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JEWEL lyrics - Pieces Of You


Original and similar lyrics
Eighty years, an old lady now, sitting on the front porch Watching the clouds roll by They remind her of her lover, how he left her, and of times long ago. When she used to color carelessly painted his portrait A thousand times-or maybe just his smile- And she and her canvas would follow him wherever he would go 'Cause they were painters and they were painting themselves A lovely world. Oil streaked daisies covered the living room wall He put water-colored roses in her hair He said, 'Love, I love you, I want to give you mountains, the sunshine, the sunset too I want to give you everything as beautiful as you are to me 'Cause they were painters and they were painting themselves A lovely world. So they sat down and made a drawing of their love, an art to live by They painted every, passion every home, created every beautiful child in the winter they were weavers of warmth, in summer they were carpenters of love They thought blue prints were too sad so they made them yellow 'Cause they were painters and they were painting themselves A lovely world. Until one day the rain fell as thick as black oil And in her heart she knew something was wrong She went running through the orchard screaming, 'No God, don't take him from me!,' But buy the time she got there, she feared he already had gone She got to where he lay, water-colored roses in his hands for her She threw them down screaming, 'Damn you man, don't leave me with nothing left behind but these cold paintings, these cold portraits to remind me! He said, 'Love I leave, but only a little, try to understand I put my soul in this life we created with these four hands Love, I leave, but only a little this world holds me still My body may die now, but these paintings are real.' So many seasons came and many seasons went and many times she saw her loves face watering the flowers, talking tot he trees and singing to his children And when the wind blew, she knew he was listening, and how he seamed to laugh along, and how he seemed to hold her when she was crying 'Cause they were painters and they were painting themselves A lovely world. Eighty years, an old lady now, sitting on the front porch Watching the clouds roll by, they remind her of her lover how he left her and of times long ago, when she used to color carelessly, Painted his portrait a thousand times, or maybe just his smile, and she and her canvas would follow him wherever he would go Yes, she and her canvas still follow Because they are painters and they are painting themselves A lovely world

I Wish (Remix)

Yo', what up, my n**** You know I was in the hood I just thought I'd stop by Holler at you for a minute Pour out a little liquor or some'in' N****, we done been through a lot of s*** together From runnin' these streets to bein' down for whatever And now that you're gone I got a whole lot of s*** to tell you Things I should've said way back when we was younger Remember when we used to roll hand in hand And now I'm trippin' on how I really miss you, man And remember when you and me would say We'd get up out this hood and everything would be okay It's all good now (My n****) We out the hood now (Mmm) We had the same ideas, but not the same careers We shared the same old laugh, and now the same tears You were my homie, my sconey, my Roni My n**** and never placed no b**** before me Man, I sear to God I love for that s*** Why'd you have to get hit Where was I, what time was it You were supposed to get older with me On stage, hands on shoulders with me Coppin' them Range Rovers with me Sittin' on thangs and smokin' trees And if it wasn't for the will that God had made I'd turn back the hands of time and take your place Sittin' here sippin' on this Hennessy Just thinkin' about how much you meant to me (My n***) Even when you're gone you will always be my n**** When you went home I'm still missin' you, my n**** I'm feelin' like the timing was wrong, my n**** I know you're smilin' down sayin' carry on, my n**** Some times my nights can get long, my n**** Some times I feel God did me wrong, my n**** So I had to write a song, my n**** Just to let you know that you're still my n**** I wish, I wish, I wish (Oh, I) I wish, I wish, I wish Little son is lookin' at me like, Where is my daddy And your 13-year old daughter is mad ¡Rcause she understands Promised your mama I'd take care of the family But she's so hurt, she turns away my helpin' hands Damn, I wish your a** was here, my n**** To grow that gray beard and smoke that cigar, my n**** And we would talk about you gettin' up out this game And you would tell me how it keeps callin' your name (We used to ride-ride-ride) Never afraid to (Die-die-die) But some times we (Cry-cry-cry) Askin' the Lord (Why-why-why) They're tearin' down these projects We were homies for like 20 thug years Sat in church and cried the same thug tears You remember when Vibe World Premier How we used to share the same old gear And remember when you and me would say We'd get up out this hood and everything would be okay (It's all good now) My n**** We out the hood now It's so easy for folks to say, Rob, just live on When I'm dyin' every second that you're gone Nevertheless I try my best to be strong Hopin' you said your prayers before you went on home When we stood on these blocks and just shot the breeze We'd slapbox dead in the middle of streets And if a fight broke out, you would take up for me You're all I have left of these ghetto memories I wish, I wish, I wish (Oh, I) I wish, I wish, I wish Uh, uh, yo' dog, I can't explain how I miss you We stayed together, coppin' cane, poppin' pistols I miss you most Puttin' the doo rag over your bean head Even out the hood on the scene you brag (Whoa) Comin' up off the fiends for bags Runnin' up out the cleaners, drag You was the closest n**** I had Look how we stayed aces Hustled, made big faces I wish we could trade places F*** givin' you ice, I'd rather give you life And the things that I had, I'd give you twice (Oh, yeah) So what the deal, my n****, I know you holdin' it down If you could see me you would say I'm talkin' soft right now But it's hard for me to see when I'mma see you again And I know it's f***ed up, I gotta talk through this pen But you'd died for the love of the dough The love of the block, 16 you was runnin' the spot Boy, your mama used to hate how we stood on the curb Hangin' with wild thug n****s, smokin' the herb (Mmm, hmm, hmm) I'm gonna keep pourin' this liquor and that's my word This here is for n****s that be flippin' them birds (Oh) Word up! Even though you know you will always be my n**** (Whoa...whoa...oh...oh..) Even though you're gone you will also be my n**** I'm feelin' like the time when I'm high, my n**** I'm feelin' like time I'm strung out, sayin', Radio, please don't take the n**** out this song Let it play on, go on, on So I had to write this song, my n**** Just to let you know that you're still my n****

Tibetan Black Magicians

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
[Canibus] Jedi Mind Tricks... Canibus Yo I grab Mics bust the raw Take flight adjust the Yaw Break your bicuspid with your own jaw Metaphors started menopause in your moms before you were born Technically you don’t even exist, God A flick of the wrist, you’ll be gone Lost in limbo like pink shit camouflaged in a pig farm I’m an enigma I rip bars Or burn your star with 5 points Plus the mic I ripped thus far I stomp on ya forehead Peel the top of your fucking face off like an orange And eat the carnage My God that sounds horrid, eating MC’s Is like eating garbage they make me vomit Discombobulate prostates re-hydrate dry lakes Wipe Ammonium Nitrate across the side of ya face Anthropomorph, illogically speaking I’m out of ya league Who can match the Bident with my top speed Scourge of the earth, verses are merged into dirt Heart line is flat lined through the therapy era Sentences go through re-synthesis I leave em looking bleaker than Memphis Without Rockefeller membership Don’t be an optimist and try to rock with Bis You end up in an iced-out sarcophagus [Vinnie Paz] Every rapper better fear me Coz Vinnie Paz is a beast And ya’ll steady screaming for war but want peace You trying ta walk through the fog where sun leaks Ya trying to walk two dogs with one leash You can’t overstand the mathematics How rip bars, walk through walls perform magic Tibetan Black Magic, I’m a warlord I’ll stab you through your fucking temple with a floorboard I’m a born lord, I was baptised To see the universal through a cats eyes Here come the black skies; It’s all darkness I breathe life into Jesus Christ’s carcass! [samples] [Canibus] Once I duct tape ya to the front of a Mack trucks, face ya Drive through a brick wall, pull the park and brake up Ask you for you proof of registration, say what? I cant understand a word you saying, you fuck! Peel you off till you drop on the floor Drag you to the manifold, Make you put your mouth around the exhaust Squeeze your neck harder when you start to cough I bet you never thought this could happen just for pissing me off I’m in for hardcore Hiphop, the surrogate father Protecting rap like the exoskeleton of a Lobster I’ll moonwalk on water, harpoon jackers And drag em back to the harbour for the local photographers Now point four fingers and watch through binoculars Look what Harry Potter did to Andrew Galotti, Kid Whether enemies exchange negative energy But you can’t forgive and forget with an elephant memory Coz You-Know-Who snatched the mic from You-Know-Who But lets keep that between me and you! Me and JMT, Rippers that’ll rip your ass I got an empty mag- Get em Vinnie Paz!!! [Vinnie Paz] I get a bloodlust when I see a slug bust Hit your mug with a .38 snub and watch the blood rush Nothings above us, ya’ll better back off Cos you a devil like the Canaanite in Sackcloth We busting Gats off It’s a clean kill It doesn’t seem real when your spleen spill So listen to what im spittin at y’all La illaha, il Allah il Allah Come on y’all your getting hit in the chest Coz Vinnie Pazienz and Canibus is the best Ripping the rest And all ya’ll seek is ashes I love reading Koran in pitch blackness I love reading the psalms to bitch actors I love reading the palms of bitch rappers! [samples]

All Grown Now

Dean Friedman "Songs For Grownups"
by Dean Friedman We were just barely out of school when we moved in together in a one room flat off Riverside. And in our tiny vestibule we embraced before we stepped outside, To brave the cold, cold winds. Our love begins. Long afternoons we lay in bed, watching TV, reading romance novels, mysteries and magazines. And who would've guessed just up ahead we would learn what pain and heartache means. 'Cause sweet beginnings pass. They never last. But we're all grown, all grown, all grown now. Yes, we're all grown, all grown, all grown now. And it doesn't really matter how the both of us arrived. It's just a miracle that we survived. All throughout the early years as we lived our life and made mistakes and tried each other's sanity. You see, in spite of all our fears we both knew that this was meant to be. It may have been naïve, but we believed. In times of anger our love hid, but never fled and so we learned that love means living with a broken heart. And though there were times we almost did, somehow we have never come apart. Our souls have both been scarred, the road was hard. And we're all grown, all grown, all grown now... And so it's been throughout our life that when each has failed the other finds the strength to mend the broken ties. Because a husband and a wife must both know how to read between the lies. To stay may seem a curse. To leave is worse. Now as we put the kids to bed and turn out the light you know I can't help wondering where the time has gone. And as they say their sweet goodnights and beg for one last bedtime song, I think how blessed we are, to come so far. And we're all grown, all grown, all grown now...


AEROSMITH "Music From Another Dimension!"
There is nothing wrong your perception of the reality Do not attempt to adjust the illusion We control the harmonics We control your emotions We will move you to the left We will move you to the right We can reduce the volume to a whisper Or increase it to a deafening roar Now is the time to submit quietly We control all you hear and feel You are about to enter a great adventure And experience the odd and mystery From your ultimate fantasies, to your deepest fears From which you may never return Hello! Hello! Hello! Come on, come on, come over Hello! Hello! Hello! Until the storm blows over Love three times a day, love your life away Love three times a day, and get yourself back into the jam Love three times a day, there ain't no other way It's in your DNA, let everybody know who you am Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Nice of you to stop over Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Before you do all over Love three times a day, lock yourself away Hate is so passe, and get yourself back into the jam Love three times a day, no naivete It's in your DNA, and tell them that you came with the band It's the same old same old, puddin' in the tain If you really need a lover, honey, call my name You can lose your mind looking for a pearl Like you're lookin' for a diamond in a rhinestone world There's one kinda lover that's a just my style That's a downtown baby with an uptown smile Top hat glovers, kissin' lipstick girls Kissin' high heel lovers with the serious swirls Love three times a day Lock yourself away Love three times a day And get yourself back into the jam Love three times a day Ain't no other way And then a matinee It's time that you be takin' a stand There's no other lover in the whole wide world That could love me like a lover yeah but this kinda girl Had a way that she loved that nobody else could In a way that she could love that everybody understood Butta too bad for you when you ain't got no When you be getting out of jail, we're gonna all have fun Where's your game face, baby? Don't chaa look so sad! I'm the best damn lover that you ever, ever had! Love three times a day! I'm a cha-ching lover, I'm the cat's meow I ain't never gonna stop, and I never know how It's like you done a lotta livin', in too few years You don't wanna get drown in somebody else's tears Love three times a day! Hot monkey sex on a hot tin roof You be higher than a shot of a million proof It's the same old same-old puddin' in the tain If you really need a lover, Honey, call... my... NAAAAAME!

Dear You

SYLEENA JOHNSON "Chapter II: The Voice"
It's crazy how the time goes by and you faithfully everyday been by my side Even through our hardest times When I wouldn't talk to you or try to see your point of view So I'm writing to let you know that your paitience and your graciousness gave me strenght to help me grow And I appreciate the things that you've done, because your love have thought me how to be a better woman [Chorus] And you, Oh you, have always been down for me, even provided for me And I, Oh I don't know would I'd do without you, cuz I can't be without you And I'm sorry that I turned my back on you And holding you responsible for me not loving you And I know that I was wrong to feel that way But you, where the closest one to me to blame So I'm writing you to let you know that I was the only one responsible for my pain and my worries at times when I feel worthless, you still listen to my burdens and I'm so grateful [Chorus] [Bridge] Im writing to tell you, can't be without you, oh please none above you, can't be without you I really do love you, can't be without you, I appreciate you and all that you do. [Chorus x3]

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