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JOHN CENA lyrics

Basic Thugonomics

Original and similar lyrics
So, you think you're untouchable? [Chorus (scratched) x2:] Word life--this is Basic Thugonomics Word life--I'm untouchable but I'm forcin' you to feel me Whether fightin' or spittin' my discipline is unforgiven Got you backin' up in a defensive position An ass-kcikin' anthem, heavyweight or bantam Holdin' camps for ransom, the microphone phantom Teams hit the floor this the new fight joint Like a broken needle kid you missin' the point We dominate your conference with offense, that's no nonsense My theme song hits, get you reinforcements We strike quick with hard kicks, duckin' night sticks Bare-knuckled men through fight pits, beat you lifeless Never survive this, you forgot like Alzhmiers Two-face rappers walk away with four shiners The raw rhymer, turnin' legends to old-timers My incisors like a vipor bitin' through your one-liners New DeadMan Inc., and we about to make you famous Takin' over Earth and still kickin' in Uranus [Chorus] You ain't advanced enough to process,potential for medical concepts Some objects are foreign, like Loch Ness Arts and sex are complex regardless of your finesse or fitness is the condition of business Your lame vision of a underground physical image You're underneath to undermine your whole typical image With the precision of percentages and the collision of sentences Poetry beats your mics We untouchable like righteous sluts with no crevasses Streets unite, we rock righter with dumber beats You cats couldn't come this hot ? in the summer heat Forget two takes--kill your birds the first time You better stay worthy of my filler of worse rhymes I'm better than nice, check the veterans twice You be beside your self with fear I'll kill you and bury you twice despite the cover of night Trackin' ya flight like guerrilla warfare When the grass is dense Approaching me is a quick way to get referred to in the past tense Dead-da, when the lights, the mic is on The crowd is dead like intermission and you on the Titan Tron

The Harbor Is Yours

AESOP ROCK "None Shall Pass"
[Hook - Rob Sonic:] Dead men tell no tales (Uh-huh) Up push the daisies till the soil is stale In a powder blue tux for the farmer's sale (Here we go) Mr. Big sleep with the carp and kelp [Aesop Rock:] Once upon a time in the days of yore When the people lived fresh outta legend and folklore There was an old pirate who piloted vile slang Had a bird perched on him and swash buckled the same Peg leg navigate him starboard to port By the nautical starry night yelling "The harbor is yours!" And you should tell them where you situate the gold That is unless you'd like a vacation with Davy J-J-J-Jones Like "walk the plank" for whom the shark thank Maroon the mutineers consume the souvenirs And while the shiny spoils piled higher every year He was suffocating slow in the box of a buccaneer Ten summers prior on a night like this Crows nest scopes something afloat to the boats west Swore it blew him a kiss When he focus seen the face of an angel upon the body of a F-f-f-fish "What the heck!" frazzled, his telescope shattered Gathered himself she was ghost he was down the rope ladder To deck circled the vessel 360 swiftly Found nothing in the water but salt, piss and whiskey Yarr, heckled by the swabbies at the bar He'll be the laughing stock of the Barbary Coast War Like this dude either got two glass eyes Or he wearing his patch on the wrong s-s-s-side Now he knew what he saw But had to prove he was raw So he raped and he pillaged and And he feud and he brawled Try to rekindle his rep via sabers and gun smoke And vowed to always find her though he never told his cutthroats Meanwhile, back in the now, got a brand new skeleton crew On the move out when they aren't manning thirty burning cannons stern and bow They are prying shiny metals out your m-m-m-mouth Okay, youth wanes old age holler wisdom and disease Like the scurvy made his yellow gums bleed And he was achy from his boots to the feather in his hat Until his quartermaster showed up with a stolen treasure map One look down and lept off the dock See if you can guess where X marked the spot The capital was buried at sea in a cursed cave Only one mile from where he'd seen the mer-mer-mer-maid Anchors up, hoist the jolly roger thank you much Day and night with his hook hands raised and clutched But see the vitamin deficiency was strong So by the time they bumped into the island he could barely lift his grog Crawled off the boat, collapsed in the sand Prayers in the air, seashells in his hand And nary a high tide so grand as the one that put The lady of the lake on dry la-la-la-land I wish I could tell you that it ended happy Pretend like his bones weren't practically snapping Pretend like her gills didn't dry up and suffer But that's a half-dead pirate and a fish outta water No lie, scout's honor, got a million more From the burgundy lighting above the shores of whores Before your visions of grandeur go to swell those sails Remember dead men tell no t-t-t-tales [Hook - Rob Sonic:] Dead men tell no tales Up push the daisies till the soil is stale In a powder blue tux for the farmer's sale Mr. Big sleep with the carp and kelp


Inkubus Sukkubus
Lifeless life, sleepless sleep Under the stony sky of day my flesh shall keep Summer's heat shall never be missed Hecate's bliss has kissed these cool lips In perfect sleep there's beauty In waking life just cruelty I want to rise with the night In the light that blinds your eyes Wrapped in the velvet cloak of dreams my spirit flies As the day slips far from your sight My stirring limbs shall join in the flight Life of lives, oh, sleep of sleeps In all your dreams you'll never know the joys I reap Hecate's hand shall guide through the night And with the dawn, I'll kiss her goodbye

Here Now

JIN "The Rest Is History"
Look I'm not a gimmick, there's not a rapper I'm trying to mimic My life move about a mile a minute Make the best of it while I'm in it Talk shit I'll never get offended I'm so pushin' to the limit I could shake of 20 haters Ignore em' and handle my business Highly hood got my named cemented A threat to every rapper in the game or that's ever been in it 5'6'' but I stand tall, built for war, sort of like the Great Wall Of China, hear my footsteps like Yao Ming's behind ya Don't remind me, do whatever to you, fly back and it'll be Hell on earth for you to find me They say we all look alike, cook alike But they aint't know that we all crooks alike I changed the game when I took the mic In Freestyle what it took for you to write, good night! [Chorus:] I am here now, say what you want I know I got something you want I am here now, think what you want This is my life, let's get it on It's like a curse being successful The more progress, the more stressful Don't ask about heart, I got a chestful Thrown into a cesspool of sex juice So my next move was to elevate for the best view I got a few things to confess too They say I'm famous, I don't feel special Plucked from a few to be placed on a pedestal Only to be ridiculed and find out they want to get rid of you Once you near your pinnacle they try to limit you From the start of your career when they finish you That's why in interviews I keep my shit minimal And if I do say something it's subliminal Is it because I'm signed to killers and criminals? It's pitiful, this rap game is too political But fuck it, I ain't got shit else to do [Chorus] Yo, yo you don't gotta give me my respect, I'ma take it You ain't gotta punch me into night I'ma lay it You ain't gotta loan me no money I'ma make it And I do anything I can get away with I say what I want, take it how you take it Media hype that I've created has enhanced my hatred Came from the basement, rose amongst the stars like a space ship Face it, there's no replacement Time you spend looking for the one is time wasted I'm too defined, my design you can't trace it So give it up, I ain't bitter but I'm getting sick enough to take my contract and rip it up Plus my friend say I'm forgettin' stuff Is it cause I failed to get intouch While I'm out rappin', travelin', gettin' bucks And my hearts in Miami indeed Oh I ain't forget, I just got my family to feed [Chorus]

Criminal Minded

Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded"
Intro: (sung by KRS-One to the tune of the Beatles Let It Be ) Boogie Down Productions will always get paid We'll take the wackest song and make it better Remember to let us into your skin Cause then you'll begin, to master Rhymin rhymin rhymin Verse One: KRS-One Criminal minded, you've been blinded Lookin for a style like mine you can't find it They are the audience, I am the lyricist Sometimes the suckas on the side gotta hear this Page, a rage, and I'm not in a cage Free as a bird to fly up out on stage Ain't here for no frontin just to say a little somethin Ya suckaz don't like me cause you're all about nothin However, I'm really fascinating to the letter My all-around performance gets better and better My English grammar comes down like a hammer You need a style, I need to pull your file I don't beg favors, you're kissing other people's --- I write and produce myself just as fast Keep my hair like this, got no time for Jheri curls Attractin only women, got no time for little girls [KRS sings again] Cause girls look so good but their brain is not ready, I don't know I'd rather talk to a woman cause her mind is so steady, so here we go I'm not a musical maniac or b-boy fanatic I simply made use of what was upstairs in the attic I've listened to these MC's back when I was a kid But I bust more shots than they ever did I mean this is not the best of KRS, it's just a section But how many times must I point you in the right direction You need protection, when I'm on the mic Because my mouth is like a 9 millimeter windpipe You're a king, I'm a teacher You're a b-boy, I'm a scholar If this was a class, well it would go right under drama See kings lose crowns but teachers stay intelligent Talkin big words on the mic but still irrelevant Especially when you're not, college material Wake up every morning to your Lucky Charms cereal DJ Scott LaRock has a college degree Blastmaster KRS writes poetry I won't go deeper in the subject cause that gets me bored It's a shame to know some MC's on the mic are fraud Sayin styles like this to create a diss But if you listen, who you dissin? See I am a musician Rappin on the mic like this to me is fine Cause if I really want to battle I will put out a nine You can see that Scott LaRock and I are mentally binded In other words we're both Criminal Minded Verse Two: KRS-One We're not promoting violence, we're just havin some fun He's Scott LaRock, I'm KRS-One Never off-beat cause it don't make sense Grab the microphone, relaxed and not tense You waited, debated, and now you activated A musical genius that could not be duplicated See I have the formula for rockin the house If you cannot rock a party do not open your mouth It's that simple, no phony cosmetics to your pimple Take another look because the gear is not wrinkled The K, the R, the S, the O, the N, the E Sayin rhyme for eighty-seven not from 1983 Well versed, to rehearse, and my rhymes are my curse Originality come first but the suckers get worse Allow me to include I have a very stable mood Poetic education of a high altitude I'm not an MC, so listen, call me poet or musician A genius when it comes to making music with ambition I'm cool, collected with the rhyme I directed Don't wanna be elected as the king of a record Just respected by others as the man with the solution An artist of the 80's came and left his contribution on wax, relax, there's 24 tracks After years of rocking parties now I picked up the knack Because everything that flows from out my larynx Takes years of experience and bottles of Beck's I cannot seem to recollect the time I didn't have sex Is it real or is it Memorex? I'm livin in a city known as New York State Sucka MC's gotta wait while I translate I hang with real live dreads with knowledge in their heads People with ambition and straight up musicians Although our lives have been so uprooted I have it included, you all get zooted So take each letter of the KRS-One Means Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone You look at me and laugh, but this is your class It's an all-out discussion of the suckas I be crushin So now you are awakened to the music I be makin Never duplicated, and also highly cultivated Don't get frustrated cause nothin has been traded Only activated, it came out very complicated Not separated, from my DJ You see my voice is now faded I'll see you folks around the way Criminal minded...


AZ "Aziatic"
This is life (echo 2x) But it's paradise for me. From the cradles to the stiff coffin, legit fortune I lean for them corner fiends, crip-walking Wedding-bells I'm out of that shell of slick talking Honeymoon, deep scuba diving, kissing the dolphins I lived though, I quit flossing, I forgive though this shit's costing At the crib with the kids often, coasting Ski-boating on the beach ocean Hoping them old closed cases never re-open Moving, y'all minor leagues, I'm like speed motion Muscles thru my white tee's woken, he's holding Hypnotic, spit shit you sit and vibe wit, melodic I mental escape thru all the garbage This is life (echo 4x) One in a million, I'm strong young and appealing Was born son a villain, put on in front of my building Peeping how the street structure decease brothers Critique, but I was placed here to reach others Incomplete, stand feet from the deep cover Eternal sleep, I wonder if the Beast love us The frail weaken, the stronger be in jail eating The average male will make it home if the bail's decent I inhale frequent, it alleviate great, to be a part of the game Can't be a day late to be a part of the same Need a g' a day take, five if you live, slide mines on the side This is life (echo 4x) Mics, money and music my life's for you to view it I stand militant, my stripes came from the sewage Interrogation lights, spend nights up in the cubics Fistfights, I'm nice like Earl Huvick Harmonizing, narration is traumatizing Here since '94, it's still kinda surprising I touched topics, safe-boxes, unlocked it Complete zone keep my tone on one octave Owe nothing, won't ask to hold nothing Clean behind the scene, but control buttons Brought it back for the essence that got watered in rap 'Cuz I'm a aura I bring more to track

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