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JIM JONES lyrics - Pray IV Reign


Original and similar lyrics
This shit is fucked up 'cause some niggas call it tough love It's crazy 'cause you might know a nigga all your life And he got a twisted alterier motive And he just wanna see you do bad See a smile on your face all day So he just acting like your friend when he is really your enemy Or your best friend can become your enemy Through the, through the the jealousy so we call those frienemies Knew him since a child, played cops and robbers My best partner grew up to be monsters Stayed in my crib, ate out my fridge We was on a grind, even wore the same clothes My brother, fucked the same hoes His beef was mine, even had the same foe We was inseparable, joined at the hip I let you get the checks, I kept the joints on the hit And what happened, the sneaky hating Niggas in your ear and a plan deviating Snakes in the grass just waiting for the moment Niggaz on your team and they're really your opponent Play the game and you know goes booments Mama said friends come by the dozen Know I'm feeling for their guns when I hug em' I hate them from a close, from a distance I could love em' Frienemies, frienemies The ones you kept close, the ones you love the most Frienemies You know who you kiss, you know who you lift This shit is getting scary Frenemies, frienemies The ones you kept secret, you had plans to make it Frienemies You can smell the danger Over the money best friends become strangers Bailed you out of jail, wait, let me backtrack First you came home then I got your ass a deal Fresh out the can, signed a quarter mill Running through the paper, buying copes and popping pills Money got low, you started acting ill You grew desperation, once again you got nailed Someone got killed, conspiracy And even still I bailed you out of jail Without me you would be facing in a pale But who knew dis, you would be Judas But in the process flew you in the world Put diamonds on your neck like you was my little girl Put money in your pocket like you was my son Su Food in your stomach like you was my son Pooh The streets talk, heard you partnered Tru Now you talkin' shit like you really wanna do it A will-wack the type that deceive you Your mama should have told you never bite the hand that feed you Caught me off guard, I met you through my man I let my guards down and accepted you as fam Told you get a chair, let you eat at the table Never thought that he would be ungrateful But guess what, I own the pub and the label So if a nigga feeling itchy, I got killers on the paper Frienemies, frienemies The ones you kept close, the ones you love the most Frienemies You know who you kiss, you know who you lift This shit is getting scary Frenemies, frienemies The ones you kept secret, you had plans to make it Frienemies You can smell the danger Over the money best friends become strangers Hope y'all paying attention, keep y'all eyes open Hope I ain't wasting my breathe About this shit that I'm talking about 'cause it's so real You gotta watch these niggas around you 'Cause you never know whose who now a days And all of our love we be showing They might not be showing the same type of love back Matter of fact they might not be in there for your best interest See an alterier motive is hard to see when You've known a person for so long Or you've became a custom to their ways But you gotta stay on fifty, you gotta stay on fifty 'Cause you got some people that think like If niggas is moving fast like that then karma will get em' But sometimes karma don't come around fast enough To handle the situation But sometimes for us to learn a lesson we go way to far Then the consequences become way too heavy That's what I'm trying to let learn from experience And please don't be naive to the fact that the nigga next to you Could be the nigga that set you up for failure or even kill you You know how the game go and you gotta watch these bitches These trifilling bitches, man, they set you up for failure too You know, they're in there for the money, man, gold digging bitches It's a fucked up world but you probably won't even get a chance You know, might put you up in a gang Frienemies

Don't Need Y'all

IGGY AZALEA "The New Classic"
[Verse 1:] I remember when it used to be simple But all this cash it just complicates things And all this money we into It will drive you crazy but it only makes me go harder Grow stronger and get tougher when the road get longer Sometimes you gonna think that it's too much on ya But think what I'd be doing if this wasn't going on So I just keep pushing when I'm being pulled in every direction Now I'm popping so the they watching every step of my progression Sometimes fame like a curse latched to my blessing On the road to the riches turning earth into heaven Dear Lord, if you hear me, I don't need not a new friend near me Cause I don't want none of that fake love Cause I'm looking and all of that be made up [Hook:] I remember when I wasn't this big And now ya'll wanna act like ya'll helped me get here Oh now everybody wanna love me Try to knock me down but I'm strong I did all this on my own Ain't got no time for no new friends So for now just leave me alone I don't need y'all anyway [x6] I don't need y'all [Verse 2:] Making each and every song like it might be my last one But still making sure the cash come Still ain't forget the times when I didn't have none Back against the wall feeling like I had to grab some That's when, I took time and I figured it out I'd rather deal with the stress more than living without Take a one way trip to the top one time Let you have it for a minute now I want mine Same girl on the cover of the magazine Was the one hiding pain that you haven't seen Talking 'bout No money, no family Sixteen in the middle of Miami Same critics love me nowadays couldn't stand me Now we talking 'bout VMA's and a Grammy But in due time, turn nothing into something So now I need money, put it all in my discussions [Hook] [Verse 3:] And if you wasn't here when I was down Then you won't be here when I'm up Now the same one you looked over Be the same one that blew up Ain't it funny how this life thing works When you think it's finished is when it all begins Go from doubts to having the thought it might work It goes up and down then it starts again When I reminisce sometimes I can't even keep a dry eye But my how time flies by when you on top of the world sky high [Hook]


EPMD "Out of Business"
[Parrish Smith] Huh, Erick Sermon, EPMD, check it, M.O.P. Erick and Parrish Millenium Ducats Hold me down, hold me down *echoes*... [PMD] Yeh.. Erick Sermon.. EPMD.. check it [E-Dub] Redman.. Method Man.. Lady Luck.. Def Jam [PMD] Erick and Parrish Millenium Ducats Hold me down, hold me down (*echoes*).. Uhh.. yo! I grab the mic and grip it hard like it's my last time to shine I want the chrome and the cream so I put it down for mine Ill cat, slick talk, slang New York To break it down to straight English, what the fuck you want? Remember me? You punk faggot crab emcee Get your shit broke in half for fuckin around with P Aiyyo strike two, my style Brooklyn like the Zoo Hey you, look nigga, one more strike you through Word is bi-dond, rock Esco, FUBU, and Phat Fi-darm Every time I get my spit on, no doubt, I spark the gridiron I step up and bless the track and spit a jewel We keeps cool, no need for static, I strap tools [M.O.P] Next up! [E-Dub] Yo I believe that's me [PMD] Yo, get on the mic and rock the Symphony [Erick Sermon] Yo P! Time to rock, the sound I got, it reigns hot Makin necks snap back, like a slingshot E hustle, and muscle my way in then tussle for days in, on my own with guns blazin Not for the fun of it, just for those who want me to run it Then leave them like -- who done it? Sucka duck, I do what I feel right now When I spit the illest shit, cats be like, Wow! YO! I get looks when I'm in the place That's that nigga, makin you +Smile+ with Scarface Uhh, +It Ain't My Fault+, that my style Silkk enough to Shock ya Hit you with the fifth, block-a block-a If I get caught you can bet I'll blow trial Be +Downtown Swingin+, M.O.P. style [M.O.P. ES] NEXT UP! [Billy Danze] Yo I believe that's me [ErickSermon] Yo (Danze) get on the mic and rock the Symphony [Billy Danze] Say hello to the devil Danze'll kick Whenever tragic hit, It's (E)(MO-PMD) blastin shit Put in work in this cold game Soldier *echoes* I use work as code name Told ya, line em up its Soul Train (B-r-r-r-r-r-ra!) And I give em the whole thing My family has been trained, to swat em if they blast it Hit em and make em do a gimme backflip (bad shit) I'm donatin a casket We have raised hell in midtown and gunned down in traffic (Tell em what you sayin) Get the bozac Before I tear your maggot ass flat (BOOM BOOM) They're back [M.O.P.] NEXT UP! [L Fame] Yo I believe that's me [BDanze] (Fame!) Get on the mic for the Symphony [Lil' Fame] For gettin the real, straight from B'Ville Motherfuckers don't like Fame cause I'm not cream filled I feel what I speak so I speak what I feel Sleep and I will, reap and I kill Motherfuck (who know) jump out a HUGO Open up your back with a mac, UNO UNO Ghettoville nigga, I break all laws Drink brews, curse out bitches, and piss on walls This rap game is a street game now, the game switched Rappers are gettin killed now with the same shit I ain't no motherfuckin role model, kids don't follow Cause I'ma hit this bitch full throttle The type to RAISE UP 5-0 in your lobby Rap is my relgion, yeah, bitin is a hobby Show love when you meet us, its love when you greet us Or THE FIRST FAMILY will come kill you with the heaters BLAH *echoes*

Good Time

[Lil' Kim] Uh, where's all my single ladies at? Where's my single ladies at? Single ladies clap your hands They say my music too hard and my mouth too nasty Clothes too tight and my ass too sassy I'm a love goddess haven't you heard? Jehovah's my witness, spread the word And all scrubs get kicked to the curb Before you holla at me throw a few dollars at me I see you got a brick in your pants Would you like a table dance? The boss lady make you pay for the sex Then shake my ass like I'm at a Greekfest No cash, I take Traveler's Checks For an extra five g's you can have my address The things I do I take a real risk A lot of people think that I'm a real bitch Don't judge me by the words of this song Cause the media they got me figured out wrong 1 - I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea about me I ain't got nothing to hide, my pussy ain't for free Just like the Benz I drive you out of your mind Some people think that I'm nasty, I just like havin' a good time [Lil' Cease] Yo, yo, yo Yo that single life shit, that be me Front ass at the bar, where the chickens be? Got two hoes, Tonya and Tiffany Finger in the drawers and we downin' Henessy Then I hit the door slide to the ride Now I'm gettin' head in the Q-45 That's LV, minors is six and up With the big atennas that be sittin' up I'm livin' it up, drink Cris, piss in the cup With a bunch of birds that willin' to fuck I love life, no doubt so fuck a hoe and a wife Peace and love to all my sluts and my dikes Cease never treat a bitch nice I wanna bitch that smoke and don't get an appetite I fuck to die cause my mom fucked for me That's why my niggas never sling dick for free Feel me? 2 - I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea about Cease I have no love for hoes, my dick just ain't for free I keep a lot of pussy on my mind Some people think that I'm nasty I just like fuckin' all the time [Lil' Cease] See some niggas do, and some niggas don't Pay for the pussy, some niggas won't See, I ain't the type that can say I Don't Once the bitch see the six, I ain't gotta do shit [Lil' Kim] You can be Cash and I'll be Tango Bingo, you know just how this thang go Niggas wanna get with me without the ching-ching dough The Green Bling flow, I don't think so [Lil' Cease] I jumps out like Beotch! Who the fuck you with? On some real Jigga shit, haters suck my dick If you out for the ones then out come the guns Once I call the duns, then out come the slugs [Lil' Kim] I got an island name Queen Bee And a dog that's a Pickanese What you call romancing, don't tickle my fantasy Put your money where your mouth is, talk is cheap Buy me a country and a monkey, or don't even come to me Repeat 1 Repeat 2 [Lil' Kim] Queen Bee Lil' Cease

Thug Story

Black Rob "Life Story"
Thug Story [Black Rob] Heeeeeeerrrreeee we go... Once upon a time not long ago when I was outta town movin work with Zo I used to bring my nigga B.R. and niggas with the burna's holdin' down B-R There lived a jealous kid that was mislead by anotha jealous kid who wanted me dead (He said) Me and you are gonna push this rock Once we kill Rob we takin over the block They did the job, but didnt suceed When I got up off the ground niggas couldnt believe They started bustin and'a bustin filled my ribs like crusting had the vest on so it didnt mean nothin One kid grabbed a tech and started sprayin erratic But he fell, two slugs from my semi-automatic Ran two blocks there was cops all over Then I dipped into the building ??? Banged on the door of apartment 83 Some lady start screamin like she was afraid of me Ran to the roof like Fuck that sista Ask an old man Can you help me mista? Got to the roof clutchin my four-four open up the door, yo guess who I saw (Who?) Black and ?Deaf? now, ain't this proper Guns drawn full of ??? toward the helicopter Escaped alive but my ribs was shattered Body all battered, and clothes all tattered Deep in my heart I wanted revenge but I let the shit slide til I saw 'em again Pulled out my guns and released a clip (And) Thats the way I gotta end this shit He was only one fiend, tryin to live a thugs dream Slugs to the chest, shoulda heard him scream Now this ain't funny so don't you dare laugh 'Cuz anyone of us could catch the blood bath Straight an' narrow is how niggas should Good night...good night Knock 'em out the box Black [Black Rob] I just woke up in pain, my ribs broke up Wifey on the side like Justin, shes kept the hope up All thats on my mind is revenge revenge Justin and a few dogs kicked the door of the hinge Go with the drawers on, man its cold as shit Had the mag by the table, nigga hold this shit He was one stupid nigga tryin roll for 'Delph Not knowin that he might get killed himself Now wifey being trained by the F.O.I. It was horrible, stabbed the otha cat in his eye he was screamin tryin grab her actin like he had to have her Swept him off his feet but got sliced with the dagger Well in these times, well atleast to me No true niggas rollin come in sets of three And they won't stop rollin til you let them see All the permanent scars that the tech nine leaves Barely out the crib caught one in the leg Couldn't even get my ??? had to leave 'em for dead (Damn) That's cold, yeah I know, but the cold in the streets the one who escaped is the one holdin the heat Before I breeze grab coke out the freeze By the time y'all hear this I'll be somewhere in Belize With some bad asian chick layin between my knees While I'm blowin off some trees, pumpin B.I.G.'s Greastest hits, this was my latest shit Watch how niggas act when they play this shit This a lesson, shits for real no dressing No ?lip? infestin, crab cats I'm addressin Bad Boy, the 44 Mag, fresh off the rack All you cowards and nasty ass hoes step the fuck back This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh 'Cuz anyone of us could catch the blood bath Straight an' narrow is how niggas should Good night...good night Knock 'em out the box Black Thats right Black Rob, the craziest presentation All you bitches Bad Boy, Life stories Alumni Crumbs, crumbs

Murder Onze

JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. "Conspiracy"
featuring Notorious B.I.G. [Kleptomaniac] Why niggaz wanna clock me? like that dance called the chachi Don't they know I break motherfuckers into parts like Rocky Part I part II part III niggaz can't fuck with me My style's knock kneed plum crazy (what?) Who's that wild ass motherfucker catchin wreck Stickin Jamaicans for sound sets outside discoteques It's Klep the death specialist Stallone and Stone shit Stayin high representin for the nine-quint Ras bad guy, burns the house down like Left Eye Why try mimic? MC's get broke like speed limits (uhh) Niggaz can't fuck with my metaphors Canin MC's like they in Singapore; Klep been through more wards than Humphrey Shore, put together catchin leathers on the regular, got that net, push me round and Dread stressin a trick hoe, what the Dread won't know won't hurt Robbin his workers for they work; now, WHOSE TURF IS THIS? It's Klep's, the clothes wreckers' Life interceptor, pussy collector Got your bitch on my dick and I ain't even stressin her Check enough sex in her, my styles are regular Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique moves in like the senator Hook: Niggas say Oh my lord! [Notorious B.I.G.] Throw gats to *Guiliani* Flows tighter than bitches punani, try me, die G Dangerous, since my daddy bust me out the tip of his dick, Biggie Smalls with the wickedest shit Spit clips, niggaz split like bananas Flavour like Tropicana; orange, mango, peach I strangle each -- negro for they dough Niggaz get to bendin, got two cases, one pendin 560 V-12 engine, women spinnin in 9-2-9 Mazda's, Tammy and Natasha The menage-a-trois around my waist like Ill and Al Skratch smokin 50 sacks in the back of Ac's Windows cracked, so sit back relax Yo Vec, crush the hash, the Beretta's in the stash Hook: repeat 4X [Kleptomaniac] What you doin with yourself? Stone heart's the way to wealth Indecisive thoughts make sentences get dealt Money makes the world go round, robbin shit Fuck a job shit, niggaz want cribs, bricks and spliffs All-wheel automobiles, traction control for clay roads, rollin with dough, kickin game on the cel with bitches on hold, that's how we roll (uhh) Rhymes got tight as hell so to the bank I stroll (uhh) Money on my mind, open lips from my eyes reveal pupils shaped like dollar signs -- [Notorious B.I.G.] -- the world is mine! Niggaz frontin, feelin twelve gauge pellets BIG is repellant, to all that He say, she say We play, Russian roulette, fuck the threat Your whole crew's vagina, you and your co-signer Nigga, we rollin in eight and a halfs, TV's in the dash Three G's in the stash, see we love the cash No coke, then get some more Hook [Kleptomaniac] Niggaz don't know bout my game, they don't know how complex it is, baggin bitches in GS 300 Lexuses and the sex is for summer sports Passports for drug transports to remote resorts Bitches with Donna Karan Catwoman suits, matchin figure boots Haircut cute, on tops and garters like prostitutes My lyrics explicit Got bitches bringin they own condoms on the first visit [Notorious B.I.G.] If Biggie bring big bowls of beef backin bitch niggaz down, burners bring bundles of belief Common thief, slash drug chief, syndicated Went from 10 K, to 24 K and motherfuckers hate it J.M. sedated, quarantined (uhh) BIG for President, buckin shots past the spleen 9 millimeter dream, Mac 11 nightmares Electric chairs, which MC's do you fear? Big Poppa, Junior M.A.F.I.A., nuff said Niggaz disrespect just are dead...

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