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JIMMY FALLON lyrics - The Bathroom Wall

Troll Doll Celebrities

Original and similar lyrics
(Jimmy Fallon with a British accent) Hello. Hello my name is Jimmy Fallon, and welcome to the auditions for Troll Productions Inc. Remember, we're looking for a star or celebrity to sponsor our new line of trolls dolls, in our new series of commercials. So thanks for coming. Let's just start the auditions, uh, first up, Mr. John Travolta. (Jimmy Fallon as John Travolta) She's like, I swear to God, I mean I can't believe you guys are trying to sell these things, right. I mean like, who does his hair? I mean like, his hair's so frizzy. I mean like, you guys can probably get some, like, anti-friz shampoo or something, right? I mean, I don't know how you guys expect to sell these things looking so weird, right? (His laugh from Grease.) A-huh-huh. (Jimmy Fallon with British accent) Thank you, uh, next up, Cliff Calvin, the mailman from Cheers? (Jimmy Fallon as Cliff Clavin) Hey, thanks a lot to ya buddy. I was talking with Marty about these dolls. Turns out, the uh, turns out the actual midget trolls were made in the 1300's, by, uh, Indian chiefs looking for a story to keep their children occupied. These trolls are nice, but i'd rather be having a beer with Normy back at the bar. (Jimmy Fallon with British accent) Thank you, Cliffy. Uh, next up, uh, comedian Jerry Seinfeld. (Jimmy Fallon as Jerry Seinfeld) Okay people, okay. Will ya look at these things? I mean, do you remember when dolls used to have moving arms and legs? Am I right? He doesn't have any pants on! What's the deal with that?! No pants! You get the doll. You don't get the pants! (Jimmy Fallon with British accent) Thank you, uh, next up, actor Nicolas Cage. (Jimmy Fallon as Nicolas Cage) Who? What? Where? (Jimmy Fallon with British accent) That's all I got for that one actually. Next up, uh, comedian Robin Williams. (Jimmy Fallon as Robin Williams) Oh yes, troll dolls, yes. A beautiful thing, yes. It's a beautiful thing. Yes. Looks like Don King on Viagra, yes. Yes, suddenly the guy's at home going, 'What the hell's going on there?', yes. Meanwhile, there's a kid at home going, 'Daddy, I want the Harry Potter doll!', yes. Meanwhile, the guy's at home going, 'I'm seeing the anti-Christ and it is a troll doll!', yes. Suddenly Arnold Schwarzenegger's at home going, 'Yah, I like to eat troll doll with my English Muffin.', yes. Suddenly, Mr. Happy's coming out going, 'Lewinski, Lewinski!', yes. Thank you. (Jimmy Fallon with British accent) Uh, next up, next up, next up for the audtions, uh, Mr. Gilbert Gottfried. (Jimmy Fallon as Gilbert Gottfried) What is this? What kinda kid plays with something like this? They're so weird looking! What kinda kid would play with something like this? I'd like to be the voice of this. And that's not good. (Jimmy Fallon with British accent) Thank you. Last but not least, uh, Mr. Adam Sandler. (Jimmy Fallon as Adam Sandler and his mother) Adam: Alright, how ya doing? Alright, this is, uh, okay. This is, uh, this is me, giving a troll doll to, to my mother, okay Here we go. Uh, uh, mom, I, uh. I. I uh, I uh, I got you a troll. (Making baby sounds) Mother: What did you say? Adam: I said, I, uh, I said I got you a troll. (More baby sounds) Mother: I can't hear you. What did you say to your poor mother? Speak up, please. Adam: I said, I got you a troll. Mother: I'm outta control? What are you saying?! Adam: I wish you would just take the doll and, SHUT UP! (Crowd cheers) (Jimmy Fallon with British accent) That's enough for the trolls. Thank you very much. (Disc scratches the track out)


JIM JONES "Harlem: Diary Of A Summer"
[altered voice (Jim Jones)] (Jimmy) Capo. . .whats my mothafuckin name?. . .Dipset. . .(Jimmy) Eastside (Jimmy) Cool chris. . .Say what. . .(Jimmy) Ugh...Whats my mothafuckin name? (Jimmy) Dipset Dipset (Jimmy, Jimmy jones) Byrd gang. . . [Chorus] Catch that boy capo (uh), cruisin up 8th wit the top blowin and caps low (roll out!) I'm a Dipset boss, you don't wanna get clapped, get caught up in the cross (tch no) and I'm caught in the floss, chain 500 hundred thou cause i'm caught up in the gloss (ballin!) and im caught up in the cause, i'm a winner i aint tryin to get caught up wit a loss (no way) Now, when the hell will it stop (never) i keep evadin the law, gettin tailed by the cops (fuck em) i keep breakin the law, got a bail on spot (fuck em) and you can't cool me off, try to tell you i'm hot (sizzlin!) goin hard since 16, livin that fast life like i majored the big screen (nice he can rap) y'all kno how i get in the club, them nigga knew them bouncas fo' i flip in the club (and then what?) im tryin to 2 step fo' i flip Cam bud, so i'm posted in the back while im twistin up bud (hey) got some hoes in the back, and they sippin on suds, blowin smoke on the dough, poppin crys' wit tha thugs, shit...(now come over here...) ima boss i said, a dipset gangsta i dont cross my legs (what else?) G's up, eastside, code red be frontin, we probly blow lead [Chorus] what they gon do wit tha capo (nothin!) got a hardbody clique, gotta that'll shoot for the capo (thas right!) when i drive by the strip, they salutin the capo (eastside) keep 1 fly bitch up in the coup wit tha capo (you know!) nowadays all the babes think im cute and im macho (say what?) my otha half must think im souped cuz i gato (fuck em!) or maybe its because i keep my pants off my ass (kiss) i am my own boss i only hear is the cash (ya hear that?) i only fear the law so fuck a man wit a badge (fuck the police!) and im tryin to duck the law dog from gettin indicted and they show me the money shit the kid got excited so if the kid get a inch, well im takin a yard and if the kid do ya bitch, well im takin ya yard (thats right, for life nigga) thats to the day that im charged, we be leavin out the club my crew racin the cars. . .who got ya neighborhood paused [Chorus] i done ran through most clubs that they had in my city (what else?) while dancin in the spot, while my hamma gettin pissy (click clack) one hand up on the bitch, otha hand on my blicky (thats gangsta) i kick my G mac, try and slip her a mickey (this niggas sly tonight!) lord help the boy that try and get me (what else?) always pull me ova, they be dyin to frisk me (fuck em) car smell like weed and ive been drinkin the liqour (ALWAYS) told me i was speedin, plus he see im a nigga (you just mad at meee) it got him even more bitter (what else?) i said im from a hood where police get hit up (get up) lets not make it a issue, but if a nigga piss me off, im goin straight to the pistol (thats fo sho) shit, but we can make it official, next time you see yo momma be awake when she kiss you (my baaaaby) im just tryin to get some paper (hoo!), ha, aint no boy or a nigga. . .

Don't Go There

Asleep At The Wheel "Asleep At The Wheel Remembers The Alamo"
In the texas town of san antonio is a little church they call the alamo the story tellers say Ozzy osborne stopped one day all dressed up in womens lougerie I dont know if the guy was drinking beer Jack or beam it's not excatley clear (burrrrpp) but when he whipped it out the ghost of travis gave a shout who's messages all good texas still can hear Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there It's a source of texas pride hell john wayne died inside Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there You'll really piss us off if you go there When Bowie and Young Crockett made their stand Colonel travis drew a line in to the sand but its simplie not the same when you try and write your name that bloody rocker must have mush for brains Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there It's a simple texas mission not a pot for you to piss in. Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there You'll really piss us off if you go there music never rialled us, the groupies or the jets the show on television or the ratings you might get the thing that drove us plum insane was when you drained that old main vain took your snake and let it go no we wont forget the alamo they eyes of texas are upon you Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there It's a symbol of our state not a place to urinate Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there You'll really piss us off if you GO THERE! Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there (said in british accent) (how ya like it then if we piss upon big ben) Don't go there, don't go there you really shouldn't go there You'll really piss us off if you go there (said in british accent as ozzy) ah you know sharon i got me ____(beep) cloths off put in the washing rooms so i couldn't get out, so i just took a walk around town you know and___(beep) the next thing i____(beep) know i had to take me a piss you know and there was this ol wall and i thinking what the ____(beep) i'll ____(beep) piss on the wall then all of a sudden I'm in jail you know____(beep) police got me down and ahh shaaaroonn shaaaroonn


när Jimmy kom dit var Johnny redan här och George hade en sergeants grad vem du än är så lova och svär att älska vårat fältslag Jimmy söp tills han fick upp det igen och Johnny sov i diket George visade hur man handska med män och plundrade alla liken Jimmy är försvunnen och Johnny är död och George blev galen och sköt sig men blod är blod, och vi behöver nytt kött så snälla du hör av dig Det här är ett party Arméns kamratliv se en värld du aldrig sett skulle det bli trist nån dag hittar vi nån liten stad om folk där skulle krångla ska dom det bittert få ångra vi slaktar dom för vi äter vår hamburgare rå

Honest Lullaby

JOAN BAEZ "Honest Lullaby"
Early early in the game I taught myself to sing and play And use a little trickery On kids who never favored me Those were years of crinoline slips And cotton skirts and swinging hips And dangerously painted lips And stars of stage and screen Pedal pushers, ankle socks Padded bras and campus jocks Who hid their vernal equinox In pairs of faded jeans And slept at home resentfully Coveting their dreams And often have I wondered How the years and I survived I had a mother who sang to me An honest lullaby Yellow, brown, and black and white Our Father bless us all tonight I bowed my head at the football games And closed the prayer in Jesus' name Lusting after football heroes tough Pachuco, little Neroes Forfeiting my A's for zeroes Futures unforeseen Spending all my energy In keeping my virginity And living in a fantasy In love with Jimmy Dean If you will be my king, Jimmy, Jimmy, I will be your queen And often have I wondered How the years and I survived I had a mother who sang to me An honest lullaby I travelled all around the world And knew more than the other girls Of foreign languages and schools Paris, Rome and Istanbul But those things never worked for me The town was much too small you see And people have a way of being Even smaller yet But all the same though life is hard And no one promised me a garden Of roses, so I did okay I took what I could get And did the things that I might do For those less fortunate And often have I wondered How the years and I survived I had a mother who sang to me An honest lullaby Now look at you, you must be growing A quarter of an inch a day You've already lived near half the years You'll be when you go away With your teddy bears and alligators Enterprise communicators All the tiny aviators head into the sky And while the others play with you I hope to find a way with you And sometimes spend a day with you I'll catch you as you fly Or if I'm worth a mother's salt I'll wave as you go by And if you should ever wonder How the years and you'll survive Honey, you've got a mother who sings to you Dances on the strings for you Opens her heart and brings to you An honest lullaby

Come Back, Jimmy Dean

I read the paper and I hear the news. I search the heavens vainly for clues. Where has he gone to, and where can he be I need someone, we need someone. Come back, Jimmy Dean. Yesterday morning I read in the Times, things cost a dollar that once cost a dime. And everyone's lonely 'cause everyone's free. I need someone. We need someone. Come back, Jimmy Dean. All our loves are loved and lost. Our hearts all hung with rust. All the golden birds and lads all must, like chimney sweeps, come to dust. I'll pour a drink; adjust my TV, and stare at the shadows that stare out at me. I have no expectations, oh, but occasionally I need someone. You were someone. Come back, Jimmy Dean. I need someone. You were someone. Please come back, Jimmy Dean.

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