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JIMMY FALLON lyrics - The Bathroom Wall

(I Can't Play) Basketball

Original and similar lyrics
Yo! Are you ready for some air ball throwin, free throw blowin, no look where I'm goin, free style flowin? You are in my house baby! Well it's Tip off time and I'm off the tip. Walkin to the bench and I sit. Bite my lip, bustin out rhymes Standin in line cause it's garbage time. Cause I'm calm, I'm cool and I collected Eighteen shots that got rejected. I'm not Corey Feldman, I'm not Corey Haim. I got a license to drive but I ain't got game. (CHORUS 2x) Jimmy, What you say? You can't play Basketball Jimmy, what you say? (I double-dribble, traveled through the middle) You can't play Basketball (Oh, my bad - you're not on my team?) Wear my socks high cause it makes me feel cool. I don't know how to dribble, but I know how to drool. People always say that I'm a basketball fool. I got a little tiny hoop cold floatin in my pool. Played my friend's dog on a twenty dollar bet. I took him to the hole. I took him to the vet. Shoot from the three every chance I get. I call it in the air, nothin but nothin. (REPEAT CHORUS 2x) (SPOKEN) Okay, here's my chance. The open lane. Don't get nervous. Don't sweat. Everyone's watching. You can do it, man. I mean, just dribble up. Don't double dribble. Just dribble normal. Don't show everyone that you can dribble super-fast between your legs like you do in your driveway. No, this is in front of people on the court. I'm gonna go up in the air, I'm gonna dunk it as hard as I can. Cause usually I'm on the other end. People dunking on ME. I'm used to some 7 foot dude's thingy getting smacked in my face. I still got the bruise to prove it. But I ain't gonna take that nickname Dick Bruiseface lyin down! My name ain't Dick Bruiseface!! Well listen up ya'll! You know I'm not tall! My name was never written on the bathroom wall. I'm gonna say What's up?! I'm gonna take the pump. Cause I'm a moving pick, I'm gonna shoot some bricks. So I huff and puff, I say enuff Z'nuff. I'd rather watch Ahmad Rashad on the inside stuff.Say! (CHORUS 4x)

What Have I Done To Me?

Arcwelder "This"
(music arcwelder, words s macdonald) I'm not gonna tell ya cause you'll just say to me that these things happen when you don't take care of yourself I wanna know why it has to be that I can feel this nagging pain all the time I wanted to be invincible I wanted to be made of steel all I had to do was take a box from the shelf All I know is I抎 like to feel the way I did when innocence was once mine Oh what have I done to me now Oh what have I done to me now I抦 not gonna ask you cause there抯 do much to do when money is your only goal you live and die by the knife Soaring building fall down on you happy people never use the old roads Better put the blinders on cause I don抰 wanna see the way all of these little things take away from my life Competition grinds on me the business world is dominated by toads Oh what have I done to me now Oh what have I done to me now I won抰 even tell ya cause there抯 too much to say when I say nothing but should have spoken for hours You always go back to the start people with fragile hearts shouldn抰 be building glass towers Morals come crashing down when passion gets in the way I think we both know what he wanted to take I always seem to back my heart into a corner where I know it will break Oh what have I done to me now Oh what have I done to me now

Hot To Death

Everlast "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues"
We're gonna be breakin' it down (Yeah!) You gotta know the feel You gotta know the life You know what I'm sayin' (Hey!) I said what's goin' wrong You know it just ain't right Tell me who be loud When the spark ignite Now from the break daylight To the fall of the sun You gotta pick your fight It's time to choose your gun CHORUS Front to back Right to left Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Get your heart pumpin' like some crystal meth Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Well... Hey... Tell me who's your God Does he make a lotta dough I'm gonna take you higher Or to the fire below CHORUS Guns to roses Abraham to Moses Daylight exposes what the night conceals Let's break these seals And get this thing started Some be out classed Some be out smarted Some be over bound by the blindin' rays I hear the whisper in the night Get trapped in the maze See back in the days When I was juvenile I dreamed of rockin' on the mic In a brand new style Now I'm shakin' these bones Tryin' to get these shoes Outbidded major crews I'm paid crazy dues Now I'm speakin' on you They just slept on me And rumors start spreadin' Just like a disease I'll have you down on your knees Below the spot ground zero Turn brown and burn down Rome just like Nero A hero ain't nothing but a Don't make me say it again Legend Don't make me say it CHORUS That's what I'm sayin' That's what I'm sayin'...

Project Blowed

Aceyalone "Accepted Eclectic"
Yo this goes out to hip hop world wide. Straight from Leimert Park, California, los Angeles. Yo, everybody in the hip hop struggle, in the life Struggle, makin' a name for themselves, makin' history, makin' a change. Yeah all the project blowedians, all the tape Slangers, all the record pushers. This goes out to everybody doin' it on they own Livin' Legends, C.V.E., Hieroglyphics, Likwit Crew, Global Phlowtaions. Project Blowed what's the code I been rockin' mics since I was 12 years old I was born in the jungle, the concrete slab Where people take any and everything that they can grab Some niggas chilled on the block, but chilled in the lab My project was to blow you up and break you off a slab People are strange, and people are bad But the gift of gabrier was something beautiful to have It started at the good life, house of the first sightin' We snatched raps out of they mouths when they were biting There was nothing more exciting then to serve and perform On Crenshaw and Exposition God was born He said please pass the mic to whomever is tight Me and the Fellowship took it and we held it for dear life The Inner City Griots, the wild, the style, the crew The ones they got their styles from, but claimed They never knew Already...Yeah The underground source, which everyone Eventually feeds from. Influence the industry in a round about way. What up to Dilated peoples, O.M.D., Pharcyde, Jurassic 5, Erule, Hobo Junction What's up Saucey, what's up Trend, Medusa Manifesto, Hip Hop Clan. Well the parties jumpin', the Blowed is packed And when a crowds like this I'm ready to rap But before I can bust a rhyme on the mic I gotta serve you in a cipher just to ear my stripes The scared battle dog, with the underground catalogue Fuck it, tryin' to make the world a better place Instead of duckin', still tryin' to make the ducktes Make the knowledge rain down in buckets Make a little somethin', and tuck it, just to give it away Build a work shop round where I stay Some people got the love, but they don't know the way Some people know the way, but they don't know what to say And I'm the sensei I greet'em from far and near Better watch the light in your eyes, a stars in here Leimert Park's very own Aceyalone The one who made the whole world come off the dome Up at the Blowed What's the code Yo I'd like to send a special shout out to Ben Caldwell Much respect, thank You for everything you've done. Richard, 5th streets, World Stage - Billy Higgins. Much respect due to the Watts Prophets. The Last Poets, and all the other poets out there Much love What's up A.K. Tony You ever seen a rapper with fire in his eyes Wired up off the bud smoke tryin' to fly Rap, rap, rappin', rhyme, rhyme, rhyme Leimert Park and 43th turn into a landmine B-boy's tryin' to flow they rhymes, and b-girls Lookin' oh so fine My man Bad Drew gots the fresh designs And Cheatum got the sound set bangin' from behind 5000 boomin' watts, KAOS network state of the art Audio-video, filmin' and editin' , capoieria and meditations Computers and telebeams, at the workshop every Thrusday night Where we give the new definition to open mic I hope y'all don't mistake glitter for gold While we doin' it, and puttin' it down at the Project Blowed What's the code Yo, special shout out to all the god love, and all the Energy out there, Positivity all the righteous men and women. Yo, what's up to my homie Djinji Brown, Diamond D, Black Star, De La Soul, Organized Konfusion, Common, Bahamadia, KRS-ONE. There's a whole lotta people out there I respect. Project Bliz-ni-iz-no...puttin' it down.

What A Thug About

DJ Clue
This thing right here is for my peoples in the streets (Uh huh) and this thing right here and get your ass off your feet (Come On) [Drag-On] They call me Drag-On, its time to bomb, I'll burn'em all Till they all say turn em off 'cause these chicks I'ma run em all Chickenheads know I be the colonel Cuz I burn eternal mixes wit they infernal So be careful 'fore I burn you You better learn dude, yeah I heard you But I'ma hurt you, but you don't know my verses too is a virtue Ruff Ryders be the team, which means a lot cream, lot of schemes Lot of beams to make your stock drop, right on the seams Nigga here is too hot and too much for you to touch Better tell your man cuz I'm too tough inaudibly too dust do you bust Cuz we do you can ask people But quietly but they don't believe until they leave violently Is you buying us cuz niggas that purchase is under the dirt kid They call me Drag-On; I'm the youngest buck at bunkers Collabo' wit my dogs from Yonkers but this Bronx bombers Spitting flame so you better wear your armor Flame on! Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X) My dogs gon' stop; your dogs gon' drop And then we go, shut'em down open up shop First we had em like ohh, now they like no What baby that's how Ruff Ryders roll [Jadakiss] When I pop up, I lock shop up, pull the drop up Park a block up, hit the alarm, put the top up Stash the 'dro in my sock then pull my sock up And keep the burner but if it's hot put my glock up You know what I'm about Sliding off get my cock sucked Or writing rhymes watching Scarface in the hot tub What you wanna bet when I pull it out if you don't shout Then every bullet'll go in and out Who you know besides 'Kiss take a piss in the bottle of Cris Then give it to a modeling bitch And you like your watch plain I'ma flood mine Alligator bloodline trained to fine coke and write one time [Styles] Ya'll niggas ain't hearing me out til I pop up appear in your house Clearing it out, holiday style Everybody acting violent and wild Snatch the wife silence the child That's how we move, kill me my man kill you That's how you lose, I Ruff Ryde I don't like this slide felt that I slipped Then the guns only helping the clip And the clip's only helping my hand And like who the fuck is helping your man When I cock back and hop out the van Double R, get a job, play the shit in the car Hear the party start a fight at the bar Snatch ya all sell your shit for some coke and get the fuck out the dodge [Eve] Guess you figure that my niggas Flip us pullin triggas who's team crowd around trying to flick a picture, get wit ya This bitch from holding it down off this quicker Nigga not making sense better stay up off the liquor Blond bomb-shell caramel, heavy spender Get you saying I'm they sister Hush ya mouth 'fore I hit ya Stick it in wise guys fake thugs and bullshitters Take you for a ride cover up your eye then I get ya Used to be shyer, now I'ma Ruff Ryder Big niggas play me close, when they used to ride by a Snatching up your figure fronting know you dig us Haters screaming who that bitch (uhh) mind your (uhh) business nigga Chorus [DMX] Uh huh, uh, uh, uh X is gonna hit ya'll niggaz hard Leave ya'll niggaz scarred Fucking with the dog when you fucking with the god Rip ya'll niggaz arm, Faggot nigga saw Remember me from up north, I had you scared to cough My name is ringing bells, in penitentiary cells I'm making thugs rebel, ain't hard to tell You never really wanted it so the mic is just the fun of it outta sixteen shots I'ma hit, which one of you niggaz am I gonna get Thought you knew what I was gonna spit This time with this rhyme but by the end of it Ya'll niggaz is gon' be like yo X ripped it Did my thing as usual it's never gonna stop But them cats can't be for real, I got this shit locked Is that a game or a joke tell the name or get smoked Simple as that, simple as black, to the throat Hit'em all up to the coat, now you losing your life (Grrrrrr) A dog is a dog for life!

You Said It All

Well I got a funny feelin' But I'm gonna stay cool Something's tellin' me I'm gonna break all the rules, Let me tell ya I'm not insecure, But I got an empty felling that you've got the cure (chorus) You said it all, you've got to stay Too proud to fall, no more to say Well I'm feeling sober but I'm high on the throne, Like a demon sick and sick and tired of being alone, I've made a bed that is hard to lie in, But if lovin' you is wrong, I can't do nothing but sin (repeat chorus) Let them hang me They would if they knew Even half the things I've been doing with you Walk me to the gallow and drop me to the floor Watch me swingin' and I still want you more (repeat chorus)

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