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JEWEL lyrics - Sweet And Wild


Original and similar lyrics
It's Walmart, the bathroom I'm staring in the mirror Florescent lights are bright It makes the lines clearer Where did the Angel go? Cigarette smoke's all that's left I've traded my wings in for a string of pearls And a string is all I've left The lighbulbs burns Someone's in the stall Big white, brick wall Makes me feel small And I take my shirt off Looking for a glimpse of flesh Peel back the concrete Hope there's something that true left Cuz I am fading I am fading I am fading away I am fading just like fairytales An a hero loses faith I am fading The air smells like urine It's gettin hard to breathe I could walk out that door But no one ever really leaves And I take my clothing off Trying not to forget Stupid things like the color of rain And the smell of stone when it's wet I am fading I am fading I am fading away I am fading just like fairytales An a hero loses faith And I am naked in the mirror With a feather in my hand A lady comes out of the bathroom screaming "Oh Jesus!" She couldn't understand But I ask her, "Hey, what happens to us when we get old and in the way?" I guess she answered me Cause they, they took me away I am fading I am fading I am fading away I am fading just like fairytales An a hero loses faith And I don't know how And I don't know when Don't know when I forgot Hope I'll remember again I am fading away I am fading


Junkie XL
fading out holding on the innocent weep luck's run out left this hole inside of me crying out screaming down as the echoes within the cat is out no more secrets left to keep the feelings gone we've swallowed the sun one by one the moment has come the feelings gone we've swallowed the sun and waived goodbye to love again staring down tears roll down and land at your feet broken clouds a canvas torn for all to see [refrain] [refrain] fading out holding on

Fistfull Of Sand

Five Iron Frenzy
Up from the sands of the mighty Sahara comes, our hero bold, who so its told, is a lot like you and me. His passion burns, the world it turns, he fills his had to fill the void, and fuels the constant feeling, of nothingness insided his soul. Feels like nothing ever did. Kills like nothing ever could. Dark and jaded world I hated, everything I left behind. I don't need you, and I dont want you, world that left me blind. Beneath the sands of the mighty Sahara lies, buried treasure sunken deep in darkened tombs where dead men sleep. Gold fills hands, or is it sand, the same that covers everything? Where cities stood, soon deserts found, now sink beneath the swelling ground. The world is for the taking. This world is suffocating. Plastic bags of novacain, some PCP to kill the pain. Build a tomb to store you rust, moth-eaten piles of blowing dust. Uner the sands of the mighty Sahara, goes our hero bold, in search of gold, a casket for a dying world. Our hero stands, with wealth in hand, the prize for his endeavors. The masses cheer, to hide thier fears that no man lives forever.

The Story (A Spoken Word)

JIMMY NEEDHAM "Vice & Virtue"
This is a story A story about a Hero and a damsel A villain and a scandal Bend down, untie your sandals Cause where we're going is holy ground Starts like this: In the beginning there was the Hero. And the Hero was the Father. And the Hero was the Spirit. And the Hero was the Son. And if this hurts your head already, Welcome to the kingdom Immutable, inscrutable, infinitely Glad-hearted, triune perfection His ancient love reverberated off each Member with no hint of dissension Perfect in unity Perfect in diversity Holy trinity And even before the rocks could cry out His name He was singing his own praises How could he not? You know anyone else who goes by "The Rock of Ages"? He needed nothing from no one, As if something made could improve Upon His majesty His majesty's amp was already at 11 And if this was the end of our story That'd be enough for us to Glory for a thousand eternities at Him, But our story isn't over cause one day The Hero started speaking And when He started speaking, Things started being Light, night, wind, water, mud, moons, Seas and spiders, swimmers And flyers, gallopers and gliders, Stars and seasons, rhyme and reason to all Of it and all of it was good And suddenly all the commotion came to a standstill, when our Hero Bent down fashioned His damsel God leaned over our body of earth Breathed life into our lungs Made our heart beat from dirt He put light in our eyes He gave us each other And He gave us Himself as a prize And we were naked and were not ashamed But of course, the plot thickens Enter stage right The Villain The serpent was craftier Than any beast in the garden He made a beeline for the tree line And found Eve and her husband And in less than fifty words He convinced perfectly satisfied people They were starving to death And since that day God's damsel has known nothing but Starving to death The poison of asps is heavy on her breath. We traded the glory of the incorruptible God for a silly substitute Like a school kid duped into giving up His brand new Jordan's For a pair of worn out tennis shoes We became dark-hearted Bent inward on a mission to find within ourselves the solution, Like trying to number the stars While gazing through L.A.'s air pollution We couldn't see And we fell in love with lesser things And we bought them each a diamond ring And we betrayed our Maker, Our Husband, our King Let me clarify This doesn't just apply To the treacherous and murderous Even the best of us Are as bad as the worst of us Outwardly clean But inside full of dead men's bones Like the Taj Mahal, It looks good and all But there's nobody home And one terrible day We looked around But there was no more villain To be found He crawled inside of us Like a virus, rewired us And now the damsel Is the villain as well We tied our own self To the train tracks The horn blows and careening Toward us is 10, 000 tons Of God's wrath sounds so loud You can barely hear The screaming "Who will save us from the Body of this death?!" Enter stage left, Jesus of Nazareth The Word became flesh And dwelt among us He came lowly Perfectly holy He came like a groom On his way to the altar To meet the bride And for the dowry, He had no cash So He paid with his life Are you shocked By the consequence of sin? Be more shocked By the mercy of him Couldn't free ourselves So Christ became our freedom Couldn't fill these lungs So He became our breathing We live because He died Once a harlot now a bride Sins were scarlet, Now made white Perfect by proxy Saved by a surrogate Holy through Him The Hero and the damsel are one, Once again But wait, I haven't told you the best part yet As if there wasn't enough here already To impress you the best part About this story is the story is true The only fairytale that's not a fairytale So long mother goose Farewell Dr. Seuss This here's the genuine article God made We strayed God's love, displayed God-man gives grace Stands in our place Our sins erased Debt paid always So fall on your face, And give God all praise

Souls From The Streets (1994)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Verse 1] My mathematical powers devour cowards as I spra words Like acid rain showers, nations, you can't face them Erase them or I praise them, as my mind excites the wind Like spirits of ill concensions, time will clash On ya cipher, lyric concealed behind whirlwind fire Or flood, draw blood from wack souls as I smack hoes Live concensive, or yes 'em, it's damage That my sintex causes, is irrepreble Cuz vanity of my insanity force ya whole click to be divided You have just bear witnessed to dub side united [Verse 2] Who do you love? Bugs, styles and fresh And numb somes of soul, witchcraft The clutch is the archer's mode, and sure plot Of device, we shot twice, after the same arrow Rush through life, it's off this slug Advise me with words from death, and new com battles Far time left, and pure shot plug that way You marathron, let me down to grace the plate Full stagnant, touch I, but revamp the squad Gettin' loops, saviate on contact [Verse 3] The triflyn four fists, sparks another spliff Bodies left stiff, you can't fuck with my ruggedness My gunshots is leaving niggaz on they asses Smoking all the canibus, like the weed savage Rip dimensions and it matters, take an L You no challenge, I blow up, ya muthafuckin' brain cells And leave you legal, the slang tongue spigel Cocks back the fifth, teflon starts to seek it Criminals on a move, set a threat Sip the moet, and let off the twin techs to ya muthafuckin' chest [samples] [Verse 4] I speak double-double, cause double trouble never do I rumble On a rule, my microphone sever clones It's beyond binocalurs, sence the moody, six chromosomes I'm no more less, no need to flex the evil, trip with the clip I got the 6-1-0 flow, and 0 and 2 is my zip Yo, so call me out in Philly when you down to flip No frill skills, or freestylin' when y'all wildin' I broke cats all the way live, on Velly's Long Island I visualize cream, tech's scrap with infered beams Stash keys, and tease, lickin' back so y'all can My click of criminals, flippin' confortable My pockets full of benjamins, fool surrending When I'm blendin' in, dub side invincible Imperial, for lyrical tactics I react with signs to get ya ass kicked Indeed the face of evil, is the face told by me So I proceed to bleed my people, niggaz say I'm too cerebral Lies, dub side, flippin' perfection through your section Sanity's slippin', whose the next victim to catch a bless [Verse 5] Set a threat, I rip the mic and run race like an auto practice I inflect this verse leavin' heads in they casket Watch this nappy headed villain, brutal torture is illegal I back down clowns with a four pound, as I defeat you Insert the lyrical slugs, that straight's very A nickel plated verse I spit like a hollow tip steady Constantly, drop ya wack back with fire weapon This adolescent, keeps a clip full for street protection Ain't nothing complex about the way I cock my biscuit I set and threat it, bust that tech son, it's not explicit Exquisite, in divine rhymes I drop like jewels The mic I abuse when I choose to break fool [samples] [Verse 6] With this course, I force many emcees out the galaxy Challenge me, I rip apart flows with analogy Now with me, got that establish and wrap ya cabbage with styles You can't manage to damage or even fathom the mental capacity Cuz I harass these wack emcee's, in degrees I splatter universe, and mountain casaulties In the dark, my squad sells, blowin' ya conscience My assumptions, ethotical, unstoppable, anthological I pull the trigger with mystical, my poetic Rip fanatics up, and rich with the sinical [Verse 7] Coming back from the city of Atlantic, it's the hispanic Causing mad panic, with fat static for ya addict Automatic, I stick shift quick if you test me Left the ciphers, layin' lifers, seen in one spot and attended That you get ya crews bruised in black and blues Put ya name and age on the front page, of the newspaper I drape my hood up on my carriage, damage faggots Quit the habits, feedin' on emcee's on maggots Inspect ya gadgets, my style switches cause I flick it Return the mic, fixin' stitches, cause I ripped it [Verse 8] I can't stand like a maniac depressin' That's been submerged in subterrarian eutopia Why's the mansion that I'm representin' Is the feel competitin' in suburbs Which has regenerated the etaric That kicks the subterric poetry on this plain of obscurity One element, top lyricist Intellectin' with, d-u-b squad of imperialist With an innevator as the dictator So we can see you, liver clues with side and system views Heads emulate but can't duplicate, cause this side Can't be tugged, yo, one love

Heavenly Divine

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
Yo, Yo, Yo Jedi Mind Heavenly Divine Steadily Shine Ikon The Fucking Hologram Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo [Ikon The H Ologram:] Another Sacrificial Lamb That died at the hands of Hologram Send Him Into The Dungeon And Plunder His Fucking Plan Holy Land Who Spit The Live Shit The Do Or Die In The Jail, Jedi Mind Shit The Hot Shit Live Raps Crack Your Jaw Like Who's The Avenger And Who's At The Center Of War I Left The Scar So Your Crabs Would Over Sand Mental Will Dent You And Take You To A Holy Land, Lord Know The Man Sharp Blades Slash Your Vitals Recitals Will Fight You And Entice You To Burn Bibles Homicidal Hologram Burn Churches Murders By Sticking A Crucifix Through Your Cervix Divine Purpose For The Remi That's In My Thermos Wait And See We'll Stick You With Needles That's Hypodermic You Heard The Verdict I'm With Allah Cause He Chose Me Broke Into The Vattican Strangled The Pope With His Rosary What, What What What, What, What What What What [Chorus: x4] Jedi Mind Heavenly Divine Steadily Shine In '99 What What [Jus Allah:] Mc's Face Terror Wherever My Sounds Audible Man From Third World Portal Battle Mortals Who Slaughter U Seen Inside The Visions Of Beyond The Dwellings Of Omn Existent In Islamic Patheon Flows Got Degrees All My Clothes Got The Scent Of Trees I Lay Back And Blow Sacks Like Kenny G's Power Blast Whackin My Path Devoured Fast I'll Leave With A Grain Of Sand In Lifes Hour Glass Devise A Spell Make Demons Rise Out Of Hell Grad U By Your Lapelles And Rob U Of Your Outer Shells Feel The I'll Dire Messire And Hell Fire Launch Writers Put Your Jaw On A Gauze Wire Jedi Swordsmen Your Rap Is A Foul Fortune Besides Well Be Tossin Your Body Into A Coffin Insane Damage Is Done Your Fuckin With The Army We Beat The Skulls In The Shape Of A Wet Bag Of Laundry What, Yea Yea [Chorus x4] [Ikon:] Yo The Gods Around, The Dramatarzan [Jus Allah:] Your Fibical Light, Law Of The Titans [Ikon:] We Like A Fucking Bolt Of Lightning [Jus Allah:] The Three Wisemen [Ikon:] We At Levels That Defy Men [Jus Allah:] Watch Out For Fake Heads Deviled The Skysmen [Ikon:] Arriving From The Dawn And Spawned With I'll Form [Jus Allah:] Battle Leave You Laying Dead In The womb Like Stillborns [Ikon:] The Master Herein [Jus Allah:] The Ominous The Master Spirit [Ikon:] Can't Understand The Language Of Rappers With Bile Lyrics [Jus Allah:] Ikon The Python [Ikon:] Rappers Are Left Strangled [Jus Allah:] I Overlook The Earth Cause I See It From Sun's Angle [Ikon:] Above The Clouds [Jus Allah:] We Set High, We Daze Write A Page On How You Enslave The Worldly Way [Ikon:] Islamic Marksmen [Jus Allah:] Seeing The Squad Then... [Ikon:] ... Could Be Your Fatal Mistake [Jus Allah:] Like The First Sins Of Adam In The Garden [Ikon:] You Feel Sorrow I Projected Is All Apollo [Jus Allah:] Explore Realms You Left Too Confused To Follow [Ikon:] Invite Your Town To Absorb The Sniper Rounds [Jus Allah:] Illadelph, Shamballah, Nigga Staying Underground [Chorus x4]

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