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JOELL ORTIZ lyrics - House Slippers


Original and similar lyrics
[GiGi Daai:] This is a story about love About the beauty of havin it And the agony of losin it [Joell Ortiz:] Nah, those ain't his kids, but shit they might as well be He kept food on that table, made sure they was nice and healthy They got a dead-beat father, but such a stand-up daddy He can't figure out why his children's mom is so unhappy He notice little things, she's startin arguments more often And he ain't comin home to that plate of food like before when everything was new and every night was tender love and care Now he layin down on this side, she way the fuck over there Can't even look in his eyes, missin the way she stared as he told her how he felt while his fingers ran through her hair No communication, they whole relationship's hi and bye He used to hate shoppin with her, now everything's buy and fly The other day he asked himself, "You just sittin here cryin, why? Them tears won't make you see things clear, nigga dry your eyes Y'all best friends, this was built on a lot of lovin You wanna get back to the top? Get to the bottom of this" [Joell Ortiz:] It don't feel too good on the wake up No breakfast cookin, you could smell the scent of break-up Time just runnin by while his heart is yellin "Wait up!" How they still together but he prayin that they make up It don't feel too good in the evening No dinner cooked, you could smell the scent of deceivin E'rybody home, still he feels all alone And he did what no man should ever do, he went through shorty phone [Joell Ortiz:] Smiley face, L-O-L "I miss you, when I'm seein you again boy, what the hell?" And he replied, "Hey boo, you know I miss you as well I just can't play this game no longer, now give that boy his farewell" And she replied "I know but.." - homie could read no more Threw her iPhone on the floor and let out the most hurtful roar Then she walked in the door and said "Baby, are you okay?" He said, "Bitch I ain't your baby, what games is you try and play?" Held up her phone like "Really? This what you doin while I'm away bustin my ass, takin care of them bills that you never pay?" And all she had to say was "You went through my phone?" It's fine He's screamin "How 'bout the kids?" She yellin "Well those is mine!" The love turned into hate and the hate turned to despise all in a matter of seconds, he wanted her not alive Threw his hand around her neck and squeezed, she coughin for her breath He lost it, wants to lay her in that coffin for a rest Suddenly, she starts to feel the air restorin in her chest His lil' boy is on her right side, his daughter on her left They cryin, she cryin, he cryin, what a mess Lookin around like "Man, none of this shit is right" and so he left Filled his gas tank up and then came flyin out that Hess Drivin while he's stressed, no kinda destination but my guess is he ain't care where he was goin and how long it took to get there His heart and soul was weak, he on the local streets in fifth gear I was wrong though, he knew where he was goin and just why He pulled up to that lake where they had met that one July Lookin in his rear-view at a life that looks so dry The water seem refreshin so he floored it, and told the world goodbye [Joell Ortiz:] His loved ones filled his wake up Tears steady drippin, people trippin on the way up They view him in that casket hopin maybe he would wake up His suit is extra sharp, they did a good job on his make-up Don't feel too good on this evening A lot of dinner cookin, smell a scent of flowers breathin Packed funeral home, still he feels all alone Cause he did what no man should ever do, he went through shorty phone [GiGi Daai:] It's wrong so hard It's wrong so hard It's wrong, it's wrong Everybody knows it's wrong Baby? Baby? "The PCS telephone number you dialed is temporarily not in service. Message five-sixty-one, three."

Cheat On Her

Cuban Link
Yea, and anotha one Big Pun baby, Big Pun baby Tony Sunshine, Cuban Link now baby Terror Squad baby, Terror Squad baby Terror Squad baby [Chorus 1 - Tony Sunshine] Cheat on her If shes gonna cheat on you A lil crushing, at a hot lil spot At a rendevouz Cheat on her If shes gonna cheat on you Cuz shes gettin nasty wit ya best friend Nate Or ya brother too [Verse 1 - Cuban Link] Aiyo excuses excuses I'm sick of this bullshit its useless You're ruthless, you accused of me cheatin But wat u proved miss? The truth is, u keep flippin too much of those loose lips Is it because I got the chicks feelin my music If the shoe fits, wear it Yo u be thinkin I'm stupid Actin like u dont do shit, I studied ya movements And uve been too slick since they first introduced us Ya used to be in every dance club in the U.S. You should think before u speak Tryin to blame it all on me Eager to beat so u could leave and have a cheap excuse to cheat See I kno the game baby, You been actin strange lately A lil deranged you changed u aint the same lady Playin me shady claimin that I'm runnin trains daily Sayin u hate me maybe its the fame thats makin u crazy Maybe its me and jus the way that i see it Better believe it, if i never got caught i never cheated Keep it real even the sweetest girls be cheatin at will Then u see em chillin like u and dont be feelin no guilt Willin to deal wit it givin u dat devious grill Cuz she feels u did it so shes gettin even to heal I know da deal [Chorus 2] Cheat on her If shes gonna cheat on you She lookin kinda classy But you find her at ya house, comment talez vouz Cheat on her If shes gonna cheat on you She sumthin nasty Wit the whole Terror Squad foundation boo [Verse 2 - Big Pun] Thought I was livin low key Official pimp daddy ol' G My whole steez was drinkin, hittin, and throwin trees But don't sleep a freak aint always a mack Then I found out my lil sweet was blowin out backs She was lonely in track, started sippin Bacardi Met sum pimp at a party, now she strippin at Ardy's Pop the whip on a Harley Mad kickin the body, finally slipped at a hottie Gripped the politic at menagie Party round more trains at a third world Fuck its ver-hell, Mind you this used to be a church concert Wit sum words filled, jus knowin I'm responsible When I sleep all I see is Mandingo throwin and King-Kongin' you Can't rest, its like I'm x-ed for life How much respect should be spendin niggas know he sexin ya wife Professional advice, ignore the whores and the hooters Jus brains that are hard, very much more than a bruiser More than a loser, cuz I lost love in the fast lane Next time I'll think twice before I give away my last name Its mad strain, mad strife mad stressful but its a man's game Aiyo why u be mad? [Tony Sunshine] I'm sorry is all that I can say I cheated, I pleaded I'm sorry [Chorus 1 2] Shes gonna find out one day It's done for life Ooooooo, oh ohhhhh

Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
It's the ak ha ha, the ak hoo hoo [Akineyle] [Verse 1:] Yo, y'all know what's about to happen When I proceed to give you what you need and the Ak start rappin I throw rhymes like children throwin balls on project bricks In other words I be kickin that old off the wall shit I don't rehearse they don't come better than I don't need light, cuz I'm a late night person like David Letterman You know the whole repoitoire not far from a star Baby Pah, the Ak can shine like ArmorAll [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Akineyle, producing more stunning hits So call me Ex-Lax, cuz I'm about ready to start runnin shit Toss and TURNIN ya, watch Ak BURNIN ya You can't hold your own you fuck around and catch a HERNIA (Akineyle) So don't sleep, nor yet drowsing My name itself bring more Heartbeats than Robert Townsend I hurdle over rappers like a stallion Carry it back with more Fame than Debbie Allen, nigga [Chorus] [Verse 3:] My lyrics'll reign real bright so dim the lights and it won't get DULLER It doesn't take Rosie Perez to see my living COLOR I rain over heads just like an UMBRELLA So strong that baby's boosted and I'm FULLER History in the making, never one for backspins throw and kneel, but you're still, MC's I be BREAKIN Ak saniTATION I leave skid marks on the concrete streets from all the brothers that I be scrapin [Chorus] [Verse 4:] Permanent scars as I sabotage My style's so milky I should get down with Haagen-Daaz More heatwave than a do rag does to a CAESAR Give a thermometer a temperature of jungle FEVER George like WHEEZY Cuz I be burnin brothers just like, the neighborhood SKEEZER Once the hip-hop strangeler I throw your whole rap on a coat rack kid and just hang it up [Chorus] [Verse 5:] So step to the AK-ER, the hip-HOPPER And get your ass kicked like a game of SOCCER Skills are fatter than a grease spot cuz I love to rock that nasty home-cooked hip-hop I watch girls check it, I make bitches wanna jump butt-naked Like the Doo Doo Brown record But now I peep on low and they have to stop When they hear my name, the motherfuckin Ak

Follow Tha Leader

take tha tezt, when u facin ace, do not hold bacC/ kant fake tha bezt, race acceleration, na thiz iz full throttle rap/ na I wont shoot u, ill twist ya head off ya necC like a bottle cap/ ya like puddy tha way ya silly ass kan so easily be modeled wacC/ when u write ur verze juz add my name n itll be an unstoppable trak/ mc'z step to me, y waste life? Leave em left n an untoppable stacC of carcasses/ pyrotechnikz aint got shit on me cuz yall aint neva seen sum sparkz like thiz/ settin flamez to carpet bitch, fucC burnin ya place down ill lite up tha town like a arsonist/ pull up to ya crib n start sum shit, slap ur mom on accident, pardon miss/ ur gurl n me… thatz happiness, but her wit u meanz far from bliss/ iight I laid it on now I must insist, quit tryin ta akt like uve got a chance against me/ tha closest u kame to getting a punch landed wuz looking in tha mirror for defense, see?/ I aint juz cutting u off at tha knee capz.. u getting defeeted immensely/ Battling me u don't get beat free… but thoze extra bruises were complementary/ Like a blonde with a college degree, ur lozt, u cant even get sense(centz) free/ u aint got a clue so herez sum hintz g, don't try to battle me itz elementary/ so get a clue Watson, don't waste ya time, juz slit ya own throat/ y even step to me? Tha minute I wuz born tha window swallowed ur hope/ attention plz: ur being followed, no joke, look behind u, then get smoked/ y step to tha highest player in tha game/ I kould rearrange ya brain/ Make u feel no pain/ Juz follow me to fame/ If u feel up fa tha exchange/ Gloryz ridez on thiz road/ So here, juz take tha reinz/ bacC fo more I see, I hold ya life in me, confidence residez in me/ im tha exhaulted 1, Poseidon aint got flow on me, call me almighty/ im tha dark lord, how dare u try n take me lightly, leave u finishedbefore we fight G/ see me in tha nite, flee, u got no rite to be me, ull never be able to defeat me/ u could chop my legz from beneath me, n still I would leave unscathed/ light cannot overtake me, I created moonlight, tha sunshinez fake/ see how many shotz ur gunz take, to make me fall before u do/ I kan see thru u, ya invisible to my radar, y eat u? ill juz chew u/ Mcz r killed free dude, ur obsolete watch me delete u/ fucC it exclude my click n kill each krew, then go bacC n time before I meet u/ kill u while ur uknown, so kno1 will miss u, u juz got heat blew/ thru ya skull, my rage iz full n now itz time to retreat dude/ go bacC up threw time to write thiz rhyme n tell tha story of how I beat u/ or u got anotha option, surrender, give me tha opportunity to save ya life/ cuz if not u only got 2 chiocez, wanna die by blade or knife?/ I have to stay on top of tha game, itz like I wuz made for height/ Welcome to defeat, who sent u? ace, k then stay tha nite/ N still im tha highest in tha game, getting fame, and paid for flight/ y step to tha highest player in tha game/ I kould rearrange ya brain/ Make u feel no pain/ Juz follow me to fame/ If u feel up fa tha exchange/ Gloryz ridez on thiz road/ So here, juz take tha reinz/

Something About You

YOung Bucks in here Forever forever forever forever (2x) Theres something about your style and the way that you move How you do when you do what you doin to me, you game in the bed tight I just wanna feel you body your body and my body is so right make me spend more than the night cuz u got me open Plus that hypno and dro tasting so nice Young Buck my name and normally I dont get down but this time the feelings the same, So say my name, when we bump and grind when you moving shaking the room until the early light I got that get right we can get right tonight I do my thing out in the streets but thats a part of my life I do my thing over the people say they love when I write, so you crushing is a must tonight Said i park the two seater put the money in the meter told my man I be right back fam i gotta meet her shorty was looking sweeter than a candy bar U must be one in the sky baby you was a star Got that coach outfit, let me play for u cuz this is something i been wanting to do me and u Something about your frame that got me thinking oh my god when somebody mention you name dont make me call timeout for my plans cuz u understand when its time to go and chill with my mans never bump heads never fight, that wouldnt happen cuz if that happened than things might be to good to be right So just know that i know u a rider and down for whatever loving when im inside ya but u got a fam, and I got a fam I got a girl u got a man think about it like damn When we first met, I know I was gonna have a good year you give me da vibes now my future looking so clear YOu make me high when there aint even no dro here keep you laughing but now baby there aint no jokes here and u can holla back back at ur dude, we do street shit, but we do that soul shit too Theres something about your style And the way that you move how you do when you do what you doin to me I just wanna feel your body your body and my body is so right Cuz u got me open and that hypno and dro tasting so nice and normally i dont get down but this time the feelings the same Shorty you got that good power you And speaking of that thing i wanted to do with me and u we can get it In the aisle and in the restaurant we can hit it In the mall and the club too girl im with it Im feeling good, got my hat low you love the fitted, I ride good, you ride good, the whip kitted Windows tinted, vison is limited But everyone know that its just you and me in it Something about your mind and the way that you speaking To me got me thinking that you feeling me And if its all good, we can move out the ghetto together even though we gon be still hood Even though mommys be like bucky's tripping They know at the end of the day with u is where im chillin girl There something about the way you wearing them jeans and jays Screaming them thugged out hooks OK we OK And if i got it you got it whatever you want baby girl its on me, Whose that reall nigga that'll look out got 21 answers to your questions no doubt Got plenty of reasons why your boy is still down You independent do your thing when I aint around Shorty, good with a pack like give me a pound And how to play stupid when the boys come round Know how to hold me down when your boy outta town Im thinking you the one im keeping around Young Bucks in here

Chamber Music

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
[Verse One:] The official representative, LAC This is phrophecy manifested by X to the Z Victory, strike a B-Boy stance in khaki pants Never get along like red and black ants, advance When your staring and this concrete that move like liquid Like a nigga withouth legs, I ain't tryin to kick it To much to finish, a menace, without enought time My mind only give punchline, you probably thinkin of the wrong kind Cause if it jokes, nigga know The kind that drop on your eyes, your ears, your nose, and your throat I promote self-defense not dollars and sense Kick it with scholars and pimps, you just the last part over the fence Assed out in the open, while you was hopin that Xzibit was second rate But I refuse to make; just another record in the crate I think not, got bee-bops I bring it to your house like pizza 'Today we are on the streets of South Central Los Angelos, a fight for survival' 'We have people that are conditioned not to expect to live past age thirty. They no longer. Once they no longer care they're extremely dangerous.' [Verse Two:] Stand at attention, make sure you keep your piece clean When I release steam, police crime scenes to guillotines Hit and decapatate the bird case, featherweight Critical thinking, while you at water that concentrate Xzibit crash the gate, heavyweight, box em in Seal off the exits, then cut off your Oxygen Xzibit run with a regiment of veterans I only like to come out Late Night, like Dave Letterman Time for some medicine, cause niggas bout to get sick Callin me a hater cause I don't ride dicks Read my lips, we got problems like Bloods and Crips Love the sound of clips when I know my shit Chamber Music, this is for the ones with stone-face That catch you at the right time in the wrong place We unsafe, One-fifty-one with no chase and no ice Take away your life like three strikes Yeah, come on, Chamber Music [Verse Three:] So now Xzibit got a little money, I think its funny How motherfuckers think I'm supposed to Cher/share like Sonny Clarify, you don't work you don't eat, I repeat You don't eat you get weak, catch a fragile physique Accomplish more in one day, than you can do in a week The X-Man, Wolverine, one swing to make the cut clean And the wrong things manifested in flesh Fuck the game, I take the test, graduate, pass to the S-Class Catch a roadrash, all you smell is hash Chronic mix, bumpin the Liks And dick you like a Hebron fix Bear-arm from here to a hundred-tweny meters Get black-walled, modern day Lee Harvey Oswald The assassin, brother who came blastin Take it without askin, rappers is all fashion Xzibit keep mashing through Got any lost words I got two Drive up, on you like that! Once again Chamber Music, what what, yeah, what the deal It's Xzibit. Get on the ground, get on the ground! Hands on the back of your head, Don' Move Don't Move! Get on the ground! [*beat to fade*]

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