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JIN lyrics - The Rest Is History

Same Cry

Original and similar lyrics
We May Look Different But We See The Same Sky We may see different But we cry the same cry To wake up daily, And sleep better nights, Thats what we all wish for to seek a better life, right? It's unfortunate, when tragedys strike, But the truth is reality bites, June 4th 89, a day residents fear Now known as The Massacre At Tiananmen Square The day I turned seven they were mourning and grieving Thousands of innocents die for what they believed in Come with nothing but heart and a point to prove Stood infront of tanks and refused to move What Would You Do? Run or stand still whens your lifes on the line To test a mans will Seeking change and they found but in death Strangers yet they were my blood and flesh This happened in China, But you ain't gotta be asian to relate To the struggle, pain and hard aches [Chorus:] You'll never know, You'll never get it, There is no choice, We can't forget it We look up We see the same sky We look up We cry the very same cry See, I'm a grown man It hurts when I turn on the news And see thats going on in my homeland This SARS epidemic, could've been lives Could've stand for Should Asians Really Survive They'll try anything to break your family apart Politics could break down the manliest heart Can the child within my heart rise above If theres a billion of us I shouldn't have to look for love Overpopulation, but damn just to meet the needs Its illegal to have more than one seed How can you dictate birth regardless the women And the parents they make the hardest decisions Sons keep their family names so thats not an option Imagine having to put your daughter up for adoption And even though its beyond your control Keep your head up heres a sond for your soul [Chorus] If you don't know where you came from You can't get the way your trying to go Theres ain't denying so, its true I got some big shoes to fill But If I don't lead the movement, then who will Stuck between a rock and a hard place Thinking about the refugees that went to see god's place 16,000 miles across the ocean tides Some died, some got lucky and survived I wouldn't call it luck, they reached their destination Modern day slavery without the plantation Them sneakers on your feet cost $100 a pop My peoples making 15 cents a day in sweatshops To make them kicks, so you can look good. Think we open restaurants cause we cook good? Hell No, we ain't got no choice I gotta speak up, without me my people have no voice [Chorus x2]

Postcards Remix

Oh darling I miss you And boy is it hard The thought of you leaving Is breaking my heart New York, New York, temperature's droppin' The band's out shoppin', not stoppin' 'til ears pop Cops protect shops, lots of yellow cabs and bellhops And it never stops I'm waitin' to do an interview, So much to tell you Today I feel close enough to smell you Additional dates they were plannin' just fell through Florida's out, we fly September 22 to Heathrow So there's not really long to go Tonight will be a brilliant show Lettin' you know I miss you More than four hits the floor at a party Send my love to everybody Please, send my love to everybody (everybody everybody everybody...) Send my love to everybody (everybody everybody everybody...) Oh darling I miss you And boy is it hard The thought of you leaving Is breaking my heart Honey, I'm writin' from D.C., feelin' queasy Stayin' healthy on the road isn't easy The TM recommend Sanatogen Not one of them could resist takin' the I miss you like a lock in the door what's more I go to sleep with my Walkman 'cos half the crew snore Don't mean to be a bore, everybody's been great But there's fifteen of us in a bus state-to-state So I stay up late with a tape or meditate My bed is travellin' at fifty-five m.p.h When we make it to L.A., I'll still be miles away It's not my best day I'm gonna get some rest God bless Oh darling I miss you And boy is it hard The thought of you leaving Is breaking my heart If these walls can't hold you My house will be dark If these walls can't hold you My house will be dark Oh darling I miss you My house will be dark Oh darling without you My house will be dark Oh darling I miss you


BUSH "Golden State"
skies ripped open by the sun daylight comes but not soon enough speed down your track in search of you strapped to the back of what we do over to you to make it work ages have changed i'd rather starve than fake alive lost to the cities of the night lost in the world to make it right [chorus] heart break hreat-break and novocain whoa help the pain i'm out of control i'm a hurricane hitting it hard, i'm broken down i'm out of control, i'm in a hurricane win some ground but lose you it's never explained how to make it through no rope, no cash no serpentine our love, building on a bonfire [chorus] good to see you follow good to see you come again [chorus] (all these miles of water)

The Last Day Of June 1934

AL STEWART "Past, Present & Future"
The morning is humming, it's a quarter past nine I should be working down in the vines But I'm lying here with a good friend of mine Watching the sun in her hair I pick the grapes from the hills to the sea The fields of France are a home to me Ah, but today lying here is a good place to be I can't go anywhere But as we slip in and out of embrace Like some old and familiar place Reflecting all of my dreams in her face like before On the last day of June 1934 Just out of Cambridge in a narrow country lane A bottle-green Bentley in the driving rain Slips and skids round a corner, then pulls straight again Heads up the drive to the door The lights of the party shine over the fields Where lovers and dancers watch catherine wheels And argue realities digging their heels In a world that's finished with war And a lost wind of summer blows into the streets Past the tramps in the alleyways, the rich in silk sheets And Europe lies sleeping, you feel her heartbeats through the floor On the last day of June 19... On the night that Ernst Roehm died voices rang out In the rolling Bavarian hills And swept through the cities and danced in the gutters Grown strong like the joining of wills Oh echoed away like a roar in the distance In moonlight carved out of steel Singing "All the lonely, so long and so long You don't know how I long, how I long You can't hold me, I'm strong now I'm strong Stronger than your law" I sit here now by the banks of the Rhine Dipping my feet in the cold stream of time And I know I'm a dreamer, I know I'm out of line With the people I see everywhere The couples pass by me, they're looking so good Their arms round each other, they head for the woods They don't care who Ernst Roehm was, no reason they should Just a shadow that hangs in the air But I thought I saw him cross over the hill With a whole ghostly army of men at his heel And struck in the moment it seemed to be real like before On the last day of June 1934

One Day

FABOLOUS "Ghetto Fabolous"
[Fabolous humming to the beat] It's easy to look at my life and don't see no pain I remember takin 3, 4 trains to re cocaine Standing in the lobby during sleet, snow, rain Waiting for fiends with a pint of beef lomain Breaking day on the grind, I used to be so drained But ain't a Saturday I wasn't up to see Soul Train Sometimes I ain't see no gain cause I was runnin to Ralphies everytime my trees showed stains I was lucky I ain't seized or maim Get shot or stuck up standin at them C-Lo games But now shit with these skios changed I ain't know why the fuck they used to look at me so strange Glanced at my neck and didn't see no chain Be saying 'That's nasty', wouldn't give me no brain Ya'll surprised F-A-B-O's sane In my rolla life, I done jumped in and out of 3, 4 lanes I'm still here [Chorus] My moma used to tell me 'Son, you're gonna make it one day, it'll happen' Who knew I'd have what it takes, to be famous and one day I'd be rappin - no My papa used to ask me 'Son, are you prepared Cause one day it could happen' I dreamed about this game, but who would of believed that one day I'd be trapped in - no I just want some peace of mind Nigga's will risk havin cuffs on their wrists for this masterpiece on mine Know that I'm a squeeze until the top of my piece recline I can't see myself in back of a Caprice confined But on a small island, too far for police to find With girls who look 'Rican and Guyanese combined I gotta make sure my niece is fine She get every doll for Christmas, new Jordans at Easter-Time Some be like 'At least you signed' But that just make is easy to get pointed out at precinct lines All ya'll can see if every piece be dime And I be gettin Nikes before they even get released sometime Youngsters, don't let these videos geese your mind It ain't cool to end up deceased for shine And if you can't get the whole pot, just take a piece and grind Hold your head, your stress will cease in time [Chorus] Sometimes I wish I could go way back when I could walk thru and ain't nobody know Jay Jackson Everything was OK back then Now everybody playin a cool role and I know they actin I gotta go back through my ol' way packin These wolves know my jewels is filled with O shade Jacksons I don't care as long as my dough stay stackin But these niggas with me be eager to show they Mack 10s And I'm the one the PO's stay trackin Plus I got all these ducks around the ol' way quackin These hoes may crack grins but I swear to God I won't never take O.J's actions If I would've let this flow stay packed in I'd probably be with Nick and 'Rome, spending my whole day shacked in For now I just roll on those eight Jacksons till Clue and Duro brings those gray plaques in Yeah [Chorus] One day it'll happen That One day I'd be rappin No One day it could happen One day I'd be trapped in No


Verse One: Big Boi Well it's the M - I - crooked letter, ain't no one better And when I'm on the microphone you best to wear your sweater Cause I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenails Oh hell, there he go again talkin that shit Bend, corner's like I was a curve, I struck a nerve And now you bout to see this Southern playa serve I heard it's not where you're from but where you pay rent Then I heard it's not what you make but how much you spent you got me bent like elbows, amongst other things, nut I'm not worried Cause when we step up in the party, like I'm out-you-scurry So go get your fuckin' shine box, and your sack of nickles It tickles to see you try to be like Mr. Pickles Daddy fat sacks, B-I-G B-O-I It's that same motherfucka that took them knuckles to your eye And I try, to warn you not to test but you don't listen Givin the shout out to my Uncle Donnel locked up in prison Chorus: Andre (repeat 2X) Now throw your hands in the air And wave 'em like you just don't care And if you like fish and grits and all that pimp shit Then everybody say O-Yea-yer Verse Two: Andre Now, my oral demonstration be like clitoral stimulation to the female gender, ain't nothin better Let me know when it's wet enough to enter If not I'll wait, because the future of the world depends on Therefore, if not the child we raise gon' have that nigga syndrome Or will it know to be the hard regardless of the skintone I really feel that if we tune it, it just might get picked on Or will it give a fuck about what others say and get gone The alienators cause we different keep your hands to the sky Like Sounds of Blackness when I practice what a preach ain't no lie I'll be the baker and the maker of the piece of my pie Now breaker, breaker 10-4 can I get some reply? Now everybody say... Chorus Verse Three: Big Boi, Andre Everyday I sit while my nigga be in school Thinkin about the second album at the Dungeon shootin pool Like E-S to the P-N, cuz we adjust to the beat in the zone (zone) Honey I'm home but I'm not married Carried a lot of problems around being fustrated And now I'm sittin at the end of the month I just made it Like you made the B team And like the daddy's wife you makin the coffee You heard the A-T-L-iens So back the hell up off me Softly as if I played piano in the dark Found a way to channel my anger not to embark The world's a stage and everybody's got to play their part God works in mysterious ways so when he starts the job of speakin through us we be so sincere with this here No drugs or alcohol so I can get the signal clear as day Put my glock away I got a stronger weapon that never runs out of ammunition so I'm ready for war okay Chorus

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