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She Don't Love Me

Original and similar lyrics
[Joe Budden - Verse 1] She don’t love me, she love the power She loves a man in my position Loves the sex, loves a man of my positions Love the pool, love the hot tub, my summer bunny Both parents broke, but she come from money And I don’t just beat it up, I pound her She reciprocates it with fresh grits and flounder I counter by letting her put whatever on the counter Cause I never seen a ass better or rounder Plus I never seen ass better around ya No dollars, just ass, bet it surround ya She don’t love me, she love the way I navigate Love the wordplay and how I make her masturbate I drop her off and laugh at you while you chasing it If I was ever in Marvin’s Room, I was casing it But do be calling or right after I’m all in her I be like feel free, pick up, I’m watching SportsCenter I grew up poor, I never had shit So now I don’t hit the mall I hit the flagship I got her thinking that’s her paper to burn But when I lock her out, she won’t doubt David is Stern I mean, they don’t love me, they wanna send me Llamas But I can understand why they envy, kinda Friendly reminder, bank statements with plenty commas Made it right in front of em, gotta thank Benihana If you with these rap dudes, I may have tainted it They blackballed me, I spray painted it Been accused of cheating, but I never take the blame for it They did all the fucking, my ass just entertained the shit Yea, I’m through the hood, red Porsche They been mad, but I’m pistol whipping a dead horse Now execs wanna hop on the phone Cause I snuck in the back door while they was watching the throne I mean, she don’t love me, she just infatuated She was the side chick, then she graduated If she loved me, that would be unusual I think she only say that shit to find out if it’s mutual [Hook: Emanny] [Joe Budden - Verse 2] I’m in the zone, but I don’t need MTV I need pills, not percs, I’m on NZTs Why the fuck would they mess with another guy’s rhymes If the stakes is high, nigga butterfly mines I mean, hate my bars, but she love the way I say the shit Hate my job, but she love it when I pay for shit If she ever wild, tryna ruin my dictatorship I put her in the oven, let her bake a bit One land, one take off One’s annoying, one demand make her take off One’s a older nympho, get mad when I say it’s soft But she feels a way for sports, cried when the Lakers lost She don’t love me, love the company I keep But the fans don’t love me, mean they wanna be the sheep My motto is to do it for the culture, they not of the same gene You want the current wave, stay on the main stream Is it me or is what I’m hearing just pitiful Airwaves the same, even the stereo is typical It don’t love me, it love the models that I be with But when I be talking about all of these models I’m poppin’ at least you believe it Wanna know the secret? I guess it’s how you time the shit You come with wooden jewelry, I give her diamond dick I hit the booth and the track get nervous If you say I sold out, try to track that purchase If we shared the same life, nigga you would understand it When no matter the charges you accrue, you never panic You would take advantage When I feel like you the ruler of the planet Get some head, a little hookah on the hammock Rodman with the trash talk, the Magic will Walt with the black ball The way I bounce off the asphalt with cat paws Tried to trap me till I started to roam Tried to keep me out the game, so I started my own I mean, she don’t love me, she just infatuated She was the side chick, then she graduated 99 problems and a bitch is every one of em How the fuck I’m gonna give dick to every one of em? [Hook: Emanny]

Why You Wanna Hate For

(feat. Noreaga) [Memphis Bleek] Get your ones, get your guns Muthafucker it's on New millenium, and what Bleek re-born All the haters eat a dick Who I'm riding with bitch You know the game and the name I ain't change for shit I toke cuatro cinco, when uno says Keep uno in the head, you wouldn't fuck with this My guns German, bullets burning Where them bricks I'm searching I need the money urgent And I'm rushing, you slowing me down, ain't no holding me now I'm out the gate, on the throne and I'm holding it down All my niggas on the run, you's to eat for a reason Fuck around and holla wrong, me and NORE come in squeezing And these streets is mine, M-E-M-P-H, I got style I make it look good being wild With da game I got, anything I got I hate everything in site, whether aiming or not [Hook (X2)] [Noreaga] Yo, what you niggas wanna hate for Why you niggas all running outta state for You ain't thugs and you niggas can't take for Now you snitchin' why y'all wanna turn states for, ha [Noreaga] What, what, I do this shit for the streets Just left Iraq, bout to meet with Bleek Aiyo, and we both got weed in tons When me and MemphMan, smoke the call us lazer lungs! Thugged Out, Roc-a-Fella, big bank acounts On the sky-tel with big type, and bring the ounce Clip on niggas, niggas just be seeing me cussing How you dig up with my style, the way I be rushing Just to style you head in You drove to a dead end So what you gon' do now, once I but lead in I say what, what, now y'all say what, what I say, that I'm a thug, now y'all wanna be thugs And I admit that I'ma hustler just hustling drugs Yet I do this shit because crime pays I'lI rock a cescear and doo rag And I don't got waves (don't got waves, don't got waves, don't got waves) [Hook (X2)] [Memphis Bleek] Yo,yo,yo, niggas wanna turn states Just hand me the eight Have a crib in Iraq, for the Memph escape Where the D's won't find me Trees is lime green Hoes give head just to ride and watch springs Niggas gon' hate, 'cause we trying to get rich My steak got A1, I can taste the chips Give them facial hits, from the chrome thou flip With the serious scratch, get them pinacles back You can take some nigga, you wouldn't take some of these My bullets heat up and burn, nigga, feel my sting For the 9 double 9, these streets is Bleek All my niggas on the run just got to eat [Hook (X2)]

Midnight Love

Snoop Doggy Dog
Midnight love, midnight love, midnight love, midnight love, ohhhhh (Chorus: Raphael Saadiq) midnight love troubles plots on thee mind midnight love leave your back door open midnight love this heaven's ready for me midnight love back door little druggie's callin for you [Snoop] I'm makin things cappin fast ain't no need to wait around for what never seems to come along face lookin stupid broke startin feelin dumb, I'm young but I'm a grown man takin thangs into my own hands I'm tryin to own here but life a twist ya like a twister get twisted with this it seems on but its off I keep missin this shit I'm high but I try, to stay focused wide out lookin dead at the chips I blink they dip its hard to hang on but I can't let go smokin on my last breath blow out life whats left is death now I can go on or I can G or make a right whatever way that I turn its still death after life it dont discourage me, I ain't got nuthin to lose but some punks that probably never turn the money to burn but I learn cuz I see, and I earn cuz I G but these problems probably havin niggaz prayin to see at an early age so at an early stage in life I chose to get my ish tight ya gotta struggle and fight it cost an arm and a leg just to live on your knees and I'm tryin to keep my sanity God help me please (Chorus) Mischeavius and devious is how my life was puttin the serve down for cabbage just to keep the niggaz buzzed some of the money makin muthafuckaz from the other side was thinkin about a jack move tryin to whoo-ride gettin jealous cuz my music got this rap game sewn up them niggaz wanna trip whatever back they get blowed up blown up or not you can still get shot you dont never play those muthafuckaz I'll always not rule number one, pay attention to this shit dont be fuckin wit my niggaz on the midnight shift shit shiggy shack, gettin it on, to the break of dawn now he's known for servin more than an oz. so he's got a 187 on his muthafuckin chest a strap in his lap and a bulletproof vest he's lookin for the music from the night before trouble 1, he layin low all in gettin that dough (Chorus) [Daz] Now its all about the dollars Impalas that bounce havin cars and bitches on a proper amount caught a million chillin robbin banks for many muthaz son life and darkness we all get it started, cold hearted all around it my life won't change for the good as soon as I walk out the door, I'm called by the hood Daz, would you come and ride for me, hey yo Daz would you soldier would you would you and die for me the tradition's got a lot of niggaz killin for dumb shit the OGs think then brung guns to control shit every midnight I be loaded, high as a kite besides with the drama the dog fight street fight and a lot a mob puttin on mo problems solved, but revolved whatever with a fo-fo but sure I did the record blast five times 254 sentence to jail time Midnight love I've been walkin the street midnight love I put my life on the line midnight love Cuz I've just gotta be me midnight love (Chorus)

Bar Code

Tha Alkaholiks "X.O. Experience"
[Tash] The drunken funk'n has returned Let's take it back to the old school one time y'all, uhh Ya fuckin with me Damn right y'all fuck with us boy (Shotglass, ha! Ain't it drunk) Alkaholiks, say what (Yo Tash, smack these niggaz up!) With my Alkaholik style still comin of age Free as a bird the beer fly on stage Ain't here for no frontin just to say a lil' somethin A nigga like CaTash'll get this motherfucker pumpin I walk with a bop that make the cops shine flashlights And I ain't drunk shit, I'm still faded from last night That's right y'all, the Alkahol be spittin Comin through bitches.. [J-Ro] I drink a lot of ale, smoke a lot of L's a day Got kegs in my room and bales of hay Twenty-five roaches piled in my ashtray Some like it slow some live the fast way All the ladies know I'm wild and nas-tay I live the Rap Life like my nigga Tash say I down the whole brew, never half way I'm back and forth to the bar in the Likwid Cafe [Chorus 2X: Tha Liks] Now put yo' bottles to yo' lips When I sip, you sip, we sip - altogether now Back, and, forth - to the bar y'all Back, and, forth - to the bar y'all [Xzibit] They say one man's trash is the next man's treasure Next man pain be the other man's pleasure Whatever you wanna drink ma we bought the bar out Last cats to call out, who wan' fall out Worst case scenario walkin, I hate talkin Do the damn thing, let your dogs start barkin Embracin the bass (yeah) who keep you laced with Henessey to the face, tequila with no chaser Liks - bang kicks, kick dirt on tricks Fuckin smoked out rappers y'all fiend for hits I just - drop my shit, never stop servin Everything bump even the two-way versions I'm the West coast Julius Earving, been through the worst Survived starvin to death and dyin of thirst Come through, bring a homegirl, double the fun bitch Cause two heads is better than one, so let's go [Chorus] [Tash] So if Tash die tonight, rap music don't owe me shit I done did it all homey off blood sweat and spit (yes) Spit-zophrenic off about a half a gallon of that strong shit that make me think Bucks like Ray Allen Profilin in the beat-up ass bucket like fuck it Bitch I make this car look good Knock on wood, knock on MC's just for practice Cause y'all niggaz can't fuck with these drunken-ass tactics [J-Ro] We - stompin, rompin niggaz with the bumpin rhymes that keep the b-boys jumpin Sayin ho, ladies sayin ow Get it now front row wipe that brew from your brow Cristal and malt liquor go down the same pipe You drink with us you probably piss in the bed the same night You throwin up on your clothes no hoes fo' sho' Now you on your back pointin at the sky with your toes [Chorus] - 2X as beat fades

Tha Shiznit

SNOOP DOGG "Doggystyle"
[Verse One:] Poppin, stoppin, hoppin like a rabbit When I take the nina Ross ya know I gota ta have it I lay back in the cut retain myself Think about the shit, and I'm thinkin wealth How can I makes my grip And how should I make that nigga straight slip Set trip, gotta get him for his grip as i dip around the corner, now i'm on a-nother mission, wishin, upon a star Snoop Doggy Dogg with the caviar In the back of the limo no demo, this is the real Breakin niggaz down like Evander Holyfield, chill to the next Episode I make money, and I really don't love hoes Tell ya the truth, I swoop in the Coupe I used to sell loot, I used to shoot hoops But now I, make, hits, every single day With, that nigga, the diggy Dr. Dre So lay back in the cut, motherfucker 'fore you get shot It's 1-8-7 on a motherfuckin cop [Verse Two:] Boy it's gettin hot, yes indeed it is Snoop Dogg on the mic i'm about as crazy as Biz Markie, spark the, chronic bud real quick And let me get into some fly gangsta shit Yeah, I lay back, stay back in the cut Niggaz try to play the D-O-G like a mutt I got a little message, don't try to see Snoop I'm fin to fuck a bitch, what's her name it's Luke You tried to see me, on the TV, youse a B.G. D-O-double-G, yes I'ma O.G. You can't see my homey Dr. Dre So what the fuck a nigga like you gotta say Gotta take a trip to the MIA And serve your ass with a motherfuckin AK You, can't, see, the D-O-double-G, cuz that be me i'm servin um, swervin in the Coupe The Lexus, flexes, from Long Beach to Texas Sexist, hoes, they wanna get witht his Cuz Snoop Dogg is the shit, beeeitch! [Verse Three:] Ahhhh, I'm somewhat brain boggled So I look to the microphone and slowly start to wobble Grab it, have it, stick it to the plug It's Snoop, Doggy, I got a got a fat dub Sack of the chronic in my back pocket loc Need myself a lighter so I can't take a smoke I toke everyday, I loc everyday With the P-O-U-N-D and my nigga Dr. Dre Lay back in the cut, like I told your ass Gimme the microphone and let me hit you with a blast I got a little cousin by the name of Daz And bitches who fuck him, gimme the ass Cuz they know about the shit that we be goin through And they know about the shit that I be puttin up And they be knowin bout the shit I do when I'm on the mic Cause Snoop Dogg is Trump tight like a virgin, the surgeon Is Dr. Drizzay, so lizzay, and plizzay With D-O-double-Gizzay the fly human being seein No I'm not European bein all I can When I put the motherfuckin mic in my hand, and You don't understand when i'm kickin Cuz Snoop is on the mic and I gets wicked, follow me Listen to me, cuz I do you like you wanna be done Snoop Doggy Dogg on this three two one, umm Dum, diddy-dum here I come With the gat and the guitar was strung, I'm not that lunatic nigga who you thought I was When I caught you slippin, I'm gon catch you then I peel your cap Snapped back, relax Ya better not be slippin with them deez on the '83 Cadillac So we gonna smoke a ounce to this G's up hoes down while you motherfuckers bounce to this

Gotham City

ASAP MOB "Lord$ Never Worry"
[Hook: ASAP Ferg] Point em out where he at Chrome .9 point the mac Sit him down, in the trap Four pound for the strap Big guns go BRAP! ASAP where it's at Real niggas all black Sip lean so relax Point em out where he at Chrome .9 point the mac Sit him down in the trap Four pound for the strap Big guns go BRAP! ASAP where it's at Real niggas all black Cozy boy so relax [Verse 1: ASAP Ferg] Young Trap Lord, dime of the purp Ride or die boy, nigga get murked Pull a 9 boy, play with the dirt Layin' on who Sleep in the earth She feel on my clothes, she lifting her skirt She say she love coke, she sniffin the work Semi auto Tec, guns go flur Bang bang bang and I bet that one squirt She wathing my body, pursuing my colleagues Versace, my eyelids but it Yves Saint-Laurent me Twelvy in Huraches and Margiela on Rocky Yohji Yamamoto for Ty Nast and Ty Beats Fuck bitches that's on me Wack bitches move kindly Last niggas of a dying breed Yeah me, myself, and Irene Niggas hear them sirens When that fo' fif' and that 9 squeeze China bitch sip sake While I chop that ass with that Tommy [Hook] [Verse 2: ASAP Twelvyy] We all want that Meech money Gold grill make ya speak funny My eyes open cause the streets hungry A new Jack fuckin' G-money Niggas dead over sneak money Shit ain't sweet honey The streets love me right here is in the peach rugby I go hard cause the niggas thought the least of me I'm in the hell yeah that bitch made a beast of me Hold your crib while your bitch make a feast of me I'm a greedy nigga stuff in my face Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches yeah them stuck in my ways Bout to turn 23 but I give zero fucks Niggas wanna sign me tell them niggas zero up What's up [Hook] [Verse 3: ASAP Nast] It's the pistol poppin' business nigga mind ya own Expensive taste in guns, shorty's coppin' chrome I'm in love with a chopper doe Him 'em, get 'em, split 'em Turn a fuck nigga into a bowl of pasta dog I'm not at all A nigga to be fucked with Shorty got the hammer Niggas can't touch this Mom’s got the biscuit, Dad own a musket Gone off a substance Middle finger up to the bitch who would fuck shit Living in a world where young niggas run shit All over something, but it’s really nothing Go on with the fuck shit, young niggas run this all [Hook]

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