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JEWEL lyrics - Sweet And Wild

No Good In Goodbye

Original and similar lyrics
Once upon time used to feel so fine I really mean to shine we'd laugh like we were drunk on wine no not anymore [x4] Used to feel so good used to laugh like we should we did what we could come on baby I'm sorry would you open the door [x4] [Chorus] Baby don't say the stars are falling from your eyes Baby just say, say you need me one more time For you and I, there is no good in goodbye You know I used to love to leave, always had something up my sleave, I guess I mistook being alone for being free, But no never again [x4] [Chorus] Yes I too was just like you, finding comfort in a strangers face, In a darkened place where no one knew my name And I was slow to see that everything had changed and I was sad to see that I would never be the same Without you by my side I'd go insane, Cause you make the world make sense Baby, you make the world make sense [Chorus]


After 7 "Takin' My Time"
I wanna lay with you girl and feel your body over me give me a piece of your time and I know that I'll convince you to be mine I'm gonna love ya, love ya so sweet there is never a time you wont be sexually pleased know how to work it give what you need even though I know you'v got insecurities Girl if I give you good sex tonight wont you stay, stay with me another night and if I give you good sex tonight, can we make make good love forever for all time (hook) So baby lets get it on undress that body come close to me now baby See how much and how long, I can groove you darlin keep you warm I see a lonely tear in your eye and I know you not too sure about spendin the night. wont let you leave me I'll make it right Cause I know just how to do ya and I'll change your mind Repeat Hook Tonight your my baby we're gonna make sweet love on and on I'll be lovin you crazy we're gonna sex it up tonight share good love so right and start all over again Repeat Hook 2X

Pride And Joy

David Coverdale "Coverdale/Page"
(Coverdale/Page) Take me to your river, baby, take me to your sea Purify my soul an' pour your ocean over me. Lead me to your chamber, where you sleep at night, Scratch your name across my back, make me feel alright. You're the best time I have ever had, You look so good, oh babe, you must be bad. Diamonds on your ankles, sapphires on your shoes, Your little gems of wisdom chase away my blues. Mama's little princess, daddy's pride and joy, I'm like a kid at Christmas, playing with your toys. You shake me in the morning, I wake up black an' blue Ooh child, you act so wild, I'll name a hurricane after you Scarlet fever kisses, little miss Dynamite, Youngblood, you look so good, I'm gonna leave on all the lights So I can see where I'm goin', baby Play that thing! So take me to your river, baby, take me to your sea, Purify my soul an' pour your ocean over me. Lead me to your chamber, where you sleep at night, Scratch your name across my back, make me feel alright. I have never felt this good before, If you want I'll sleep outside your door. You're the best time I have ever had, You look so good, oh babe, you must be bad. You must be bad...

Cold Rock A Party

MC LYTE "Bad As I Wanna B"
Keep On, Keepin' On MC Lyte f. Xscape Album: Sunset park soundtrack B-boy, where the f-- you at I've been looking for your ass since a quarter past Hot peas and butter, baby, come and get your supper Before I make you suffer, that's when you had enough'o Can I get hot when you hit the jack pot Surely I can if you're the man I get luscio' n' produce lots of amounts of juice Can you get used to that or do you need a boost Of energy to enter me and get it on You're getting warm I can feel you getting closer Now baby down, that's my mosser You better believe It's time to get the toast of the woman of the decade Too bad to be played, get vexing I'm bound to throw shades all over your body Whose body, your body I can rock a party like nobody Leave in time and take home the loot Choosy about who I let knock my boot Now let me take a sight to your love in a light Life ain't all that 'nless you're doing it right 1-Keep on keep-keepin' on Cause you came and you changed my world Your love's so brand new Keep on keep-keepin' on Doing it right right right Beware of the stare when I step in the piece I'm coming peace, but I got shit in need to be released Now who from the chosen shall I choose Yeah, now you wish you was in his shoes I found me a new nigger this year that knows how to handle this here Now I look forward to going home at night Brother does me right under the candlelight Racks upon my back, can I handle all of that Oh yes, I can, can I, why not if I wanna, yes I can can More honey than a Bumble bee-hop Pulling sixty nine ways out my o-cop Sweet like liqour and sugar from my burger Juicy like Hassey or Vernassee I got the shit to make your ass right at back, check Cause like I said I ain't afraid of the sweat Beat on my drum if you feel the need to As I proceed to open up and feed you I got along and I put you way you wanna be ven aqui and I get rid of all company (repeat 1) Many have tried to strict regulations lazy motherf-- get put on probation Those that didn't perform well, they gets no ends when they ringa-ring my bell You're playing with my time Trying to jerk me, hurt me then desert me You better work me while you got the opportunity To be in the mist of the L-Y-T-E Only the strong survive, only the wise excel Went sad bummer born in hell Only the lonely die slowly Left all alone trying to control me Eazy-duz-it never asked how was it Never speak my info of my sheet in the street Cause that ain't cool and that ain't cute To talk about who knocked a boot on a video shoot But it's all good though You gotta get it when you're born inside You pray, make your moving Hype up on it, it's natural Never be ashamed, f-- the fame get the name and kick the game (rpt 1, 1, 1..)

Let's Get Busy Baby

DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "He's The DJ I'm The Rapper"
Mmm! Say baby you got some fries to go with that shake? Ay what are you man? Yo man that is NO way to talk to a woman man Man! I =BEEN= talkin to girls man what are you talkin about? That girl looks =GOOD= Man look you just you buggin man you know what you said? Okay okay alright =YOU= show me how to talk to a lady [Fresh Prince] Aight bet uhh sweetheart? Listen up toots I like your looks I used to see girls like you in them girlie books I'm losin my mind, but it's not lost yet I'd pay a thousand dollars just to see your sihlouette Red is the rose's color, blue is the violet's Here's my number baby, when you get home, dial it up I'll be your man and you can be my lady and YOU can come to my house, and we can get busy baby Girl.. for..get about your boyfriend, he's nothin but a hassle You can come with me and cold chill in my castle Oh what a wonderful time it would be, imagine -- -- you and me, in my jacuzzi or horseback ridin or we can play tennis But, the most intimate part will be when it's time to eat dinner, we'll go get dressed And then we'll give a call to Antonie, my private chef First we'll eat crablegs, by candlelight Then sip wine by the fire for the rest of the night And if the time is right, I'll ask you to be my lady and we can dip right upstairs and get busy baby You know since I first met you, I wanted to let you know how I felt, so I could get you to treat me like a phone and take me off hold and make your hero come so I can pour my heart and soul I can't help but dream about the ultimate life Two kids, a dog, a goldfish - and you as my wife We'd have a rosebush, with a white picket fence and all the neighborhood kids would call me Mr. Prince And on the lazy Saturday afternoons right after me and the kids get finished watching cartoons we could send them both outside to go playin And we could spend some time upstairs, get what I'm sayin? The only problem, that we would have is whether or not to drive the Porsche, the Benz, or the Jag And every night before bed, flip the radio on and sip Dom Perignon to the quiet storm Gucci, Louis Vuitton, you want more? Gloria Vanderbilt or Liz Claiborne or Christian Dior from head to foot The world is yours if you'll be my toots Ohhh I know what your problem is Look those other chicks are just good friends I'll give up my harem if you'll be my lady C'mon whaddya say, huh? Let's get busy baby Look, be honest, c'mon, don't lie Tell the truth - I'm a hell of a guy, right? Pretty smile, light brown eyes I've got miles on them other guys, face it You could search America, Russia or Germany but never will you find another man equivalent to me But let's discuss it, perhaps over lunch about how I'll be your poopsie, and you will be my hunybunch Now isn't that special? Why ain't you widdit? You'll be my only girl, yeah, that's the ticket Life's a risky business, babe you know the deal Sometimes you just gotta say what the hell Now is that time, roll for the money Life is a gamble but I'm a sure thing honey Girl, you know you drivin me crazy So how bout it, come on, let's get busy baby

I Get Around (Remix)

2PAC "Thug Life"
[2PAC] Back to get wrecked All respect to those who break they neck to keep they hoes in check 'Cause, oh, they sweat a brother majorly And I don't know why, your girl keeps pagin' me To tell me that she needs me, cries when she leaves me And every time she sees me, she squeeze me, lady, take it easy Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me I don't want it if it's that easy Hey, yo, bust it, baby got a problem sayin' bye-bye Just another hazard of a fly guy You ask why, don't matter, my pockets got fatter Now everybody's lookin' for the, ladder And ain't no need in bein' greedy, you wanna see me Dial that beeper number, baby, when you need me And I'll be there in a, jiffy Don't be picky, just be happy with this, quickie When will you learn, you can't tie me down Baby doll, check it out, I Get Around Chorus: I Get Around 2Pacalypse Now don't stop for hoes I Get Around [2PAC] --Why ain't I call you, please-- Fingertips on the hips as I tip, gotta get a tight grip Don't slip, loose lips sank ships It's a trip, I love it when she licks her lips, see me jockin' Put a little twist in her hips, 'cause I'm watchin' Conversations on the phone 'till the break of dawn Now we all alone, why the lights on? Turn 'em off, time to set it off, get you wet and soft Somethin's on your mind, let it off You don't know me, you just met me, you won't let me Well if I couldn't have it, silly rabbit, why you sweat me? It's a lot a real G's doin' time 'Cause a groupie bit the truth and told a lie You picked the wrong guy, baby if your too fly You need to hit the door, search for a new guy 'Cause I only got one night in town, break out, or be clowned Baby doll, are you down? I Get Around Chorus: I Get Around The Underground just don't stop for hoes I Get Around Still down with the Underground I Get Around --Hey, yo Shock, let them hoes know-- [Shock G] Now you can see from my everyday fits, I ain't rich So cease and assist with them tricks I'm just another black man, caught up in the mix Tryin' to make a dollar out of fifteen cents Just 'cause I'm a freak, don't mean that we could hit the sheets Baby, I can see, that you don't recognize me I'm Shock G, the one who put the satin on your panties Never knew a hooker that could share me I Get Around [2PAC] Round and round, the town we go But the Underground just don't stop for hoes What do you know, another young bro makin' dough But the po-po won't let me go Tryin' to do my show, but other young bros wanna throw Time to hit the door, grab a hoe Don't forget my dough, and if the promo say no Let him meet my 4-4, I'm from the 'O' And yo, I Get Around [Chorus]

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