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JOELL ORTIZ lyrics - Human

Six Fo'

Original and similar lyrics
Put this mothafucka in neutral and let it roll This sounds best in the car Vocal calisthenics, let me flex on the bars Ain't even gotta try to tell everybody bye You could pull up any verse and never dip on the high Why am I still considered the head honcho? Fire flows turn all them designer clothes into red ponchos Paragraphs disperse lead pronto Bring you to your knees slow like Tebow watchin' the Jets-Broncos Look at what my thoughts bring These up and comers like the first day of summer, they my offspring Feels like an undercover boss thing Oh my godly pace forces me to hardly race, I'm New York's king These words runnin' 'round in my head I slow 'em down and connect 'em underground 'til y'all dead They said if you rap too good, you'll never make a profit Tell that to these bank tellers when I make deposits Tell that to the flight attendant when the plane departin' And tell your bitch get off my dick like Lorena Bobbitt This ain't no movie that I play a part in It's real life and I'm nice in the punch-you-in-the-face department Writin' hand too strong, you gotta break your arm and To try to be in conversations that my name's involved in I'm best of friends with Eminem, Dr. Dre and all them Gang members, Yelawolf, Paul, Tracy and all them I would play the park bench with a crazy Walkman Listenin' straight, no rewind button Flip the tape, fast forward just to rewind somethin' Fast forward, I'm flippin' tapes, look at me, I'm frontin' They said I'd never make it Rikers Island just knew they'd be makin' bed arrangements One of them bullets just knew they would hit my chest and cave it I'm wanted, better face it I'm Dufresne, I've been through a lot of shit, but better I 'scaped it I'm from a world full of run-up-in-your-spot robbers No carpentry class kinda ox carvers On the block with a Glock and rock joggers And nobody saw nothin', you got shot for bein' a blogger Look what all these hard bars did for me Nice guys finish last, I gotta disagree This spittin' spree keeps me at the dealership Like I fuck nothin' but virgins, every year I'm in a different V While these rappers got a kick out of mimicry My raps felt like blackbelts in the 6th degree I roundhouse anyone who tryna trade rounds With the House and house rounds in any battle, nigga, this is me I get it poppin', it's the Papi Chulo Pop into this spot, pop bottles then pop out with your mami culo Just fucked a pop star but promised to never let you know I'm tellin' you though, she look like she on Telemundo I don't care if she faked it all day Right after I nut, I said I came a long way From coppin' new Js in Dr. Jays on Broadway To stylists at the Grammys, watchin' plays on Broadway To the private invite from playwrights, guess I played it right Is y'all Mayweather or Mike, is you gon' take the fight? I'm just tryna get in shape to hit the weigh in like Skip this press conference, less nonsense, nigga say goodnight I took an oath to never let my fans down First rapper to man up'll be a man down Skinny, chubby, fat, 5'6" tall Line 'em up, I got a coffin that's one-size-fits-all This pen is what kept me out the pens, but how you act depends If a life sentence pens for pennin' your end My wrist swings like a pendulum for perfect penmanship Been there, oh my empire's dependent again

Mrs. Mistake

Used to be the richest But I didn't pay attention Messed around and maxed out of love So now my hearts empty I used to wake up daily in the arms of a blessing Couldn't see what was right in front of me It taught me a lesson Went around here hittin' these clubs Throwing up money Picking up girls Bring 'em back to the house on the hill Two at a time Pop 'em like pills When my prize was sittin' at home Waiting for me all along Never thought that one day I'd come home and she'd be gone... [CHORUS] She was the one that got away The one I regret My biggest mistake She was my Mrs. Wife Miss I can spend my life It's too late, now she's miss mistake She should've been my Mrs. Don't wanna move on but I know that she has Now every other I compare to her She was my Mrs. Wife Miss I can spend my life It's too late, now she's Ms. mistake She should've been my Mrs. I'm not asking for.. what we had before Took my loss like a man its over now I understand Oh, I messed up what we had Oh, could've been the mother of my kids Oh, I knew just what I did Now I gotta live with it You really didn't take that long The lies got old, the bed got cold Shut her heart up, closed the door Told me no, not no more So I gotta respect her wishes She deserves more than I've given And I'll probably be okay if I can get her out of my brain [REPEAT CHORUS] Mrs. Settle down No more sleepin' around... Mrs. Picket Fence Mrs. Brand New House But I screwed it up I misstepped out of luck Had a good one Now she's got a new mister If there's a brother out there that understands then help me say yeeeahh...yeah whoaohoh Anybody that knows you better go and help say whoaohoh She was the one ... [Guitar Solo] Oh, oh,oh,oh [REPEAT CHORUS] Should've been my Mrs. Should've been my Mrs.... Now it's too late...

The Way It Go

ASAP MOB "Lord$ Never Worry"
[Hook: SOG] Gangsta and nigga Glock, back in for the '94 [x2] [Verse 1: A$AP Ant] Coke and white bitches know how that goes For the white hoes and the phenerol Sipping on tuss life moving slow Look at my dick, that’s hella hoes Toke on the weed, that's hella dro Six four, my fo' do' Head tilt, my waist low Love my music, she love my flow Caked up that's lots of dough More shows, more bank rolls More ones ass to her pole Tip her good, drive ass low Real nigga to the gum sole You talk shit, get body holes Toot, toot to the big nose Snot nose throw it in my cup Marino, we draped down Drug hoes, still coked up Triple beam for the pots and pans Benz outside, big sedan Bigger body, be the five fifty Drop top, no titties Parking lot pimpin got them hoes with me Parking lot pimpin got them hoes with me Tour of town, shut the cities down Left your hoes, at the shows Another day of my life, now Another day of my life, now Getting money till my time froze Ice watch no tick-tock One look, you'll get shots Make you wet till your blood stops [Hook (x8)] [Verse 2] Ridin' around in that space ship .44 pound grip I-95 bound whip, get the money outta town quick Flip a pound like a camel bitch Helicopters for my bricks In the air, champagne crisp [?] The bar I'm sipping, bitch ..gun breaks, South flick, fancy clothes, bad bitch Fuck with me, bands make her dance That's how fast a car go Smooth nigga whole figure, run around the mall Every day I gotta ball, never fall 'till the casket drop Watch the paint drip, I just took your bitch you all sad and shit Switch the Caddy up to the big Benz Spending last years ends [Hook (x8)]


DE LA SOUL "Stakes Is High"
There's a lot of people out here Who just don't know What plays a factor In movin' heads and toes It be them hits Hangin' out of them stereo kits Whether cassette radio or cd bits Mix tapes from the best Going on and on Throughout the city grounds To suburban lawns Man we don't play Even where we stay Videos shows the visuals Of jams today Coinciding with the rhythm Of the heart and neck The brakes got you In your proper context You let your lex or your Sixty-four suspension Bounce away all your tension En route to the club Where girls need the quenchin' Diamonds on your wrist Sunroof top But ------ out front Makin' guns go pop So the spot gets shut But on to the next 'Cause your ears get vexed When they don't get the fix cause [These are the brakes] It be your listenin pleasure While you're doin your chores [These are the brakes] No matter where you from It's for you and yours [These are the brakes] Bringing it back to the brakes Like the 'yes yes y'all' [These are the brakes] So let it be your anthem When you're havin' a ball Well it's silly of me To think that I Would never get a chance to see A piece of this pie I sat dead in front of speakers Thinkin' that could be me Anticipatin' open microphones So I could emcee Had a catalogue of raps Impressin' all the 'round-the-wayers Before I went to bed Included rhymes into my prayers But that rhyme is all on paper I want my song on vinyl plates I dreamin' hits and doin' shows Makin my ------ spines shake Expectin' nuttin but a little bit Of radio play Gettin diced on 1 and 2's By the best djs, hey Time was kinda tight But still i dotted on the line And some expected me To start buhlooning in the mind Seein' spaces and places That i couldn't pronounce But still i had the pulleys To make all the bullies bounce With the blessings of the great We took it from state to state 'Cause we landed on the good foot And got our biggest brake cause [These are the brakes] A mother gets mugged By her crackhead son That's the brakes, that's the brakes You're in the wrong part of town So the shots make you run That's the brakes, that's the brakes Your best comrades put six tabs In your o.e. That's the brakes, that's the brakes Your boyfriend made you a carrier of HIV That's the brakes, that's the brakes Now what's gonna happen When the sun don't shine I'm buyin tickets aboard The caravan of love Hey fellas See, money don't make shots repel I break woes and compose Some rhymes to tell So when the party's live It shouldn't be beef Or playin' indian roles I guess you thought you was chief Seems all broke up And now you woke up surprised Situation's gettin sticky Dead in front of your eyes We play the wall Similar to tacks Until the dj plays The necessary track In fact as the jam plays on Out comes all your bread To pay for drinks For them girls you want to spread Don't be mislead When the brakes inside your head And have you reminiscing On them kids who got you fed Until reality reveals a miss Who wants to know If you can play her real close Out on the dance floor 'cause [These are the brakes] It be your listenin pleasure While you're doin your chores [These are the brakes] No matter where you from It's for you and yours [These are the brakes] Ringin it back to the brakes Like the 'yes yes y'all' [These are the brakes] So let it be your anthem When you're havin, a ball

Did She Say - Jagged Edge Jermaine Dupri

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 4: 60 Minutes of Funk"
[Funk Flex] Oh shit [Bow Wow] So So to the Def, uh uh, J.E., Bow Wow 6 in the mornin, moms at my door Air force all whited, cross the kitchen floor Gotta interview the Dew, I ain't tryin to be late But I can't leave the house without my Funk Flex tape You know me, A.K.A little Cold Crush Keep it hoppin like a 6-4 juiced up Keep it poppin from the Tunnel to the plush So So Def, yeah that's us [Jagged Edge] Tell me how can you, believe everything you hear She ain't tellin you, cuz she really wants to be here, with me And she would do anything to get with me so please Don't believe a thing that she says to you Did She Say she, that she been callin me, baby And she told you I was no good how bout them time, she tried to give it to me Did She Say that she wanted me, Did She Say ? The first time that she, stabbed you in your back Open up your eyes and see, a real friend wouldn't do that Cuz you need to sit her down, and let her know Came at supper. Good thing. So go I just wanna know one thing, baby Did She Say That I want your man, makin all sorts of plans Tryna get me away from you And as soon as you're gone, she's tryna get it on Baby, don't you listen to what she say [J.D.] Uh-uh, uh, uh, uh, we don't stop Yo, uhh Now when my pager go.. Who you think that is? My bitch? No, your bitch, see She like you, but she in love with me and how I go back and forth with the B R A T [Da Brat] When the 2-way vibrate it's yo nigga that's tryna come up on a hot date to get next to Chantee Face it, he only fuck you cuz he was wasted And now he want a replacement [J.D.] Basically, you listenin to the hottest fam since the Jackson 5 We don't run outside, we hit the middle with the dive play ice in the 20 inches on the ride play when ya see me [Da Brat] You see me, same thing, same way Radio, TV, are up in your face It's us, the disgustingly, bust and come up [J.D.](Brat) Wit our head out the window scream (We don't give a fuck) Meet us dead in the red till the (Shit blow up) [Funk Flex] Ha ha Yeah shout to Big Kap - *Alkatraz* Cypha Sounds, Johnny Walker Red DJ Kayore, Mista Cee Frank Jugga, DJ Scratch, to DJ Twinz

Try Her

AER "What You Need"
[Hook - Dave:] Man I’m feeling on fire, with my 40 pass the lighter These girls lookin good, yeah I might try her I might try her, I might try her She looks good but her friends look a little nicer [Verse 1 – Dave:] I'm 18, I rock flow and smoke weed, tank tops, snap backs and rolled up jeans I come from the dub so you can catch me on the scene Either poppin j’s at coch or swimmin in the town beach Sneakin up on rooftops, never catchin z’s I'm ahead of the rest, plottin the next scheme F-A-M we ready for the ride, it’s what you need Comin’ from the kid in tie dye YEAH! [Hook] [Verse 2 - Dave:] Somethin’s tellin’ me to try it, license from London She gotta be the reason for the riots and the spill of the blood It’s a known fact Taught in every class that I got the stats to snatch the rags off her back I can get it no time Just by starin’ in her eyes Statue status we the cats the baddest I can satisfy I swear cuz the raddest I’ve had it Your girl’s all on me and I'm not gon' stop her (probably won’t!) Backpack full of drinks, yeah I’m stocked up She says she likes aer, we head upstairs Blonde hair blue eyes and I’m tryin’ not to stare She grabs her friend, to add to the pair Shit two against one its really not fair [Hook] [Verse 3 – Carter:] I’d say I’m doing better than a bed wetter who’s wakin’ up in a puddle This girl’s really diggin’ it she’s got a shed of shovels Threads are fresh, like a head of lettuce I wanna use this kid’s guest room I’ll go see if he’ll let us Sneak away, don’t be afraid, we finna stay outta the party like a damned kid I grand slammed it, I’m glad I gotta try her, now she my number one fan ya dig? Ya guys still drinking? Cuz I'm Drinking more than you, yeah It's what you need

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