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JIMMY WAYNE lyrics - Jimmy Wayne

After You

Original and similar lyrics
This old four-way stop I've been here a lot More times than I can count Right goes to Mama's place Left to the interstate Straight ahead goes straight through town It's good to be back home I waited way too long A part of my heart has never been gone CHORUS: 'Cause I'm not one bit closer to being over you It's almost like the hands of time haven't moved 'Cause everywhere I look I see your memory Hanging round They ought to name this town after you There's where we used to park The night my truck wouldn't start We gave into love the very first time There's where you said you'd wait Till I came back someday Too many some days slipped on by That's where you live now Elm Street, second house I can't blame you girl for settlin' down CHORUS You, after you Things will never be the same But then again after you Everything is still the same CHORUS

Not Enough Love In The World

CHER "It's A Man's World"
Sometimes I wonder where it is loves goes I don't know if even Heaven knows But I know we had dreams That didn't quite come true And now I'm not the one, Little boy, who's keeping you CHORUS: I was either standing in your shadow Or blocking your light Though I kept on trying I could not make it right For this girl There's not enough love in the world I know people hurt you so bad They don't know the damage They can do, and it makes me so sad How we knock each other down Just like children on a playground Even after that o' sun went down Chorus Oh darling this is still a shady little town And sometimes it's so hard to smile For the world, for the camera And still you have something left You don't have to prove nothing to nobody Just take good care of yourself I'm not easy to live with I know that it's true You're no picnic either, baby And that's one of the things I loved about you But a time will come around When we need to settle down Got to get off this merry-go-round Chorus

Honey I'm A Big Boy Now

Billy Bragg "Talking With The Taxman About"
I can see the kitchen light From the road where I park my bike But it's dark there as it often is these days And the gloomy living room Really needs a dust and a broom But I can't brush your memory away Her father was an admiral In someone else's navy And she had seen the World before I met her She would wash and cook and clean And all the other things between And like a fool I just sat there and let her CHORUS: Now I can feed and wash and dress myself And I can sleep without the light on Honey, I'm a big boy now I don't know what she does With all the money that I sent her She's running round the town with the Young Pretender I haven't touched the garden Since the day she walked away From a love affair that bore only bitter fruit She took everything she wanted Which is why she left me here With these pots and pans and my old wedding suit A letter came one morning That she would not let me see And from that day I began to realise That she would one day break The home we tried to make For sinners cannot live in paradise

So Long

Kinks "Kinda Kinks"
So long, so long Now I'm on my way So long, so long See you all some day Don't know where I'm heading for Turn my back and walk away Don't think about what's left behind Otherwise Think about the good times Think about the people you love Think about the sun that is gone And there ain't no use me talking 'bout the things we used to do So long, so long I'm better by myself So long, so long Don't need nobody else If I fade from people's hearts I'm glad I left them far behind There's one thing that holds me still I'm thinkin' The memory of your kiss The memory of your sweet caress The memory of you love that is gone And there ain't no use me talking 'bout the things we used to do So long, so long Got no time for tears So long, so long Got music in my ears Got no time for Muswell town Gonna look around now My old town was good to me But oh... Guess I'll say so long now Don't even say a word I'll turn my back and walk away, but oh... The day that I've seen everything I promise to return So long, so long Now I'm on my way So long, so long See you all some day So long, so long Now I'm on my way So long, so long

I Love Her

Eddy Arnold "Welcome to My World"
(Gene Dobbins - Jean Whitehead) The mansion that I've promised her Is still a dream somewhere back in my mind Someday she's gonna have it if I live that long If God give me the time. Although I haven't given her The things she might have gotten from another Oh, never once till she complains Her faith in me remains the same and I love her. The day when our first baby came We both cried and felt the pain together I passed around the cheap cigars And braged a lot about our newborn daughter. Now she's growing up and she's a Sweet and loving image of her mother Who gives me strenght to make each day And says I know you'll find the way, and I love her. When the world is walked away She's the one who always stays beside me Giving all the love she can Reaching out with gentle hands to guide me. In another month or two We hope to give our little girl a brother Without her I could never be the kind of man She sees in me and I love her. And I love her...

Not On Your Love

Carson Jeff "Jeff Carson"
We both said some things, we don't really mean, Sometimes love can be like that, Right now, they hurt, But they're only words, they're nothing we can't take back, But every time we don't see eye to eye, You worry I might say goodbye, CHORUS: Not on your love, not in this life, Could I ever leave, I wouldn't think twice, Of letting you go, by now you should know, I need you too much, Not on your love, no way in this world, Could I ever live without you girl, When times get tough, I'm not giving up, Not on your love. When we started out, we made a vow, Not to sleep till we settled the fight, And there have been times, we've seen the sun rise, But it always worked out alright, Even in the darkest dark before dawn, I've never thought of moving on, CHORUS When times get tough, I'm not giving up, Not on your love.

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