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JOB FOR A COWBOY lyrics - Sun Eater

Encircled By Mirrors

Original and similar lyrics
We socialize in the moonless pit Of my own intelligence I'm suspended in space And encircled by mirrors Through my reflection Things are becoming clearer Apparently teeth Are beginning to germinate from the roots of my eyes I find myself wincing As they chew through my optic flesh Layers of teeth Dancing, waltzing Their way out of my now punctured face [2x] It's comical in retrospect I used to enjoy this Levitating notion of escape It's opening the gates To a newborn philosophy My deep seeded dementia embraced Layers of teeth Dancing, waltzing Their way out of my now punctured face [2x] My deep seeded dementia embraced [Solo] Hallucinogenic contemplations Have become my finest friend It's opening the gates To a newborn philosophy My deep seeded dementia embraced [2x]

Heavy Horses

JETHRO TULL "Heavy Horses"
Iron-clad feather-feet pounding the dust An October's day, towards evening Sweat embossed veins standing proud to the plough Salt on a deep chest seasoning Last of the line at an honest day's toil Turning the deep sod under Flint at the fetlock, chasing the bone Flies at the nostrils plunder. The Suffolk, the Clydesdale, the Percheron vie with the Shire on his feathers floating Hauling soft timber into the dusk to bed on a warm straw coating. Heavy Horses, move the land under me Behind the plough gliding --- slipping and sliding free Now you're down to the few And there's no work to do The tractor's on its way. Let me find you a filly for your proud stallion seed to keep the old line going. And we'll stand you abreast at the back of the wood behind the young trees growing To hide you from eyes that mock at your girth, and your eighteen hands at the shoulder And one day when the oil barons have all dripped dry and the nights are seen to draw colder They'll beg for your strength, your gentle power your noble grace and your bearing And you'll strain once again to the sound of the gulls in the wake of the deep plough, sharing. Standing like tanks on the brow of the hill Up into the cold wind facing In stiff battle harness, chained to the world Against the low sun racing Bring me a wheel of oaken wood A rein of polished leather A Heavy Horse and a tumbling sky Brewing heavy weather. Bring a song for the evening Clean brass to flash the dawn across these acres glistening like dew on a carpet lawn In these dark towns folk lie sleeping as the heavy horses thunder by to wake the dying city with the living horseman's cry At once the old hands quicken --- bring pick and wisp and curry comb --- thrill to the sound of all the heavy horses coming home.

Oh My God

JAY-Z "Kingdom Come"
[Verse One] Pops sped off Left Mom with a bundle of Joy ya boy Smack dab in the jungle Took tunnel vision But he would soon become a mogul But first he brought that crack back like a yo-yo Don't play with my yo-yo Loco niggas in the hood First niggas hating on me It's all good I'm buying things like my sh*t don't stink Gucci links and Gucci gooses Watching too many movies Bulletproof this Had some nerve Like pulling tooths When you sixteen, coming through roofless Yeah ya boy ruthless Like Ice Cube was Turn the whole city on I'm the new plug So if this is your first time hearing this You are about to experience someone so cold A journey seldom seen The American dream From the bottom to the top of the globe They call me HOV [Chorus] They gunning for me Wanna see me fall You know my story I been through it all Nights I felt like dying But I ain't crying What didn't kill me Made me strong as iron I am I am Oh my God, HOV [Verse Two] Now I'm knee-deep in the concrete Like the streets made of quicksand beyond deep I got a chemical romance, two left feet So now I dance with the devil, please GOD Save me from the black parade, release me My life like Grand Theft Auto PSP I'm in the Volvo puffing on the la la Ducking from the po-po Every time I drive by Say hi to the bad guy All my momma friends is like hmm hmm hmm Would you just look at him So sorry dear momma for your embarrassment Give me a couple years I pray I never sin again Got all these rival dealers trying to do me in And all these little rappers don't know how prepared for them I am. I am. I'm feeling like the world's against me Lord Call me crazy but strangely I love the odds [Chorus] [Verse Three] Now these baby ballers toy rappers Calling out my name to bring the boy backwards Shooting air balls at the basket What you call money I paid more in taxes I got crowned King down in Africa Down in Nigeria do you have any idea Sold out shows in Seoul Korea Jo-berg, Dublin, Tanzania Lunch with Mandela, dinner with Cavalli Still got time to give water out to everybody Everybody fall back Y'all rapping I'm reenacting CNN you see it's accurate ESPN see me in action Monday nights when the half ends When you ten years in holla back then

Get This Low

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Chorus: samples] "I'ma get deep like Jacques Cousteau" [ODB] "Jacques Cousteau could never get this low, ahh" [x3] [GZA] "And I'ma get mad deep like a threat!" [Verse 1] No where to go and I be flowing, try to flow and then before Back in the day when I was cool, I couldn't afford to be a guru On ya case like your lawyer, think you run, you mistaken Put all records to the side, and it's ya face I'm fuckin' breaking Awaken and await, and take the shit like amoebas I'm rollin' with stowin' Tim, gas rack, that's where the heaters We just wreckin', what the fuck was you expectin' from a minor Put a bullet through ya chest, and see who next to rap behind ya Straight up and down, y'all a sermon and blew it I half niggaz wildin', as if they smokin' a gallon of embalmin' fluid Drillin' and wanna be fit, like something shrimp on the barbie I do my dirt up in Philly, chill in the hills, where other gods guard me Thinkin' that's going thru my hood, like I chew it Comin' in with this other pussy, I smoke ya then rejuice ya Crucify ya, I fuckin' rhyme ya, now I'ma fuckin' shoot ya My bone is hard as stone, cause I got blowjob from Medusa [Chorus] [Verse 2] The beat addict, I'm crushin' MC's who cause static Pen tips the pad, I touch stars in the attic The dopest that wrote this, when suckas provoke this Now it's the time for perpetrators to quote this Rhyme that I wrote for heads to get loose to I blow up spots like snots in a tissue I dissed you, dismissed, but suckas persist to Bite my flow, so now you know -- That when I rip up a set, I get mad deep Don't sleep, or you and ya whole crew can get beat As I'm waxin', taxin', a dope reaction Bitches who front, get reduced like fractions So ya motherfuckin' flex to vex, whose next in line To recline, and steal my lines, so check it Now the man ya facin', ya rhymes I'm erasin' If you drip or get slipped, I convict like Perry Mason [Chorus x2] [Verse 3] Meet ya makers, ya fakers and immitators I'm greater cause I do my best work on paper Mad raps, raps the disaster from the masters Snatchin' up rappers, and takin' out actors He can test, skippin' yet, don't pass the limit You finished, so save the Die Hard image for Bruce Willis Ya raps are a joke, but I put dope from start Transform with the art, rippin' ya fuckin' mics apart This is the rawest of words of you ever heard My rap style superb, gettin' nursed in the curb It can't compete with the man when I freak it The crew will get beat quick, so stay in ya seat bitch Rhymes I wreck or perfect, and correct lyrically Too complex, who ya punks to step Yo, I be rhymin' hits whenever it's time to flip quick A writer's block non-stop, and I'ma get - [Chorus]

Deep Wide Ocean

What a simple want To be free of god A finger on your own creation Queen told me to eat of kerosene I must be real for the nation Shortie, go by Should you ever touch the sky There's no need to cry "deep wide ocean" Any more now You should know the score Of my hidden war I'm fighting on But it's all about you I follow in the space you travelled Your trail of heart unravels I pass the clearing you made For when happiness was Always So carry the sign Just a thimble in your eye And if they should ask How you knew me Oh Shortie, you won Something deeper has begun There's no need to cry deep wide ocean You're toeing a line Something real or something divine There's no need to choose Can be both of them To be right here, over there Think and feel softest hair You remind me of something yet to be lived Oh, baby, I can't complain For I love to watch you play No, I could not contain it for my eyes And a story Of many graces you told me And forever I will love you For all time Here I go yo, Rockin' solo I'll be around if you're low, though Call me Anna, Poly-anna

Under Branches

THE ASSOCIATION "The Association"
Where did the man go? Where is the hero? He'd like to see you Under branches, looking into a stream An ordinary day And the leaves seem to fall upside down They're making a crown For the man who wishes to stay Even though he is afraid Overlooking just what he is looking for An ordinary day And the sun seems to say welcome home You don't have to roam anymore Under branches, looking into a stream Never uncertain There's no one to blame Never uncertain I am a slave I could never tell if I loved her There was always more than another Every day I tried to arrest her Thought I was a cop, not a jester It doesn't matter Whether I'm right or wrong Begging your pardon I'll set ya free, so long Can I look at your beauty? [x3] As deep as I can see As deep as that may be

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