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JOEY BADA$$ lyrics

Killuminati Pt. 2

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro/Outro] Killuminati all through your body Like a 12 gauge shotty [Verse 1] And I'm still a beast with these flows Feeling real low my tree self esteem roll We drowning out Atlantis can't overflow beast coast Be more specific next time you shoutin' out a-mi-go I am not the star? In fact I'm planet awe Fuck what the media write, bitch this is a fire bar Please don't leave your comment if you are not up to par No names, putting you in a verse that's too far Your mundane can't obtain, the knowledge of my brain My set told me light you up so this that propane It's Nathan all I gotta do is just spit a flame No escaping, you in a swimming pool of champagne You set yourself up for that one mane The king of New York? Ha! we ain't just gon' let that one hang Last nigga got dethroned and you ain't from my zone The rest of the real niggas is dead and gone [Hook x2] But fuck it I'm Biggie, I'm L, I'm Pun I’m God’s Son, I’m Pac, Guru all in one I'm what they predicted before I come In fact I do it all for them [Verse 2] I'm getting a ugh, I'm getting a ugh From the weak shit that I hear No lyrical style come near me How they gon' try to compare me To what's clearly, barely, not nearly as rare as me Swank make hands fold like a rare disease I got arthritis yo it's scaring me I got all these rap niggas fucking fearing me Heard they was looking for war but ain't declaring me I'm well aware, NY not Delaware I'm the real king fella here You more like Prince of Bel-Air I'm clearing the air, might fire at will These rap niggas don't want the static for real Cuz they lines not adjacent to my spectacular skill If you don't fuck with cinematic stand still My life's a movie on the real You can get shot with your hands on the wheel With your pants at ya heels [Hook x2] [Intro/Outro] [Buckshot] And I'm feeling like the realest motherfucker alive [x6] Killuminati all Through your, all through your I love the competition Go against the beast coast? I retired that level of it And now you have to deal with a brother like Joey Which is a 45 magnum with a knife at the tip And a shotgun at the enemy

Cant Stop Us

-Bizzy Bone-Intro- (I always try) Unstoppable daily (Fuckin unstoppable). We unstoppable together, baby Bone Thugs. (Ya ya) Lil Layzie Bone in this motherfucker,Krayzie Bone,Big Wish in this motherfucker,Flesh n Bone knock them niggas out. (Bone Thug, 7th Sign, Mo Thug, ThugLine)(Fuckin unstoppable) Lets do this shit man, lets do this shit baby -Chorus-Bizzy- You niggas can't stop me (From cocking a glock) You motherfuckers can't stop me (From poppin' the glock)/ This for the guerillas on the block, for skinny niggas like myself, artillery shots as well, yeah/ Ha ha ha Bizzy Bone (You think I give a fuck?) You think I give a fuck if you don't like me nigga? Put 'em up in a club and fight me/ I'm sorry that I'm just so fuckin' exciting/ Steadily courdial like this killa 'posed to/ And I wish you would really try to come test me, break bread with niggas that know you/ I can show you, slowly rollin' like these cuts from old school/ Cookin' it up just like it's soul food, fuck all ya'll/ I never did know you/ Bring the Pro Tools, stack it on up/ And lil' thugs that I console to, never leave your house without keepin' it up/ To the head daddy and you don't know what that is? Couple of bodies under my belt, and with mad kids for self protection/ You do know bitch, and keep my hands on a little bit of solo shit, it's Bone Thugs forever cause I know what Bone is -Chorus- Layzie Bone What? You thought a nigga'd be up and gone, fly by night, no longer Bone, strictly hype/ Nigga better think twice cause all of these haters ain't even seen the light/ Nigga, we can conquer anything and the mission always complete/ I be that lil' nigga when you see me, but a dog out in these streets (Roof Roof) and I gets my money I bring home the bacon; Seven or better, that's what I'm making/ You can check the reputation/ Nigga get dealt with, frontin' and hatin'/ See I'm polishin' plus I'm cool/ Yeah, I'm a thug and I'm a fool/ I love the game and I love the rules/ If you cross the line I'm a flex these 2's and nigga ooh/ If I do it's for my children, if you're feelin' like I'm feelin' then you probably gon' see a million/ Thug Nation! Fuck these dollars, yeah, they said it/ You'll never make a hit runnin' wild, and doin' this and doin' that, you'll never make it/ Who get's the last laugh now? Look at me now; Countin' this money/ Them the same niggas today that can't get nothin' from me/ It's all in the mind, hatin' congratulatin' niggas there's really no time wastin' penetratin' and elevatin' believe us it's them niggas waitin' -Chorus- Wish Bone (Oh, Oh, Oh) Now it's a miracle, you know that Bone gon' pop, ten years and still we blow/ Just admit that we rock all night long, you know we keep it thug but still harmonize these songs/ But don't get it twisted, we thug and we real wit it/ You feelin' we flip and we deal wit it/ Ain't gotta like it, better live wit it/ Destruction, gotta live wit it/ Now think about you when you was me wearin' my shoes on yo' feet/ Now think again cause that can never be/ I can never be a hater on a hand that was dealt to me/ And it seems like I've always been down, and I can't take that, rather take that 'fore I go back that route/ You see one nigga on the news, wonderin' 'What did he do?' When they tell you, you be like 'Ooh, that nigga's through'/ But they don't know me, been blessed with all my thugs and all this harmony/You know we can't be stopped, we rollin' past the cops, plus all you haters/ The finger's all you got? Fuck ya'll! -Chorus- Krayzie Bone I ain't got nothin' to say to a hater/ As soon as he run up I give him a 'Pow!'/ Put him in the pound with the rest of them niggas who thought they could run up and fuck with me now in 2000/ We fuckin' around with the convicts, breakin' them up at the county/ Now I got nothin' but killas around me following proudly, organised but rowdy/ They fearin' us, because of the shit they been hearin' about us/ They say that them niggas got ripped with the knowledge and we got a nation of niggas screamin' 'Thug Power'/ Them niggas ain't think we was comin' back on some real, political, militant, workin' the field while these busta's stay at a crib/ Execution! Murder, murder, murder, murder them all/ Kill 'em all, all/ Get your shit, nigga, get in the car/ If you ridin' willin' to die for this, really tryin' to survive in this/ Get up and fuck up your rivalries, just wantin' you to know what time it is/ I'm one of soldiers, warriors willin' and ready to die for the cause/ If it's war that's what we came for, that's why I brought my dogs for all of ya'll/ Gauges will be blazin', one gunshot could shake the world, fool/ Watch the drama unfold/ Krayzie's unstoppable-able -Chorus-

Tha King

T.I. "Urban Legend"
[Intro] And in case you gorgot, I'm the kinggggggg Yea, Yea,.....Aye, Aye, Aye,..Aye Who I'm is nigga (I'm the kinggggg) T.I.P., Atlanta's own king of the south shawty (I'm the kinggggg) Yea, Yea, Yeahhhh..Better keep my name out ya mouth shawty (I'm the kinggg) Yeah, PSC nigga, Aye, Aye [Verse 1] All hail Atlanta's own, owner of Atlanta's throne If he ain't want no trouble he just shoulda left the man alone This the scene shown and evident Atlantas known The king's been the one representing all of Atlantas zones Back when niggas been representing Atlanta wrong Every shot he got, he put the hoods of Atlanta on The big screen, then hit every trap and traveled on Past, present to Texas to Alambama strong Down in Miami, up to Louisiana homes, From the Carolinas, Virginia, to David Banner's home I'm well connected haters, best to mind ya manners homes I got a nickel-plated 38, but hey the hammer chrome And it shine like ya should set the phatom on In it see me riding, getting blown like a saxphone Hey shawty spitting shit it takes to put a candle on If I ain't on ya tube dude, you must got ya channel wrong [Chorus] I'm the king of the south, theres is none flyer Sucker MC's outta call me sire, ya songs ok, but I'm on fire 24 inches on my rims and tires I'm the king of the south, there is none flyer Sucker MC's outta call me sire, you was on top But I pass right by ya, I will not stop, I won't retire [Verse 2] I came, I saw, I conquered (ok) with no big names No fame, no celebrity sponsors Just the game and a flow that was bonkers Nigga front if ya wanna, I dead niggas like the bitches from 'Monster' Now you been told, so don't say I ain't warn ya and don't Let it alarm ya, when ya leaking, and the reapers upon ya See dopeman and I'm creepin upon ya, say that I ain't the king But you just sour, you ain't think of it aren't ya All the hating, is no time to respond to, I miss tryin to conjure up A way to get experience and launder, hey I thought ya record company Con ya in to signing a deal shy of a mill cause they really ain't want ya Moving yay, it's safe to say that they own ta ya So it's time to move on to real estate, and get cake selling bigger stakes I'm king of the south now, but theres fifty states Cause I'ma spread out and I'll eliminate who in the way I'm 24 today, give to I'm 28 I'll be ruler of all that I survey and not just in the state See I bend just to win, but I ain't finna break Most you niggas fake, and I'll say it in ya face [Chorus]

Get The Fuck Back

LUDACRIS "Word Of Mouf"
[intro I-20] What the fuck's up! DTP in this mother fucker And for all ya'll that don't like it Do one thing, get the fuck back 'Cause all my niggas iz ready Luda, 20, Fate, Shawna Let's show these mutha fuckers how we disturb the peace Get the fuck back, bitch (shooting and screaming in the background) Chorus [Ludacris] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! Luda make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsack Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight [I-20] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! D-low make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsack Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight Bronson, mutha fucker, give me more than three feet DTP in the club, we comin' more than three deep Your whole crew is weak and my squad is real cash getters Stayin' more to crunk, our shit bump like bad clippers How many try to hustle with Dealer then went broke Infamous, I'm a value meal, I come with the coke I gotta enough guns for beef, if you want it that way I'll push your wig back like finger waves or bad toupee [Ludacris] I lick a load of you niggaz, leave kids in the hallways Catch 'em at they locka (hoo-ahh, blocka blocka)(gun shots) See 'em on Broadway and tap they ass Catch 'em in the swimming pool and overlap they ass [Fate] I'm from the southside, College Park G Road, niggas gone Ride when the beef starts Don't hold back, let the heat spark One's through his vest, one's through his chest Sleepy hollows put the niggas to rest, uh Chorus [Ludacris] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! Luda make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsack Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight [Shawna] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! Shaw make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town better love that Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight What you know about projects, hoes, and murda whole lotta game, whole lotta keys and burners Whole lotta dope fiends, trying to scheme the workers Whole lotta feds, got them niggas scared to surface Type of bitch that got the brown in my sock Find me on tha block tryin' to cop a piece of the crop Watch me, pull up on me real sweet in a drop But if you fuckin' with my paper, feel the heat from the glock, nigga [Ludacris] We pop bottles, bottles, right over you head, niggas Put nozzles, nozzles Right over your leg, niggas Our motto, motto Is kill 'em instead, niggas We make 'em loose weight, when we Jenny Craig, niggas [I-20] All of ya'll is half nice, half thugs, and half assed The only time Im goin' half, is half on a half But I use a full clip, cuz I'm a full fledged killa Part-time MC, full-time drug dealer Chorus [Ludacris] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! Luda make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsack Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight [Fate] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! Fate make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsacks Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight We the filthy niggas from the South, A-Town represent us Strong armin' motherfuckers, like a Russian sickle You got issues with us talkin' shit on mixed tapes Ill catch you at a show and beat you with a mix tape You best pump brakes, 'fore I pump shells and blood oze I leave niggas like burps (burp), excuse Just keep on pissin me off, like a week kidney And you will find your family reading your obituary [Ludacris] These people tryin' to scrub the red off Stains they don't get off They wanted to bring the pain, so this thang 'bout to set off Barretas for getting cheddar, you're better off dead off Yes, you can do it, cut his fuckin head off [Shawna] I got a letter from the government, the other day They told me that the bitches caught a shipment of my yay They on their way, three minutes to get the k Two minutes to get the weight, one minute and imma spray Chorus [Ludacris] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! We make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsack Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight [Shawna] Fuck That! Get the fuck back! We make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town better love that Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight Repeat 2x [1st time Ludacris, 2nd time Fate] Bang bang kill a man let his brains hang And when I'm in the court, plead guilty insane They put me in a ward, imma have to maintain But when I hit bricks won't a damn thing change

Doo Wop Freestyle

50 CENT "Guess Who's Back?"
Aiyo, I know these niggas don't like me But I don't like none of ya'll niggas, you know what I'm sayin 50 cent, 9-9, motherfuckin doo wop Volume 3, take it however the fuck you wan' take it Faggot ass niggas (50 Cent show these niggas how to rock) Yo, they done shot that boy down like a dog in the street Left him smelly, man fuck that, roll em over take that fellas pellet You ain't never heard a motherfucker spit like this Not even puff, and that nigga there made crazy hits Every few years a nigga come who crazy hot I'm the next best thing since Biggie and Pac Now I'm sayin this shit slow, so you don't miss it Don't be a statistic, my jewels from the district Stay with my biscuit, touch mines and get twisted Son I'm off the meter, my mind locked on crime See I'm tired of all these rappin niggas dyin to shine And I'm tired of fiends askin for a dime for nine Hearing this next punch line from me, may sound strange You sit your 5-dollar ass down, before I make change Yo the sale went stale, caught em real bad Fresh out the jail, shit is really real Niggas is still in jail, and I pray they don't tell 20-man inditement, my lawyer gotta fight this Niggas know, I ain't never pressed for dough And niggas know, I don't serve nobody I don't know Son said he was from O.T., pay 11 an o.z. My man brought em to me, see he ain't really know b That it was hot, dude was a cop He was just tryin to pop, to put the new beams on his drop First I served him o.z.'s, then I served him whole keys Now we all co-de's, damn man I O.D. You know how it is on the street, niggas is holdin the heat Po-Po walking to beat, we burnin l's up in the jeep Ain't nothing sweet, we used to move so strategic It's over I can't believe it, damn it's over Fed's ceased the six, the Lex' and the Range Rover Now a nigga rollin in a Toyota Corolla Used to never get high, now I'm never sober 380-6 shot glock top load-up Keep it in my waist son, I'll put one in your face I ain't got nothing to lose, nigga so stay in your place Just jumped bail, I ain't been on the run long But it feel like a motherfuckin marathon

Trap Muzik

T.I. "I'm Serious"
This a trap This aint no album This aint no game This a trap (trap muzik) [Repeat 8x] [1st Verse] Welcome back to the trap Niggas back in the trap Wit another heavy chevy Big dope boys and trap All you rap niggas role out I trap when it's cold out Whack niggas flyin But I stay down to I'm sold out Cause down a hundred ground Like a rapping in a dope house Man wherever I be The feds got me scoped out Mother fucker let my nuts hang Block out the duc canes Cook it to it bubbles Doulble fast as a mustang I know you think you fuck man But little showty tuff man Been a long time Since a nigg from Alanta Spit this nuts game Thats a very few of real niggas So how could they give nigga The feelin that a real nigga Would get around a real nigga All they do is still niggas ideas And rhythm wit em Holla sumthin similar Talking bout the hood Like they hung in em I got a million rhythms Want em come get em What bitch you pussy nigga I'm just havin fun wit em [chorus repeat 8x] [verse 2] Still telling niggas I aint wholing I aint crolling When the 12 hit the corner I aint brolling I aint rolling Keep the coat stretch out Like Carl Louis Hamstring Stepped on like I'm working With the damn thing Drible baby aint seen What I do to a ounce of doe A whip man on my pager Like I pay you folks To whip somemoore I'm doper than the fluid cellur I flip it all up by myself I give my niggas recipes So they can turn to sumthin else They love to work Thats why I keep em comin Like conlasions plate We flip the cake We move this shit from Georgia Baby state to state Attemadate Niggas in the city Who've been moving weight Nobody loosing weight They fuck with us Cause you've been known to hate Demonstrate The way we turned the trout Out in '98 Sarted out in '95 Started out with nicks and dimes Niggas you done lost your mind Thinking you could set up shop Pimpin I respect the game Lets take this to another block [chorus repeat 8x] [outro talk] [outro verse] Pimp squad Showty still in the trap When I spot a scene hot With the man name Jon And the collad green pot On alot of straight hen And alot of green pot Compation in a range Like he gotta be stop Well maybe I will be But probably not Oh what the blood cloak You try to knock em out and he sock Listen to me I'm serious Thinkin how did he not End up way up On the top of Detroit If come where I was You gotta be pop And if you really want to pop And I rather be dropped Listen pops Want to know a little more About rap Firts rule this is real It aint just a record deal Its a trap [music continues] [music fades]

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