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Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season

Original and similar lyrics
Squalls out on the gulf stream, Big storms coming soon. I passed out in my hammock, God, I slept way past noon. Stood up and tried to focus, I hoped I wouldn't have to look far. I knew I could use a Bloody Mary, So I stumbled next door to the bar. [Chorus:] And now I must confess, I could use some rest. I can't run at this pace very long. Yes, it's quite insane, I think it hurts my brain. But it cleans me out and then I can go on. There's something about this Sunday It's a most peculiar gray Strolling down the avenue That's known as A1A I was feeling tired, then I got inspired. And I knew that it wouldn't last long So all alone I walked back home, sat on my beach And then I made up this song. [Chorus] Well, the wind is blowin' harder now Fifty knots of there abouts, There's white caps on the ocean. And I'm watching for water spouts It's time to close the shutters It's time to go inside. In a week I'll be in gay Paris; That's a mighty long airplane ride. [Chorus] Yes, It cleans me out and then I can go on.

Siamese Twins

An Pierlé
Siamese twins are separated They couldn't stand themselves no more They hesitated for a long time They've had their doubts but now they're sure They are sure Summer was the cause of so much trouble in the fall they didn't really talk no more in the wintertime they thought their frozen hearts would certainly melt in the springtime But of course. There wasn't warmth enough for both For both Played the happy freaks for a long time Saw enough sanguinary public for a long time. I've been throwing up stones, throwing up for a long time Played in secondhand circus side shows Far too long a time. And though she falls and begs for more. I'm sure we will never be The way we were Before.

Cryin For It

After 7 "Reflections"
written by Babyface lead vocals: Melvin Edmonds, Kevon Edmonds The first time I saw you I knew I would fall in love You filled an empty space in my heart And that was rather special Cause I never thought someone Could make me fall in love from the start The second time I saw you I knew that I had been whupped I could not get you out of my mind And ever since that moment Girl I haven't been much good I won't rest until I know that your're mine Don't you hear me crying for it Don't you see my heart's on fire Don't you feel me dying for it Give me my hearts desire The first time that I saw you I knew that you were the one You were everything a man could desire And I've always been the kinda man To get just what he wants So please don't make me out as a liar The second time I saw you I just had to have you girl I'd never seen someone look so good And ever since that day I just haven't been the same I want you girl and I want that understood [Chorus] And I won't be any good If I can't have you now If there's any way you could Come to me now I'd give you anything And I do mean everything And that means anything you heart desires [Chorus]


TANYA TUCKER "Best Of Tanya Tucker"
In a broken down apartment house Lay a woman in labor She said by the grace of God I'll have this child And the help of a neighbor At six o'clock the sun was rising On upon the world At seven forty five The neighbor smiled and sayed You've got a beautiful baby girl She named her Spring Winter's been a long time passin She named her Spring And though she's never been wed She held her newborn child and said Spring, I've waited a long, long time for you In a broked down apartment house Lay a woman dying And by her side a little six year old girl Who was softly crying Momma don't go away And leave me all alone Momma said to the welfare lady Find my child a good home I'll miss my Spring Winter's been a long time passing I'll miss you Spring The angels carried her away The welfare lady knelt to pray Spring, she'll be a long time gone from you In a beautiful church out side of town Stands a woman smiling On her hand is a wedding band Of fashionable stylin All the years in the orphan's home He shared with you And now you hopes and childhood dreams Have all come true He loves his Spring Winter's been a long time passing He loves you Spring He promised you today He'll never ever go away Spring, he's waited a long, long time for you A long, long time for you

A Single Day

Clan Of Xymox
She feels my frozen touch She didn't say too much I know how you feel I know what you think We share our history We killed our mistery The words we speak The games we play I need a change from what I know I lost my way long time ago You knew it in your heart You knew it from the start It had to end this way I can't bear a single day Time stands still, today seems a year Hand of faith, your time has come All love turns to dust The torch always rusts Sure, we'll be friends Words, drifting on words I need a change from what I know I lost my way long time ago You knew it from the start You knew it in your heart It had to end this way I can't bear a single day It had to happen It had to happen this way

Friday Night

YOUNG GUNZ "Tough Luv"
3,2,1 Go [Chorus] Its a friday night and the bass was bumpin the honeyz was rockin the party was jumpin it wasnt long for everybody knew (just blaze) Whats on the b box (Youn Gunz) Travel wit the heat rock before I hit the club hit the weed spot it goes 1,2,3,and [Chris] Its like king midas as I was told young C was on the block 13 years old I dont mean to brag I had the meanest bag the suppliers was my peeps I was bringin half took charge of the block a pean the ave still bringin cash on the scene at last still gloves and mask as i proceed mad mats, mad gats, mad hollow seed, Ya man actin crazy roll wit the kid, playa been hella pimpin you already know what it is, they dont gotta notice the whip, I don show them the wrist, they already know that chris and they know tha to stick to the script it don't last long hittem and i last long cant drive em south long send em in a cab home you takin mad long get cha bags gone I aint got a dime for you time for me pass on [Chorus 1x] [Chris] Back in effect vest, mach in the tech, show you how to clap wit perfect when they actin a mess we from north PHILLY free, peedie crack and the rest mac south side O and sparks back on the West we the leaders of the new school,heated cause my jewls cool get my jewls cool every weekend its a new crew bout to set the record staight soon as the record break ship t2 more to the store wath it levatate [Neef] Yeah we never late early in the game we brought pain yup heavy spen up in every state yeah you bond to hate tiered of the boad and tape 7 60 bound to scape put em all around ya face time to cool walk in ya place get every dime you got up out of ya safe plus you gettin more surronded wit bait before the law come surroundin ya place my dogs get every pound of ya cake [Chorus] [Neef] We the present and the futer you might as well get used to us we been around a minute givin em what they wanted the niggas they never fronted but still sick to they stomache once they hear about the gunnaz yeah they know they girl comin you try to tell her 'Please baby dont wear that' but she's on her own think she aint tryna hear that you knowin whats gonna happen after the party C and Neef up in the sweat we fishin out the lobby back after back she trippin all off that army me , cuff my lib not even probably the gang hereso these chickens get bodied we show you how we switch up better than the party, did it in the party me slippin out hardly baby baretta tucked the addition we army hit them niggas up then we breeze off calmly bucky right behind me the ROC behind me Yup [Chorus] Chris and lil neefie [6x]

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