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JOE BUDDEN lyrics - Joe Budden

Ma Ma Ma

Original and similar lyrics
[112 + (Joe)] 112! (Jump off!) Aww yeah (Uhh, y'know) [Verse One: Joe Budden] You wanna get right, boo, headlights, blue Don't no other mami give me head like you I get you in the club, sit right in the Rover y Now you ain't gotta pretend like you like the promoter We could lamp in the 5 with my hand on yo' thigh You goin to sleep thinkin that this can't be life Don't mistake my talkin modest Still put you in the wide bedroom with the walk-in closet Bay, riverboats, if you wanna see water Full length minks, get rid of that three-quarter Ex-man never had you feelin that fly Flat screens in the room with the ceiling that high When them other cats call you, you can turn your phone off New school your neck, take that herringbone off Stretch 'Vee playin Manhattan System old school, play 'em and had 'em We makin it happen, oh yeah [Chorus: 112] Turn this off for a minute We can do freaky things if you widdit We can be me and you, I know you feel it You can say, "La la-la la, la la la la" All you want, you can get it You can have all my time, let's spend it The way you do your thing, I can't forget it Got me screamin, "Ma ma-ma ma, ma ma ma ma" [Verse Two: Joe Budden] Look, I need a wife too, feed her ice, blue Got birds on the side, I don't treat 'em like you I don't let 'em play with the wheel and when the check come They already know they gotta pay for they meals Say I'm, comin at you with lines, think they lies Just because I don't match your compatible sign I'ma let the world see, other boos can't relate Let you walk in front, make the other dudes hate When I put it on you, you throw it right back (ha ha) Who else you know gon' poke it like that? And ma I'm gon' show you like that, you be hollerin "La la-la la, la la la la" - oh yeah, look Private party, it's just me, you and the new India.Arie, you won't be sorry Scoop it, we can do the all from Harley Y'all ask me hardly nah, I'm up to par [Chorus] [Verse Three: Joe Budden] Look forget my miss, no let's remind miss And I never let a clown disrespect my miss I need dat in my life, a G might cry But you the only one that ever get to see that side Look, my lady fresh, we ain't gotta rush We can take baby steps, that may be the best Hate to repeat myself, I know I already told you But mom's sayin what's good I'm tryin to know you If you been for lookin for the right one, well here he is Ready to take things a little mo' serious Ain't nervous no more, you heard it all before Are you a Fifth Ave miss, but you workin that velour? Stop, I'm tired of trickin, I'm tired of pigeons Need a house with acres to put my wife and kids in Chefs are good when they gettin right in the kitchen Babygirl that's the life we'd be livin, overstand somethin [Interlude: 112] Baby let me be with you more, hold you more Let me get the chance, I can show you more Let me get to know you more, I'll be screamin out "La la-la la, la la la la" If I could, wife you out, ride this out You're the only one I wouldn't ride without I could show you what this life's about I be screamin out, "Ma ma-ma ma, ma ma ma ma" [Chorus - repeat 2X w/ Joe Budden ad libs] [Joe Budden] This is the type of shit right here, listen You gotta go to the car wash on this one Hehe, you can't ride around dirty and dusty and shit If it just went yesterday, when you wake up Take it to the car wash Don't just get the exterior joint neither We need the-the-the works, the thirty dollar joint And we need to get the little tree to put up in the rearview So it's smellin nice and SEXY like when they get inside Ha ha! Ayy..

A Man On A Tractor

RODNEY ATKINS "If You're Going Through Hell"
I woke up the same way this morning Like a stranger in my own life Tired and confused with too much to do Nothing left for my kids and my wife Oh I clung to that first cup of coffee Praying god, won't you show me what's real Then out in the distance I saw through the window A man on a tractor with a dog in a field The dog walked just like it was smiling The man drove like the world was all right The tractor hummed on like a part of a song That you sing to your children at night His work was laid out there before him In rows of green, his whole life was revealed Oh what I wouldn't give if I could just live Like a man on a tractor with a dog in a field [Chorus:] Let me do what I'm doing Let me be where I am Let me find peace of mind On my own piece of land When I'm lost, help me to let go And find someway to feel Like a man on a tractor with a dog in a field There I was watching and wondering My wife came down and sat beside me She said. "it's not about living another man's life It's about seeing your own differently Oh this home that I love and my children What more could one man hope to yield Then she touched my face And said, "there's more than one way To be a man on a tractor with a dog in a field [repeat chorus]

Do You Know?

(feat. The Family) Then, there are the times in my life When I feel, trapped Feel there's, no way out No escape To be honest, I don't know where my life is goin Where I'll end up at I just don't know [Verse One: Puff Daddy] I looked back and saw the cat focus, took notice Stayed away from the bogus, til his rise began Phillies stacked his grand played the brokest til he seemed hopeless, soon to be the dopest, cat comin Track stunnin, fame singin, his name ringin Money starts to pile, honeys start to wild Top notch drop top make everything he drop hot He dream, visualize, plot and scheme Got the cream legally without the beam Witcha fire eye drive slow, 8-5-0 Jet black tint still, they might know Who the cat controllin the strings of rap and R&B Trapped inside of a movie starrin me, so far [Chorus: repeat 2X] Do you know where you're goin to Do you like the things that life is showing you Where are you going to Do you know [Verse Two: Puff Daddy] Shorty was brimmin, singin, hangin with cats who move bricks Heard she do backflips, for niggaz who stack chips Suck for dough, now she fuck for Bills up in Buffalo Real G's makin her back swell Only givin head to those niggaz who rapped well Owned a black cell, flip it, sippin on Whitman cool mints Rumors spread, half a G she took, six or more Two bagged up, four went raw Back of my mind countin up the big score Violators from the door, she lookin up from the floor Sore from all the pain her body couldn't ignore So far from pure, rotten to the core Either or, for sure, trapped inside the world of a whore [Chorus] [Verse Three: Puff Daddy] Hard to cope with, all these niggaz and dope whips with cash flow, motherfuckers that gotta flash gold to bag hoes, they not nice, 600 circle the block twice In they Roleys they rock ice, to get they hit on Bitches dyin to get on, suck a dick or get shit on Don't understand they playin wit it Players get these bitches open and let they man hit it Fuck that, you can trust that, if I had a gun I'd release slugs black and bust back See how these players love that, to the point where I can't take it, I'm a playa hater, I can't fake it I wanna spill myself, to feel the thrill myself And since I can't be a player, wanna kill myself, trust [Chorus w/ variations] I been on this road for a long time now At time it seems like the road is never gonna end On this road there's a lotta, hills and mountains Peaks and valleys Even a lot of potholes on this road It's never smooth, on the road of life I don't know where I'm going I just know where I wanna end up at [Chorus w/ variations] Lord can you help me get there Please let me get there [piano interlude, Chorus again]

Buddy Guy

Uhh, yeah Yeah, yeah Bronsolinio, yeah Aiyyo Stoned on the stoop, got the box pumpin' Billy Joel I'm Mickey Mantle while you motherfuckers semi-pro Neck to colon how a slice from the machete go Shoot your gun and throw confetti cause I'm ready ho! Look in my eyes, you can tell that I'm a stand-up Call me the teacher, wanna talk just put your hands up We eat the lamb, duck, goose, beef or chicken Two seater shiftin' with the smooth Cedar Strippin' My facial hair is light red just like a ball of fire Golden sound, blow the town, 'lo attire Brown haze leather swampy like the Everglades I'll switch a style so that I'm ready when the era change First pressed virgin oil from the Greek Border Spit the shit that have me laid up with the sheik's daughter Three quarter on the Bally jacket to the knee Lights flashin' when I'm rappin', tappin' tree That smoke lingers son it shine through the curtain Cracked pepper motherfucker I'm a grinder for certain So never in your life come with scared business here Fuck around never found bitch, disappear Time after time I'm a winner Seasoned in the barrel, harvest in the winter Far from a beginner, keep an extra cartridge in the denim Twisted off of Manischewitz, Harlem in a rental The hash candidate, kindly gorgeous 360 is the ways and the caesar's huggin' knotty flosses Never stop until we hoppin out of grimey Porsches One night shorty needin' over 9 abortions I'm the whole shit, one you wanna roll with When in canoe waving the ganja like a glow stick Number one, numero uno with the flow shit Your style is tired and limp just like an old dick Bitch Roman sculptures, all of my students hold a diploma Straight to the back, garage door, behold the Lotus Finest tuna right out the sea straight off the boat this Hurricane rap spit tap low, rock a toga Bronsonelli chef de cuisine I flex the two seam Inject the vein with marijuana I'm a true fiend Up-to-the-minute, all the weapons we invented That's hidden inside the rented, the window tinted ten the percentage Sacrificin' the lamb for the nutrition "Criminology 101" hard cover, newest edition Nuclear fission is heavy weighty top the division Lots of provisions collosal status stoppin' collisions Too beaucoup, fresher than a lake trout Barbecue the venison, pair it with a great stout Peace I'm out kid, a motherfucker pace out Every time I take that motherfuckin' weapon from my waist out

Redemption Rosary

BENZINO "Redemption"
(feat. Fatal Hussein, Kid Javi) [Benzino] Ima smoke until I'm fried Help me cope with the demons that I can't hide Intuition is a gift (nigga) If you think that a nigga did it Hit em in the chest and keep it movin' Or go sit your silly ass down Dont give me no excuses that you turned your little life around (naw) You were born into violence You weave pain, aint nuttin but a g thang Anyway, you better get him 'fore he get you (get you) Fuck around, fall asleep then he wet you Fuck around he call the feds then they get you And your bitch is gonna flip and forget you Drop to my knees, Lord I'm reachin out I'm ordain to the streets (Tell me whats it all about uh) Kill them niggas with the clout Eliminate these haters Ima deal with you later Man this shit got me fucked up (fucked up) Right up I gotta keep token (pass that shit) Conversatin with the devil Im on another level The evil thing that men do Off with your head if you fuckin with Benzino (fuckin with Benzino) [chorus] God I'm droppin to my knees (to my knees) My Rosaries in my hand And I'm screamin Lord please (Lord please) Gotta take the pain away (Gotta take the pain away) Will I live to see another day (another day) [verse 2] I was, boring in heaven, raised in hell Fightin demons off my back Attack and kill Chill When murder is an option Gotta take precaution I'm already known, the Lord has a plan But it's so damn hard bein honest man And I'm stuck in my ways So Ima blaze for life Give these streets some praise I know they raised me right (haha) Jesus Christ, if my life turns upside-down I'll sit beside you in your kingdom with your angels round Hear the sound of your choir All in my brain The streets is on fire They callin my name Even though they caused me so much pain (so much pain) They lace a thugged up on so much game (so much game) The agony in extacy People mad at me If Judas' is next to me End up in tragedy Fuck it Im destined to die young Im losin my religion Speakin in tounge Im on a one way trip to death Inhaling this pain like it's my last breath (so whats next) Ima kill you 'fore you kill me Fuckin with Hobby ya dead body Your bitch gonna feel me [chorus] God I'm droppin to my knees (to my knees) My Rosaries in my hand And I'm screamin Lord please (Lord please) Gotta take the pain away Will I live to see another day (another day) [Fatal Hussein] Hussein the don It's nothin I get there early Cuz I stay in the mix Could you imagine all the demons When you stay in the Bricks And every night I hear em talkin to me It's like I hear em when they call me in my sleep But I aint tryin ta feel em walkin to me Six million ways to die I choose the one, thats easiest to me So I choose the gun And if you choose the wrong one choice you better choose to run I had a soul of Makaveli When you lose a lung Take it from me I make niggas learn respect Disrespect hurt but pain is when I burn a tech And it aint nutttin like gettin ya head slittin ya wig And the fed find you buried with your bitch and her kids It was rough comin up nigga, I aint eatin You think Im tryin to turn the tables now, I aint beat Im finna do this, ride it out to the end Rest In Peace to my niggas Makaveli the don, Killa Kadafi [chorus 2x] God I'm droppin to my knees (to my knees) My Rosaries in my hand And I'm screamin Lord please (Lord Please) Rest In Peace Gotta take the pain away Will I live to see another day (another day) [Benzino - talkin'] No doubt, this one goin out to my brother Porky D Hold ya head Rest in peace Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Big Punisher, Big L, Freaky Tah

Friend Or Foe

Intro: I want you I got to have you But what will this lead to? Will it just be me and you? Tell me.... you know I want you Tell me how you feel.... Verse One: MJG I'll be obliged if you step outside because my ride is awaitin our date an of steak an a night cap we matin awakin by smells of perfume that I inhale and then tell how well we raise hell on the dizzell satin sheets heat from your feet keep me warm The mood is perfected by sounds from the storm You came stronger I lasted longer Than I've ever lasted your mouth was fantastic the fuck test you passed it the way you made a nigga laugh I had to getcha and when I saw that ass pass I had to hit cha ya makin me fight against my will What must I do? [Would ya kill for me?] Ya if my life in danger too [Even steal for me?] Ya if that shit belongs to you [Then feel for me?] Ya if the way you act is true Who knows fine clothes Lexus doors you'll be closin when you become one of the chosen hoes in different places different faces different cases got me tied like shoe laces no mistake this MJG you ain't gotta be constantly tryin to shoot that P claimin that you ain't heard of me keepin it real let me know how you feel when we communicate We'll be straight if you express your mind instead of referring away some who can't do it lose women but nigga like me used to it Space Age Pimpin' Chorus: New day, new age Every once in awhile this is how we slang our game New day, new age Nothin is too strong New day, new age when settin it out is all we straight to do New day, new age Just me and you, just me and you Verse Two: Eightball You and I, me and you situation gettin sticky your mouth is sayin no but your body's sayin stick me lick me don't be afraid of what your friends say rappers get dat ass then be outta here like yesterday but not tonight you look so tight it feels so right this indo got me pervin let's go hop in my Suburban and ride til we get to where you want to be no matter how far just call me Oball baby to me your the superstar ask me time and time again why did I choose you Do I wanna be your man or just misuse you I hear your partners dissin' when they think I ain't listenin' them hoes just be wishin they could be in yo position wit me in luxury I got to be everyday chief in hey would somethin stout wearin lingerie Let's hit the hotel get a suite an order somethin to eat tell me things about you I'll tell you things about me then out the blue I'll be carressin you undressin you You start doin all shit you said you'd never do lustin bustin all out of my boxer drawers fingers dripping slippin in an out in an out constantly tellin me the things you don't do Yet you do it like a pro and think I don't know but I do that's why I'm here wit you and you know this slip on the latex and dive in SWISH! Chorus Outro: Hey... please come back to me baby don't ya leave... [shhhh... don't do that] you know I want cha, you know I gotta have you... [Ya, I know but I got to go] I want cha please come back to me... [Damn, you makin it hard for a nigga to leave, don't do that] Don't cha leave, don't cha leave, don't cha leave [I got to go, I got to get up an go] I want you, I want you [I think I want this baby]

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