for More than you'll ever know This is our last embrace Must I dream and always see your face Why can't we overcome this wall Ouh, maybe baby it's just because I didn't know you at all Kiss me, please kiss me Oh kiss me out of desire, babe, and not consolation Oh you know it makes me so angry 'cause i know that in time I'll only make you cry This is our last goodbye Did you say 'no, this can't happen to me,' Did you rush to the phone to call Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind Saying maybe You didn't know him at all You didn't know him at all You didn't know, you didn't know Well, the bells out in the church tower chime Burning clues into this heart of mine Thinking so hard on her soft eyes and the memories Offer signs that it's over... it's over

Half The World Away

Capture me with your charms and die here in my arms Before I have the chance to set things straight. Lay there in the cold. Leave me growing old. And then I wonder if time might wait. You had it all - is that such an awful game for us to play? Why throw it all away? You had it all; now I'm dying to say Goodbye to love. Goodbye to love. Goodbye. Goodbye to love - will I never had enough. Goodbye to love ? goodbye. Where did you plan to go, buried in sand and snow? I need a kiss to know you're not asleep. With love like a sacrifice to the hell that is paradise. I hope eternal life will come so cheap. You had it all - when all comes to all. That's not a fair exchange. Well. You didn't want to change. You had it made - and I stayed - 'cause you couldn't bear to wait. I would battle with the fates just to see your face. Or even take your place; it's such a dreadful waste.

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