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JOE WALSH lyrics - But Seriously Folks...

Life's Been Good

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Life's Been Good Joe Walsh I have a mansion, forget the price Ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice I live in hotels, tear out the walls I have accountants pay for it all They say I'm crazy but I have a good time I'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime Life's been good to me so far My Maserati does one-eighty-five I lost my license, now I don't drive I have a limo, ride in the back I lock the doors in case I'm attacked I make hit records, my fans they can't wait They write me letters, tell me I'm great So I got me an office, gold records on the wall Just leave a message, maybe I'll call Lucky I'm sane after all I've been through (Everybody say “I'm cool'......'He's cool') I can't complain but sometimes I still do Life's been good to me so far I go to parties, sometimes until four It's hard to leave when you can't find the door It's tough to handle this fortune and fame Everybody's so different, I haven't changed They say I'm lazy but it takes all my time (Everybody say “Oh, yeah'..... “Oh, yeah') I keep on goin' guess I'll never know why Life's been good to me so far Yeah, yeah, yeah

25 To Life

WYCLEF JEAN "Masquerade"
(feat. Xzibit, Juvenile,Nature, Ja Rule,Reptile) [Wyclef talking:] Yo to my people doing time, Xzibit, Juvenile, y'all need to (Wake up everybody) Nature, Ja Rule, Reptile come on bring the heat. [Xzibit (overlaps)] Look, I'm inhumane livin' in this house of pain stuck with a thousand street hustlers down on they luck Repeat felons caught up with the death I was sellin' and for the past three months yo I can still hear my victims yellin' but I can't listen to my conscience it's nonsense if I didn't shoot I'd be the nigga in the suit in the box under the ground fox chased by the hound locked permanent frown Xzibit get down by liftin' iron by the pound for the tough individual runnin' run his mouth throw some hands with the General walk one day in the shoes of a criminal death disease keep your luxuries to a minimal I'm not talkin' about weed, jewels, & Bentleys I'm talkin' about clean clothes, hot food, and Dentyne see what I mean livin' with the scum of the earth hit with plenty of time to adjust to life on the inside [Wyclef] (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) [Juvenile] You got me fucked up I'm innocent look I ain't do this shit you don't want to hear my side but you believin' that bitch You makin' my nerves bad I need to smoke me a jo' 'cause I know y'all ain't even thinkin' 'bout lettin' me go Where my lawyer, nigga told me Juv' I can't do nothin' for ya Y'all go tell that to my mother & my father but they gon' cus y'all so don't you even bother you know that shit ain't right that bitch didn't see nothin' 'cause it was dark at night but I guess us blacks look the same to y'all passin' niggas around like a game of ball This is my third felony plus my third strike man I ain't goin' home I got 25 to Life. (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) QU New York, you try to criticize me I criticize you been the same muthafucka since in high school any beat I shed light to with crazy wattage Blankin' out bought my first eight ball for eighty dollars learned who not to trust grew obnoxious so niggas start to hate me same time the boys in blue watch us circlin' but they don't slow down take you to court think you seein' Judge Joe Brown they just actin' Indy's throwin' Tyson back in another year fuckin' with a nigga's career I cock back at bust in the air give me space beats with plenty bass drink my Hennessey straight 'til I hurl out third world clout I'll take niggas hearts and turn killers into girl scouts works of art Picasso from the Hydro roller-slash-hustler CEO-slash-retired soldier (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) [Ja Rule] Kill or be killed behind the wall 40 day short still the thought of murderer true to the sport I bang with the best niggas them career criminals now I'm in with these youngins lookin' to feel me out Hollerin' 'bout how they gon' hit on me now Niggas is real wild bangin' before trial new kicks new trial I don't give a fuck I'm playin' the yard ox taped to my nuts ready to self destruct Lord I don't wanna die but what powered your honor to hit me with 25 I know that real recognize every hustle and die with these niggas in the struggle Ya feel me [Reptile] Oh God shells loaded in the semi auto quoted unknown cat never voted picture me on the scene huntin' for greens like Mike Meyers trick or treatin' on Halloween mashed down in the fatigues servin' the fiends kill or be killed metal pipes under the sleeve in the city slicker bust checks or puff cess ruffneck love liquor & act figures bloodsport on the streets no gloves pullin' knives out the 'fridge handin' out cold cuts ugh streets real thug so recognize thug close yo' eyes thug you 'bout to die thug! Call the President I'm blowin' up ya residence spill acid on the corpse to clear the evidence Protestors outside screamin' free Gotti guard your body SWAT teams is waitin' with the shotty (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) [Wyclef:] Y'all need to (wake up everybody) [REPEAT] For all my people doin' time keep your head up Wyclef Jerry 'Wonder' New Millenium new millenium come on

Dead Man Walking

JIN "Hypocrite"
Yo, they want the punch-line battle raps I mean I had the title, you can have it back That line was said so egotistically I never gave it back; it got stripped from me Truly a blessing what it did to me Learn more lessons from defeat than victory Like how to take a loss: humility What happened next, though, the rest is history Glad they stopped me it was going to my head Instead, I'm declaring that the cocky JIN is dead Don't put too much weight on reputation and face Expect to be let down when expectations are great They used to cause me of relying on my race What they gonna say now, I'm relying on my faith? See that's fine with me, I was designed to be I killed my old self, who wants to die with me? [Hook:] I know it don't make sense Due to recent events I ain't been the same since I know you must be convinced I put the old me in the coffin [3x] I'm so alive, still a dead man walking Yo, they want the party/getting money raps I had fun with that, but I'm done with that See, I ain't opposed to having a good time But what I compose now are more that just good lines I used to dream of getting five mics Now in every sixteen, I'm praying that you find Christ For the cheese, on the dotted line, I would've signed twice That's what I get for following three blind mice Desperation, it was going to my head Instead, I declare that the paper-chasing JIN is dead Seeking riches, I let it measure what I'm worth Wasting time storing up treasures here on earth Only to be destroyed, I can't fake the image So I'm prepared to see my fanbase diminish See that's fine with me, I was designed to be I killed my old self, who wants to die with me? [Hook] [Toestah:] Yeah, five years ago, met JIN for the first time Cross paths like church signs I was plotting all my rivals Suddenly I'm shaking hands with my idol And three years later, me and JIN up in the stu Cooking up tracks, recorded "FEEL GOOD" Shot the video in Hong Kong, plus we did a show Yeah, that's why I call him "Big Bro" I'm a dead man, dead man, trying to get ahead, man Learning my ways, I was listening to Batman Back then, all I cared was pouring out the Grammy Nowadays, I'm rapping with a purpose making acme I don't know why, but sometimes feels empty I'm waiting at the gates for entry I want to give it up, but my love won't let me I'm out with the old me, so y'all don't tempt me Yeah [Hook] I put the old me in the coffin [4x] I'm so alive, still a dead man walking


Fish "Songs from the Mirror"
[Sandy Denny, Who Knows Where the Time Goes ... ?] (S. Denny) Good morning, good afternoon And what have you got to say? Well, I'm waiting, but I can't stay long It's such a lovely day There's a time to be talking And there's a time when it's no use Right now I think the things you say Are liable to confuse I've just gone solo Do you play solo Ain't life a solo? What a wonderful way to live She's travelling all over the world Why, the flame and all the golden Opportunities unfurled No time for the gent with the Mulliner Bently And heaven knows what else Why, he wouldn't even stand a chance With all his oilwells She just went solo Do you play solo Ain't life a solo I've always lived in a maison On the other side of the moon I've always kept a unicorn And I never sing out of tune I could tell you that the grass Is really greener on the other side of the hill But I can't communicate with you And I guess I never will We've all gone solo We all play solo Ain't life a solo

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
Come on, yeah [I'm comin] Come on, yeah [I'm comin] Come on, yeah [I'm comin] Come on, yeah [I'm comin] (2x) Stlyes: Can't stop, won't stop Everything drop like panties, hot like Miami Move like little black kid stealing candy Barely seen, honnies call me barely cream Real generals never fail eighteen Would you believe, I know what's up your sleeve If you said in your last time, (?) And thought he saw the devil, Jay kissed his feet You think not, as if Sheek won't bring it to you, give you asthmas Is he rockin cashmiere? Y'all know we don't pass there Matter fact, I scoped out there last year Hit him on the head said there ain't no cash there Stay home, Styles about to hit Tony Rhomes Puff out his own with this chick from Rome (?), funny how I'm greedy, used to be needy But now the Sean-Don keep the (?) Chorus-Puff Daddy: Too many people worried about what we got Everything we drop will be hot Puff Daddy and the Goodfellas don't stop Can't stop, won't stop (2x) Sheek: Hey, yo it's crazy we here now every chick want my baby My career clear while your shit look hazy Bang with us? I don't think so, we platinum plus With no airplay so ain't shit for us to discuss But when we hit, you can't understand how we did it At home praticin tryin to learn how we spit it Fourty-eight hours of old tea like Nick Nolte Young but O-G's at this rap shit nigga please One hit for all of us to start eatin And wild stack on three weeks on bowell leather beats Our parents are sharp like cactuses And you can tell by chips, we sleep on matresses Dimes flooded out in the hidous Shit you see in magazines, cut out we freak them hoes Drop them clothes, double expose you in the lens Now relax as we videotape you in the bed (Chorus 2x) Jay: If we talk about dollars, only thing I turn down is my collar Pull out turn them around, if he reach make him holler Who runnin the town? The Goodfellas Puff is the godfather, dog, so why bother? With the third-person, you might catch me surfin Money I be jerkin, my newborn be burpin Can't stop, won't stop, I want respect And I only bum heads with checks In the suite with this honey from Bangladesh Pop a snapple, I (?) lay on my chest All I had to do was get it there, she doin the rest Take a L to the head, then we listen to flex Yes, the black hood, and I mack good With hydro and chocolate mixed in backwood Ask yourself, do you rap good or act good? Baby we ain't gon' stop, but you should (Chorus)

My Oedipus Complex

KID ROCK "The Polyfuze Method"
I need somebody won't u help me, I need somebody won't you tell me who I am I need somebody please please help me, I need somebody u must tell me who I am I've been livin a lie so long it seems I've lived a life time. If u could see what I feel it would make your ghetto lood like heaven And I believe it stems down from my family situation, I never liked my old man, I couldn't stand to be around him Sometimes I sit all alone just starin at his picture. My heart turns to stone and I think of this (Chorus I)U never loved me u never held me tight, instead u shook me like a beast to wake me up at night u tried to make me think that your ways were best, when all I was was an outlet for all your stress Life it's the ultimate sin, A game with no rules that you're expected to win My personal hell's hidden with a grin Dad take the stand and let the trial begin U said that oil and water don't mix though it seems cool. Keep with your own and don't fuck up our gene pool U should've went to school like your bigger brother, but you played the fool with a different color Runnin ship with a whip, I tried to keep up but I kept getting tripped Money made u so wise, how could u look thru my face and not see your own eyes Do as i say and not as I do, but I can't cuz when I look in the mirror I see u And oh the pain how it hurts, it was always your home and your business that came first U said a man is as good as his word, but your mind was closed and mine never herd They say the nut don't fall far from the tree, look at u then look at me... (Chorus II)U ain't nothin to me u've never been to me, And all u ever gave a damn about was money see So now fuck u man you ain't shit to me, And it's the day that I die of this hate that I'm free Now I know growin up son that it ain't always been easy, and I know at times I was not always there for you We never spent much time just talkin or havin a good time, but understand growin up son I never had a dime So I worked my ass off and I put myself thru college, and everything I have to this day u know I built it all Oh I wish I could go back and change the years that's lost between us, I wish I could take back some of the things I said to you Son I said I'm sorry... Son I said I'm sorry but still u resent me so. Son I said I'm sorry and why do u resent me so (Chorus III)I always loved u I always cared for u, just never wanted U to go thru what I've been thru I tried to raise my fuckin family just the best I know, and now I'm hated like the devil and for what I don't know Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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