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JOAN BAEZ lyrics - Very Early Joan

Willie Moore

Original and similar lyrics
Willie Moore was a king, his age twenty-one, He courted a damsel fair; O, her eyes was as bright as the diamonds every night, And wavy black was her hair. He courted her both night and day, 'Til to marry they did agree; But when he came to get her parents consent, They said it could never be. She threw herself in Willie Moore's arms, As of time had done before; But little did he think when they parted that night, Sweet Anna he would see no more. It was about the tenth of May, The time I remember well; That very same night, her body disappeared In a way no tongue could tell. Sweet Annie was loved both far and near, Had friends most all around; And in a little brook before the cottage door, The body of sweet Anna was found. She was taken by her weeping friends, And carried to her parent's room, And there she was dressed in a gown of snowy white, And laid her in a lonely tomb. Her parents now are left all alone, One mourns while the other one weeps; And in a grassy mound before the cottage door, The body of sweet Anna still sleeps. (Willie Moore never spoke that anyone heard, And at length from his friends did part, And the last heard from him, he'd gone to Montreal, Where he died of a broken heart.) This song was composed in the flowery West By a man you may never have seen; O, I'll tell you his name, but it is not in full,

I Want You

LL COOL J "Radio"
[Intro: LL Cool J] Look girl, I'm not gonna sing cause I just don't do that [LL Cool J] I see you in between class when my mind does a task One glimpse of your eyes and my heart beats fast A mysterious fantasy, lovely young queen You're poll so subtle just like the magazine Come and visit my sister she's in the livin' room Eat doughnuts and milk, listen to a pop tune Used to be my baby-sitter, I want you for my women Without you girl, my life is bitter like a lemon I want you, I want you [LL Cool J] I day-dream of seeds girl when you pass by I wonder what the future holds for you and I I tell my friends favorite tales about me and you My total devotion for you is true See you get on the bus I trip as I get on My body gets warm but my mind is torn I admit you're the queen of elegant maybe I'm just another 'puppy love lucids' I will tell you straight up, not to load on a letter Opportunity knocks, I feel I just better dissapear out of sight, rejection is my fright to me you're like a drug-boy, easy red light I want you, I want you [LL Cool J] To weak or wreak I can't speak I'm messin' up in school Just to hear your name girl, it's makes me drool As you sing 'Full Settle' on the college choir My temperature level grows much higher Spent a night over my house with my sister and friends I wish you wouldn't treat me like I'm your cousin Your high-school year book under my pillow You walk by my window, I see your silhou-ette Candle light is what I desire But all I get to do is fix your flat tyre when you ring my bell, perfume I smell The aroma pierces through my heart-cell I tell you that my sisiter isn't here today You go away but I wish you'd stay Yes girl, I'm twistin' around your finger when you leave your perfume lingers I want you, I want you [LL Cool J] The clock tick-tocks as I lay in my bed It's visions of you circlin' through my head I sip lemon, Ice-T, read a magazine Wish we were involved in a sneaky love scene Saturday night it's time to party y'all But an unseen force has my back for the wall all eyes hit the door, red dress shines loud The moment has come, my fantasys' here now You sip Gin & Tonic with the double-hole straw Finally I get the nerve to by you one more The bar tender smirks, I whisper: 'he's a jerk' I'm wearin' leather pants and a thirty dollar shit Often usin' double mints, sit back, crack a smile Tryin' to act like y'all relaxed and not a child See I'm sixteen and you're in college Love is sweet, then please give me the knowledge I want you, I want you [LL Cool J] See it's easy to detect a line that's been said What you don't know is your the women I've wanted to get for years and now I'm here sweet dear Cool in the snow under a polar bear I light your cigarette with a Raphel lighter Your dress seems like it's gettin' tighter and tighter The ice cubes' melt, the heat is felt The cards' on the table and my deal is dealt I want you, I want you [LL Cool J] I had to subsequent my soul, cowardness kept a hold on me And the key was analysed on my role as a man To instigate romance not break down and cry when you ask for a dance Some fellas talk to her but she walks by She can only say no, it's not do or die like Bedstock, it's natures' way A sweet love story from LL Cool J I want you, I want you

Stroke Of Death

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Supreme Clientele"
(feat. RZA, Solomon's Child) [Solomon's Child (formerly known as Killa Bamz)] Yeah, Soloman marked for life, a million to life Thug for life, forever eyein the kid '89 stick-up kid, King of New York Regulation party, daddy hard body Rowdy Brighton God-body Smooth like a leather bop, '83 hip-hop Top of the world, get it rizzight Big to your wizzife, murder cats for the right prizzice Four-hundred and fifty-six on the dizzice This is real lizzife, ain't nothin sweet God Sit down and think it through God Cuz comin all outta ya face'll get ya clap God [Girl] You are now listening to the sounds of Supreme Clientele [Ghostface Killah] Step in to the party, it's me God Almighty, Ghost still holdin that shotty Dustin Alize', three-quarter Timbs Terry-cloth robes, crisp hundreds in the envelope Duke it on the globe, thank God for my Wallabee shoes They done saved me, up three-nothin and Salt Lake City Burgundy minks, whips with sinks in em Brocolli blown, illa disease breath, elephant skin Meet the black Boy George, dusted on my honeymoon Bitch like my wife, she popped my Ghostface balloon Bitches think that I'm Dominican, slap-hash Indian Milk on my mustache, drop to my chiny-chin Dive into dangerous parts, buildin with thirsty mammals White man scream, 'Swim Starks sharks!' [RZA] Smack the girl, bailbonds man stripped of eighteen bronz man Tall like Carl Malone 'Mailman', framed on Larry Johnson Tony Montana blow, creamy white Havana Joe's Old Suzanna hoe, pussy sweet, banana flow David Banner, gamma ray shots, beast will marinate Bones splitted fatal Wu swords, sour amputate Duck Savanna wait, we splashed the glass, ice rocks Our cash high right stock, our logo's on your rice box Plus your dice box, on the side upon your white socks Bobby got the mic cocked, BUCK BUCK, nice shot

Silly Love

10CC "10cc"
Hey toots, you put the life into living You brought a sigh into sight Ah hon, you make my legs turn to water You bring the stars out at night But they ain't half so bright As your eyes Gee whiz, you take the beauty out of beautiful You play the strings of my heart Oh babe, you take the wonder out of wonderful Oh my, oh my, and my, if you were mine The rain would turn to sweet sweet wine Well he's been up all night Breakin' his head in two to write A little sonnet for his chickadee But between you and me I think its sssssssssssilly. Silly Ooh treas, you got a smile like a Rembrandt Aha, you got the style of a queen Oh dear, you are the petal of a rosebud Next to you all the others could be weeds You're the only one my garden needs Ooh, you know the art of conversation Must be dying Ooh, when a romance depends on Cliches and toupees and threepes We're up to here with moonin' and junin' If you want to sound sincere - Don't rely on Crosby's croonin' - Take a little time Make up your own rhyme Don't rely on mine 'Cos it's sssssssssilly - silly - silly - silly

Visitation At Fort Horn

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "Greetings from Asbury Park"
Behind the walls, where heat lightning falls On five-starred map-faced princes The buffalo man shoots at tin cans Turns and shouts 'Children, blow your bridges' In death row halls, where dust men stall For time's an enemy and a friend At night, jackals crawl from the cracks in the walls The salvation is never spoken Morning sickness breaks the garrison gates The cavalry cries for treason The soldier strokes his pony And goes to shine the Captain's sword In this young boy's eyes lie reason But then the Sergeant burst in, says 'Captain, I caught a prisoner, Captain. A prisoner, what ho? The Captain looks up and says, 'Let her go.' 'But Captain, she commands the lightships that patrol the sea around the rainbow tips Whose bagpipes wail unbroken She haunts the night and the dawn and the light On her sounds and words, your cavalry's choking' The Captain says, 'Have no fear, boys, for what you hear Because danger can't be spoken' The war wind crackles and I hear the rustle of shackles From the stockade door bursts Merlin His eyes red and swollen, like they've been pushed into the sun His robe's aflame and burning He jumps a horse, tries to get away, but gets caught in his irons, Tangled in his irons, and he falls to the ground, his neck was broken His spirit rises high into the western sky The magician lies an empty token The sergeant walks over and kicks his body and says 'Captain, he's dead, uh, I think he's dead, uh, what should we do with him?' The Captain says, 'Hang him.' For those live moments on this earth are well-spent And I can see his body sure well-bent It's his magic that must be broken And now night cradles low The penniless weed plays raw filth in the Captain's corner With anvils spread wide, the Captain glides Each blow to scare her, not hurt her She spits with truth at the Captain's boots But he holds his rage suspended The Sergeant comes stinking of soldiers' gin And cries 'Captain, the storm, she blows unending' Whoa, and the lightning cracked And the sky was hacked by dagger rain It was torn, and the yard was charged into a raging sea And the Captain ran crazily For the first time in his life, in the Captain's heart, fear was born So the Captain storms out on the stoop Panics when he sees Merlin's hung body stretched by the neck Silhouetted on his door The sergeant screams 'Captain, look high, look to the sky Some whirling, swirling emission' The Captain falls to his knees, crying silent pleas Because he knows, he knows, And he thinks to himself, 'A magician'

When We Meet Again

G. Love And Special Sauce "Yeah, It's That Easy"
Springtime is here, and the wind from the south Blows strong and warm to clean out your house The sun has arisen and the lies that were told are Driven outside with the freezing cold I can remember a spring just like this I was 19 yrs. old Now the time is sorely missed The first year that I left my mother's house Out to make my way in this world somehow I can't believe how the times they have changed All the dreams that came true still seem so far away I remember the days sittin' on the front porch With the sun beatin' down in my neighborhood I'd sit out all night singin' songs to the moon Or try and get some sweet honey back to my bedroom My friends they were few but to me they were true All we was trying to do was just to make it through Always thought for the future, but we shouldn't have cared All the best things in life we shared them right there So to all those old friends God be with them I wish, I wish I could see you again In the same court of ball where it all started from Dig your plow so deep now the stars have all gone So wherever they shine may it be warm and bright Out to ease my mind on this worried night It all seems so simple and good tidings I send I'll never forget that one year that we spent

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