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JOHN HIATT lyrics - The Open Road

Movin' On

Original and similar lyrics
I'll see my mother again I know I see her everywhere I go Sometimes I see my father too Pourin' over blueprints that he drew He made his way with sweat and brains So I could ride this first class train Well, he didn't even know where to Only knew it wouldn't be long Always movin' on Sing a song about the big ship goin' down Grandma cried, Grandpa too Then we went to town to get some ice cream See a picture show Come back and take a swim in the lake's moon glow Well, I knew then there were no watery graves Just tears and laughter and moonlight on the waves Then the cryin' of the mornin' loon Pretty soon summers' gone Always movin' on My wife's mama lyin' in a dyin' bed They've anointed her with oils and some words are being said Somethin' about the soul bein' present eternally Does that mean I'll be seein' you , babe And will you be seein' me Twilight's dimmin' down another day Been some moments I didn't wanna let slip away As if they wouldn't, as if I could Stay in a place where time just stood Like wood and steel in a watery grave No tears no laughter, no moonlight on the waves Well there's no place like that, it's true Right here's where you and I belong Always movin' on Always movin' on


WU-TANG CLAN "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)"
[Chorus: (sampled)] After laughter, comes tears [Verse One: The RZA] Yo check yo yo, check the script Me and the gods get it ripped Blunts in the dip, forty dogs in my lip Had a box, 'Boom Boom' the bass will blast We was laughing, at all the girls that passed Conversation, brothers had begin to discuss (Hey yo, Ra, remember that kid ya bust) Aw yeah, he ran, but he didn't get far Cause I dropped him, heh heh heh heh heh HA Not knowin, exactly what lied ahead My little brother, my mother sent him out for bread Get the Wonder, it's a hot day in the summer Didn't expect, to come across, a crazy gunner 'Hey Shorty, check it for the bag and the dough' But he was brave, looked him in the eye, and said 'No!!' Money splattered him, BOW! then he snatched the bag In his pockets, then he jetted up the Ave. Girls screamin, the noise up and down the block (Hey, Rakeem!) What (Your little brother got shot!) I ran frantically, then I dropped down to his feet I saw the blood, all over, the hot concrete I picked him up, then I held him by his head His eyes shut, that's when I knew he was... Aw man! How do I say goodbye It's alway the good ones who have to die Memories in the corner of my mind Flashbacks, I was laughin all the time I taught him, all about the bees and birds But I wish I had a chance to sing these three words [Chorus] [Verse Two: Ghostface Killer] Me and my man, my ace big Moe from the shelter Bout to hit the skins, from this girl named Thelma Now Thelma had a rep, that was higher than her neck Every girl from Shaolin dissed her respect We was stimmy, you know how it is when you're blitzed Three o'clock in the morning, something gots to give Moe said he'll go first, I said I'll take next Here, take this raincoat, and practice safe sex He seemed to ignore, I said be for real She's not even worth it, to go raw deal A man's gonna do what a man's gonna do He got butt-naked and stuck the power U Twenty minutes went by, my man went out, without a doubt I'm not pumpin' up, I am, airin out Hey yo, he came out laughing with glory I'm surprised, he's still livin', to tell his story But he carried on, with the same old stuff with Stephanie, like a whammy, he pressed his luck Both tried to be down with O.P.P. Ain't nuttin' wrong but he got caught with the H.I.V. now No life to live, doc says two more years So after the laughter, I guess comes the tears [Chorus X2]

I Wanted To Cry (But The Tears Wouldn't Come)

SCORPIONS "Acoustica"
Lyrics: Klaus Meine Well here comes my baby She's dressed oh so cute She looks a little crazy In her Hollywood shoes Well baby loves driving In my hot brand new car She thinks less than flying Is not fast enough But when you turn upside down Life ain't too much fun I wanted to cry But the tears wouldn't come Here comes my baby She's the one I adore Well she's a lucky lady Born in a Gucci store With gold cards in motion And the platinum too She jets across the ocean A little faster than you But when it rains in St. Barth Life ain't too much fun I wanted to cry But the tears wouldn't come I wanted to cry But the tears wouldn't come Every night without you I miss to have you by my side Ohh, so I keep waiting, I keep waiting I swear I never let you go again Well here comes my baby With a Brad Pitt lookalike Right through immigration And straight out of my life Well it seems the friendly skies Are pretty good fun I wanted to cry But the tears wouldn't come I wanted to cry I wanted to cry I wanted to cry But the tears wouldn't come


AER "Aer"
[Hook:] Been meaning to write you sincerely So let me lay this down Ain't much to say, ain't much to say, unless it’s a vow So what’s this about? [Verse 1:] Give me nothing man, I’ll take it on my own Got a whole lot to go, only slow when I've grown old Well one piece of advice, for you limelight seeking shh Twitter plus the couch equals you never gonna blow You can talk a big game, you can want to walk to fame The sidewalk ends fall off if the grind ain't the same as the FAM Nothing to gain if you can’t get yourself outta the place that you claim can’t help, well The ladder for me man keeps getting longer The climb gets harder, my arms getting stronger You blind old man cause you’re starting to wander Snake of the game bringing nothing but problems You on the come up like your leader's got his eyes closed I’d arrive before you if I decide to drive slow But I’m not I’m posted up never lie low You’ll vanish real quick like your missing dog Fido [Hook] [Verse 2:] It’s a curse and a blessing to get this way in the first place And your shit was supposed to drop around my 15th birthday Gotta be real and cleaned up behind curtains Is this really your grand scheme to prove that you’re worth it? Well I've seen it before but good job They click next stray away quick move along Shake they head say They never going back to this blog Can’t use your brights homie cause your heads filled with fog If you want something grab it, if you have a beat stab it Shitload of legwork not just living lash, I’m up at 3 AM and I’m still mentally active Mind is traveling to a height that’ll send your ass packing In the third row seat of the van realizing opportunities within patience Instant gratification is not in the plans for your brand Buzzer beater precision they coming running from the stands [Hook]

Making Waves

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
Yeah I was the cool kid in my crowd of misfits Malcolm in the Middle, couldn't spin the disk quick And now I'm fly like a diskcus, eye on the biscuit Sin City, I couldn't resist it But if you miss it, they be saying you a wise man While we trying to get the green like Iceland I just pull the tags off everything is priceless If you after the cake I'm cool with the icing Out my mind, there ain't time to sit pretty Text say "I'ma meet him in the city" And Johnny got the keys said we in a sick new studio And I'm coming over, it's no Rick Rubio No big movie role, not until whe make it 'Til I'm getting degrees like bacon And you've been on your knees like Meagan Meet your way into the stars Knowing very well, you ain't going far [Hook:] They say "do not go splashing" And I never behave And I don't know my place I'll be making my waves now I know you like it I can tell by your face So come off with the chase But I'll be making my waves now No swine flu, we really sick this time And woman never let us leave, District 9 I grab bag'em, hoped you picked this rhyme As the best thing you heard since Christmas time You missed us right? Well no we're back at it It's getting harder to breathe I'm like an asthmatic You don't gotta ask, I'ma let your ass have it Cause everybody else sounding like they half-assed it I spit acid to burn the mic down And I'm coming for 2000 and right now We ain't seeing what you wrote like white-out Grab the cash register and then scream I'm out Of place, but it's not my face though Cause I don't wanna have to preach like I'm Mase yo All I want, a girl that is tasteful, money by the waistload And celebrate with drinks by the case load [Hook] They trying to keep us down like the undertoe And they tellin' all they friends that we wonderful I'm just trying to keep my head above the water flow Fuck it, we can stagedive, I ain't even learn to float Now the big wigs love us and we know this And they thinkin' we some kids, goldfish I could play that game too, we I go rich You ain't in my zone, why you throwing me the low pitch? But I own this, homerun, broke the bat Y'all some small fries but we welcome fat Young now but the knowledge of an older cat Got a hill to climb, we'll get over that They thought it's a stage, he'll get over that Fuck that thinkin', what up to the doughboys Y'all get Lincoln, I get Franklins And time is ticking This Titanic not sinking [Hook] And I never behave I can tell by your face [2x] Cause I'll be making my waves now

Sometimes It Be That Way

JEWEL "This Way"
Night with its shattered teeth Attempts to speak My pen is present but Courage left via the sink And I'm sorry I snuck up on you From behind I'm sorry not all My love letters did rhyme And I'm sorry that Jesus died for my sins And I swear to God It won't happen again And I'm sorry If it was my swerve that Tempted you to sway Oh well Sometimes it be that way And Romeo was A very nice man He said Jewel, I don't think You quite understand And I'm sorry if you had To explain it like this I'm sorry I was a point You were destined to miss And I'm sorry I spoke to you irreverently Down in the hollow By the old olive tree And I'm sorry If my heart breaking Ruined your day Oh well Sometimes It be that way I said Oh well, I got nothing Left to sell This love was a bell that Rang unheard in the air I was bound to find out That you didn't care Oh well Sometimes it be that way And Aphrodite with Her neon lamp Kissed Neptune They put her face On a stamp And I'm sorry I used it to mail A letter to you I'm sorry I'm glue and The rest bounces off of you And I'm sorry not even This jet's metal wings Could get across These simple things And I'm sorry If I ever sang Your name in vain Oh well Sometimes it be that way And Goldilocks Well she knew three bears They all ate oatmeal And tiptoed upstairs And I'm sorry I never got to Find you like this Sleeping like a baby And swaddled in bliss And I'm sorry for All the times I forgot to imply something In between the lines And I'm sorry If my heart breaking Ruined your day Oh well Sometimes it be that way I said Oh well, I got nothing Left to sell This love was a bell that Rang unheard in the air I was bound to find out That you didn't care Oh well Sometimes it be that way And shadow's long fingers They dance on the wall Electricity chases Its tail in the hall And I'm sorry If my arms to you Were just empty rooms I'm sorry I never could comfort you And I'm sorry St. Petersburg is A miserable town And I'm sorry If I am bringing you down And I'm sorry If I caused you pain Oh well Sometimes it be that way And flame licks the air With its silver tongue Night has many hands But I have just one And I'm sorry I walked in on you Unexpectedly I'm sorry I never served you Camomile tea And I'm sorry I didn't always have a match That could start A fire big enough For your heart to catch And I'm sorry If it was my swerve that Tempted you to sway Oh well Sometimes it be that way

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