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JOEY BADA$$ lyrics - B4.Da.$$

On & On

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro - Joey Bada$$:] Mama I just booked a first class ticket to my destiny by the way Yeah [Bridge - Maverick Sabre:] Maybe I'mma fly away Maybe I'mma fly away, some day [Verse 1 - Joey Bada$$:] So gullible just like my first love Stay humble, but I knew that I was first up Picked up the pen and that's when I drew my first blood Spit my heart again, cause the pain'll never end Happiness is temporary, always has been I just lost one, but sometimes I win I always spread love, but sometimes I sin I only trust some, that’s why I keep a few friends Funny cause I used to see my circle never end Always kept like 47 friends in my circumference All that’s left now is the radiance They still here, trying to find love on this atmosphere Things get severe for everybody, everywhere This is my moment of truth, right here Swear I ain’t scared of no man I see the omens I pick 'em up and keep it rollin' The omnipresence is omnipotent But I keep going, 'til it’s all said and done I show all my soul purpose but I’m pretty sure there's one There’s a reason why I’ve come, new season's just begun This the death of a psychopomp but a birth of God's son [Hook - Joey Bada$$:] Don’t mourn me when I’m gone, celebrate my travels Whenever you need me, just take a plane to the astral zone I’m headed home, I’ve been hurting too long Time don’t stand still, so you gotta move on On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On [Verse 2 - Joey Bada$$:] I had a dream I seen my name on the gravel stone And read here lies a G followed by a poem I couldn't see the words but I'm sure what's in his own Funny that I write most when I know my feeling's wrong With both shoulders that my head is always on I trudge through harm's way with heavy boulders on my arm I feel strong as I walk through the many storms that Rain on my parade, seen the dust cry for days I'm feeling like a young prince, I'm drinking today My name ring bells all the way to heaven's gate Though STEEZy told about me, yo I know he always watching I guess there really is a heaven for us hip hoppers I really miss my partner But I know he with Big Poppa, 2 Pacs, and the big L rolled proper And that's a big pun, know that I'mma join him When my time come, but the story just begun, so [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge 2 - Maverick Sabre:] One day I'mma fly away One day I'mma fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day you will fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day we will fly away (Fly away, fly away) [Verse 3 - Dyemond Lewis:] My clouds grey, I hope my pain don’t show Looking in the sky I wonder where them rainbows go They say that if we reign, them pot-of-gold’s will show Even skating down the block don’t feel the same no more If I ain’t looking, I still see it all My vision’s jaded, too much bitches rubbed the crystal balls They stay scheming, y’all like the sheep to the shepherd The trees to the leaves, you needed but not needed So I work alone, lone wolf, stay creeping I'd rather hunt on my own then be owned and not eating I’m not eatin’, not blamin’, I’m just sayin’ Go to bed with hunger pains while these other niggas caking, they too fake No rappers rapping for years waiting 'round for that big break Break a arm, break a bond before I go break the bank Break a hundred, that's fifty-fifty Long as [?] and Whitney's seen different cities, different titties I bring no money with me, I'm on my grind man, no regrets when I die man 'Til we fly man, 'til we fly man, 'til we fly man You gon' miss us when we fly man [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge - Maverick Sabre]

Money Talks

from Money Talks soundtrack Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (na na nahh-nah) Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (uh, uh-huh, what) Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (na na nahh-nah) Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (uh, uh-huh, what) Yo, yo yo yo, this joint is strictly for heavyweighters not them playa haters, knahmsayin? Cause in the Commission, you ask for permission to hit em, uhh Verse One: Lil' Kim My man Blake flew me to the Erie Lake Introduced me to this heavyweighter, called hisself Drake First mistake, Jesus piece was fake But wait, he got singles in his cake, I ain't fuckin with him Number one rule, always keep your cool, even though you ain't a fool, and you see right through the nigga, how he figure? If he holdin less than six He gonna get the seven digits or visit, numbers in my Wizard? Duke ain't even worth the space Glass shoes and igloos put him dead in his place Damn Blake, can't tell this cat is a snake? I got 20/20 vision (uhh) funny money vision (uh-huh) No dough, no show, dodo, that's a no-no Just some famous words from the late Frank White I blink right, if your bank tight Duke wanted me to work for him, even flirt for him Wear a short skirt for him, he don't know I'ma end up hurtin him at the end of the day Shit, I got bills to pay, and it ain't my fault If money talk and bullshit walk, round one Chorus: Andrea Martin I'm in love wit ta mon, nearly twice my age I want to give it up anyway, because it more pay More time, more money, have it your way (repeat 2X) Know de money and the lovin is my style Me a forget it tonight Verse Two: Lil' Kim Mmm... uhh, UHH, uhh, uhh The play starts at 8:00, let's hit the venue Invited his man, and some bitch named Kendall Tried to style on em, shoes with the crocadile on em But the nigga still was corny, he bore me His preference was more sorta like soccer Me, I do operas with the Mali and the vodka out in Cali gettin proper, and I, betcha fifty My whole commitee stay shitty ask Smitty with the Desert E's One glance at the Benz-y make ya freeze Please, I got a mil on these, whatchu talkin? I... hate this nigga in the worst way And I didn't wanna be here in the first place But uhh, It's just vendetta for my man Do anything for the fam, I'ma go along with the plan Tryin hard not to throw him off And I know he soft, when I cough, it's to cover up a lie and the lie keep me full of empathy So when I shit on this nigga, he gon' still pamper me I see, this nigga ain't about nuttin, cause he keep frontin He must be up to somethin, round em up, here I come Uhhh Chorus Verse Three: Lil' Kim, Trife, Lil' Cease As the evening winds down, I'm making sure that my milli got rounds, plane ticket back to town, now I picked the place, Umberto's of course it's Italian where they confiscate, burners in they office Metamorphis anywhere, any year, who dare They the mob and they don't care, and I swear, while I'm contemplatin thinkin about later Here come the waiter with the phone in the tray, anyways 'Is there a Queen in the house?' How could he say this out his mouth? I'm the only black chick with diamonds this thick, hopin it's my nigga Blake C. Cause sometimes these cat's like to fool you Check it, let me school you Remember when I said those niggaz robbed Leo Rolled on him, stuck him up in the black Geo They was creole, used to be a tight trio Til one fled with the dough, what's his name? (Rio!) I was a girlie lover, smooth undercover Played they hoes in tight clothes like they was no other Dumbin like the Jungle Brothers, til they caught me for my gems All I'm sayin is what he did to me, do it to him, is you straight? [Lil' Kim] You late, duct tape and cable rope Once I wrap it round his throat it's all she wrote, uhhhwha (oh oh) nah nah nah nah (oh oh) whookie whookie whooooo! (oh oh) (oh oh oh) nah nah nah nah (oh oh) wha! (oh oh oh) nah nah nah nah (oh oh) (oh oh oh) nah nah nah nah wha [bullshit walks, money talks] (oh oh oh) nah nah nah nah wha [bullshit walks, money talks] (oh oh oh) wha uh nah nah nah nah [uh, gotta get that money man, moeny talks] (oh oh oh) nah nah nah nah wha [bullshit walks, money talks] (oh oh oh) nah nah nah nah wha [bullshit walks, money talks] (oh oh oh) wha uh nah nah nah nah [uh, gotta get that money man, moeny talks]

Feelin It

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
[Chorus:] I'm feelin it fill the glass to the top with Moet Feelin it feel the Lex pushin up on the set I'm feelin it through the high that you get from the lie Feelin it if you feel it raise your l in the sky [Verse 1:] I keep it realer than most I know your feelin it Cristal on ice I like those toes I keep spillin it Bone crushers I keep real close I got the skill for this On my back the fliest clothes lookin ill and shit Transactions illegitimate cause life is still a bitch And then you die but for now life close your eyes and feel this dick Since diapers had nothin to live for like them lifers but Makin sure every nigga stay rich within my cipher We paid the price to circular success they turned my mic up I bout to hit these niggas that'll light they life up If every nigga in your clique is rich your clique is rugged Nobody before cause everyone would be each others crutches I hope you fools choose to listen I drop jewels bust it These are the rules I follow in my life you gotta love it Jiggy jigger lookin gully in the joint If y'all niggas ain't talkin 'bout large money what's the point [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Even if it ain't sunny hey I ain't complainin I'm in the rain doing a buck 40 hydroplanin what shorty (Where you disappear son) Maintainin puttin myself in a position most of these rappers ain't in I'm livin the ill streets blues got you hunger painin Nothin to gain and a whole lot to lose you still singin fool I'm thorough in every boro my name be ringin Warmin it up for the perfect time to hit your brain and Ya Feelin it to all the girls I bought the girdle to conceal my bricks No doubt they can vouch my life is real as shit 95 south and poppy on the hill and shit And all the towns like Cambridge that I killed wit shit And all the thorough ass niggas that I hustle wit Throw your joints in the air one time and bust your shit These fake rappers cant really know I'm lovin it ya feelin it [Chorus x2] [Verse 3:] What y'all ain't heard that nigga Jay high The Cristals they keep me wet like Baywatch I keep it tight for all the nights my mom prayed I'd stop Said she had dreams that snipers hit me with a fatal shot Those nightmares mom Those dreams you say you got give me the chills But these mils make me hot y'all feel me Enough to stop the illin right But at the same time these dimes keep me feelin tight I'm so confused OK I'm gettin weeded now I know I'm contradicting myself Look I don't need that now It just once in a blue moon when there's nothin to do and The tension's too thick for my sober mind to cut through I get disownin me and the chick goin to the island we're bonin I free my mind sometimes I here myself moanin Take one more toke and I leave that weed alone man It got me goin shit [Chorus x3]

Wild Wild Horses

ATMOSPHERE "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold"
He knew he wasn't perfect But he always did his best to try to get under the surface Not a saint, not a serpent He just wanted everyone to be impressed with him as a person So when she came along with the sunbeam Self-esteem stopped making nothing out of somethings Leaving the scene was unseen, I mean It was the first time he ever felt the need to keep the gun clean Do the math, he knew he had to choose a path Got to get that girl, got to make her laugh Got to shake the past and move forwards Got to make this last, it feels gorgeous But she had a lover in the mid-west Never figured out how to get him off her thick chest Just like that, everything is gone He didn't want to but he had to learn the words so he could sing along [Chorus] Everything is all I have to give you And I'm afraid it ain't enough And you're not so young that you believe me Just because I say it's love And even if they come to steal you tomorrow I'll know my smile was yours Go ahead and chase your dreams and your freedom Run, run wild wild horses You can't tame these horses You can't tame these horses, no You can't tame these horses You can't tame these horses Sometimes it can be so nice, right? Sometimes she feel herself turn into the wife type And when it's dark, sometimes sees the nightlife But most of the time she doesn't even feel lifelike She got a man but he thinks he's a star And it feels like she has to compete with the bar She keeps up her guard but it seems so hard Momma never told her she would see those scars Every night he's out doing who knows whom While she cries along like a new show tune Last call past, is he coming home soon? Or is he going to run away with the dish and the spoon? She'll realize she don't want that clown Leave those shoes at the lost and found He won't catch on until she's not around After somebody else already locked that down (We sing) [Chorus] He didn't want her to see him leave And he couldn't keep sitting there watching her sleep Cause he knows if he hangs out for a few hours He'll dig another hole, trying to plant some new flowers But the sun don't shine under the table He's trying to hold his life together with staples No investment cause he's incapable And he's on the outro of being labeled available The word on the street is his girl's coming back home No more alone, no more sad poems No after-bar calls to the cell phone It's time to walk a new path and grow a backbone Shoved into the big book of just friends Wondering how he would look as a husband And everyone of them he ever allowed to love him Now watching from the crowd trying to be proud of him (They say) [Chorus]

Hova Song (Outro)

JAY-Z "Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter"
[Jay-Z] Who ever thought young Shawn Carter would change the game Used to rap to the raindrops off my window pane Duckin the plain cops, pushin indo and 'caine At the kitchen table late night, no pen, just my brain First album niggaz love me cause they thought I was poor Guess I'm successful; industry don't love me no more Well I'm the same nigga from your corner, bubblin raw Skully tilted, pants saggin, damn near touchin the floor And I come with do-rags to your so-called awards T-shirt with my chain out like fuck y'all all Retrospect ain't been the same since I lost my dad He's still alive, but still fuck you, don't cross my path A&R's had me feelin like moss in the drab So I turned the league out with 'Reasonable Doubt' Get your CD's out, let's go, song for song I'm the illest nigga doin it til y'all prove me wrong Do you believe It's Hova the God, uhh, uhh, uhh..

The Reason Why

JOHN FARNHAM "Then Again..."
Richard Marx, and Phil Buckle What did I do Before the day I set my eyes on you? Spending my time Just working on the things I had to do And then I saw your face I was captured heart and soul You gave me so much more You're the reason why I listen in the night And steal the softest kisses while you sleep You're the reason why Tears will fill my eyes Just looking at a photograph of you Touching my frown Tell me what you read between the lines Everything's alright I know sometimes I act a little strange You bring me so much joy Conversations make me smile How could I love you more You're the reason why I speak with foolish pride Whenever there's a chance to Show you round You're the reason why I lost this heart of mine At the very moment you arrived I can't believe this life was ever lonely No I can't imagine life before you You're the reason why I'm holding on so tight I never want to let this feeling go You're the reason why My love will never die My heart just could not sing if not for you What did I do Before the day I set my eyes on you

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