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JOELL ORTIZ lyrics - The Brick: Bodega Chronicles

125 Part 2 (Fresh Air)

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Yooo-wah! It's the boy Joell Ortiz Yo man, we at a half a brick now! Y'all know the work is fire HE COPIED IT from me! [Joell Ortiz:] Wake up wake up, the verse is here Mailman hurry up, ain't no food up in here We live check to check, the projects steps is wet with piss Elevator broke, come fix this shit Mischievous kids steal chips outta the corner store Find stick, walk through the hood, with a 4-by-4 Eviction letters on your door when your rent late You riffin like your welfare was supposed to have set cake We turn the johnny pump up until the wrench break It ain't safe, you walk by and get a drenched face Every other month you sobbin at a friend's wake Lightin candies in front of the buildin with Henn' straight Chinese food is a gourmet meal That General Tso's chicken is always real Elders call the cops cause the hallways filled With weed smoke, so when we see Deebo we peel Deep throat is I'll from a true bird So like two-thirds of the time we climb up to the roof, word Devil beat's still alive You can't park your car anywhere, for them rims they'll steal your ride Your whole vehicle gone by the time you realize Somebody flossin quite often at the other side of Brooklyn Raise your hand if you spend a night in the book and Bet you I see more arms than Saddam and his Muslims It's cocaine cookin in the pot; smell the fumes? The finished product got the tenants sellin living rooms Every time they cop, they singing a different tune The crack got their brain boiling like a chicken stew Take a hit or two And watch you go from heavy-set with a job to out of work and invisible That's a pitiful visual but this shit is true To be honest some of my fam on a mission too We play lotto and hope that we hit our way out I stopped chasin that dream, my leg gave out Don't be mad, UPS is hirin Tried that, after the first check came retirement Back hurtin, my situation ain't that urgent Felt like I got ran over by a black 'burban Scenarios like that make me the rap Earvin Magic Johnson, I'm Barry Bonds when his bat workin Hit maker, mixtape of the year Can everybody just take a deep breath? Yes! I'm fresh air, let's hear all the nonsense He's kind of heavy, he's gonna be hard to market (what else?) Plus he's Latin, it's that or he's gonna target So I'm big, so is Big, so is Big Pun And you know like I know that you know that they both get dumb So just stop it, know my target is everyone 5-foot Mexicans, Africans that's 7'1" I can even cater to all the Native Americans They can dance around my fire until the rain come I knew it from day one It took y'all 2, 555 days to say I'm a great one? Seven years I've been proven and sheddin tears like I'm through with it Heard a track, went back and ruined it This music shit made my first baby moms jet We was broke, I was workin hard on my project I tried to tell her this is our way out the project If I don't go 100% it won't be no progress She looked at me like, "Yeah right, you job-less Tryin to rap, my bags is packed, see you in August" I had to eat that, she right, we ain't had money But the Pampers was there and my son had a fat tummy All I ask was a little smile support What I get? Letters in the mail for child support But it's cool, success is near, I can taste it Now you know all the times we argued was time wasted I took the hip-hop exam and I aced it Matter of fact, the board of rap didn't know how to grade it I'm so left with it, effortlessly Y'all'll be left on the shelf if it was left up to me Left y'all a while ago, made a left in the V.O. The BQE feel in the water and was left in the sea Yeah, my flow liquid; too much H2O in it My system, I ain't drown, I became a wave and rolled with it I make it hard for y'all to swim on the track After I rap, I'm the current that be pushin you back Givin me dap's like, puttin your hand up in a hot pot Did you not know that I'm fire like a pot spot? If this was hopscotch, you would hop to the next box I hop to the next park and try to block shots On the ball court, I'm not of this element Went to the zoo when I was 3, not for the elephants Just for the smell of it - I'm a different breed They should've built a cage with a stage and had a Joell in it My attitude is not celibate, fuck you! I'll violate your whole album with a one-two When I was one, two I used to take on one, two, three niggaz in battles and won too About one, two, three years ago I had a 1-2 inch single on Rawkus that won two I'm the kind of dude you compare no one to Your engineer's a boxer, he gotta punch you I'm one take with it, they did it, not me They's the industry, it's how they got me Pissed off, like a case of beer to the face Great taste, less fillin, I ain't feeling y'all taste Dude your praise is weak; seven days a week Same joint on the radio, course they gon' say it's heat Y'all use hypnotism, play the same beat Same rhymes all the time got they brain on repeat Y'all can hear me once and know that I am him The second comin of nice, I terrorize the pen Analyze the gems, disregard the ice movement I'm talkin to jewels that I use when I write, stupid When I do it, they gon' stay hatin Cause I'm a be on top of the game, both feet on my PlayStation You could try to find a safe haven But it's nowhere to run and hide from this undeniable vacation (nah) Get out the car, I'm in the driver's seat The gas tank is full and the ride is sweet The kind of rank you pull is the kind I eat The only stripes you'll earn will remain on your stomach As the weight loss begins when your income plummets Send in the news coverage, I will make dudes public Extra extra, read all about it! Another artist missin, last seen in an outfit Had to be desgined by some big name stylist Any info please don't be afraid to dial this 718 - y'all motherfuckers ain't fuckin with me I'm a violate, I'll +Violate+ with the likes of 50 You's a enemy homie if you ain't ridin with me Friend or foe, answer the question or I'll decide it quickly Feast your eyes on the rookie of the year The uniform I wear will fit none of my peers Jump ball is near - GET READY!


Cha Cha "Dear Diary"
[Cha Cha] Yo, yo, yo [D-Dot] Yeah, uh Another D-Dot joint, Cha Cha [Cha Cha] Cha Cha, Cha Cha 1 - I wear my sunglasses at night So I can, so I can Keep track of visions in my eyes Repeat 1 Yo pretty feisty ain't she, eighteen she can't be Heard he was some broad getting over then that ain't me Cause I'm that broad that their broads tell more broads about And on their mouths is the mouths my name won't stay out Big benjamining in the slimming And see me, I keeps in it Chrome spinning window tinted I can see me all up in it It's only summer I have him moving out before fall How the misses gon' let the mistress steal dough from y'all? Have him taking me to the places he don't go with y'all Be the one he sneak and call when he out with y'all Come on y'all gotta admit it's kind of good to be young Got his whip, got him whipped, and she don't know what's going on Yeah I ran that bank account, spent everything in it Took the credit cards, pushed the Visa to the limit She be so nieve too the things you believe boo If I was you I'd be rocking these sunglasses too, come on Repeat 1 I see this industry gon' love me or hate me But y'all aren't fans, ain't gonna make me or break me It takes you a year to get a hit I can't relate see Cause what you doing in minutes, seconds it takes me Ain't got no choice so take your verbal spanking like a troop We're all actors and I'm whooping your whole cast and crew I make this vow if it's the last thing a sister do To rip this mic until I'm out of breath or black or blue This is going out to all your rappers who be acting new Give me my props or I'mma take them like a rapist do And why you females hatin' me cause I ain't hatin' you? I'll take your man for a second but I'll give him back to you Ain't trying to keep him every state have a him and you If you were in these sneaker shoes you would do it too So understand y'all just got picked out of the chosen few But he gon' always gonna think of me when he holding you What'cha wanna do? Come on Repeat 1 I make 'em come up out the cuffs quick to touch this Miss Luscious Make you see how much you miss from the broad you fuss with Ask a friend if you don't know-oh, vanilla slash cocoa I be dipping your five to the uh-oh Messing with that Sebring chick, touch knee deep quick And if need be switched cause the team is getting thick I keeps all I leave with ain't nothing strategic Broads see chick wanna be chick Without cause, sea sick So if you really just going there buying a Benz Moving that kind of weight, getting them kind of ends Count me in, you really trying to ball and spin In front all you men, I rock these shades for all you men Repeat 1 till end

Broken Wings

CHRIS DE BURGH "At The End Of A Perfect Day"
A spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar, 'twas light years of time since his mission did start, And over a village he halted his craft, And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star... He followed a light and came down to a shed, Where a mother and a child were lying there on a bed, A bright light of silver shone round his head, And he had the face of an angle, and they were afraid... Then the stranger spoke, he said 'Do not fear, I come from a planet a long way from here, And I bring a message for mankind to hear', And suddenly the sweetest music filled the air... And it went la, la... Peace and goodwill to all men, and love for the child... This lovely music went trembling through the ground, And many were wakened on hearing that sound, And travellers on the road, the village they found, By the light of that ship in the sky, which shone all round... And just before dawn at the paling of the sky, The stranger returned and said 'Now I must fly, When two thousand years of your time has gone by, This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry...' And it went la la... This song will begin once again to a baby's cry... And it goes la la... Peace and goodwill to all men and love for the child... Oh the whole world is waiting, waiting to hear that song again, There are thousands standing on the edge of the world, And a star is moving somewhere, the time is nearly here, This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry...

Roll Somethin

CRUCIAL CONFLICT "Good Side, Bad Side"
I dont know bout y'all man but im ready to get my motherfuckin smoke on I want some of dat green shit, hell yeah, Let's burn, all the ghettos, hey wassup kid? Chorus: Crucial Conflict Roll somethin, roll somethin them niggas aint talkin bout shit (bout shit, bout shit) Roll somethin, roll somethin just cause you just cant hang wit dis (wit dis, wit dis, wit dis) Verse One: Wildstyle Yall niggas aint shit, nothing to fool with, we too swift giddy up and get down all you niggas aint do shit one rap down round two chop it off like cool whip(whip) rowdy runnin rodeo can't ride fronting in two clips shocking like shocker evertime I pop you knock out the box, better move quick flick comin out of the back in this motherfucker yall disgusted bustas cant be trusted for nothing fucking with this hillbilly wild westside C-H-I-T-O-W-N and it's on for life nothing nice, no ice, you chase we fuckin niggas up across the nation wit no lubracation dick is thick and coming at them like Hitler (fuck you) act like you dont hear me then, wake up high we in your chin we embursted with a curse and be worse first and kick first now vice-versa two feet first they kick first and worse reimburse the winning cuz I'm first at somethin Chorus Verse Two: Never Put it on your ass motherfucker we kill them up bad (kill em up bad) Hold that one shit when you fucking with the flick you was talking that shit but you couldnt last bring to you hoes knockin down your door tryin to knock some chunks out yo rump, at night to the broad daylight if you wanna gang fight droppin yall one by one, coming at them with the quickness with the flickness, gonna sign your death wish cuz you gonna get dealt with, slappin you hoes makin sure your eyes closed take em out by mouth and blindfold with the foot on your chest you know the rest nigga got us pissed off die for mine, raise up get blazed anyways get sprayed your laying in the grave, pop em, drop em, re-cock em, then squeeze them we deceased to be the defeated, repeat em and treat em like read em rights I aint finna brag but the man cant hang with the bogus man treat like a punk ass trick, put a row gonna be closed casket serious nigga fuck that laughing try to fuck with us we be blasting, smashin Chorus Verse Three: Coldhard Buck buck, pump pump, drop drop, we drop, bluck, hit you wit da teck what da deck? run up your debt wit no sweat and we dont regret disrespecting your click, fuck you bitch, pull out the shit that got yo dangling picture with a nigga now hangin figure let you big up (?) got me strapped in, bust a cap, but I'm warnin ya, dont want none start shit that you just cant finish, be the end, and the family ended sorry it gotta be this way but I'm sick get a gangsta plate so now i got a rodeo, one warrant then blow me up, up, up and away, with my team it aint no thang, spoil your dreams, a murder theme we dont want any crap, I'm bounty clean, snatch that hoe and take them dividends I mean I'm gonna fuck you, what can i do about me? Hennessy you inferior to the new king what you hollerin? a silent scream Chorus Verse Four: Kilo Come, (Come) ride her ass and cum(?) and be up send the same aint buy not shit where motherfuckers came from (????) shit that can get you straight knocked the fuck out knowing you a bitch, a person, just stop cursin' thats why I'm refrainin from hurtin yo ass punk nigga,trick nigga, bitch nigga, fag, say somethin smart and watch you get tagged wit a motherfuckin bat, who got so scared when soem tellin yo ass nigga act like a bitch start to cry (?) ready supplies, get em rawhide fight to the death and I won't be denied your life like Pete's eye mother fucker on rye them thangs'll die, touch me I'm alive, why set yo ass to fire bitch (?) snap off your two nuts right quick niggas aint talking bout nothin slick and shit to deal with, roll somethin Chorus 2x


ANDREA BOCELLI "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera"
Va ti aspettero Il fiore nel giardino segna il tempo Qui disegnero il giorno poi del tuo ritorno Sei cosi sicura del mio amore Da portarlo via con te Chiuso nelle mani che ti porti al viso Ripensando ancora a me E se ti servira lo mostri al mondo Che non sa che vita c'e Nel cuore che distratto sembra assente Non sa che vita c'e In quello che soltanto il cuore sente Non sa. Qui ti aspettero E rubero i baci al tempo Tempo che non basta a cancellare Coi ricordi il desiderio che Resta chiuso nelle mani che ti porti al viso Ripensando a me E ti accompagnera passando le citta da me Da me che sono ancora qui E sogno cose che non so di te Dove sara che strada fara il tuo ritorno Sogno Qui ti aspettero E rubero i baci al tempo Sogno Un rumore il vento che mi sveglia E sei gia qua. ----------------------------------------- Go, I will wait for you The flowers in the garden mark the time Here I will draw the day of your return You are so sure of my love You take it away with you Cupped in your hands when you touch your face As you still think of me And if you need to, you can show the world The world that doesn't know what life there is in an uncaring absent heart Doesn't know what life there is In that only the heart can feel Doesn't know. Here I will wait for you And steal kisses from time Time is not enough to erase The memories and the desire that Remains closed in your hands That you bring to your face. You still think of me It will follow you and passing me in the city I'll still be here Dreaming of things that I don't know about you. Where is the road that You will take on your return I dream Here I will wait for you And steal kisses from time I dream A noise, the wind awakens me And you're already here.

That's the Nigga (a.k.a. That's the Rapper)

MYSTIKAL "Ghetto Fabulous"
Microphone check (what), check one Microphone check (what), check two Microphone check (what), check three Microphone check (huh), check four What chall niggas wanna do, how yall wanna do it Huh, check one Kick this shit raw Ghetto fabulous [5X] That's the rapper [8X] Turn your hands towards your ass and say bye bye From the southside, southside, puff, ya ya ya Nothin but the fiya ya Eardrums snatchin champion cheap rhyme busters till the day I die I say I lie Bitch I'll be fuckin on your grave singin ay la ba I throw em off, I'm two scoops for coo coo I swoosh through your froot loops, poo poo in your fubu Yall niggas remember what happened to that mosquito Tweeter tweeter MC, the sweeter I be ja meaner Stop your water turn off your gas cut off your lights Move you out, cut your grass, watch your kids, fuck your wife Like a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich I'm good Mm hmm, like syrup on the biscut and orange juice Come and take me by the hand and walk ya I'm the thief in the night that slide your droors off ya Watch where ya steppin I'm a verbal weapon Bring more pain then when John Wayne came on old westerns What is the actual fuckin meaning I come in this bitch, without leavin this bitch that think we leaning It's been like that since way back I used to rock eight tracks before I rocked eight decks Concepts goin stay fat, concerts goin stay packed Ownership's goin stay black, nigga this is payback I scrape ya somethin crawlin to establishment Now I'm country club livin from the scribble scrabblin my talent Proper proper droppin somethin decent Yall niggas is as fucked up as Santa Clause for easter I'm a keep comin as long as KLC keep drummin And the only way to stop me is call the people for me Fuck them people, I'll fuck over you if I have to That's the nigga, that's that bastard That's the rapper [15X] Ghetto fabulous That's the nigga [8X] Who that say they can't sale boy They the third ward huh, the 12th ward for all y'all My dogs, my boys and my hogs Gutiers on these boys and get down and go off All sides get high when they ride to my words They mine and they high when I'm live in concert Stop what your thinking This ain't no showoff of my business I don't need nine or ten pack of rappers with me I'm independent, make frontin, stuntin suckers lose thier stomach They lose their clout, their cool And after I come in the cut they lose thier woman Hello ghetto fabulous and big mansions And fine fabrics Like a man much money comes automatic You don't wanna battle with a hardcore rhyme fanatic Full speed ahead vocabulary acrobatic That's him, that's that rapper That's the man, that's the rapper That's ghetto fabulous That's the rapper [5X]

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