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JOELL ORTIZ lyrics - Free Agent


Original and similar lyrics
Let's start off with New York rapper Joell Ortiz. He uhh, dropped an album on Koch then he was signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath. I remember him! And he came up here? Yup! He's the one that was drinkin the 40 in the video. Right, well he's not signed to Dr. Dre anymore. Looks like he was released from uhh, Aftermath. That was short. He never even got a chance to put out a single. That was very short-lived, what happened? [Joell Ortiz] I don't know, shit, you tell me All I did was made it a title of my new LP (Free Agent!) I still got the streets in a frenzy Still got that 40, but it's underneath the seat in my Chevy I hop on any beat and I empty When I'm squeezin my pen be sendin shots, e'rywhere like Dikembe Rappers that you praise go out their way to befriend me The rest stay out my way and probably pray they can end me But let me make this so clear My career's on a treadmill, I'm runnin this shit and ain't goin nowhere Rockin on the scene with my team, all with no fears (Slaughter!) 'Til my pockets green like what's in between my nose hairs (ew!) Nothin but flow here (look) Like Puerto Rico when it's snowin in New York (what) oh yeah I go there I'm fueled by the energy my foes share I won't tap out, y'all assed out like the old Cher Between me and you, rap dudes is so scared I'm still in the hood with cashews and a cold beer So not an industry nigga Add 20 years and a beard to my elementary picture (Ortiz) Same kid, same hunger, same drive And I tip my hat to those that tried But {"It's not the same"} - ever felt like you gotta do it? (man) Well multiply that by a trillion, that's the YAOWA movement (ay!) The reason that I get stupid and dumb when the track is movin In order for God to find me, guess I had to lose it I'm gone, flow strong but I still add subtractors to it Imagine the dude you hear now, with a vast improvement I'm harder than a blind man tryin to reconfigure a plastic Rubik smeared in the nuclear reactor fluid I parallel park grind, put my back into it Know some Heathcliffs with spliffs, bunch of cats that blew it (damn!) Failure? No, not me That ain't gon' cut it, on my three Look at sunshine through your cloudy doubt My whole life been in a ring, don't ever count me out

Legit Ballers

TWISTA "Mobstability"
(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) [Twista] Once again, another Trax productions Rush for the 9-8, mobsta elites Ain't it a shame how we make ballin' look so sweet Especially when you ain't gotta hide your shit You know what I'm sayin', you can just ball for free Campaignin' your nation, in a legit demonstration And gotta face incarceration Eh yo, Liffy Stokes, let 'em know what's happenin' [Liffy Stokes] A nigga been hustlin' so long, God knows I've done so much wrong I was 16 grown and holdin' chrome, servin' blows, we in' zones My mom didn't understand me 'Boy, you gon' die just like your daddy from two to the head, dumped in the riverbed I didn't to hurt you so badly,' I was young and dumb Fast life sprung of the money and hoes that it brung Had a clip full of hollows to bring your momma sorrow But now regret what I've done Drama's all in the game whether gang bang or slang I had to do my thang When the shots rang, that's when it clicks in my brain All the shit's the same My nigga need a change, I had to get off out these streets To get you out your seat Flip a Trax beat, hit the crib and puff on a sweet And let 'em feel something deep Deep so the realest can feel How I felt right before I bust that steel Rappin 'bout my life of skrill And the everyday struggles of a nigga in the chill [Chorus 2x] Come on and take a little trip with a legit balla Chi shot-callers (Shot up the chrome and let's swang) Tigers all up in the wall (Some bitches in the back and a pocket full of scratch take a match and spark up a little bud and get blown away) [Mayz] This shit I've been tokin' is potent Got me straight thinkin' about takin' Mary Jane and eloping Blowin' smoke with the sunroof half-way opened Countercode with the scope in close range I guess he gotta aim, and stick a few thangs in the nigga's brain No face straps () thinkin' that he can Puttin' food on table is an everyday strain But now I did finally flip my shit legit And workin' a different angle of the game Even though my hussle ain't changed I'm still prayin' my best presence to overcome my pain Singin' tapes of cain The roads to riches seems longer than the freight train And every little stop keep a nigga tryin' to plot On the paper you done gain until you drain But I put that on the foe I'ma flow 'til I got no choice, or better yet no voice But still by that time I hope to write enough rhymes To own a fleet real estate with a Rolce Royce Rollin' deep through this Chi-Town streets With my mobsta elites on the way to North Riverside Mall Givin' thanks to the all for givin' me a legit where to ball at Keepin' shit tight for y'all [Chorus 2x] [Twista] On the bus in disgust will I able to throw rocks in my pocket Nickel sacks in the other For po-pos who watch, can't stop, it's hot But I gotta make a profit for my baby and my mother Straight up hustler What's the mental frame of mind That nigga had to have the roll Be sold, or be poor up in these city streets Or with the pistol playin' for you Mr. Reaper Forgive those, I explode like c-4 so give me 50 feet Bustin' shots in every directions a nigga stop a moment from getting made I done witnessed public aid, people get sprayed, the tip raise And momma cry, why my bills won't get paid If I have to I'ma send cheese from blows Nobody can hurt me or run thugsta greed, GD's or foes Workin' the spot 'cause we need some clothes Who ever thought I'd be making money off of my CD's and shows My crib got gats in the hall, rats steady crawl Roaches comin' out the cracks in the wall On the tip, bust it with my back to the wall Work my way up to an ounce, now I'm back to a ball Now I fin to spend stacks at the mall Bend the blocks on barbers hopin' my profits stack a bit taller Twista AKA 'The Bitch Caller', bring your money to the mob Just to be a pimp-shit talker [Chorus 2x] [Twista] If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm It it's on, then I gotta ride out with the mobstas, hmm-hmm If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas) La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas) La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas) If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas (Mobstas) hmm-hmm

Yoke The Joker

NAUGHTY BY NATURE "Naughty By Nature"
Yoke the Joker!!!! *laughter* Intro: Treach There are too many overnight MC's but one And too many wacked who haven't paid dues You have now entered the path of the Flavor Unit and we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you Verse 1: Treach I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat Take that ass to the point you have to ask for your ass back A fuckin joker smoker, taunted by no one If I was born in Chung Li's temple I would've turned out a shogun Smack the any-and-all talk, jokers I can't hawk And all that shit I hear about me losin is small talk I ain't a punk, I'll slot'cha, furthermore I don't scare chief The reason I called you 'pussy' cos you are what you eat, each look is a little closer to the centre of a blowpipe Don't speak when I am talkin, this is my fuckin sho-op How dare you even try me Don't you know you be funky, while you're smilin backstage doin mother, ugh, doggystyle Hot, wild, raw, whores' still suave *laughter* Check out this style that I've soul-simulated, sounds from a stocky semi-social, never seem sloppy See silly slappin suckers, sorry saps and slouchers Straps slammin stouch, mackin this mass is savvy We see so-so-songs and some shots, so snaps steppin separate, start slowly, go solo Set the cassette stereo, sounds diffin Stood the Sagittarian, some marriage is a system Smoke the joker, three times over and owe her, go with the flow or I'm about to yoke a joker Verse 2: Treach All that straight faced shit like your heart had been thru Smile and give your face somethin the fuck to do You're ugly, smugly, squiggly, dilly-wrinkled faced bastard Someone needs to hit and run ya to run ya ass over backwards Let's giddy up, yep yep, another fuck up Grab your microphone, battle time shown up Any freestyle I see while I prowl I dial a new style, tell me about ooh-chow Another victory, it's mystery I smoke your skull, your brain'll come blistery All fuzzy, dirty, dizzy, does he get the things he needs Remember how blistery You ain't ready for the Freddy of rap You can't kill me, I step into your dreams, you feel me slicin your life away, just like I might today I eat you the psycho way, I'm rippin shit right away...... I treat ya like a bitch in a ditch off of angel dust Take you to a , sure you can fly, just jump slut You think you might say a rhyme, then someone might order like You couldn't wet shit up in a motherfuckin water fight All luck y'all, look at the props y'all So proud I'm sure, suck my encore's Swingin a bolo, your flow goes solo I'll smoke ya It's time to yoke the joker Verse 3: Treach The only way you would be gettin dis jump like a girlie is if your father would've bothered to pull it out early You ain't got a single drip drop, you're stripped of hip-hop If I see ya disagreein, you'll be gettin your shit dropped It's extended version, the side you can't fuck with You'll get the jimmy MC, you're swift to kick the bucket I'm tired of Mr. Nice Guy, place your price high Bet on a battle rhymer, tell my chances are sky high Never would you ever get the thriller, say y'all sweat Y'know that kid Treach, I took him out, he was no threat Because you know I'm better than that on my worst day Takin competition's what I do in the worst way Quick to do a hit, for you most likely I spoiled ya I bored and ignored ya, then boringly floored ya The proof is in the footin, my collar ain't wooden It takes more than an axe to tax, bless the children Physically, facially, racially made to be crazily paid or G, what a fuckin way to be Hot damn, I'm a man with a hand plan This smack that then attract the new game plan Eat your big beef, digest the rest, test Shit, I was slept yet, then go to the next step That's what I do, that's what I say, that's what I live That's what I prove, that's what I move, that's what I give Makin other brothers wanna go home and write shit Bite what I might get, then up and say I quit Me here, got, oh what a beautiful dawg From you ain't in amazing, want some paper plus a pen and tongue will do Yoke the joker!


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Method Man] Apocalypse Now Mind over matter next batter be Tical Put it on a platter how much uncut raw shit we dealin wit, murder track what Slang killin it, touched You feelin it, in your bloodstream deadly venemous elixir Hammer like Sledge that be Sister All and together now, follow me, the Mista Meth Candyman, farewell to the flesh Death come, in the scripture, two-thousand one Bring the rap arma-gedde-on, let it be known When you walk up in this Dead Zone wit all that wack shit, now you know you dead wrong, one thousand lashes [Raekwon the Chef] Detonate that, pussy Massengil rap cleanse that The kids rank, snatch collars off, while ridin off Float boat big boys, Oakland A's stashed away blades Ventilation let the sharks, ani-maze Somethin sheist like, seven butcher knives, rollin Rover style twice, finger itchy like lice hair fell out somethin to conquer, stomp ya like that cat Blanca Toy Tonka truck ten carat on ya monsta Ring Rocky like fuck switch sides like water rides The DAT bubble life preserve the other guys Now FUCK Y'ALL act wilda The style wilda than a praying mantis Chillin like [*long inhale*] [Masta Killa] As my brothers and I reign rebellious, changin the courses of time, devils no longer exist as God Cypher Divine, all minds one no question Now check it... Perhaps we can go through Lessons Or might SHOT me a pussy protestin Comin with that lip professin, you must take Allah for fool, where's his Jewel Was he usin Mathematics as a tool Tell me, the struggle is God and I came to build Shit is so real, inside you distilled Back in the form of mist You wishin you did the Knowledge before speakin Seekin, where you went wrong And why would I bring you such physical harm [Inspectah Deck] Yo, mind arson, my squadren, surround the Sound-Garden Guns for hire plus you under fire and a target Sniper in the cypher, I, Pied Piper Move the housing by the thousand, I watched out the Chrysler Bombs strike ya like the mighty Thor, blast the door Recite a page like a tidal wave, past the shore Two pulls, I'm wild like mechanical bulls Pack a full house, it's girls night out, pull a hairful Heavenly laced, stimulation make you feel slow paced I motivate and await my sober state [Ghostface Killah] Magnificent, heavenly the God stay bent Five Percent Range whippin soul controller of the lynch Mackin phone rings, Stephen King trauma down at Danzine My mood swings, suplexed off the rope, magazine Coconut jewels, wore no color shoe, knife annual Moses lost his sandal, hidin the manual Blow the vandal buggin off of Bon Jovi hits Grammer lo-ve, famous murder weapon was a trophy Seize posin in Oshkosh, guzzle cries Sabotage massage rap bandit at large Wolverine Carnation Milk, Wu denim jeans Thurston Howell the Third kid's back on the scene Call it chopped meat, cause every word is choppy My logic crunch all crows to death, Kobiyashi couldn't stop me Gettin caught up in my world, Haagen-Daaz world Backflip and then twirl, cave your whole world in [*gun blast*]

Kill Or Be Killed

JAY ROCK "Follow Me Home"
[Verse 1 - Jay Rock:] You woke up this morning not knowing blood will be on your garmits, hour glasses and informants look that's crawling down your harness, see them demons and them omens staring at you mind control they want your soul and then your rolling with them just know where you going,(hellbound) twelve rounds came out that 4,5, look up to see 25 that's alot,(let's rewind) when you pulled up on them 6's bust a pistol busting bitches nigga's looking suspicious load em' up while you, (switching switching) hungry enough to come and get you, hope the gun is coming with you, gonna have to shoot it out or shoot infront(won't pitch em') time is now you wasn't focused you seemed up like you had posted, no tags it was stolen and then it was murder motives, blink of a eye you looking right at yo demise as they hopping out they goin' ride it's a homicide on yo life, the coldest thing you didn't see and now you laying there bleeding hopeness they keep out your weakness and now you hope to see light [Chorus:] See out of my body's where they want me, they think they can catch me slipping they want me, so I sleep with one eye open, cause you never know when you wake up and you're gone, [Verse 2 - Jay Rock:] now the doctors they operating pumping your heart infront of yo momma yo dogs if you don't make it you don't, on the way to the trauma center they taking to long swerving in and out of traffic yo mamma tell you,(hold on) your bodies filled up with holes you feel your body getting colder smelling that death in the air the reaper waiting for your soul, while your fighting for your struggling to get some air yeah, when that line flat then it's a tag on yo toe, as your soul start to travel out your flesh you see yourself lying on that gurney all bloody buddy it's a mess, wish the best upon your flesh but your flesh might be dissapointed, pray to god that you anointed while awaiting your opunion, while he pointing in that waiting room going through the motions all the screaming and comotion as they split yo body open, for the surgery and accertainly as seems that it's over better pray that you hold over, call your bloods how you was potent, I said maybe cause your safety is for certain out your hands, not your momma not your daddy not your girl not your mans, none can save you hope they play you in a memory when you fly, you made but your ligaments ain't alive wish you had died [Chorus:] See out of my body's where they want me, they think they can catch me slipping they want me, so I sleep with one eye open, cause you never know when you wake up and you're gone, [Verse 3 - Tech N9ne:] Threatining messages punk got ahold of my voicemail, plotting and planning damaging, on giving this boy hell, hopped off of my boy hell, man I hope they enjoy shells, dropped, all up on they property gotta get cist when this toy yell, nigga I ain't dying just cause you jealous I'm gettin' relish and I sell it my shit developed so well that a deaf view can tell it, I smell it he femalish roll up cause his gal I nail it spell it, b-i-t-c-h but killa's wit' a sells pitch, I'm gonna be dropping chopping alotta of body's gonna dropping from this, never gonna be another motherfucka fucking living in my land will wanna be talking some shit, cause I got kids niggas, and I do it big nigga but for the safety of my babies crazy now look what I done did nigga, hop off my tour bus in your town I'ma scope you out, hoping that I find you when I hear that shit that you spoke about, like I'm goin' feel shit, like it's gonna be a real hit, but you're just like that chick that gave you my number a little bitch, been in your town over and over you still absent, and I do meeting greets, nigga you fo'real acting, I'm sick of yo ill yapping you gonna get your grill blackend, that's from the steel clapping that's 5'6 vill rapping it will happen, bitch! [Chorus:] See out of my body's where they want me, they think they can catch me slipping they want me, so I sleep with one eye open, cause you never know when you wake up and you're gone

Crazy By The Flesh

Flesh-N-Bone "T.H.U.G.S.: Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls"
Chorus: Made by the, ah, Flesh (flesh, flesh, flesh, flesh) (the Flesh, the Flesh) [Flesh-N-Bone] Slowly, slowly, seep inside you, open up wide deep in your mental, Flesh'll get you mesmerized Must I force you to realize eyes, they crazy by the Flesh And it be test or tried, even if they (gonna fight) And the Afta Maff, when I'm on, go on home It ain't shit, thought you knew me 'til I made it know Nothin' to pick up the gauge, explosion, blown Contend with the fifth dog, never could anyone check how I'm servin' for the C-L-E Get took to the streets, and the thugsta down on the St. Clair Hit up ya S-C-T, when I'm hangin', swangin' with the G's Give each other peace, pass around my fifth of rum Everybody talkin' shit and steady reminiscin' on back in the days how we used to roll bankroll fold Nigga makin' his money, daily double It's the reason why you're countin' stacks If a psycho ?; gonna break lose Nigga test, and come rippin' through the tracks They packin' a gat, and you're not just in case of a jack If you didn't you done, snatched In a little while no daylight, won't be fun No wonder if you slippin', you hung Some run, tryin' to get away say can't escape from a thugsta trailer So many victims, had to leave 'em (smellin') for yellin' I kill 'em and hop in the smug start bailin' back on the strip by twelve Might as well, set up shop 'til them coppers come up Tryin' to raid off my organization, runnin' shit all through the nation Just thought he would straight up try to set up the mission that me on Chorus [Flesh-N-Bone] Hold still, bitch If you slippin', you bet he's gon' chalkin' 'til the reaper stalkin' Sneak up, caught a nigga flossin' Drop the money, jewels, keys ? please Be and you all tossed in a coffin, takin' a loss and I'm the ? me often Never needin' more time, wastin' makin' good in it for the love of mo' money, man Bang no' brains, take it you should've listened to us, down up for my thang Insane through the Flesh reign, and niggas ain't up on my level Devil took the niggas that battered me, stayed in the grave Gravedigger be snatch my shovel, and all the dirt, it ain't no worse And I curse only person they done with the click so murda no' hurt Niggas comin' gunnin', ? bullets all to spit your shit, quick, your slain Bang, muthafuckas on top of the hits We done hittin' 'em for hire, gettin' the job done right every time Some nigga want to get his contract expired Never get tried of buckin' Niggas keep on testin' They killed and really makin' my day, clench with an A.K., baby, don't play Wanna fuck with my pay? I gotta go blow his ass away He tried to fade me That niggas #1 flip artist, one of the hardest thugs in the Land Bringin' you the shit if you lookin' to start it And I'm a finish any problem, solve it If you gonna cause it, you'll be taken care of And I know that you're scared that my niggas'll hunt you down 'round, ready, round... Chorus [Flesh-N-Bone] Better clear up the way up, my warpath, now the madman done blasted up out of the cycle war So they labeled me 5150 You wanna fuck with me? Better pray to my Lord I'm gonna tortune, body run, scorch Not one of my enemies gonna survive Died in the holocaust, caught in destruction Buck 'em all, fried alive, takin my time Lookin' 'til I find and hide away sneak attack on after midnight Gettin' high, wait until the clock strikes sound Never no light in sight Get 'em up and lie down Niggas runnin' up quick and so bring the soldiers Then I'm a take 'em into the darkness ?, leave alone when they roll hime in the heartless It's wicked by farthest, fuck with it We are Mo Thugs Packin' two glocks for the war And it's on with mighty, mighty, warrior soldiers No love for the bustas, keep in playa hatin' Study, then bite our style Always down with the army We stand alone Bone Thugs-N-Harmony takin' muthafuckas out when they get too foul in the mouth Check many niggas with a slug in they chest The they lay in a puddle of blood When they layin' to rest, that's for fuckin' with Flesh Even if a nigga put on a vest, then I might aim for their dome Gotta get 'em dead for sure So don't try to play when the people get slayed away Eternally Flesh here to let ya'll know Chorus

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