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JEWEL lyrics - This Way

The New Wild West

Original and similar lyrics
You see the ghosts of the buffalo Moving both fierce and slow Like glittering prophesies On the edge of the horizon As you drive glittering highways And beaten-up by-ways That straddle and girdle A great and many-faced nation There are lambs in the ghettos Who worship their Gapettos Believing in, though never seeing The strings they think bind them So you write to our congressmen With bleeding pens Of the sorrow within And in return they just send Tickets to the latest Tom Hanks show [CHORUS:] Welcome to the new wild west Each man for himself A nation of civilized steeples And lonely people Welcome to the new wild west There are so many fractions And cue-card reactions It's hard to keep clear The possibilities here 'Cause there's no force to unite them Privilege has ruled for thousands of years Wars have been fought with bibles and tears Yet liberation can't deny the temptation And soon becomes the oppressor Show me a leader who's fit to lead Who don't sew his seed in anything Wounded enough to breed Because after all what fun is power If you can't act like a rock star [CHORUS] See me, I've been cruel I've been petty and unkind But I know my own mind And since it seems clear There's no one leading us here The only thing left it appears Is to task ourselves to be better each time Then those before us We'll be an army of theives Of self-freed slaves Of mild-mannered maids We'll fight with whispers and blades So get ready, a new day is dawning [CHORUS]

Insane Creation

Jamal "Last Chance No Breaks"
Intro: A yo man chill let's take this moment of silence out for my man C A Dogg. Claude Austin. Rowdy 9 5. Hook: 1 2 to the breaker 1 9 9 5 Jamal represent to keep it live Testin' 1 2 3 I flows rhymes wicked Jamal represent to keep it live (x2) Verse 1: Back in the day where I'm from in the slum it was ill Drive around the corner catch a view to a kill Move up the block on the O they slang rocks When niggas get hot they lickin' shots at the cops Come with me (uh ha) I take you back to 1983 It was shell top sneakers and it was all about me Me growin' up makin' a man out of myself Kindergarden's cool I'm thinkin' about makin' to the 12th Semester went by, by 5th grade I'm strugglin' My mind was on bitches and smoke I'm not functioning On waht I need to be to get me through The world is a school, and me? Fuck it I'm rollin' with the crew Now boom there it is I'm labelled as An eleven year old, a 5th grade fast ass A year went by (uh ha) and I'm still bad as hell I got a taste of jail nothin' major I'm only twelve My grandmas pissed off not understandin' what's happenin' But come with me, creep into the darkening (Back in the day) It's southwest Fuck with Jamal you catch two to your chest Contest if a nigga want to fool I be the leader of the new school I straight rule That was (back in the days) the days of wayback But nowadays it's all about million stacks (word) Hook (x2) Verse 2: It all started on December 25th 1991 on the Illadelphiatic streets Jamal took a step up and gave his rep to someplay Prayin' that I make it to this day I met this female her name was El Said she liked my style of rap we chatted for a little while Told me haps on how to make the snaps She said she lived in Atlanta where business booms like rockets And she had connects outta sockets We exchanged numbers and I was off to the crib Cause January 1st I had to start my bid (for what?) For being a wild unruling child A week my granny sent complaints to the juevenile Finally January 1st, the day I hated My granny flew away to Georgia I got reinslated Now I'm off, no more sun for a year of two No more get high no more lampin' with the crew (what could you do?) Nothin' so I lamped for about 20 months and a half Then I got amped (what?) I'm losing my mind, I can't take (what) All of this bullshit I'm about to break (Where?) Atlanta where they got some wealth to share Hits the poster with my granny I got some tracks to tear So I did it, soon as I got home I did it Then I got that bitch Janey Ace to get the ticket and I'm out Hook (x2) Verse 3: A wild little shortie on the straight looney expedition Gut a nigga (uh ha) who ever thought I'd be in this position I went from rockin' basement paprtys to placements to all these Opportunites, I got to GA o.k. and I got situated Reinstated in school and fell El too I never forgot my number one plot Was for me to rock the crowd and make my granny proud No doubt I had to shape up or ship out Never to be a failure so I found another route At last to get the cash And then massed to meet El in North Cacalac She had this black little juvenile wild as hell that got busy It's real so we packed up and bailed to the city Together to shop around the sound and get down With my nigga D hooked me up with E and I'm on Hook (x5)

Dead Pan

This be the dawning of the age of dead water Stitchin every b-boy fragment Somebody live enough to bust through the belly with a fist up This is a right now generation murdered by the fan base This is adored by the writers-Dead water With a still force activated No I'm not feelin alright Formed by the village of badness and bad karma Punched by the stagnant water gate threw the fickle back But by the window's still three nickels in a piggy bank Caught her with her head up funny stomach from the hunger pains Flashed automatic b-boy with big visions In a matchbox apartment adjacent a crooked starship Who better nation a million's the only remedy Nine dizzy planets with a bullet riding centerpiece Take Me Through The Gates I'm bout as sick of burning find the hottest slacker in a visionary costume Con artist kamikaze conduct Warm for a second to the minute he whored herself to disaster I recognize the cankers by the mechanical stagger As opposed to the skip of big brother bad slapper Theologies who need to keep the cookies caffeinated like a mad hatter that'll sleep now, ask after Calibrate the happy scale when he's soakin wet with a mouthful of dead ideas and see if it tipped zero Stripped ego, tall stories of broad glory I'll be god while you're still living life on a full 40 Or maybe I'll be gramacin, homes poor, broke and lonely Hidden by my billygoat beard and cardboard monstrosity I drink a bad glass of gumption Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning disgusting Wildchild activater activate sludge enough to dungeon for a accolade and wild ones I committed wild murder, went through the city with a wild merger, woke up in a wildstyle burner Space case, boom box, hate tapes, no lemonade breaks (sweat), no cheddar in labor days Right now, I'm here to break a point of big system plus my screen I was never cursed in a russmeyer bixon Spit sob stories to confront my dick addictions Of the dirty basement at the graves of Salem witches Driving my stake through the face of painstaking business (checkmate) But I scream Misery (better breath take) Out of sleep, lifted up lobotomy, little Jackie paper and a magic dragon sack of dirty shrubbery I'll be the ugliest version of paranoia kingpin set in motion by the secondhand pressure Some get excited when the sun folds under Some get excited when the summer hits the pavement Some get excited when the bullet hits bone and a board I'll escape through the train yard and sleep till it's broken [same old] This be the settling of debt of warm water A mobile b-boy function Somebody mad enough to cut apart the curtain with a fist up This is the dagger in the 88 magnificent memorial This is the heater to a movement-dead water When I broke fifth and got sparks No I'm not feelin alright This be the windshear dodgin dead water Solitary b-boy wonder Somebody fresh enough to reinvent the court with a fist up This is the funky outline around a classic breakbeat This is an agitated moment-dead water With a burnt future, beaten, ugly No I'm not feelin' alright

The Winter Zephyr

One silver cloud collapsed below the glow of a harvest fullmoon. 'Cause we're here to make an oath and we'll raise our realm in a sky of maroon. Our stratosphere turned dark; however, the Western winds never stopped blowing. All deceiving religions fall, we'll gonna close our hands, and make our own way. Ignite the wroth flames - 3 fires to the sky Before the violence, We stand before the most, wild beast. We'll rape the peace. Once again, We summon you, To join us all! Standing upon the sand of the shores was a Queen, with a crown, of 13 stars. She worships the dragon above, which exalts impiety in that wild beast. Our father is here with us and we'll summon you to join us. If we're bonded by jewels and blood on our fists, then we hail you within kingdoms of mist. Gorias! (The silver sword of the moon) Finias! (The flaming lancet of the sun) The winter zephyr warps the power of Sessair


ELTON JOHN "Songs From The West Coast"
It's a case I guess of paradise lost Ten years back on the hands of the clock In that little house on Mansfield On your old block Sometimes the magic of the past is all we've got Just you and me at a crossroads then Ain't it funny how we were old friends Accidentally thrown together Did we intend To be the romantic novel you never want to end And it's the contact of the eye that meets across a crowded room And how I kind of wound up the lyrics to your tune You said, 'Funny but it feels like I've known you all my life And how it might feel to kiss you on the mouth tonight' In between the Star of David and the California moon The Santa Ana winds blew warm into your room We were crazy, wild and running Blind to the change to come In that little house on Mansfield We'd wake at the break of dawn In an Indian summer gone In the candlelight I can recall Your naked shadow looking ten feet tall Like a wild pony dancing Along the wall Off balance I found love the only place to fall

East Coast Coast Killas

Dr Dre "Dr. Dre presents The Aftermath"
East coast *killer*, West coast *killer* (repeat 8X) Verse One: RBX While childish MC's battle over coastal fronts I come with no fronts and smash in monkey fronts If you want to be evil like Knieval then jump I guarantee your punk ass catch the speed lump The tactics, extract, morbid thoughts from the mental custom designed, for instrumental Yes indeedy, lyrical graffiti And this one's a burner, baby Truck, like Toyata driven True and livin drivin with the gat Uhh, pop the clutch, let the Cold Crush rush Then I flush wack material That's if I don't mash them all to mush Hush, let me burst, dare I gush Cock-diezel cuts Lyrical arsenal equivalent to arsenic East coast *killer*, West coast *killer* (repeat 4X) Verse Two: KRS-One Yo, why do they make me wanna ruin they career Before I bust your shit let's get one thing clear Don't provoke Kris no joke this I don't ride no rapper's nutsac yo I stay focused Beefin without skills seekin will only weaken The artist speakin over beats and, you be cheatin Cacaphony of small talent rappers, claimin a coast over instrumentals, ain't got no real street credentials Here come the philosopher hip-hopppin ya correctly Ignorant ass MC's continue to tempt me Lyrics be empty like Alcatraz cellblock Too many MC's rappin causin lyrical gridlock Lyrical syllables interlock in my voicebox Yet I'm still unknown like the X on Sadat Just your typical, non-topical Flex the optical illusion weak metaphoric style you be usin I check one-two's and who's in the house Like shit your lyrics ooze out ya mouth Whattyou think this is KRS-One from the Bronx kid! East coast *killer*, West coast *killer* (repeat 8X) Welcome to the New World Order You are now under martial law All constituional rights have been suspended Verse Three: B-Real The most scandalous, cut the bad apple, we can handle this Coast trippin goin on through out the business East Coast West Coast anybody killer! I don't give a fuck where you from I'ma Killa Hill-er I got crews on both sides together Deeper than the ocean and down for whatever Fool I can roll through any block from Central to Westland Avenue, without my glock But some niggaz can't survive on both sides So they try and break off, eliminate ties Fools got to get wise, better realize True, enemy lies killin in the highrise office, analyzing the song Look at them red niggaz, don't even get along Kill that noise, four niggaz bringin the skill Mad caps get peeled if you oppose the Hill Yeah that's right fool, you know who, the mighty Group Therapy The mighty mighty Aftermath brigade, letting all you sound boys know You're not ready to rumble or test this Kill that noise! East coast *killer*, West coast *killer (repeat 8X) Verse Four: Nas Now when I bomb like Sadaam, the world feels The Wrath of Khan Desert Storm in this modern day Babylon I be the twelve disciples strap arms All black on running your spot hit the safe and I'm gone Like a thief wrong, I keep the long 38 warm Silent and calm, and blackout when the beef is on Focus on your rap holsters, notice I'm evil like the Exorcist to the locusts Ferocious thoughts, are mergin at night Like Jehovah towards the virgin in white I'm wrapped in a turban for spite Like a Israelite snatchin hoes up, my flow's up When the fuckin world blows up throw your hands up It's a holdup, frontin like you down for the real to make a meal, but when plan fold, nigga you squeal like Heavy Heel, but what's the fuckin deal East coast *killer* West coast *killer* (repeat 16X)

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