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JOE BUDDEN lyrics - Escape Route

Clothes On A Mannequin

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[Talking] Good Evening [clears throat] Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to welcome everybody Please take your seats Please be seated We have a great show lined up for everybody tonight Special guest in the house tonight Joe Budden, J.Garden Let's...GO [Hook] A wise man said we all wear a mask At times keepin it on is too much of a task Your face on the net, and your life's on blast It might slip off, you gotta give me a pass Sometimes I feel like a mannequin But how they dress me don't make me the man I am Not a rose dont hamper him They just lookin' at the clothes on a mannequin [Verse 1] Look, look, look I want the best cars and the best flow I want the best broads thats how that go I mean I want to be a star and collect dough But even if I had it all it'd be just for show I want the diamonds to make my neck glow (Yeah) Lust for the next hoe a love will never let go (Talk to 'em!) I want to run along from my shortcomings (BUT!) But I smoke so my breath gonna be short running (OHH!) I want to be in control, hands on If I'm the pilot then we will never land wrong (NEVER!) But I want to have faith, staying strong Take the first step when I ain't got a leg to stand on I got a lot to give but I want more With numb thoughts, positive but i'm unsure On the misplace, getaway and its disarray And yall don't know the man just what he put on display (OHH!) [Hook] [Verse 2] I'm too annoyed to cope, tryna make a livin Given I dont think that being a dope boy is dope Out of every story, only 2 end in glory Who am I to think I'm different than every hustler before me? If I took my anger, became a gangbanger I would aim to aim my anger at every stranger Shawty wanna leave, honestly I can't blame her Say the ones you love the most are always in the most danger I talk a little slower so you have to hear Dead man walkin, no tatted tears Or realest to ever do it, cavalier Hundred thousand dollar car, with rabbit ears I don't welcome change even if it help 'em gain Fuck a handout, I'd rather be self contained L.V everything, lookin' well arranged Y'all would never know that I'm practicing self restrain [Hook] [Verse 3] I been different, never mind I'm just indifferent Ain't an old timer that would blame it on a skin pigment Is it my imagination or a slim figment? Or is gent ignant, probably why im indignant Look at haters like 'why is it an issue?' Is it because I'm sober but I'm on a high they can't get to? God ?? fightin with his pride and his pitbull God I was lied as it get to Cursin' God out "why he decide to pick dude?" I big bulls but when I try its abyssmal Die and keepin everythin inside me a riddle But they blinded by the condo size and it's sick view Whys, try and answer the whys What good is havin eyes when everything you look at you despise? (can anybody hear me?) Or do you need ears when you dont believe anything you hear? Maybe it's just something in the air [Hook]

Ma, I Don't Love Her

Clipse "Lord Willin'"
[Pharell] I wanna love you girl Just wanna love you girl Please let me love you girl Just wanna love you girl C'mon, I wanna love you girl Just wanna love you girl Let me love you girl Let me... [Pusha T] When we met I was talkin' that game Parkin' that thang Since then between us A lot of things changed Now it's like the world got a whole different name I can't stop chics from sayin' my name Most of it's lies, If not, don't be surprised You knew I was ballin' when I met you But really, I started layin' low just to net you I'm raw as hell yet can't deny that you special These girls can't either Winter, his and her Vivas Summer, his and her Louie sneakers You don't think that bother people Guess again you even need to check your friends Sayin that I cheat Right, maybe with my heat Got a pearl handled chrome thing that I call Sweets I greet wit her, creep wit her, even eat wit her Late nights under my sheets, yeah I sleep with her But thats it Chorus: [Pusha T + Malice with Faith Evans] (Faith) Look Ma, I don't love her Don't listen to her words She tryin' to split us as lovebirds But that's not it Now you see me buyin' her whips and shit (No) You see me sendin' her on trips and shit (No) If the answers no don't forget (How's she know you then) I don't know [Malice] If I don't know I don't know, lets not go that road I don't know who she is, don't care who told Look stop flippin', no need to explode I seen the number in the pager, I don't know that code In the streets too much, c'mon, that's absurd Gettin' no complaints when I be flippin' them birds Your girls just talk 'bout this that and the third Believe half what you see none of what you heard You askin' me who's her I'm askin' who's mink fur With that rock on her hand makin' their eyes blurred Could that be you plus who cop every gem Who spend like I spend, then act like it then Got the dream home and we settled in it Our lives too perfect that's why they meddle in it Now, just chalk it up as just part of the game You know who I'm about, who got part of my name? Chorus [Faith] (Malice) Do you love me babe (Sho' you right) You thinkin' of me babe (Well atleast tonight) I bet you'd tell me anything (Yea thats right) Just to be with me (Yep and tonight's the night) (2X) [Malice] I'm not most men my heart truer than theirs Of course your girls hate, our whips newer than theirs We hardly fight, arguements way fewer than theirs Even down to the ice, look, bluer than theirs What they gonna tell us about us, Huh? What they talk 'bout without us, Huh? The envy got 'em speakin loosely Tell 'em walk in your shoes But first let 'em know they Gucci [Pusha T] And even if I did twist her I promise I didn't kiss her Won't shit touchy feely Grudge on the floor like Mister did to Celie No respect shown My homies laugh while she talk dirty on the speaker phone Now don't you start I spared your heart If you ain't see it I didn't do it Ain't I played my part? Bricks chics whips chips, that just go with the grind What else do you want from me, to say it, fine Chorus [Faith] (Malice) (*with Pharell's verse in background*) Do you love me babe (Sho' you right) You thinkin of me babe (Well atleast tonight) I bet you'd tell me anything (Yea thats right) Just to be with me (Yep and tonight's the night) (2X) [Faith singing] [Faith, Pusha T + Malice] That's not it

Outro (Dc-3) Thank You

You are my best friend, You've been right here through thick and thin You are my best friend, Gotten me through places i've been, You are my best friend, Through our situation, You've been my inspiration, My best friend, You're still here and I love you. Beyonce: I think you got angel wings hiding up under there somewhere, Michelle my bell, I don't know where we'd be if we never met you, girl, I love you, i thank you, you're such a blessing, I'm so grateful, I truly believe that the lord sent you to me and Kelly, Your smile and laughter always makes me happy, When i'm too serious and too intense, With a voice that beautiful you was heaven sent, My sister, My life couldn't be better, Doing what i love with my best friends and making Kelly, the most beautifulest girl in the world, You're my survivor, I admire you, You have no idea how special you are, Humble, talented and blessed you are, Sometimes I wish I could be more like you, Sometimes they don't wanna give your credit to you, wouldn't be a Destiny's Child if it wasn't for you, DC_3 forever, i'm thanking you. All: Lord thank you for your vision that we see down here on earth Thank you for your precious gifts, Your sweet precious gift of love Through everything... Can no one come between... Us three. Kelli: Michelle, Ain't it funny, God always knows what he's doing And he showed me some of that, When you came into me and B's life And just let us know, That we can count on you, And actually say with a relaxed heart, Together we are sisters, Your smile has so much meaning, So much life, You are the perfect fit, What more could we ask for? We got Michelle, Your voice is like water, Your voice is like rain But The world ain't ready for you, I love you and i will always be there for you Beyonce, we've come so far together, And it feels so good, That I have traveled half the road of life with an angel, Walking and learning and teaching you the whole time, God is so awesome, And i thank him for answering my prayers as a child, I never told you this but I prayed for a life-long friend as a child, And god just has his way of sending precious treasures, And i found mine, Everday our relationship gets stronger, And i love you for the: Loyal, unselfish, generous, gifted, Wise and beautiful person you are No-one, absolutely no-one can take that away from us. You are the definition of a true friend. All: B and Kelli, You two mean so much to me, Only god knew that this union was meant to be, Only god knew all the things we couldn't see, But if we pray together, We'll stay together, Michelle: Beyonce and kelly, You both have simplified, Coming from my eyes, What love is, Love is patient, Beyonce thats what you have been, Love is kind, Thats Kelly, Thats what you've shown It does not envy, It does not boast It is not pride, It is not rude, It is not self-seeking, It is not easily angered, It keeps no record of wrong, Love is not collide in evil, But rejoices with true It always protects, Always trusts, Always hopes, Always persaveres, First corinthians 13:4 through 7, Beyonce: Thank you, All: Meeting you was meant to be. ba da da da It's forever dc-3 ba da da da Meeting you was meant to be REPEAT TILL FADE

Pro Playas

(Welcome to Atlanta Beat) Jay Feilder hurt his hip hop cuz he hopped and got hit He's a quarterback with too much zip to get it picked He's so miami Just ask his grand-mommy He didn't want to play quarterback no mo' so he tried some oragami He's baby QB one of the best of the QBs Pocket QB, option QB, smoothies like Bob Cousy (who's he?) Home of travis Minor And restaurants like the Miami Diner And special korners with his dawg Ralph Kiner The cheerleaders are the best flappin their pom poms After Jay Z throws Chris C a long bomb bomb All got senior prom proms but Jay was big pimpin' mom got too excited and she told him to calm Miami's the truth like Paul Pierce Their D-line is straight gatorade, it's fierce I tried to tell you not to cut Trace Armstrong because he's ancient Without permission from Ricky Williams' agent From Jay Feild to Jay Will or J-Dub Rollin on a rookie contract and ridin on killa dubs Jay Will won't hesitate to shoot the pill And give the lonely chitown crowd a thrill The L's got to recognize, his moves are ill and he can flat out pay the Bill gettin' it done like Mr. Gates while watchin Tyson Chandler pump five pound weights You cats think you'll walk in and make the L just by sayin' Yo what Up I'm here Nazzzzzzzzzzzr Half of you ballers need a brazziere Makin the L is hard work You wanna know, ask Pat Burke it's not easy to go from the streets to gettin a seat on an NBA bench, makin the L is no easy feat So.. ya think you got the game to earn the fame Nas, you can't even score on the wizard of oz Think you'll make it big time without years of practice You'll end up left in the middle of Arizona with a cactus Arizona Iced T makes you pee an ounce So I'm gonna make like a ball and bounce

I'll Be The Other Woman

Gangsta Boo "Enquiring Minds"
(Gangsta Boo) To begin how it ended We lived happily ever after Me and her man (?) up the other woman Let's begin the chapter It was a very pretty day If I remember it was Easter I was chillin' with my girl She say somebody wants to meet ya It's all good, so how he look Then she pulled me out a picture Not to get explicit with ya But this man I got ta get him (here's his name and his number) Damn she tryin' to hook us up But it's cool, cause he look good Then I'm single so what the fuck (time has passed) It feel good to have this man of mine Spend his time to wine and dine On what he called divine I think I love him The only thing that bleedin' my heart All the pain and rain I feel baby When we apart When we apart I wonder do this boy Be cheatin' on me May be so Cause this crazy love to me Is too good to be true So Mrs. Lady Boo Is jus' gon cherish the time With my man the one that I believe is not only mine Chorus x1 I'll be the other woman (be the other woman) Just as long as I know (long as I know) That I'm the only other woman You give cash to I'll be the other woman (I'll be the other woman) But I got to know (She's got to know) That I'm the only other woman You give your cash to It's kinda crazy don't you think That I'm fallin' so quick I think my friend hooked me up With a player type trick That boy be spendin' all his cheese Like he got it like that I ain't the one complainin' Shorty scratches my back (But are you down) All the time I got love for you baby Count your money and your saddy Sippin' crissy with lady A trip to Paris (would be nice) I got you if you got me To live in exctasy Is what the both of us should try see But I'm creepin your front seat Never me cause your money Keepin' me on my two feet I'm independent can't you see Never tryin' to be rude But I'm the one you love to hate But I love you too I hate you so the point is even trade I need to thank my friend for hookin' us up So now it's me and you We Bonny and Clyde baby in this I thought you knew sweety I'm on a mission to the top Yes your darlin Boo His and her rolex's watch for our whole crew Chorus x2 I'm just carryin' on I forgot about your wife I recently answered your pager It was her, she called you twice (were you nice) Hell no, I still got some jealous in me Because we makin' love doesn't mean I don't got envy I wish that we be Somewhere on our own land Coutin' Benji's, talkin', chillin', makin' castles in sand Understand it's me and you Boy you don't need to play me I'm kinda crazy You check out my background daily (are you crazy lady) I'm trying to be real You tryin' to be fake You still got this broke callin' you (you must be crazy baby) But it's all good cause I'm a woman bout mine As long as you spendin' all your time with this lady Cause I'm the one I keep the tons of funs waitin' for ya When your wife be at home She just a hatin' ya, what a shame I be the one to blame when drama kicks off But I'm 'gon be the one to blame When i take her butt off Chorus...till fade

A Pict Song

Billy Bragg "William Bloke"
Rome never looks where she treads Always her heavy hooves fall On our stomachs, our hearts and our heads And Rome never hears when we bawl Her sentries pass on -- that is all And we gather behind them in hordes And plot to reconquer the Wall With only our tongues for our swords For we are the little folk -- we! Too little to love or to hate Leave us alone and you'll see That we can bring down the state Mistletoe killing an oak Rats gnawing cables in two Moths making holes in a cloak How they must love what they do! Yes -- and we little folk too We are as busy as they Working our works out of view Watch, and you'll see it some day No indeed! We are not strong But we know of Peoples that are Yes and we'll guide them along To smash and destroy you in war We shall be slaves just the same? Yes, we have always been slaves But you -- you will die of the shame And then we will dance on your graves We are the worm in the wood! We are the rot at the root! We are the taint in the blood! We are the thorn in the foot! Rudyard Kipling

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