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JOELL ORTIZ lyrics - Farewell Summer

Farewell Summer

Original and similar lyrics
[Joell Ortiz] Yaowa! Lot been goin on these past three months If you don't mind, I'd like to share it with you Let's see, summer of oh-ten Well right before it kicked off I lost a really close friend Last time we kicked it was at a show in Coney Island Fucked with some bitches, I swear I miss my homie whylin That was bad enough news, like I needed to hear more Mr. Marshall Mathers is interested in us four "Us four" being Crooked I, Joe Budden Royce and myself, but I swear it's always somethin When the talks got real, E-1 started frontin Tryin to cockblock but we handled that, it's nothin Listen close, hear it from the horse's mouth, it's crazy The deal ain't finalized but yeah, Slaughterhouse and Shady Shows been gettin better, Highline was retarded When Fat Joe came out New York City went bonkers Styles P came out and put it down for all of Yonkers Even Sean Paul ripped it after twistin up the ganja Closed the show with Jim Jones, you know "Nissan, Honda, Chevy" had the fans Andretti, that's a monster Wish I coulda spit that on the stage at Summer Jam Can't complain though, that verse helped me scoop a couple grand Aside from the music, yeah, copped a new apartment Two bedroom joint, nothin fancy, lil' carpet Marble in the kitchen, cool walk-in closet A paintin here and there, somethin simple for an artist If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son Well then feel sorry for me cause I had more than one Like E-1 and Slaughterhouse single, I lost +The One+ Before the us and Pharoahe Monch Canada tour was done I argue with her like, "Bein insecure is dumb The only thing that I could get from all these whores is cum" We did the Skype thing in my bunk on late nights Always started cool but ended in the same fight Why I ain't pickin up the phone once again It only takes a second to reply to BBM Baby I don't know what to say Maybe it was the 20-hour drive from Montréal to Thunder Bay Maybe my phone died, maybe I'm sound checkin Maybe I'm on stage goin in for the crowd sweatin Either way it's over, you failed to understand You was dealin with a star, not your average brother man On another note, I got to kick it with my sons Up in Dave & Buster's winnin tickets, it was fun Did Rockaway Beach, played some frisbee in the sun At summer camp they had a Track and Field Olympics and they won I took it down to Miami on the 4th Wobbled out a mansion and did cameo of course Shit I brought to the telly looked like panties on a horse Freak brain, this bitch said "Nigga, ram me 'til I cough!" I gotta call the bitch but yeah, Flex see that I'm focused Droppin bombs like I did to get rid of the roaches Feels good bein Puerto Rican from the pro-jects And countries overseas havin a ball like my cojones This summer I did well settin up for oh-eleven Comin up on a year my granny said hello to Heaven My moms still goin through it, e'ry now and then she cries I'm tryin to bring a different set of tears into her eyes "Free Agent" is FIRE! The world gon' see it's tough I'ma drop the "Yaowa" mixtape with Green to heat it up Shout to ICU, the documentary is nuts Some people on there gone, a lot of memories, but yup Gotta keep it pushin though the ride gets bumpy I'ma keep whippin until I get money Hate to be so blunt, but I came up extra poor Borrowed from next door, couldn't get ketchup from the store The butt of all the jokes cause of the rejects that I wore Matching perfectly with all the V-necks that I tore But nope, not no more, my feet keep the sickest kicks Still doin V-necks but nowadays my shit is crisp I'm comin for the title boys, hope you niggaz rhyme I'm treatin this like high school, "A" game every time Let you niggaz party, go on vaca', I'ma grind 'Til e'ry verse I kick is like Pele in his prime Y'all don't want a war, be screamin mayday with a nine Your thought caliber's no MATCH for this AK in my mind Don't get clapped, like sex with a dirty slut When I'm done with rap, they gon' hang your boy jersey up Cause I done been an all-star on all bars My dad left, and the apple never falls far So I'm gone like a sports car Anyone who think they better is just +Wild+, Draw Four card I did this by myself, no help brother No more sag, I'm comin for that belt fuckers Said my prayers, and God called Joell's number So stay tuned in the Fall, "Farewell Summer"

We Kept It Ghetto

Dayton Family "Dope House"
*piano intro* Bitch made niggas run for cover, killing mothers and kids. I hold a town down just like ??? did. I know my Real G feinding for some ganger shit. niggas catching hot ones to the neck, with legs split. i would of been a millionare stayed on it. wearing the kevlar with the dayton family sprayed on it. my picture perfect positon got me moving strategic Im stuck inside a blow house, and still refusing to leave it. now i was a born loser, know drug abuser. dayton ave affilate, shooting at cop cruisers. im to light to fight and im to thin to win, that what i keep a 40 caliber to give you niggas 10. so beef you better get it dont forget i said it i got the shit for prices premium un leaded 4 4 natural petrol lyrical matches striking making the whole club blow everytime i enter a room, niggas assume that these stank ass hoes is leaving soon Fucking with loaded dice got the ship as dope prices. we dealing with boat loads dont try to miami-vice us Im boot-zilla im living so foul fucking it with bad bitches from flint to belle isle. white hoes, black bitches, africans, koreans, shoe-zilla tell him how we see it we keep it ghetto ghetto Life its the life, if its gotta be like that, then let it. if you wanna live my life then come get it. stop spreading lies, it aint right. you can't live my life so forget it cause we always keep it ghetto for you Nigga im a rider. Poison like a spider, cut you like a gider. to you outsiders. killer when you meet me. bitch, don't you upset me nigga gettin their necks broke. im choking them till they cant see. sho-strings out for jacking ya. rip shit up and smacking ya. i creep from back of ya. and started tackeling ya. Murder man, murder game. bitch im going through a thang' im offering pounds and booty off for key and canes dayton boys get back at ya. tasting blood like dracula. Emaculate, emacuala, spectacular. you dont know my game is, mother nigga famous now where my aim is. blew of his anus no time of okey-does cought you nigga having strohs.snitching on killers in my line of work we kill them slow. hit man for hire, aint nobody flyer. cought up in the webs of murder walking through fire im back home its back on i bet you got your crack on. your mack on,your scrach on. you prolly got your rap on. my mellow my fellow. the bitches saying hello. no wmater what you do Dayton gonna keep it ghetto. ghetto life its the life its its got to be like that then let it if you wanna live my life come get it. stop spreading lies, it aint right. you cant live my life so forget it cause we always keep it ghetto for you

Come Hither

Bratmobile "Ladies, Women and Girls"
Alright, yeah, uh huh, well i know what you need... Everyone said that when you got a girlfriend That you'd disappear -- but I want you here! Writing me in between 9 to 5 and your next date Your back burner don't suit me oh no So what's it gonna be this time? Mmmm...I don't know... You think I ain't go no self-respect? You think that I don't got nothing better to do? Well I do! I got an all girl band, I got nails to file I got a thing for you, I'll only wait a little while Everyone says I should leave you alone But you call me on the phone, still you're never home I want out! Leave me outta your clock I want in! But only in the way I want you... I don't need your sloppy seconds Or a sob story to win me back I can't see you feel I see fear, dressed as a man! Well you confess to understand, but I'm not convinced You'd better keep it together, 'cause you let one stray To the East Bay, but you don't go there. Yeah well it's a good thing 'Cause I'm turning up the heat, and I'll set you on fire! Don't flatter yourself! Don't flatter yourself, come hither Come hither, come hither, yeah.

Brothers Under The Bridges

Every spring when the weather gets warm They come pourin' into town straight off of them farms Driving 455s running hard and strong They'd scratch built in them tool sheds all winter long 'Neath the trestless drinkin' the beer and the wine Now some came on run, some just to pass the time With the brothers under the bridges Me and Tommy we was just fourteen, didn't have our licenses yet Our walls were covered with pictures of cars we'd get We'd listen and wait for that highway to rumble and quake As they drove in through town when the weekend'd break Bringin' girls with that distant look in their eyes Now together 'neath the trestless they'd be laughing in the night With the brothers under the bridges Well me and my brother'd hitched a ride in Joey's pickup to the edge of town And we watched from the tall grass as the challenges were made and the duels went down We'd hitchhike back home, sneak in, get in bed before our mom'd come And we'd lay there in the night talkin' about how we might someday be one Yeah someday run with the brothers under the bridges Well now I hear a cry in the distance and the sound of marching feet come and gone Well I'm stittin' down here by this highway figuring, figuring just where I belong Tonight up on Signal Hill I watch a young man in a red shirt walking through a night so still Put his jacket 'round his girl as the autumn wind send a chill Through the brothers under the bridges

The Crown

JA RULE "Blood In My Eye"
[Chorus 1 - Sizzla, Ja Ad'Lib] They can't keep a good man down (yeah) All these people smile, but they won't me to frown Gettin' by when I shot 'em nine rounds They will never ever take my crown (let's get to the song) Thinkin they know, but no man will touch Things gettin' better when I thought it would get worse Here comes an officer who askin' for a search Found a weapon it's up to me to clap first [Ja Rule Verse 1] I know y'all niggaz is second guessin' the state I'm in Bitch, I'm in to makin' hit records that spin like rims So when "Flex" get it, he bomb it once, shit bomb it twice New York city pop your thoughts, turn off your lights And "50" you have it, cause when Rule' spit to the masses I got yo attention like J-Lo's ass [Jamacian Talking And Shot's Fired] [Ja Rule Verse 2] I know y'all niggaz is second guessin' the state I'm in Bitch, I'm in to makin' hit records that spin like rims So when "Flex" get it, he bomb it once, shit bomb it twice New York city pop your thoughts, turn off your lights And "50" you have it, cause when Rule' spit to the massed I got yo attention like J-Lo's ass And if it's pussy we talkin' I come to smash em' Personal foul like cole, when I sexual harass em' Cause bitches want you beat it with passion Niggaz want to you to clip up and clap em' And hide the body like nuthin' happened Niggaz need to get they money and stick to rappin' Or end up like one of the Jackson's beware of your actions Cause you don't wanna meet that desert e' With that hair pin trigger so easy to squeeze And no matter how you cut me I'm always chesse Like "Black" said, It's a hundred and 87 degrees muthafucka" [Chorus] [Ja Rule Verse 3] You know they can't keep a real nigga down (no) Not what they niggaz can even wash up it's federal Comin and puttin snicthes on a pedestal, glorify Had to put niggaz in jail fo' life, ain't no blood in they eye But who, Ja' bless 'em with tha sizzla touch Thing's gettin better when they thought it would get worse I bomb first, and breath in the heat, knowin to hell I send em' And I ain't talkin' devils or demons, just be happy ya breathin And cowards go to hiccupin' and sneezin' leavin every soul cold, and bodies never a day old Drving down on a yayo and dump it, like fuck it Niggaz addict to hutslin, no one can ever be trusted who told the feds' to rush ya Why you fishin' in darken looking for sharks to wise Coast to coast man Just look around Rule' will never back down And y'all can never ever take my crown (niggaz) [Chorus w/ Ja Talkin (Till chorus fades)] Yeah, Yeah, That's what the fuck I'm sayin.. Talk to 'em baby Tell theses niggaz, what these niggaz know? You know niggaz, no man touch this muthfucka right here (Ya hear me?) Niggaz going in they dreams to fuck with me, b Murder inc (shit) Holla Murder inc... yeah murder inc.. It's murder inc... we do this shit, we do this thang' This thang called... this thang we call drugs nigga in the booth... lyrically I get's the job done you know me baby Holla back, Rule

Churchez LaGhost

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Supreme Clientele"
(feat. Madam Majestic, U-God) [Madam Majestic] Tommy Mattola, lives on the road He lost his lady, two months ago Maybe he'll find her, maybe he won't Oh wonder that love [Ghostface Killah, (U-God)] Brothers try to pass me, but none could match me No girl can freak me, I'm just too nasty Lost on the dance floors, I attack y'all Snuck through the back door, guess who they saw Goldie and Ghost, black African Rose Star-studded low lenses, plus the mural was dope Airbrush W-B's, STOP! (Shake your body, body) And cop a couple of these (She's a hottie, hottie) [Madam Majestic] Scottfree and Chauncey, very upset They're sick and tired of living in debt Tired of roaches and tired of rats I know they are over [U-God] One in the head, I'm fed, this is how we doin, Put a Ruff Ryder on my dick, bust right through 'em Come out your shirt, insert the party rhyme Fine Dr. Buzzard, Bicardi Lime We passin it, takes the shake your Calvin Klein Before the floor gets moist, taste and follow mine Swallow nine, model dimes from Bahamas Slim doo-doo makers stuffed inside pajamas [Madam Majestic, (U-God), {Ghost}] They'll take all your rhymes with a Colgate smile, hey baby They'll love you one second, then hate you the next Oh ain't it crazy baby, yeah Tony's his name, the undefeated champion, whoa, yeah (Blow 'em down God) Now he's alone, he's just the king of his throne (Yeah, aha) Always will be my friend, Ghostface Killah (Truly yours, peace boo)

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