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JOAN OSBORNE lyrics - I'll Be Around

Bring Me Some Water

Original and similar lyrics
Tonight I feel so weak But all in love is fair I turn the other cheek And I feel the slap and the sting of the foul night air And I know you're only human And I haven't got talking room But tonight while I'm making excuses Some other woman is making love to you (chorus) Somebody bring me some water Can't you see I'm burning alive Can't you my baby's got another lover I don't know how I'm gonna survive Somebody bring me some water Can't you see it's out of control Baby's got my heart and my baby's got my mind But tonight the sweet Devil, sweet Devil's got my soul When will this aching pass When will this night be through I want to hear the breaking glass I only feel the steel of the red hot truth And I'd do anything to get it out of my mind I need some insanity that temporary kind Tell me how will I ever be the same When I know that woman is whispering your name (chorus) Oh, Devil's got my soul (chorus)

7 Years

Everlast "Forever Everlasting"
It's been seven years down the road I got no more tears in me left to flow When I did my baby wrong She left me lonely for so long Now I'm out here all alone Lord, won't you please bring my baby home CHORUS (X2) Lord, won't you please...bring my baby home Lord won't you please bring my baby home It go one for the treble Two for the bass Used to mess with this girl Way back in the day She was from the PJ's And she went both ways Yeah, the girl was a freak I used to call her Monique And before I even speak About knockin' the boots I say her name been changed to avoid lawsuits So now we gettin' down to the nitty of the gritty She brought her friend around And damn she was pretty Betty was twisted She said her number was listed They grabbed my love two fisted Hugged it and kissed it They say one in the hand Is worth two in the bush But when shove came to push Yo, I had my own theories World Series of love It's two on one Till I got caught with the smokin' gun His wife came home And she bursted in Now I'm lookin' for my heart Like I'm made from tin The road that I travel Ain't got yellow bricks My old woman jinxed That all men are pricks And she flipped the script She's puttin' lip to lip And every time I think about it I just lose my grip 'Cause I've been up And I've been down And I've been fast And I've been slow And I've been square And I've been round And I've been high And I've been low And I've been cool And I've been calm And I've been kind And I've been crass I held the whole world right in my palm I tried to spread it around But it sure went fast CHORUS Seven years sure have flown by I got no more tears and they are left to cry When I did my sugar bad I lost the best thing I ever had And now I'm out here on my own Lord, won't you please bring my baby home CHORUS (X2) Bring my baby home...

Go With Me

Go With Me (feat. Handsome Joe) [Chorus] Won't you go with me, I could take you places you wanna be ,I could take you there, take you every where, won't you show me baby that you now scared, I could take you there. [Verse 1] I swear you had me opened till the point of no return you thought I would've learn from the broken hearts that burn but this was diffrent I didnt throw myself to fast cause usually with that shit you know it'll never last, see I'm a lady, so I present myself with class I see my time, dont wanna get dipped and dashed, remember me boo I used to row with snaughty crew and had that attitude like, We'll body you, I was a baby than now I'm your lady frined, I wanna show you the new ways that I presence, see everything I hold don't show but if you wanna know than baby we could roll I'll show you all my diffrent floats, see I'm about this game, that's rising me to fame, and yet I choose you cause I don't really fuck with lames, Love to be your only dame and no matter what you see you never switch in lanes, who knows where this could go if you do feel the same. (Feel the same) (Feel the same) [Chorus] Won't you go with me, I could take you places you wanna be ,I could take you there, take you every where, won't you show me baby that you now scared, I could take you there. [Verse 2 - Handsome] mm, mm, mm Baby girl the best thing is just to let your feelings go, I wanna get to know you intellectually or maybe even sexually. Types of dreams but never came true look all you gotta do is open up boo and show me is you, you wanna be lonely and blue forget about a homie or two, Is only a few that could vibe with you, you see me I'm like a theif at the night I run the streets in the night and you, you like to stay home, but me I'm at the zone. Look trying to figure out, ma, what is all about huh, I'm still a cabron , I put that on my own look you could hold me down ma, I take you out of town I got chickz for that,SO you could be the one that has my only son, that growns to be a man, I put that on my right hand, I hope you understand, I'ma holla at you later girl, I promise you would great the world, now take ie home and think about it. [Chorus] Won't you go with me, I could take you places you wanna be ,I could take you there, take you every where, won't you show me baby that you now scared, I could take you there. [Verse 3] SO you never had a girl that's a precious as a pearl and at the same time whylin out against the world sexy and tough, yeah, I got that stuff yeah, you stick around long enough, woudl you see what's up, yeah, you gots to tell me soemthing about you, cause I'm hanging around here all on a good view, like can you be true blue your words you stick too, would you be the type to make me catch a quick flu, and if you catch a case I feel like sticking it thourgh, are you the kinda guy that's gonna take it through, are you the kinda guy that's gonna take me high and have me saying word like love and never lie, don't let that pass relation bullshit get in my eyes, you thinking we could rise, than baby we could rise and if you having worries push it all aside and if at the end it works out is all because we tried and if you looking for love, you know with me you find [Chorus] Won't you go with me, I could take you places you wanna be ,I could take you there, take you every where, won't you show me baby that you now scared, I could take you there.

It's Automatic

Chorus: It's automatic It's automatic It's automatic It's automatic Girl I can see right through your false defenses You act as if you can ignore the sound My force detectors tell me your pretending All of your systems are about to go down No need to panic, I know you feel it If you can stand it, just dance I'm your mechanic, I know you feel it This automatic romance Chorus I know the secrets to your circuitry girl To your diskette I have to access code Don't try to fight this electricity girl From all this power you might overload No need to panic, I know you feel it If you can stand it, just dance I'm your mechanic, I know you feel it This automatic romance Chorus Girl I can see right through your false defenses Before you know it, I will be in control My force detectors tell me your pretending Your force repellers can no longer hold No need to panic, I know you feel it If you can stand it, just dance I'm your mechanic, I know you feel it This automatic romance Chorus 2x It's automatic baby It's automatic I realize baby All the things you fantasize baby It's in your eyes baby So let your body rock Shake that thing I'll make you wet baby I'll make you sweat baby I'm your best bet baby So let your body rock I know you feel it, just dance I know you feel it, romance Chorus 2x I know you feel it, romance I know you feel it, just dance No need to panic, I know you feel it This automatic romance It's automatic, I know you feel it

Just Like Daddy

2PAC "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"
[Spoken:] Outlaw In This No doubt,Death Row, Makaveli You can call me daddy I'll be ya daddy JUST LIKE DADDY Foe tha ladies [Chorus] Come with me and tha time we bump, deticaite slow jams on tha radio, know ya happy I can feel ya passion lookin out foe ya just like daddy, come on, sun shine turn to rain,baby I can take away ya pain if ya trust me close ya eyes feel tha magic neva leave when ya need me I do ya just like daddy I met her when she was younger when her daddy died when she was younger her moms let her do what she please they said no one loved her her eyes shined love a dimaond and above tha kind that you can love Not yet touched with so much, potintial youngster let me got ya mental and to a place with a sourness of pain you'll never taste by God's grace you were born with that face nuthin but pure beauty so for an enternaity I feel it's my duty to be a SOULJAH dippin I got plans to mold ya and in tha coldest nights is when I hold ya like Iam supposta,as we roll closer I'll take your hand gladly, anything ya need ask me supporting my baby just like daddy [2PAC] You alveate tha stress spend time with you, I feel blessed When you gone feel tha pain so strong deep in my chest When i got arrested, came so close to goin to jail throwin blows at tha po pos breakin they nails screamin loud goin all out Damn I did You stayed locked down at moms house watchin tha kids, thru tha whole bid In tha V-I I seen ya daily When my fake homies try ta fuck you, you run and tell me that's why I stay commited, I thank God everytime I hit it hopin you'll forgive me for the times I bullshitted Me and you against the world we untouchable, screamin like ya dyin everytime I'am fuckin you ya never had a father or a family, but I'll be there no need to fear so much insanity and thru tha years I know ya gave me your heart and plus When I'am dirt broke and fucked up Ya still love me [Chours] (An Outlaw) Boo would ya die for me Down holdin my pistol, gettin high with mean sounds tougher than brisles fool when you cry I'll be ya tissue back in tha county writin letters how I miss you givin you credit, apoligetic how I dis you get you for thinkin like a mona and on a level and sometime daddy ready to wine ya and dilain for total and twine ya we right behind ya tru life just me and you no tellin what we could do (Another Outlaw) Gettin high between tha sheets Make tha shit right here discrete Puttin nikies on ya belly while we fuckin on tha beach I love it when ya nut up and grab me I feel for ya badly, baby girl just like daddy (A 3rd Outlaw) Shorty I lend my hand out ta help ya loss soul lookin for shelta, on tha late night accept ya treat ya good won't disrespect ya My age is young out of place bitch days is done From a trixy to a missy you know I raised ya hon Placed her under my wing Showed her how we swing Now she rollin blunts for her king 1 day labled thug Mrs tha essance of my ghetto sistas hugs and kisses that's just for me to be a father figure

Back 2 School

Man my daddy told me, boy when I was your age, I had to walk 13 miles to school I said, Oh, is that why you didn't graduate? CHORUS: Talkin' noise with all of my homeboys Then we go back to school, yeah (Her titties bigger than they were last summer, know what I'm sayin?) With a mouthful of beer and a noseful of weeeeeed You know I been act a fool, yeah Mama, (Mama), go to the University of Smoking Marijuana (What?) All of my friends go to USC, so I'm gonna tag along and hit the bong with them Walkin' through the masses, lookin' for my classes I can't concentrate on the teacher, surrounded by titties and asses Spend a lot of money on some brand new clothes Tryin' to impress these brand new hoes Laugh every time I have sex with a chick, Baby don't know I'm an ex-convict Walkin' round the campus with my 'fro and dick Every twenty seconds I'll be grabbin' my dick Full of alcohol at the football games Doin more drugs than my nigga Rich James My GPA's droppin' at a very fast rate It would take a miracle for me to graduate Maybe I won't, maybe I will Stressed out, poppin' pills in my Coupe Deville CHORUS How do I party (party) and still pass I hardly (hardly) ever go to class Got a golden eagle on my stolen Regal If you bought it from me, it's illegal 'Cause I'm Afroman, the educated crip On a rock cocaine scholarship Cook that crack until it's done I use that for my Negro college fund Broke minorities, sellin' dope to those bitches in sororities She's drinkin' one too many 40's She took her clothes off, now we're havin' orgys Baby I don't mean to act rude, But you told me you would never fuck a black dude Colt 45 must have got you in the mood, To eat a fat dick like sum soul food CHORUS Hey fellas, can I get jiggy with it? Hey check this shit out right here, Hey homeboy, don't stress, I got the answers to the test, My college professer smokes a lot of grass, She's gonna make sure we pass, That's how you pass trigonometry, Sell dope to your teacher, use niggernometry On the microphone, there's not a rapper bomb as me, And when the police pushin, nobody's calm as me Wait a minute, you know what's fucked up Black people in college act stuck up So self-concsious, and insecure, You wanna speak back, but you really ain't sure Look at me, what do you see? You see the OG you ashamed to be So fuck you, you pretty little rich frat boy, You can suck my dick just like that boy CHORUS I said honey, (honey), you got some sexy looks, You need money (money), to buy your textbooks Get it wet, and I can get it hard, We can slide your vaginal credit card Computer girl, come to my house and be my tutor girl, Before we study, can we smoke a little Buddha, girl? Raise your shirt, lick the nipples on your hooters, girl Open up your legs, baby your the girl Stick out your tongue and let me shoot it, girl You was playin with my floppy, then my hard drive downloaded, Down your thoat, and fuckin exploded Tell your prejudice dad and mom, To email their comments to suck my Afro's the bomb, blowin' up like Vietnam CHORUS(x2)

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