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JIM JONES lyrics - Miami Vampin

Pull Up With 100 Niggaz

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook:] Pull up with a hunnit niggas Smelling like a lot of weed Pocket full of hunnit beans We them niggas on the scene We been them niggas with hunnit niggas Smelling like a lot of weed Pocket full of hunnit beans We them niggas on the scene We been them niggas [Verse 1 - Jim Jones:] Still running around like a hunnit deep Fuck you think, ain't nothing sweet Might fly to your town, then fly niggas down, then come to your block like a hunnit deep All black truck, guns in the jeep Loft Miami straight from the beach Might [?] liquor, get something to eat A nigga do trip, give him something to keep New York nigga don't play that 2 door with the seat way back (Facts) Nigga due owed better pay that These niggas right here want pay back When I had the braids going straight back I was straight gang banging like A wack Now my wrist all rocky like A$AP You about that life then say that Shouts to my niggas in Ksack Some come home, nigga some go straight back My nigga side [?] did 8, came home nigga like "Yo where the cake at?" Niggas wanna trip, then we hit em with the clip, and we shoot a nigga up like take that, take that, take that Like Diddy voice in 94' we [?] [Hook] [Verse 2:] A hunnit deep looking like a stampede Who you muggin' nigga? You don't do a damn thing Touch one nigga get your whole head knocked off Big blunt got me smelling like hot sauce Pocket full of money I feel like a teller Slide in a bitch I'm stepping on Marcellos Step on a scene got these niggas all jealous Whole team fresh like a pack of gum Hunnit niggas yes that's a hunnit guns A hunnit funerals, that's a hunnit nuns Touch Capo get a shot to the head Touch [?] Feel your ass up with lead Touch Greezy we'll leave your ass sleep Yeah we them niggas that's up on the scene Got niggas watching you, watching with beams Vamp life, all you fuck niggas in dreams Freddy on the beat I'm a nightmare nigga A hunnit deep so don't fight that nigga If I don't got my gun, got my knife here nigga So don't fuck around, lose your life here nigga Up in the club we mobbin' with Zoe's Miami vamps you know how it goes Fresh as fuck we bring the cameras out [Hook] [Verse 3:] These niggas be fraudulent and these bitches be faking All my niggas not cases, but never made no statements I dropped out of them bandos I kept me some montaga When the night fall I switch cars, my garage look like acres I feel like Floyd when he in the ring Made a quarter mill with the Billie Jean Big 45 with the limousine Turn a nigga beef into chili cheese Keep my lungs full of collard greens But we on though by any means I need sprite and a pint of lean All broads get the Jimmy Dean Hit the block with a Glock, it's a rock, watch the ball like I'm in the league It's a blackout When I'm booked for a show it's a packed house I live that shit y'all rap 'bout Get a bad bitch blow her back out You know a nigga bringing them stacks out Straight to the studio from the trap house Got my first rap check blew it all on a chain That's 20k on a nigga neck now [Hook]

Cleveland Is The City

(feat. Avant) [Avant] Ooooh, oooo, cleveland oh yeah Bone Thugs sing wit me yeah [Hook] Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks [Chorus overlappin hook] Cleveland is the city that we come from Cleveland is the city- City that we come from Cleveland is the city that we come from Cleveland is the city- City that we come from [Verse 1: Krayzie] Nigga wuz born and brought up in Cleveland Cool quiet just like my daddy When I wuz thuggin out in the alley With my boys in a stolen Caddie I wuz shootin the pree blowin some weed And every now and then I sip some Hennesey And after my niggas wuz bustin we probably wuz lookin for trouble Uh Oh here come the po po Yall better toss that llello quick and tuck ya bankroll Don't think I forgot where I come from dog cuz I know Cleveland Ohio fo sho where we slang dope in the slo [Verse 2: Wish] I'm from the streets the streets of Cleveland Its manditory you need it cuz niggas'll catch ya slippin and niggas'll leave ya bleedin Fuck what they said about Bone catch us anywhere Grab a couple of my St. Claire niggas take us anywhere We don't care Handle that and take care of that If it goes like that then it goes like that It's Cleveland (Cleveland) Its manditory to leave these niggas bleedin (bleedin) And you could neva hate against Bone you wrong U know we brung it on so strong [Verse 3: Layzie] We get em, split em, we hit em And Bone been the shit since I could remember Befo most of these niggas even thought about rap We wuz screamin out no surrender With a gat in the hand runnin wild in the land With a pocket full of boulders Po po know they can't hold us When they east dog comin from the shoulders And the older niggas they told us U gotta get down fo yo hustle Got glocks to show you this muscle Get the money little nigga don't struggle That's no bitch nigga that's the rules All my Cleveland niggas said to me They're the ones that gave this game to me Ima push this shed to the head ya see [Verse 4: Bizzy] Ya better believe Syann I be scared when I wuz there Nigga you know I ain't goin nowhere Your mother wuz my mother Ya brotha wuz right here In the Columbus but they loved me not When I went to Cleveland they said where you been When I'm unconditional with my loving And at the C-L-E-V-E...L-A-N-D And we get bucked on the block block block block And nigga remember I said weee this for we And all them niggas that love down in Columbus nigga Cleveland Rocks [Hook] [Chorus] [Vamp] Cleveland St. Claire [Outro: Bizzy (shoutin out)] Wanna lend shouts out to all the St. Claire SCT's St. Claire Thugs Original O.G.'s Gangsters Shouts out to Buck, Fred Warr, Rod J, Tye, Troy rest in peace We'd like to send shouts out to my niggas down the way Cuz Cleveland Rocks nigga and we love u I'd like to send shouts out to my niggas down there on Hull Keep the struggle keep the movin ang going baby I wanna send shouts out to my kins my niggas What's up my niggas [laughin] I told yall we wuz gone give yall some love nigga what [laughin] I wanna send shouts out to my Breman niggas My Addams family niggas My 10-5 gangster street heroin sellin niggas I wanna send shouts out to my niggas all the way on 145th on St. Claire nigga 152nd on St. Claire nigga U better believe in SCTs nigga for life nigga Big Ben, 88th nigga Please believe in 95th, 92nd, 96th And don't forget about 99 in this bitch [Laughin] economies decoders biz North America Right on St. Claire baby Right on St. Claire baby Send this to B's nest Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns Pleezbaleevit, the C-L-E...L-A-N...D Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Wish Flesh Krayzie Bizzy and that lil nigga Layzie

Case Closed

REDMAN "Muddy Waters"
[Dr.Trevis like voice] Hah (huh, hah, hah, hah, HAHHAH, hah) Nineteen ninety-six (hah, come on!) Coming with the sickedest motherfuckers in the perimeter (huh, whooo! nineteen) You hit em with a newwwww (ninety-six, nine six) tree, dick be fly, in your ass (Dick! Di-dick, check) Yo! Amazing grace how sweet the sound is of the fo' pound To blast all these sound men that got the po' sound Yippie-yi-yay, motherfuckers here's the show down But since we're broke now with dope sounds now here we go now Check the motion while I be puffin the pot-enent Blow spots and urban networks with other experts Plus this thing between my ear thinks clear And the only thing it fears is the man upstairs So fuck your bulletproof gear If I decide to get your ass you better believe it's more than a blast (boo-ya) More like rough paragraphs out Alcatraz And ash, your staff, let the grime our your ass Everybody's hustling with sons toting guns When Reggie Noble's sprung we stick nuns that got funds Bomb niggaz like they did in Oklahoma Freez, you're froze, Def Squad UHH, case closed [Crossbreed] I be the, sneaky, second dimension, creepin through your sector Have nectar, leaking out you wack rhyme stressers Extra deez disease leave rashes on rappers Makin MC's so feel the breeze of the Grandmaster Packed with swift solid style structure Simonizing MC's with the degree of street ruckus Aiyyo who got guns I split precise, spleen splitter Return my physical presence to the borough of the hard hitters I devour, night sun shower, menace last hour, weak man's last power Body, the six four mind shotty The one you handle, second dimension mind vandal Laceratin your retina for tryin to see this As I'm flowin through the prism of the X-3-D See at forty belows I freak flows that burn your nose When you inhale the verbal blows, case closed Chorus: Redman, Crossbreed Aiyyo, why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Aiyyo, why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Yo, don't you know, who I am motherfucker [Redman's the name fool] That's my nigga! Why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Aiyyo, why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Yo, don't you know, who they are motherfucker [Crossbreed's the crew fool] They're my niggaz! Verse Three: da otha Crossbreed MC Things ain't easy, cuz we be, strugglin day to day A bunch of stressed black men with not really much to say Twistin up some brown paper that we struggle just to get With the deaf dumb and blind become mentally equipped As I extend my pen to wreak havoc on paper I execute and burn MC's like Absolut with no chaser Strong as chemical the general with rhymes Past wreckin mics, I make the earth shatter like the 7th sign My drama bringer bring about a new order I'm sending a plague through your town like God to Sodom and Gomorrah Your deacon, my vocals actions got you speechless Make gangsta niggaz wanna go home and talk the cheapest No man alive could bend on we, beatin on rappers literally X3D beez up on the streets dimensional trilogy Got no love for foes, no respect for grimy hoes Nuff said, X-3-D blowin up, case closed

People Ever Ask You?

Mac Mall
featuring Confident One *(Khayree)* Check one two. (Uh) Check check one two. Hot shit. (Oh yea) (Uh) Young Black Brotha hot shit. (What?) Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh. Confident One (Representin!) (Wha what?) (Spit this shit for me than man) (This Mac Mall in here) (You feel me playa?) (Check this out) (I'm gon' let these niggas know what's really goin' on though) Chorus 2x *(Confident One)* Do people ever ask you why you smoke so much weed? Why yo pants saggin' while you sippin' Hennessy? Smashin a V-12 doin' one-sixty tryin to get this money so we in this bitch deep. Verse 1 *(Confident One)* Here's the reason why TC-1 don't give a fuck cuz niggas won't lend you a dime when you down on yo luck plus they buck when you up these hoolagan niggas 'll leave you stuck an if you as cold as starvin' nobody put a nickle in your cup reprehensible attitudes is what we dealin' wit an in this Millennieum we die from one stroke of our dick what a world when you ain't got nothin' they say He ain't bout shit. An when you ball to often these niggas they want you to quit (stop, stop!) We up against all odds as we sippin' Hennessy avoidin' shady niggas quick to blast at racist police an to you money hungry bitches I won't even waste my time I give a fuck how fine I won't spend a fuckin' dime I'm tired of you niggas an yo repitious talk how you's a killa that stalks a pimp wit that walk let me shake my ashes as this THC ignites Khayree turn the beat up an pass the weed to fix your sight beware of them niggas who won't look you in yo eye smilin' all the time but in they heart is dispise check the blueprints study the (sclumatics??) learn the lesson an as you roll four deep in your whip my niggas here's the question. *(Chorus)* Verse 2 *(Mac Mall)* I wrote this fo' them inquiring minds who need to worry bout they own an stay the fuck outta mine punk niggas always whinin' an lyin' all on my mutha fuckin nuts juss like them chickens in the beauty salon, choppin me up suckas get so emotional when you ridin they hoe or when you ballin an they out there broke but I'd a seen niggas wit loot hatin on me too cuz I done treated they boo juss like a prostitute let her slide on my dick an she gave me ya whole script how much mail you workin wit an where ya hide them kicks but I ain't trippin off you trick, I'd rather spark me a spliff the white widow wit the Afghan-hashish mix bitches get so passionate when a nigga fuck the pussy steal the heart an take the chips an then dip an when you tell all your friends they like, No he didn't! an in yo face they might tell ya that Mac Mall ain't shit but that was one big mistake that was made by this chick see she told 'em how I fucked now her cousins my new bitch real mackin' hear me go on an crack the Henny go on an spark the Philly we goin' straight to the land now if I dropped ya on the track hit the block in a Lac when I see you later you besta have me a grand call me more than a playa fool I'm more like the coach runnin plays on the bench Go deep young hoe!! *(Chorus)* Verse 3 *(Mac Mall)* I show the world no mercy shall let no nigga serve me shall let no bitch disturb me she juss ain't worthy born in the game, forced to get my hands dirty an life is like a house party an I'm strapped plus perkin' always off the Roper you always see me loaded I always stay paid punk an all you marks can quote it I spit that true game an you been fiendin fo' it like every line is heir-on coated hip-hop an you own it! *(Chorus)* *(Mac Mall)* Deep, deep, deep! Fa sho. Let 'em know about it. Let 'em know about it, Mac Mall in this bitch nigga. Fa all my mutha fuckin folks What's up to my niggas out in Oakland. What's up to my mutha fuckas in Frisco. Fa sho. Uh-huh. My niggas out there in South Central. Watts!! What's up!! (Keep it poppin man) Yeah mutha fucka. Always, always keep it poppin. (Mac Mall) (Get that money so we in this bitch) *(Khayree)* Vallejo. I ain't forget you baby. I ain't forget you. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Uh. (Tryin' to get this money) We in here. Ferg! What's up baby! I'm comin' off a cold man. Hit these suckas wit some of this... super simple funk, one time ya know. Yeah sumpthin' for that trunk.

Betta Ask Somebody

50 CENT "Beg For Mercy"
[50 Cent] I, know, you, know I'm, on, fiiiii-re [Chorus: 50 Cent] If, you don't know, who I be You betta ask somebooooody about me Oh - you wanna be tough nigga, a look is enough I put that snub nose to ya and bust nigga If, you don't know, who I be You betta ask somebooooody about me And they'll tell ya I'm a soldier boy And I done told ya, over and over boy [Verse One: Lloyd Banks] I come from a big city, the streets corrupt Now I'm rollin with snub-noses to heat you up Out here niggaz'll do anything to reach a buck Cause when you broke you can't afford to fuck ya sneakers up I take my time, keep my mind on my bank funds Learn how to seperate the real from the fake ones And on my heater nina rep what could I carry on My nigga just lost his momma, and his daddy gone From now on I can provide cause my paper's straight Family losin his legs, but I can take the weight Some niggaz hate but I'll be damned if they hold me down Front niggaz didn't know me then, bet they know me now Blunt and a smile, eventually it'll be a frown Cause every time I turn around a nigga locked down While I'm in the world, tryin to bring my loot through Hopin one day we can kick it like we used to, my nigga [Chorus] [Verse Two: Young Buck] Uhh, they never seen 26's on a Hummer My goal is to try to fuck Trina by the summer Some niggaz hate me, but they only made me Go and put mo' ice in my mouth than Baby (bling bling!) G-Unit and Shady, them dudes is crazy Next time, we only usin Dr. Dre's beats Fuck you, pay me, take your magazine flicks This ain't no Nelly hurr, take a good look at this Got the wrists of a chemist and the heart of a hustler Plus I probably done robbed mo' artists than Russell Always in trouble, you can blame my mother Gave birth to a gorilla and raised him in the jungle I ain't crawled, I stumbled across the Mexican with birds Papi had coke and new plates and pounds of herb Keep my hand on my glock, and my ear to the streets I'm a country boi, you can hear it when I speak G-Unit! [Chorus] [Verse Three: 50 Cent] Bentley is all dreams, G-5 is understood I made a nigga heart colder than December (yeah!) Don't take much to make my gun go off One shot'll make a hardrock look oh so soft (woo!) If you don't know you betta ask who I be Or end up in ICU gettin fed through a IV Down in the Lou', they say they feelin me derrty In New Orleans they say I'm that nigga, ya heard me? From them Southside blocks to Watts, Westside don't front You know about them Grapestreet Gangstas, G'd up Rollin that weed up Nigga get outta line, get shot stabbed jacked Hit with a bat or beat up Fuck that, we're on that same bullshit Same forty-cally glock, same full clip Pussy claat bwoy, ya nah wanna tak wif me I'm a real rudebwoy, ya nah wanna ruf wif me [Chorus]

Untamed Guerrilla

TURK "Young & Thuggin'"
[Turk] Better ask somebody...nigga(nigga)...Untamed Guerilla(u-huh).. ...chu'ont know(chu'ont know)...better ask somebody nigga(ask 'em).. ...Lil' Turk, Young-n-Thuggin'(be 'dat) +Off Top+(+Off Top+),look(look),look(look)... ...Head-bustin' is in my nature, fuck wit' me,I erase ya Run wit' only the real,cuz fake niggaz puts to stay shut All I know is the street projects, bricks, and hallways How to get rid of beef, grab my K' and let it spray Untamed Guerilla, 'bout spinnin' benz,wodie and gettin' it rid of 'ya I was taught that way But nigga get out of order,shoot that bitch in his face Size me up, fuck it nigga, I'm catchin' the case Growin up behind mine, can't let no nigga play me If it gets too much for me I call my nigga Baby We gon' ride nigga, better be ready somebody gon' die nigga We gon' burn 'em up, make his head sizzle Light his block up like Cid Park,when it's Christmas Can't miss it we gon' hit him, +Checkmate+ him Give him a straight dog shot Bitch nigga get it right cuz you will get chopped [Hook-Turk 4x] Untamed Guerrilla, Uptown fo' sho' Gettin' full of that raw, Mac Melph-Calio [Turk] (Look, look, look) Nigga I'm Untamed, quik,to-jack a nigga for cocaine When I steal a nigga, it's tha close range Realest they come, never play no game, I bust your ass nigga Fake Boba'll out, won't last nigga Fearin' nothing, this way, you ain't no bad nigga You better get it right and keep it right Cuz I dress in Killa-Wear , you won't sleep at night Hit cho' pop when it's dark, ssshit I just might Me and Craig come wit' choppers and you gon' lose your life I'm nothin nice, nothin descent,know you heard about me Soon as the beef start nigga, look, it will come out me And knock you all out, left dead in the scene people fall out That's what happen to you when you got a loud mouth You gon' do something,know I'm talkin 'bout and be about it I'ma shoot somethin ,well shoot, I ain't gon' speak about it I'ma hit you in yo dome, plug, don't leak about it Leave you dead on the scene, live nigga, I doubt it [Hook-Turk 4x] Untamed Guerilla, Uptown fo' sho' Gettin' full of that raw, Mac Melph-Calio [Turk] I'm a lil' nigga feel like a giant wit' a gun Quick to kill niggaz cuz I'm real as they come Got a chopper wit' a drum, I ain't lose yet Nigga play if ya want, your life, lose that +It's All On U+ black,tryin' to be hard niggaz Spin a ben, bullets flippin', and spinnin' yo dome nigga Thuggin' since pampers, I never was a hoe Spit yo shit to the flat, leave yo brains on the flo' You know I get's dirty, I'm low down cuz'n Got eleven under my belt, one more would mean a dozen I'ma type nigga, who really don't give a fuck Ask them nigga my background watch 'em,they tell yo luck I don't give a fuck about,how many niggas you kill Who you can to,nigga your brain can gets spill Bitch-ass, pussy-ass, jive-ass-nigga Want the rice at tha Chinese wedding,sissyfied-ass-nigga [Hook-Turk 8x] Untamed Guerrilla, uptown fo' sho' Gettin' full of that raw, Mac Melph-Calio

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