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JOE BUDDEN lyrics - No Love Lost

Top Of The World

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Joe Budden] You can catch me in a strip club, stacked up, I don't keep em visible Won't see a man get thirsty cause I'm known to keep a bitch or two Probably both be bisexual, I tell them chill and kick it boo And never get uncomfortable these waitresses start kissing you Y'all would call it birthday sex, I call it a ritual If you seen it like me then I already know why y'all be miserable You don't really want no problems, cause those shooters they're hospitable And they gon grab them blockers while you try and keep it physical Pool house or that guest house it don't matter where it goes down Driveway is cobblestone, garage is like a ghost town I ain't even touch em yet they feel like they've been hosed down If you real then you gotta respect this shit, Gs up, hoes down [Hook: Kirko Bangz] I'm chilling on top of the world (top of the world, top of the world) Now you know all about me girl (about me girl, about me girl) Tell them niggas I did it, look how I came up Tell em niggas I'm with it, if they bring my name up Tell em bitches I'm gone, Don't be callin' my phone (phone) if it ain't 'bout the money baby (baby...) [Verse 2: Joe Budden] Hold up, let's get back to my loved ones, those of y'all that been with me Helped me to exercise my demons, brought them to the gym with me Probably why she text me to death like "Joe I got a friend with me And I'd love to eat her out while you on top [?]" Let's get back to those things I like, let's get back to that stripper pole Let's get back to her popping that, I ain't even really gotta tip her though It's bonjour while I'm on tour, I mean every night, different show And if you a little bit too sober, just tell me your favorite liquor, ho Wait, tell me your favorite, then lick a ho We them dudes you wanna get to know, cameras up no pictures though Looking for them broke niggas, [?] To respect my position gotta respect where a nigga came from [Hook] [Verse 3: Joe Budden] She know I like it when her hair curled, sun dress, little bit of make up on Turnpike, parkway, either way won't take us long Hit the club, 20 minutes, deuces either way I'm gone Be a fool if I stayed there with an ass bouncing in my favorite thong I came from nothing like my father was a deadbeat Wasn't for that I don't know if I'd say success is sweet Top of the world let's let how I sustain maintain my legacy Taking a bit of my soul but won't let it consume the rest of me Now let's get back to this paper though, every day, same shit Screaming RNS for life, some of y'all don't know that language Living for you, never for them, best way to explain it is I want the most because I had the least, that's why I'm on my game, biotch [Hook]

Fuck Sleep

KID INK "Almost Home"
[Verse 1: Kid Ink] Eyes wide open… We’ve been up all night, I ain’t even notice Fuck sleep… You know the money is the motive ’til the morning I be hungry every moment, man, a nigga gotta eat Cookin’ up, no Pyrex, it’s IMAX My weight up, you could check my biceps I’m puttin’ on for my team, holding me down like Maurice I ain’t in no hurry ’til we ain’t got no worries, so… Ain’t no rest for me now Look around, and I’ve got more bills than dad, Stunny’s child Everywhere that I go, you should know the motto My time is my money and I always need more, so [Hook] So fuck sleep… ‘Cause I’ve got a lot of bills And nobody gon’ pay ‘em but me (I keep my mind on my money, nigga, I don’t love these hoes) Fuck sleep… You could chill while I stack these bills Why you think these bitches love me? Fuck sleep… (Bitch you ain’t know, you ain’t know) (When you throw stuff, I was gettin’ money) (So fuck sleep…) Fuck sleep… [Verse 2: Kid Ink] Yep – I’ve got her legs wide open Late night, undercover freak, so you know it’s no sheets Then it’s back to the work Fuck 1st and the 15th, I’m tryna get paid Every week – and that’s the only way to be Work hard ’cause I need soft leather on the seats See the money’s all the talk, and the only thing I breathe Is that California kush, God blessed me like a sneeze I’ve gotta keep it real, but I’m living in a dream If you made it from the bottom Then you know just what I mean Everything on the other side ain’t always what it seems But I heard that it’s some green, so I gotta go and see [Hook] [Verse 3: Rico Love] In a matter of a week, I made 200 Gs Fuck niggas takin’ breaks – real niggas gotta eat I told my nigga Jah – when he get back on the streets I’mma drop a bag on him, but him right back on his feet Made millions off of beats, and the melody is sweet Keep my shades on ’cause I ain’t slumbered in weeks I’m dickin’ down a freak I’m bustin’ off like “Blocka! Blocka!” And sleep, I don’t need nada – champagne is my Viagra [Hook]

Keep It On The Low

Immature/Imx "Immature/Imx Greatest Hits"
Hey now ladies guess who's back LDB, Romeo, and Bat For the 99, it's phat stack Yo Ra-Ra about to rip the track You took my heart and ran with it Why you so damn scandalous? I found a chick who could handle this Bye-bye love cause I'm through with this Oh my God, what'd I do? I claimed up in your bed with you My best friend's girl, what a shame Why did you play these silly games? Try to put the blame on me I always knew you were a freak I seen you looking right away Girl you've got a bomb body 1 - I should've seen it coming when you stepped to me You're like my sis never thought it would be But there was something that you did when you looked at me That made me wanna get a little bit freaky Then I started thinking about my boy, he said What would he do if he knew? His homie was creeping with you 2 - Keep it on the low We never should've did it Yo girl, my best friend He can never know Get up and get your stuff girl, you must go Keep it on the low We never should've did it yo girl, my best friend He can never know, oh, oh, oh Oh no can't talk to you Take it to the stores what I can not do Gotta stop now, cause every night All of this stuff ain't worth the fight My homie comes first that's how it goes Can't keep dealing with you silly hoes Buying your stuff and playing the role Baby I don't need you, no, no Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Isn't that your curiosity Doesn't mean a thing to me As I reach for the sky There's no need for me to lie Cause my love for him is strong I must hold on Immature come on dance with me Romeo, Batman, LDB Everybody come on dance with me Yeah, come on, come on, dance with me Can't forget Chris B-Z Everybody in the house dance with me Everybody in the house dance with me Come on, come on, come on, come on Repeat 2 till end ¡¡


JAY ROCK "Follow Me Home"
[Intro - J Black:] They sell out, or buy in Put their lives on the line and call it grinding Without a second thought, now he's doing 5 or 10 Money talks, its murder for hire hear the sirens You smell the envy in the air, everything is fair This is war, street dreams are made, it's not a game [Verse 1 - Jay Rock:] Motivated by money, money is mesmerizing Many are murdered for it while mayhem is exercising Money is Morpheus, and might pay your mortgages Plus the morgue got some more of it That embalmment fluid merging through your muscles immortaless Philosophy rules, if your mustard is mean then your material views Will put a misery on the broke Majority manifests, a mission before they mope For math we do the most, observing the optimist, opposites do attract Operation for evil, its obvious for attack Obedience is a must but its hard to obey When your optics ain't saying no opportunities pay It might be over a dice game, might be over a new chain Might be over an old bitch, or you owe someone old change You open for open game, then open your ears It's not an option it's an order you get shit clear about money! [Hook - J Black:] The things people do for the money And you might just lose your soul And some will give their whole life For the money, yep for the money Will you give your whole life, for the money, for the money [Verse 2 - Jay Rock:] The negatives are normal when you knee deep When nice sins get stabbed with a knife in or shot with a nine The neediest the nosiest, they always trying to be friends And if you naive you should notice all the signs They known to turn naughty, might gain notoriety But your nemesis is lurking through the party No exceptions, no time to exit Your neighbours is near, now you hearing noises Say you got a death wish, everything is everything Well equity is evident, find yourself establishing Etablishment executives, street entrepreneurs Examined in they estimate, extracurricular drug activities the testament Taste the work, excellent, fiends excersing dope To the head estrogen, entertain I have a hope Intertwined with cut throats, enter when you please Keep your eyes open its easy to be deceived about money [Hook] Why the say money is the root of evil? Because when you got too much of it here comes the root and evil So tell me why money keeps you satisfied Do it keep food on your table, do it keep you hell-a fly? Why, why is money always on your mind? Because the less fortunate don't have money all the time Why money got niggas out there doing time? Cause snitches getting paid for police to drop dimes Why bitches set niggas up for the money? Pussy'll get you killed nigga don't think its funny Why niggas sell crack to they momma for the money? Money will have you snitching while your family be hungry And why envy a nigga who getting money When you got the same opportunity to get it dummy, yeah It's just a thought for your mental my nigga pay attention Get rich or die trying just know you can't take it with you I'm talking money! [Hook x2]

Bath Salt

ASAP MOB "Lord$ Never Worry"
[Intro] Ah, it's a plane, it's a bird, it's a zombie, hahaha [Verse 1: Meech] The highest high, I'm Ayatollah Rubber on my dick, allergic to baby strollers Blue dream, that amazing odor Ant is a pyrex I'm the coke and the baking soda Juice be the blue flame that create the whole thing Rap game, crack game, apparently the same thing If this was eighty-something I'd be in shell toes Gucci link fat rings ashy ass elbows Saving every penny trying to get up out this hell hole For my super-thugs, hustlin' up off the jail phone Life's a battle fool you better have your weapon drawn How could I be scared of death, bitch, I'm already gone Money on my mind, your bitch on my zipper Breaking up pound after pound, THC on every finger You gon' need a boost from God to get as high as me nigga Excuse me, I meant to say as high as we nigga [Bridge] Flatbush Zombie, A$AP Mobbin Hit a killswitch and put an end to any problem [Verse 2: Juice] Hash and weed, hash in a bong Got weed by the ton, got blow by the load If you wanna get throwed, A$AP Ant got the po-tion Three fly ass bitches with we Double-cupped them double D's Hi-high nigga, hi-high livin' Three young ass niggas running shit, no slippin' Gotta know the game, gotta know the lane, gotta know the pain No handouts, ain't shit easy Dark shades, on my Eazy-E Got bitches on my mini-me And you niggas in the rap game can't relate I'm real pimpin', no fornicating Fuck what you heard, I'm goin' ape Smokin Grape Ape, fuck your mixtape, that's a weed plate Zombie style A$AP, never mind these clowns I love brain, zombie style, never mind these clouds [Interlude: A$AP Ant] Juice pass me the weed, Meech where the acid at? A$AP Ant in this bitch, uh [Verse 3: A$AP Ant] I'm a demon triple beaming, painting pictures rapin' Mona Lisa Blood sheets, creepin for the panties With the collar danny's Killin bitches sniffin' panties Willy wonka candy semen Three niggas, one bitch, one clip One brain dead girl Off your mind leave your brains on your moms Razor blades dipped in bleach Tear your skin to pieces Dump the body in Tennessee Highway getaway OJ bronco Cap it baby drive em off the bridge Look into my eyes, vivid tears I see fear, ya'll some fuckin' queers Grow a fuckin' pair, I'm 'posed to be here 'Posed to be dead, overdosed on shrooms Let's cruise, drive by on site Ride like a bike, for my zombie homies kill tonight [Bridge] [Verse 3: A$AP Rocky] A$AP niggas we aliens Cold-blooded nigga, reptilian Acid, acid, ambiens Only fuck a bitch if she lesbian Trill niggas run the city, got the key on lock Juice got the juice, nigga Meech gon' pop Addie in the Caddy with the heat on cock When a Mac go (blakk) cuz the beef don't stop, nigga My name is, that pretty motherfucker From the land of the lost of the gully and the gutta See the Preds made a toast for the honey and the butter Only die for two things, that's my money and my mother, motherfucker! Niggas know my name, did I stutter? Niggas know me, man I keep it one hunna I'm a stunna Hood By Air for the summer Toast to the God and it cost nine hunna So-so ru-run up if you wanna Mac in the backpack, right by the Macbook And I rep that Harlem And my Zombie niggas straight out of Flatbush

Who Got Some Gangsta Shit

Snoop Doggy Dog
From Murder Was The Case soundtrack (Lil' Style) Nine in the mornin, feds at my door (my door) Lou Cortez creakin cross the hardwood floor (right) Dippin thru the alley I made my escape Didn't even get a chance to grab my Snoop Dogg tape Man with no music but happy he's free Bailin fast as I can bail down 19th Street I got my sacks in my pocket and at least a grand Gold on my knuckle, my pistol's closed in hand I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta from the LBC Remotely controlled by the bomb-ity But just livin in big city is a serious task Didn't know what the feds wanted, didn't have time to ask (Snoop Doggy Dogg) We're comin with that G shit, that C shit that makin niggas sick How does it feel to see a G from your clique? Wake up, jumped out of bed wit my grin on (why?) Last night's dice game got my win on About a G and a half is what I come with but twenty five G's is what I left with *?Teatley?* was the word I heard I went deep in my pockets and threw my stars on the cone Gimme the dice so I can break you niggas I threw a C (C-I-X) so my point was the biggie Seven-four-four-tre back to back I sent two fools back to their lizzack (Kurupt) See now I'm off to the graveyard shift and I gots ta pay my dues to make my grip But I chill cos my ho might call Ain't no thang cos I sleeps all day and slang when night fall And I takes a quick walk up the block with my Glock cocke, ready to make a stop where I set up shop on 59th and 8th Ave where all the homies be hangin That's where a nigga'll be slangin I'm makin a cool grip of shit, this ain't me so I put my chips together and cops a quarter ki And now the shops on deck and everything that's mines I protect with a Tek, I don't half step Now I got ends and I'm rollin a Lexus, fuck a Benz, and so many new friends But I could only trust a few and unawarely I trusted you But if only G (Snoop) It's Snoop, homies from the motherfuckin get-go Devoted and quotin, back in '84 I was thirteen, G was a year older but I still wadn't afraid to throw him from his shoulders Gettin good on the hood was the anticipation and yeah, King Park was the destination Every nigga that I knew was at the Park that night even the smokers that be levellin gettin sparked tonight (Lil' Style) Back on the streets, straight blue and grey cos I represent like every day Nigga you can't tell me I don't be on the spot when I can tell you all the homies that done get shot From at least about five years ago when I was in junior high goin to Marshall The homey use to come up to the school and rock and leave and have the bitches flockin his jock Damn them was the days of the past but since the Pizzound formed we been whippin people's ass And everybody a blast and if you don't believe me nigga you can axe the homey Daz And that's your ass Fucked around and let Young Swoop take your cash (ha ha) He didn't even run, he walked away (bust) cos I let it sit that day I wished I was there I would've clowned but that's why we axed your bitch ass from the Pound Cos he wouldn't even squad back Man we can't fuck with no niggas like that He'll get us all cracked If the police was behind us, he wouldn't even jump out with the strap Now that's what I call a beeyatch! (Beeiyitch!) I second the emotion you was dropped the clique (yeah yeah) (Snoop) Some of these nigga are bitches too And some of these niggas look just like you So if you've ever been *?toetone?* go out and get your roll on you punk ass nigga, you'll get stole on (Dat Nigga Daz) It's 5:30 in the mornin, now I'm yizzawnin Now as I perceive to get G to a tee And before I bail to school you know I blaze up a sack Another day, another dollar for the gangsta mack Bitch act like you know, show me some sex and affection and let me dial slow, flossin, tossin a bitch (bitch) Yeah Dogg, one more thing I forgot to mention Shoot five niggas, shoot ten Shoot the piece, slip to your fiends Seven, goddamn it, when it deal A '64 for the honeys, straight ho for the G Young Daz, little nigga you can't fuck with me (Snoop) Now I knew that them niggas couldn't get at you So what made them niggas try to spit at you Disrespect a gang that snitch on you Y'all punk ass niggas, man y'all some bitches too (Young Swoop) Who got some gangsta gangsta shit? (ha ha) Swoop G, I heard somebody's speakin up on you Cos when I drop mines there was no more nickels and dimes just quarters, ounces, half ounces and quota PC is the season and I don't smoke blunt It sees the indo with skunk, I might as well get drunk To smoke some stress, that shit'll put a hole in your chest I only want another twenty dollar, sure got me fucked up My hood is gettin hot and niggas is tryin ta plottin Come up off a young nigga, call his shots Swoop G ain't the one, I do its to be done (aah) Al-ways have my gun and my G from 2-1 It's Cerritos but you don't hear me though cos you don't really know about the you-know, I'm Cerritos, silly ho Swoop G by the fuckin L-B's-C None of these nigga wanna fuck with these (aah) Swoop G, Swoop G, G

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