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JEWEL lyrics - Goodbye Alice In Wonderland

Stephenville, TX

Original and similar lyrics
Housewives told to recapture their youth By wearing floral print and suede Fixing their hairdos with PC, chemical-free hairspray Martha Stewart taught them to make on TV I was raised a farmgirl I'm too far from home, all alone on the road Trying to figure out who I am now the the stardust has turned to sand And the sand has turned to stone on the starmaking machine I'm 31 years old That ain't the end but it sure ain't where I began And my daddy, he wrote songs and he broke colts And he went back to school to get a degree Now he teaches music to kids, he taught music to me And this Alaskan girl was living in Stephenville, Texas Yes, you guessed it, I moved here because I fell in love with a man And I moved his ex-old lady's things out of the closet The same closet I had to move my things back in It didn't make me feel that great, as if to demonstrate Everything's temporary if you give it enough time But hey, I'm just a kid, I've got nothing to lose I'm a singer of songs, I'm a player for crowds Hey Mom, look, I'm an entertainer I'm a modern day troubadour trying to find justice with six strings Trying to make the world make sense out of me Trying to be loved completely, trying to love honestly Trying to find a decent high noon cup of tea In another shitty hotel I'm trying to listen to the leaves speak Trying to steal secrets from fishes in the creek Trying to figure out who I am A pretty mediocre cook, an even worse mathematician, maybe a mother one day What will it be? And I'm 31 years old That ain't the end but it sure ain't where I began I'm trying to figure out who I am But there's no hand to hold, no Doctor Martin Luther King There's just syncophants And the mindlessness on TV We all read magazines for the latest ways to behave So why not follow me, the blond bombshell deity? I'll sell you neat ideas without big words And a little bit of cleavage to help wash it all down Hey, everybody thought Godard was a clown And that ain't gonna be me And I'm 31 years old That ain't the end but it sure ain't where I began And I'm 31 years old That ain't the end but it sure ain't where I began Guess that just means I'm in Texas

I'll Find A Way

The promise of love It came from my heart Thought all that we shared Would last forever So where did things go wrong What happened that made things fall apart Why I just don't know It's so hard to let go of someone I used to call my own [Chorus] But I'll find a way I'll get over you one day I'll find a way I'm gonna deal with all this pain I'll find a way 'Cause I know that somewhere My soul mate is waiting for me Gonna make it through the day I'll find a way Silence gets so intense Without you to share a word I really miss your presence This loneliness feels awkward But I won't call you I refuse I'd rather lay here by myself in the dark Crying my heart out I wish these tears could erase All the memories of you but they can't [Chorus] 'Cause what hurts today In time will fade away When you told me good-bye I felt so betrayed Find the courage To move on One day I'll replace The precious love I lost

Jesus, The Missing Years

JOHN PRINE "The Missing Years"
[Spoken:] Jesus... the missing years It was raining. It was cold West Bethlehem was no place for a twelve year old So he packed his bags and he headed out To find out what the world's about He went to France. He went to Spain He found love. He found pain. He found stores so he started to shop But he had no money so he got in trouble with a cop Kids in trouble with the cops From Israel didn't have no home So he cut his hair and moved to Rome It was there he met his Irish bride And they rented a flat on the lower east side of Rome... Italy that is Music publishers, book binders, Bible belters, Money Changers, Spoon Benders and lots of pretty Italian chicks. [Chorus:] Charley bought some popcorn Billy bought a car Someone almost bought the farm But they didn't go that far Things shut down at midnight At least around here they do Cause we all reside down the block Inside at....23 Skidoo. Wine was flowing so were beers So Jesus found his missing years So He went to a dance and said "This don't move me" He hiked up his pants and he went to a movie On his thirteenth birthday he saw "Rebel without a Cause" He went straight on home and invented Santa Claus Who gave him a gift and he responded in kind He gave the gift of love and went out of his mind You see him and the wife wasn't getting along So he took out his guitar and he wrote a song Called "The Dove of Love Fell Off the Perch" But he couldn't get divorced in the Catholic Church At least not back then anyhow Jesus was a good guy he didn't need this shit So he took a pill with a bag of peanuts and A Coca-Cola and he swallowed it. He discovered the Beatles And he recorded with the Stones Once He even opened up a three-way package In Southern California for old George Jones [Chorus] The years went by like sweet little days With babies crying pork chops and beaujolais When he woke up he was seventeen The world was angry. The world was mean. Why the man down the street and the kid on the stoop All agreed that life stank. All the world smelled like poop Baby poop that is..the worst kind So he grew his hair long and threw away his comb And headed back to Jerusalem to find Mom, Dad and home But when he got there the cupboard was bare Except for an old black man with a fishing rod He said "Whatcha gonna be when you grow up?" Jesus said "God" Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into? I'm a human corkscrew and all my wine is blood They're gonna kill me Mama. They don't like me Bud. So Jesus went to Heaven and he went there awful quick All them people killed him and he wasn't even sick So come and gather around me my contemporary peers And I'll tell you all the story of Jesus...The Missing Years [Chorus] We all reside down the block Inside at... 23 Skidoo.

Living My Dream

KING LIL G "AK47 Boyz"
[Verse 1 - King Lil G:] People say they love The way I do my hustle They love the way I treat my people How I'm stayin' humble This is to my fans I never told you this I never got a chance to tell you But I owe you this I hope I get a chance to meet you We could smoke to this And we could talk about life And where to go from this You going through some drama We got things in common My success is the reflection Of negative comments And negative people Who say I don't deserve it I guess I gotta break it down On how the fuck I earned it I never paid to get on songs With a famous person Recorded songs in my garage Even on my birthday Late nights I had no help No record label I told you I it did by myself Recognition On a independent scale I wish freedom To my homies in jail [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez:] Smoke the finest of trees I'm flyin' so free And feeling the breeze And finally I'm.. Living my dream This is what I prayed for Living my dream I'm so grateful [Verse 2 - ISuppose:] Yo, I was 19 strugglin Thinkin' bout givin' up Thinkin' life as a shorty Shouldn't be so rough Mama said get a job Daddy said he needed funds for the rent Move forward Haven't looked back since I remember back then Everybody said I was dope Then time pass & I was broke And everybody lost hope Now its back to the block Dealin' coke Chillin' with the hustlas Lost faith in my dreams I knew that I was fucking up Pockets had a hundred bucks My heart had a lot of pain Told the world my story And it hasn't been the same Now I'm travelin' the world Breakin' bread with my team Woke up from a nightmare Now I'm livin' my dream So here's a middle finger For the ones who said I couldn't do it And a toast for my fans worldwide That bump my music Without you I'm useless Always know what's you're worth I don't sign record deals Cause I rather sign a shirt [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez] [Verse 3 - Self Provoked:] Yo, myspace, myspace When my face was first seen And heard music player Playing my verse I learned many things in the game And dick riding wasn't one Seen the fan base grow My haters learned to love But not all I write on the flaws that I have done Commit to staying true Never glorify the gun If sidetracked My fans remind me to drop something Reminiscent bout the shows And the other fun things A crowd full of people could make A different city feel like home Especially, when I hear them chant On a high note Can't be an idol but an example Of all the obstacles We got yet to trample I'm planting all my seeds Along this game never wrote The outcome is all these ears That allow me to grow And as the number keep growing I swear to you That I won't ever fall victim Of losing sight of my conscious mind [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez]

If Only

What's the way of love Tell me your fiction Tell me your lies Say to me now, you'll never forget this night I'm feeling emotionless My head's so clear My enemies aren't, the one I fear You know your kiss confused This troubling soul And I found out That we're all breaking hearts That we're all broken hearts [CHORUS:] If only love could find us all If only hearts didn't have to fall We can't mislead to make things right So instead we'll sleep alone tonight What's the way of love You are thinking I'm crazy But you're blushing of lust I've heard a lot of nice things, but tell me which ones I'm to trust These walls we made are glass And they have been known to crack But until then You'll keep pushing my way And I'll keep pushing you away [CHORUS] If you want to take a chance And try to make things right You better have a reason to be loved We all want something more And it is worth fighting for... [CHORUS] And if somehow fate were in my hands Would it be enough to understand Why we feel lost in a world so small If only love could find us all...

Farther On

In my early years I hid my tears And passed my days alone Adrift on an ocean of loneliness My dreams like nets were thrown To catch the love that I'd heard of In books and films and songs Now there's a world of illusion and fantasy In the place where the real world belongs Still I look for the beauty in songs To fill my head and lead me on Though my dreams have come up torn and empty As many times as love has come and gone To those gentle ones my memory runs To the laughter we shared at the meals I filled their kitchens and living rooms With my schemes and my broken wheels It was never clear how far or near The gates to my citadel lay They were cutting from stone some dreams of their own But they listened to mine anyway I'm not sure what I'm trying to say It could be I've lost my way Though I keep a watch over the distance Heaven's no closer than it was yesterday And the angels are older They know not to wait up for the sun They look over my shoulder At the maps and the drawings of the journey I've begun Now the distance leads me farther on Though the reasons I once had are gone I keep thinking I'll find what I'm looking for In the sand beneath the dawn But the angels are older They can see that the sun's setting fast They look over my shoulder At the vision of paradise contained in the light of the past And they lay down behind me To sleep beside the road till the morning has come Where they know they will find me With my maps and my faith in the distance Moving farther on

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