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JME lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
I'm Murking Murking Murking Murking Thanks Hold tight all the man dem in the place right now that wanna just skank Hold tight all the guys that think I got big overnight like Tom Hanks If you don't like JME then you can eternally underground plank Your whole booking fee probably won't fill up my petrol tank To book me nowadays cost more than all the champagne that you drank In your life I get withdrawal symptoms from barclays bank I'm Murking Murking Murking Pour me some apple juice cause man don't drink no champag-nee You'll see me rolling with a likkle short man like jack dee Big up all the goons who bought 96 Fuckries for 79p But I make G R I M E for the L O V to the E If I'm on set with OG's or Boy Better Know then it's on top The only reason them man are not skunking is cause they're in shock My flows more dangerous than a bottle with a broke top I'm Murking Murking Murking If you don't know what grime is then you must be 86 I sell music without a pop feature or naked chicks I break the rules I'll wake up a sleepwalker with a fly kick Everybody knows I came from the bottom but I'm not shit Yea sure you got a shank I hear that but I don't care about beef Everybody know I won't run from it from hank cause I'm not a chief Frisko come true and he take man out like wisdom teeth I'm Murking Murking Murking Get brave and run up your mouth get box like Tempz' hair Chat shit about Tempa T and get box like Temps was here KO I'll pay for the body to get clear Dun know he's got the shotgun there And I got the Santander I spend bags and bills And I take my accountant bags of bills You likkle wasteman spending bills on fags and pills Gears of war 3 I pick up the grenades and frag then kill I'm Murking Murking Murking They say you only use 10% of your brain well I use 6 If I was to use 10% man would start levitating shit So if you don't like my music I will send you into orbit Tony blair will be £50 overdrawn before I quit Even when I work with an acoustic artist I can never be whack Everybody totally loves mine and Ed Sheerans track Maybe cause ginger is an anagram of black I'm Murking Murking Murking Murking Murking Murking Thanks Hold tight all the man dem in the place right now that wanna just skank Hold tight all the man dem in the place right now that wanna just skank Hold tight all the ladies in the place right now with a swag leopard tiger dead £2 dress Swag! Murking

Get Out

'It's 8:05, this is Phillis in the office. The cat is out on the patio. If it jumps one more time, your butts are in the street. I am sick and tired of your activities, your cat, and your untruths with me. I'm going to call you tomorrow, when your home, and you better explain a lot of things to me because I'm sick and tired of your bull-shit. Good night.' My place is not a home It don't make no difference But I have found That I need a place to stay I never listen to what the landlord man say You should've seen all the flops in my house We were jumping on walls and kicking ceilins Now a days people listen to me, when I say Get Out! Hold me and don't let go It don't make no difference that your a ho 'Cause I need a place to stay And though disease was just the price I paid In days of old that how it used to be, oh yes indeed That girl is dead to me now and I say Get Out! One, two, three, four... (???) Giraffs and and elephants, fun for you Lemme bust a freestyle, there Fuck you, mate! I gotta bone to pick Don't sit, don't trip I'm gonna...(???)...Bert Suzanka's got my shrimp dip I get it, get it, get it, get it, all the time People wants to know the meaning of the word Sublime It's anarchist, man, it's the shit you missed We get the minute man loop and add a peni twist We know you mutha that this is the shit That you put in the box And say damn it's a hit And to all the radios and the TV shows Cause we don't kiss no ass or kick down free shows What you get is the kind no econo gang or cess with yellow lover on the d-r-u-m-s Let the lovin take a hold over me Let the lovin take a hold over me Follow me Long Beach possi' Cause all I see is your fussin' and fightin' 1992 so lets all start uniting Put your hands together be the best you can be Let this jam take us to 1993 Stay positive and the love will come back to me

On 9-11-01

G. Love And Special Sauce
Flags flown at half mast To remember all the lives past and gone Before their time had come From the hijackers crash Terrible blast The building collapsed and falls to the ground And who would have known So long and hard to make So easy to break Foundations quake to rock your world Planes exploding in the sky No one knows the reason why Makes me wanna cry How hard it is to protect yourself from head trans You can understand That occasion to destruction Is there all and there the flag No compressing A move and a miss Try to shake their hands While slicing your wrist And killers beyond comprehensions of minds Are cowards that burn up blood in the skys Blood in our eyes On 9 11 01 Planes exploding in the sky No one knows the reason why Jold my little baby tight Make me wanna cry Find a way to carry on New york city on lockdown Whole east coast on lockdown Hold your family close on lockdown The country mourns the day so many bright lights Young lives taken away forever and ever And no one can replace And how can I forget this day Planes exploding in the sky No one knows the reason why Hold my little baby tight Make me wanna cry Planes exploding in the sky On 9 11 01 Day the devils died To kill our loved ones Hold my little baby tight On 9 11 01 Make me wanna cry And find a way to carry on

Do Me Right

SALT 'N' PEPA "Brand New"
Cuz I need a man S'alright, yeah, oh [Deidra 'Spinderella' Roper:] Hold up, wait, let me get this straight You want your cake and eat it Brother, you can beat it, uh Unless you're willing to drown me in passion Romance the cat, better make it last (Forever) Ain't lookin' for no quickies Brothers be like Tricky Tryin' to get me, hit me, and run, but me I'm picky I like it sentimental Stimulate the mentals, I I like a gentle man, with a gentle hand I want the baby carriage And the marriage and the whole thing Diamond ring, treat you like a king I'll be your queen bee Better keep it real with me Or the be the ex-man, I'm with the next man [Chorus:] If you're lookin' for do you right Hold me tight lover I'll do anything you want me to do I need you to do me right Hold me tight, brother Baby, all I've got is all for you [Sandra 'Pepa' Denton:] You call yourself the best When you put hickeys on my chest Nevertheless, I'm not impressed, I want the rest I'm talkin' 'bout the quan baby, the vagabond I got it goin' on, that's right, that's how I see it So what you got the cheese Brother, I'm not pleased Want the striptease (Take it to another level, uh) You'll be a homely lover, friend, sexy pushin' my Benz Dividends stacked, you got it By the way, don't bother me Unless you are attracted to the God in me Pardon me to talk to, borish Shit is tired, and you'll be fired If you can't have one, can't have none son [Chorus] Call on me (Call on me) When you need me (When you need me) I need a man (I'll be your man) That can please me (Oh yeah) In the middle of the night (In the middle of the night) Hold me tight (Hold you tight) I'll do it right, if ya, bring me right [Cheryl 'Salt' James:] You put me onto the next level Fool don't be trippin' Your whip-appeal hit me in my heart, skippin' Your ways got me singing your praise with the next phase I count the days, you're so amazin', I'm cravin' your skills My temperature's blazin', show me how it feels, uh-huh I'm savin', my secret sauce for the course (That's right) You gotta hit me off with that God kinda love That work it out through the hard times kinda love You know how I broke it In the Lexus, the Benz coupe Yesterday, I should never leave you or deceive you Uh-huh, I wanna please you [Chorus (4x)]

Walk With It

JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
[Jay Electronica:] I'm out that third ward where they bussin heads Movin shakin hustlin scrambling buckin and duckin feds The corner stay hot as sonars with blood rushing (russian) red Down in the dirty we bout it and we ain't fuckin scared I got em shook from the jump cause I'm a solider these niggas is yellow I told you I'm out that magnolia mah nigga fo reala On the grind all the time woaday stackin that scrilla It's the south man we put the fuckin G in guerilla Talk slick and get chyo neck slit quick Cause uptown niggas don't play that shit And if you ready come get me Got a squad that's with me To blow the beef outta control like ja and fifty I'm the king the daddy ya heard the best around Linked up with lil flip man we tear this bitch down You know when them south boys is comin around Cause all you gon' hear is lay it down lay it down Walk walk with it [x4] Rock rock with it [x4] Shake shake with it [x4] Pop pop with it [x4] [Lil' Flip:] A lot of rap cats rap about jewels But that ain't rose gold that's fools Look at the shoes on the whip twenty-twos I still got a deal what about you I got liquor nigga you wanna drink? I go on shopping sprees you want a mink? I'm just kidding I ain't tricking for a hoe This how I'm living I ain't hurting for no dough I push tight whips just like percy I always rock custom jerseys My new shit about to drop on you niggas Just call me hoe, when you not witcha nigga [Jay Electronica:] Now heres a little story I got to tell About a fresh young nigga ya know so well It started way back, in history In that third ward magnolia the U-P-T I was born in seventy six and raised in the eighties Pops left when I was six I was raised by ladies Son of Marilyn brother of Fal I grew up one block over from the cell [?] T-I told me to be easy but I'm hungry as fuck I want a house on the hill and some blow in the truck Now I'm up in the club playa settin it off With a mic in my palm tight lettin it off Shorty, smilin she say I'm spec-tacular She wanna bite on my neck like dracula She said she wanna show me something good after the show Whatever ma, but for now get yo ass on the floor

Brace Yo Self

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Medicine Bag"
You cant fuck with us, nope not gunna happen and you can spend your whole life rappin BITCH! we on a higher level, a bigger plateua way above lookin down on them weak hoes we got the game locked ain't nobody comin through no ones around to hold us down even if they wanted to, so take a step back (move aside out the way) the underground is comin through the family is here to stay. Its time to recenize really whats infront of you, paranormal music with a rhythm you can boogie to. given you hot flashes, makin your body shake felling the bass between your toes like you in an earthquake. so keep your head bangin we know you like it rough, I feel the same sometimes I cant get enough that's how we do undinably the hardest. and garented to life to go the farthest. [Chorus] BRACE YO SELF and hold tight because tonight is gunna be a long ride. NO ONE ELSE can do this like us because they mind ain't right. All I KNOW is when it comes to the hatchet we attach it. AND THAT'S FHO SHO. cause its impossible to fuck with psychopathic. (WHOOP WHOOP) Heads Cracken when we rappen. brains melt and leak out, bout to fucken freak out, and put a bullet in your mouth. down south up north from the east to the west, be some downest mother fuckers that'll put you to rest, for me, cut, bleed, and die so very slowly, leave your body holey, cut my initials so you know me, homie, ABK and AMB Representing family that's the way its gunna be droppen haters rapidly. Yo Yo Brace your self Brake yourself take the 9 millimeter and erase your self try save yo self from the tribe called crazy AMB and ABK we fade your face peice, chop a little out of the top of your shoulder, take the engine out of a lawn mower, make an explosive, put it under your front seat for fucken with ottis... don't act like a never told ya.. to brace yo self. [Chorus] Brace yo self and hold on tight if I were you I would not let go. you cross that line into are are domain now we have to kill you slow..ain't no exscapeing there's no way out now you belong to us. Now your exposed to the underground so you can see who not to trust! Psychopathic automatic fresh shit on the mind. ain't nobody cut this we stay hardest from the grin Brace yo self cause when we hit your dome its goen Splat! better be ready for the attack. with an axe, hatchet, or gat You can never stop are face in with the boots I wear id be surprised if they fit and I'm a size 10 playa, industries your name is chump change, you ain't worth shit! Your whole life is just a joke like a comedy bit Right Right 7 inches worth the butcher knife stuck inside your hooker wife just cause she was lookin right everytime we do a show I take the show and take a life. Brace yo self and say goodnight underground scrub life BITCH We axe murdering the industries and killing anybody hiden in the ally creepen through there lobbys red and black we at war and we ready to fight. so you better brace yo self and hold on tight! [Chorus]

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