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JEWEL lyrics - Sweet And Wild


Original and similar lyrics
If you love somebody You better let it out Don't hold it back While you're trying to figure it out Don't be timid Don't be afraid to hurt Run toward the flame Run toward the fire Hold on for all your worth Cause the only real pain a heart can ever know Is the sorrow of regret When you don't let your feelings show [Chorus] So did you say it Did you mean it Did you lay it on the line Did you make it count Did you look 'em in the eye Did they feel it Did you say it in time Did you say it out loud 'cause if you did hun Then you lived some That feeling inside That's called satisfied Busy people walking by Can't help but worry some With so many things to do So little love gets done Empty hearts everywhere Drowning but dying of thirst If you want love It's not that tough Start by giving it first It's so easy to give Baby can't you see Just close your eyes open your heart And do what comes naturally [Chorus] Well did you say it Did you mean it Did you lay it on the line Did you make it count Did you look 'em in the eye Did they feel it Did you say it in time Did you say it out loud 'cause if you did hun Then you lived some That feeling inside That's called satisfied [Bridge] Horses are built to run The sun is meant to shine above Flowers are made to bloom And then there's us We were born to love [Repeat Chorus]

She'll Hear You

BEN JELEN "Give It All Away"
The years flash by, today melts to yesterdays memories, Time's holding us tight I'm looking back to remember the days we said we'd never say goodbye. And now you're gone, my hands melt to yesterday's melodies Time's pushing along, Still looking back to hold on to the days we said we'd never say goodbye. Sometimes I feel like we've been running too far from the truth You know I'm tired of hearing 'another day another time' All this senseless waiting won't fill these dark empty rooms, Why won't you come home? I wish, I feel, I can't believe I've seen these nights Pass by, those hands, what happened to those eyes, my Eyes seduced by that smile that crumbles away, washes Away those tears, let tears roll by, she'll hear you Cry, yeah she'll hear you. Sometimes I feel... You know I hate to say it, but since you've gone I know that Even though I'm feeling low, I guess I'm feeling free. We can live our own existence 'cause I know these Dreams will bring you back to me. I'm dreaming a world with you, I wish the night was longer I'm chasing the way we were, I wish that I could catch us. I'm feeling your hand in mine, I wish I'd held it closer I know that I will soon find, I know that she can hear me say She'll hear you, these dreams will bring you back to me.

Like A Virgin

Marilyn Manson "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)"
I made it through the wilderness Somehow I made it through Didn't know how lost I was Until I found you I was beat incomplete I'd been had, I was sad and blue But you made me feel Yeah, you made me feel Shiny and new [CHORUS:] Like a virgin Touched for the very first time Like a virgin When your heart beats [after first time, 'With your heartbeat'] Next to mine Gonna give you all my love, boy My fear is fading fast Been saving it all for you 'Cause only love can last You're so fine and you're mine Make me strong, yeah you make me bold Oh your love thawed out Yeah, your love thawed out What was scared and cold [CHORUS] Oooh, oooh, oooh You're so fine and you're mine I'll be yours 'till the end of time 'Cause you made me feel Yeah, you made me feel I've nothing to hide [CHORUS] Like a virgin, ooh, ooh Like a virgin Feels so good inside When you hold me, and your heart beats, and you love me Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Ooh, baby Can't you hear my heart beat For the very first time

What My Heart Says

MONICA "All Eyez On Me"
La, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la So let them say its wrong For me to love you They could never feel The way that I do when we kiss When we're close like this They can't see inside my soul They can't know the love we know All they do is waste their time They can never change my mind 1 - It's what my heart says That is what I listen to It's what my heart feels That tells me, tells me what to do It's what my heart knows That's the only, the only truth I know is real All I hear is what my heart says to me La, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la What my heart says Let them say that I'm a fool To fall so deeply Cause they will never ever be Loved so completely How can they even talk that way? They can't see it through my eyes They can't feel this love inside All their words don't mean a thing They can't change the way I feel, no, no Repeat 1 And I have never felt so sure about anything See you are the one, the one that I need It doesn't matter what they think Or what they say I'm loving you anyway, oh All I know is what I hear Repeat 1 La, la, la, la, la What my heart says Oh, what my heart says

Heart Of Every Man

To a world turning cold as stone To a world spinning out of control See the sigh of the times Feel the emptiness inside To try to hide the pain inside CHORUS May the love of Jesus fll the heart of every man May the hope of heaven touch a life with healing hands And may all who seek him find grace enough to stand May the love of Jesus fill the heart of every man To a soul that's too tired to fight To a heart that's too weary to try When all faith is taken away by the trials of the day When there's nothing left to say CHORUS BRIDGE For God so loved the world that He gave his Son and Whoever believes will know His love CHORUS


DMX "The Great Depression"
Uh..Uh Now there's two ways we can do this, keep it real or front I know you got what I need and I got what you want And the hunt for soulmates is all over for us We could go away where nobody would know it was us Leave behind all the fuss, the studios, the pictures No autographs, just laughs when I'm wit ya I know what it's like when they know you now But bark it at the dog baby, and I'll hold you down [Mary J. Blige] Time and time and time again I knew that our love had to end But now it's gone so very far That I can make a brand new start I thought that we were meant to be Be one big family But I was weak and loved you still No matter what you did, I could forgive [1] - All I need is sincerity All I need is sincerity Thinking 'bout you all the time Never seemed to cross my mind How you could take the time to kill Everything our love had built I never knew how you could hide Everytime you told a lie But now I know why you're so cold But I don't understand Now that you set me free I truly think that we Could find love seperately I need sincerity One thing, I'm not as weak I'll always stand alone But my mind is not made of stone So I'll go on [Repeat 1] [Nas] Chipped tooth don Nasty, blue ice timbs on Screw it face, half moon part, my tatoos dark On a scale of tough criminals, nothin to call me I'm a rare individual, young and I'm bossy Guees it come from a rough life, cuffed at night Lettin' off hot lead that bust from iron pipes I'm the type that have to shed blood Pray to the ghost of dead thugs, dead blocks that spread drugs Fled from the cops 'till when my first joint dropped I'm still wit my hood, Hollow Point still in the glock But I've been shitted on by these high class hoes Even these chickens did me wrong, I was just gettin' on So I turned cold, givin 'em hard dick and straight to the hole Like Rod Strickland, it was takin' it's toll I needed someone I could hold in my darkest hours A strong couple is a blessing and the heart is the power Give me someone I could trust, not just a hotty to bone Does she love Escobar, or love Nasir Jones Let me know so I could cop her the stones What's clear to me, it's sincerity Somebody I could call my own, yeah [Repeat 1] [Ad lib until fade]

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