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JOHN HIATT lyrics - Warming Up To The Ice Age

When We Ran

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Could have been the kiss of my life Could have been the death of me Could have been that I was just too scared To wait around and see You could have been a guardian angle I could have been the wicked one Besides the buttons on our shirts, girl, What else did we leave undone? When we ran When we ran When we ran When we ran Was it just the time slippin' through our hands? Right through our hands Maybe I was tryin' to tell ya I'd never known a love so strong Maybe in the shadows of the night We just couldn't tell right from wrong Maybe its a real-life story Livin' with the sad regrets Maybe it was just a sweet dream baby Somethin' that I can't forget When we ran when we ran when we ran Was it just the time slippin' through our hands? You only had to say the word I would have turned around and heard But as it is we can't turn back The mind's just a trash can, baby And the memories, rolling dice We had something one time, girl, But we thought about it twice When we ran when we ran When we ran When we ran We ran we ran we ran When we ran When we ran

Quiet Time

Shawty walked up in the room feening for some quiet time, Ain't had it in a while so on top of me she climb She fell to the ground, and that girl she found Something so sweet, she could wrap her lips around Feening for her body, and that ain't no lie Told her I'd eat her up, as if she were a pie Umm, umm, good, Damn she please my appetite... It's quite time, She say stop go slow, Boy you cold... Let's switch positions so I can show you how hard I go Give it all now, gotta keep it low, I'm a sex pro, so professional, How you like it, just a better flow, Sure to leave you, looking for some more Should I speed it up Love the way I fuck Should I slow it down, Make you make opera sounds Ah, ah, ah, ah, That's how we do it, just call it a quiet time Feening for her body, and that ain't no lie Told her I'd eat her up, as if she were a pie Umm, Umm good damn she please my appetite It's a quite time. It's quite time so baby do not make a peep Cause when we're fucking don't scream Grip the sheets and she, she, she, she told me that she likes it rough So I pin her on the wall and I get the cuffs Ah, and she start scratching out my back That's when my fingers hit her lips and I tell that girl relax, shhh And she starts moaning in my ear Eh, since you home alone why don't you come on over here? Yeah, and she says she loves my stroke game She loves milano so she's done fucking them no names So baby girl just come on over here Let me take you down and break you down and please do not make a sound We in the bed like, Ooooo Harmonizing in the room like Ooooo haha Yeah, so baby girl the time is mine Close your eyes take the dick cause it's quiet time, lets go Feening for her body, and that ain't no lie Told her I'd eat her up, as if she were a pie mmm mmm goood, good, damn she please my appetite it's quiet time

Ex Girl To The Next Girl

GANG STARR "Daily Operation"
Verse One You know I used to be a player fly girl layer and a heartbreaker lovemaker backbreaker but then I made a mistake yes I fell in love with this ill chick sweatin' me for money my name and the dilsnick my homeboys told me to drop her for it would be to my benefit she used to say I'd better quit hanging with those derelects romancing is my thing but I can't swing with no scheming hoes wherever my beema goes you know that I'm driving surviving in the 90's is a must so I trust that everyone listen up as my vocals give thrust I bust my rhymes first never chasing a skirt do much work while other suckas need more time to rehearse now back to the ex-girls, ex-lovers, ex-friends it made me mad to find that she was only after my ends she phones me and goes on about her new life now I wish she knew right now I think she's busted let's discuss it when I was with her no trust, just fights just the he-say-she-say and the neighborhood highlights bow I got my new girl or as I say my baby doll but I'm still gettin' crazy calls, my ex-girl's got balls don't wanna play the field cuz I get lovin' at home base don't gimme no long face just exit with a grace you and I are the past, c'est la vie, much respect girl but now you're my ex-girl cuz I'm on with the next girl Chorus Next Verse Two she had much loot liked to buy me fresh-dipped gear liked to have me near cuz of my svoir faire the time we shared was brief cuz I needed relief from her high-classed antics and all her conceit now she's crying wolf and I like don't wanna hear that I told her the bear facts when things started out she wines and she pouts about how I did her bad yo but she'd tried to buy me even tempt me with the hiney I fell for a sec cuz the clothes were real fly I could almost feel I would give into her whims her thoughts were erratic, sporadic, crazy in nature I told her hey look I can no longer date ya Tried to pimp with bank and fell short, your ship sank many thanks for the time and the watch and the link you and I are the past, c'est la vie, nuff respect girl but now you're my ex-girl cuz I'm straight with the next girl Chorus Verse Three you saw my mom in the supermarket and gave her your number you asked how's my sister then asked how's my brother didn't ask about my father cuz you know he ain't like ya every time I left for your crib yo he'd really get hyper the advice he used to give me makes much sense now I can't believe I used to let you break my confidence down you used to ask me why the hell did I wanna live in Brooklyn? you messed up my flow although you were good-lookin' yes darlin' was fly and this was the problem cuz back in the day she had me scheming and robbin' to get her things to wear so when she went to the club all eyes were on her and me I just bugged caught in between felling proud and feeling more like a sucker had to go undercover, get away, find another been in Brooklyn 9 years and been around the world too I've seen so many fly girls and I knew just what to do I went from ex-girl to next took my time with each one and you know they still love me so stop jellin' me hon went home to see mom and I saw you at the bus stop must I stop? nah I think not you and I are the past c'est la vie, much respect girl but now you're my ex-girl I'm out with the next girl out... Chorus

24 Hours

10CC "Windows In The Jungle"
Here on the street Feeling the cool of the dawn Shuffling feet Faces are ragged and worn They've been working all night Waiting for the curtain to rise While you're under the sheets You with the stars in your eyes Letter box noise Snapping the day into life Newspaper boys Cutting the mist like a knife We're beginning to rise Curtain up the drama begins It's the start of the race All of us wanting to win People rushing shouting pushing Got no time for conversation Inner city population The struggle for communication People trying pressure rising Hook and hustle flex your muscle It's all part of living Do you wanna get away Restaurant smells Mix in the heat of the day Telephone bells Kissogram girls on her way Someone's thinking of you Birthday boy is in for a treat And the message is clear Once a year life can be sweet Caught in a flash Cover girl freezes her smile Media trash Blinding the crowd with such style It's a dazzling affair A fantasy to star in your dreams Do you want to believe Everyone knows what they've seen Twilight time in the city And the shutters are down That's when the singles are lost in their doubles The happy hour comes round To help you unwind in the shadows Takes the tension away It's been a hell of a day in the city Now it's your time to play Living under pressure Do you wanna buy a dream I say Phil can you get it he say Alright alright alright Tell me when can I get it he say Tonight tonight tonight I want money on delivery hey That's right that's right that's right I say baby don't you trust me he say The city's a jungle where the strongest survive Neonic heat Flooding the darkness with light The capitol beats Feeding the pulse of the night It's the music of life Listen to the sound of the crowd Where the rhythm's so strong And the music is playing so loud Where the rhythm's so strong And the music is playing so....

Love Chronicles

AL STEWART "Love Chronicles"
I can remember the first girl that I did love It was Stephanie In kindergarten arithmetic classes she used to Sit next to me I'd pass her sticky sweets under the table Where the teacher couldn't see Although she wouldn't remember me now Sometimes I wonder where she can be I can remember the first girl I kissed It was Christine when I was ten I'd been told we were moving away I thought I'd never see her again Oh don't forget me I'll be back when they let me Before you learn how to lie when you're leaving Love is so much easier then And at school would you believe three hundred boys And no girls at all But you're a fool if you should leave Just think of the joys of rugby football And prep in the morning and Brylcreem and acne And cross-country running to kill evil thoughts I'm surprised that I survived I ran ten thousand miles with my back to the wall I can remember the first girl that I made love to It was in a park In the lower pleasure gardens in Bournemouth In summer just after dark My mind was reeling: Oh what a feeling. I missed the bus and walked twelve miles home And it really didn't seem far And all through my seventeenth summer Running together from crowds and ties Taking our clothes off and feeling each other With fingers and senses and mouths and eyes Incurring the glances of old disapproval From elderly local inhabitant's eyes Oh time, time we hardly even knew you You didn't touch us with your lies In the halcyon days of my late adolescence My goal seemed clearly in sight Playing electric guitar with a beat group We set the ballrooms alight Camping it up for the dyed blonde receptionists Who told us we were al-ri-yi-yight On an ego trip for a teenage superstar On thirty shillings a nigh-yight And so it fell that I came up to London To look for fortune and fame Starry eyed in my seaside successes And much too sure of the game First girl I met there I thought I'd get there But the first girl was nearly the last girl She left my eyes in the drain She sat on my floor in the dead of the night Rolling a joint and looking round for a light Her clothes were so black and her face was so white How could I know what was right? And I sat all huddled upon my bed Watching her in my innocence And it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence Oh Artaud's anthology lay spread on the floor And the thoughts that she gave me, I'd not met before And stranded half hypnotised, I watched her in awe Of everything that she stood for And I wanted more than anything to be like her with every sense But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence She came over to me and kissed me in play Taking my hand between her legs as she lay And she looked in my eyes but I turned them away Finding no words fit to say And I hated myself, but could not move Shattered in my confidence But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence Now the stare of the lightbulb tore holes in my brain As she got up in the silence that hung like a stain And I wanted to speak, or to call out her name But how could I begin to explain? And my prosecuting room still holds A strand of her hair in evidence But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence Oh I still think about her when the night fills with rain And speaks in its voices uneasy and vain And I think were I maybe to find her again Oh I'd probably see her more plain And I should have known she was just like me It was after all only common-sense But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence At first I didn't go out much at all I just stayed at home in my chains Picking over the threads of my confidence And searching for the remains And when I couldn't stand any more of it Going down to a club Mixing in with the sounds and the crowds I let the music cover me up And only, lonely, the harlequins and painted phonies Pick their ways, through the haze Of highs and lows and blues And all that I could do was to pick my way to you Though I didn't tell you You were just a thing to prove I was hungry when found you, but I'm alright now They sigh, they lie, the refugees and superheroes On ice, so nice to see you, what's your name? And all that I could do was to say the same to you Take you for the moment, though the moment wasn't true But I was hungry when I found you and I'm alright now Though the street lamp cut through the curfew It shed no light on our mind It would have been so easy to love you At any other time Only, lonely, you came to me the night hung coldly In your eyes, some other time I might have stayed with you But all that I could do was to turn around to you Thanks for what you gave me now it's time to say "Adieu" I was hungry when I found you but I'm alright now. Ba ba ba alright now And so it came that I stood disillusioned By everything I'd been told I just didn't believe love existed They were all just digging for gold Widows and bankers and typists and businessmen Loved each other they said But all it was though was just a manoeuvre The quickest way into bed And so I followed the others' example And jumped into the melee In the hunting grounds of Earls Court and Swiss Cottage I did my best to get laid Beer cans and parties, deb girls and arties Bouncing around in the social confusion Missing and making the grade The very first time I must confess I thought you'd be like all of the rest And we'd be strangers once again By the time we were dressed But when you'd smoked your cigarette And talked of some people that we'd met I found myself asking was it set, did you have to go yet And so you laughed and then kissed me And stayed for the whole weekend Although the bed was so narrow We had to sleep end to end And so the weeks passed through my brain In their dadaistic chain I found myself seeing you again, and again and again And all you gave you gave it free Asking for nothing back from me You gave yourself unselfishly as a part of me And where I thought that just plucking The fruits of the bed was enough It grew to be less like fucking And more like making love Of all the girls I ever knew some loved and some denied me And all the words I ever said have been no use to hide me And all the songs I ever sung each one of them untied me And all the girls I ever loved have left themselves inside me

Zoom Zooms And Wam Wam

Jayo Felony
[Jayo] Uh huh Get low baby! Come on! [Verse 1] It's the end of the world now yeah! Don't start runnin But could you possibly run when you know that God's comin? But we got a lot of hard heads that don't seem concerned what? So eternally you burn An eternity's a long long time so I wrote a strong rhyme For these Mc's that only talk about chrome nines Pay attention to each line I'm about to reach mine Be careful cuz they might heat you for just one dime Blaze up and won't think twice about ya, we dyin quicker He's dead so what the hell could he do with some liquor? No value for human life Can't understand how a woman could leave a baby in the trash can Damn, helpless and starvin, but that's how life goes Can't aford him? Then keep your legs closed Thinkin God won't punish you for what you put that child through Havin babies like it's the thing to do What is this world coming to? [Chorus] X 2 Don't lie, it's the end of the world baby Can't lie, it's the end of the world baby Don't lie, it's the end of the world baby We all know it's the end of the world, baby What is this world coming to?! [Verse 2] The end, and um there ain't no stoppin it I keep em legit, while others come counterfeit You can't stand being bankrupt, now ya overdosed Used to be colors, now they beggin over coats How you gon come with that nonsense like it's all good? Tryin to dis a whole coast, can't even go to your own hood I should get ya, but I'm a chill and let the rhyme hit ya Keep my name out your mouth, or watch me get wit ya Some of y'all gots to like hoes, you need to be on stroll Need to get up, get out, and get a bankroll Keep em movin like Tony soul, cuz the game's for sale You could offer me a million, but I'll never tell All the money in world could'nt make me sell out a homey What is a million dollars worth when you're lonely? You spill the beans me and his dirt (..?..) So now I gotta ask myself What is this world coming to? [Chorus] X 2 [Verse 3] Couldn't live without a check, please tell me Four on the floor, one in the belly You're kinda smelly Why can't this girl keep her self up, her health up? When the county stop payin, you gon be stuck like chuck With five mouths to feed, and you steadily smokin weed And buying expensive clothes that you don't even need Still tryin to club it, you can't do that no more So stretched out, the stretch marks can't even stretch no more Five different daddies, damn, ain't none of them around They need to take you off the streets like the (?) A bad example, how could you bring a kid to this world? How could you call yourself a woman when you still a girl? Wonder why they talk bad about ya, it ain't no respect Cuz see you don't respect yourself, you need to get in check Got evicted out your pad So now the only thing to do is sell yourself until you pass out What is this world coming too? [Chorus] X 2

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