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JETHRO TULL lyrics - Thick As A Brick

Thick As A Brick (Part 1)

Original and similar lyrics
Really don't mind if you sit this one out. My words but a whisper your deafness a SHOUT. I may make you feel but I can't make you think. Your sperm's in the gutter your love's in the sink. So you ride yourselves over the fields and you make all your animal deals and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick. And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away in the tidal destruction the moral melee. The elastic retreat rings the close of play as the last wave uncovers the newfangled way. But your new shoes are worn at the heels and your suntan does rapidly peel and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick. And the love that I feel is so far away: I'm a bad dream that I just had today and you shake your head and say it's a shame. Spin me back down the years and the days of my youth. Draw the lace and black curtains and shut out the whole truth. Spin me down the long ages: let them sing the song. See there! A son is born and we pronounce him fit to fight. There are black-heads on his shoulders, and he pees himself in the night. We'll make a man of him, put him to trade teach him to play Monopoly and how to sing in the rain. The Poet and the Painter casting shadows on the water as the sun plays on the infantry returning from the sea. The do-er and the thinker: no allowance for the other as the failing light illuminates the mercenary's creed. The home fire burning: the kettle almost boiling but the master of the house is far away. The horses stamping, their warm breath clouding in the sharp and frosty morning of the day. And the poet lifts his pen while the soldier sheaths his sword. And the youngest of the family is moving with authority. Building castles by the sea, he dares the tardy tide to wash them all aside. The cattle quietly grazing at the grass down by the river where the swelling mountain water moves onward to the sea: the builder of the castles renews the age-old purpose and contemplates the milking girl whose offer is his need. The young men of the household have all gone into service and are not to be expected for a year. The innocent young master - thoughts moving ever faster - has formed the plan to change the man he seems. And the poet sheaths his pen while the soldier lifts his sword. And the oldest of the family is moving with authority. Coming from across the sea, he challenges the son who puts him to the run. What do you do when the old man's gone - do you want to be him? And your real self sings the song. Do you want to free him? No one to help you get up steam and the whirlpool turns you `way off-beam. LATER. I've come down from the upper class to mend your rotten ways. My father was a man-of-power whom everyone obeyed. So come on all you criminals! I've got to put you straight just like I did with my old man twenty years too late. Your bread and water's going cold. Your hair is too short and neat. I'll judge you all and make damn sure that no-one judges me. You curl your toes in fun as you smile at everyone, you meet the stares, you're unaware that your doings aren't done. And you laugh most ruthlessly as you tell us what not to be. But how are we supposed to see where we should run? I see you shuffle in the courtroom with your rings upon your fingers and your downy little sidies and your silver-buckle shoes. Playing at the hard case, you follow the example of the comic-paper idol who lets you bend the rules. So! Come on ye childhood heroes! Won't you rise up from the pages of your comic-books your super crooks and show us all the way. Well! Make your will and testament. Won't you? Join your local government. We'll have Superman for president let Robin save the day. You put your bet on number one and it comes up every time. The other kids have all backed down and they put you first in line. And so you finally ask yourself just how big you are and take your place in a wiser world of bigger motor cars. And you wonder who to call on. So! Where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday? And where were all the sportsmen who always pulled you though? They're all resting down in Cornwall writing up their memoirs for a paper-back edition of the Boy Scout Manual.

The Funeral

Clipse "Lord Willin'"
[Malice] Whether they gag me bound me hollow point round me (I feel ya) Dump me off the side of a bridge and drown me (uh huh) Spare my family the details on how they found me (yes) Vigil by candle light and gather round me (farewell) And talk about how I would lounge with fly women How I was flossing in clubs in fine linen (preach on) Hopping in them ill whips with chrome spinning Malice was true to the game for 9 innings (ha ha ha) We love sinning but now I answer for that Apologize to my fam I got you all dressing in black (I hear ya) A long line family and friends they signing in My niece singing solo organs and violins (yea) Wife in her black veil hands flooded with diamonds (ha ha ha) Remaining calm under each arms my children Daddys in a better place entering golden doors (talk to me) With ivory all white pillars and marble floors (yow) Brand new physical frame with no flaws On my throne thats guarded by angels with 4-4's (yea) Terror retaliate show em how real it be A split second 'fore you blazed they probably thought you was me (preach on) Returning on some Crow shit let em know shit They mess with the wrong click quick to blow shit (yea) Yall know who owned this so they end my career But still I put my tag on this earth Malice was here (I feel ya) [Chorus 2x's] Take a walk on my side No more tears no more fears no more telling me lies I only want cheers and heartfelt goodbyes My death march is here tell me whos gonna ride (ride with me ride with me ride) {overlapped by last line} [Terror] Hold me high Gucci suit and tie (yea) Let my casket reach the sky tell my girl dont cry (I fell ya) Just sing me a lullabye and let the white doves fly (uh huh) Cuz I heard from a bird its only sleep when you die (thats wrong) Break me in unison outside right thru the lens My mother cried cuz she knew that I was only true to sin (yow) Celebrate my passing with gun shots and systems blasting (uh huh) Blown up posters of Terror held by children laughing (preach on) No matter how foul my burial open casket Now simply so they can see my clusters and my diamonds smiling (hello) Im sorry I failed only cuz the ones I left were so real (uh huh) For me my doggs will lie, die, shoot, cry, or kill (feel me) First to Malice sorry that I left you half in a hole But now you'll write for both of us ill channel thoughts thru your soul (uh huh) Emmanuelle remember this when you see my nemesis Drop my picture on his chest and make his family reminisce (yow) Revenge so sweet and I crush you with the heat (uh huh) Your the first one I call when its time to put em to sleep (I love you) Now fo real grand dragon horns stabbing the skys (uh huh) Turn Mag' em laser tag em couldnt sever all ties (yea) My final request on the day im layed to rest Take my body to the ocean and have a water front ves' (feel me) This will be my burial this eulogy will be in stereo Blue Angels will draw my face during an aerial (ahh) [Chorus 4x's]

Let It Breathe

JADEN SMITH "Cool Tape Vol. 2"
Doin' what we ain't 'posed to, girl, that's why I chose you I don't want to impose, just listen close to my poems Girl don't worry, ain't nobody know This the type of stuff a joker keepin' on the low Cause girl you know you're beautiful, a space kitten Relationships are messed up but your face isn't Used to taste like Jolly Ranchers, kisses, now they taste different Michael Jordan say "Hey Pippen", weightliftin' I hate sippin' Ain't listen, paint glistenin' from the renaissance Got a problem with the weather, fix it in the tennis box Black helicopters, even let my menace watch Keep it clean as Mr. Clean so jokers wear my Dennis socks Look what I invented, y'all Hit it with a tennis ball, no consent, I rented y'all Land in the center, y'all, 3 dimes and a nickel 3 dimes and I write the reciprocal with a pencil Luckily I'm your principal, luckily there's no principles Except that you're invincible, only weakened the intervals So listen close [Jaden & Willow:] You might not like me But I like you You might not like me But I like you (We should just let it breathe Let it breathe, let it) I love you, without a reason Like a baby was teethin', knew you 'fore I was breathin' People say I'm a heathen, a Hollywood fugitive Trippin' on some stupid ish, it's really just some ludicrous Like "Who is this?" Oh he talk a lot of mess and bro I'm too legit, you see that symbol on my chest So you should move and sit, because you'll leak it to the press If I sneeze in front of you, put my steez in front of you Me and Moises whippin' the Porsche and we ease in front of you What you wanna do? As long as there ain't helicopters I'm down to chill I don't wanna call my father but swear that I will Just to conversate and then I'll take care of the bill Man I never thought I'd fly off to Paris for real And all of my parents for real Man I start to see how fictional characters feel And that issue embarrass me still Oh don't worry lil' homie, take care of the will Polly's gone, but he left me his parrot, it's trill He says "Redrum, redrum" He says "Redrum, redrum", he says "Redrum, redrum" And they run, they run And they come, they come And they run, they run [Spoken:] Sidelines in pride times, no lions I'm so lyin' if I say I wasn't tryin' to buy into these games Cupid ain't do no flyin', angels ain't do no cryin', just sighin' I am 14, I got knots, there will be no tyin' No Mayan can tell me what time I'ma find my mind So when I'm in my deathbed dyin' Imma be in some high end clothes with a MSFTS tie in my hand With that red loud siren I won't be denyin' my evil deeds I'll be at Heaven's gate with a crowbar pryin' While they're screamin, "Don't let this guy in" Feelin' sorry for myself, Catcher in the Rye-in' Then I woke up lyin' on the beach Where am I? One more for the kids before they go to sleep Love is just so nonexistent in my existence So that's why I was so persistent in that first quick instant That we laid eyes If young love for them is 16 then we must be infants Cause this is intense, but I'm an eyewitness at love at first sight But this is just different than anything I've been in Cause it feels infinite Most things that you think will last will pass in the blink of a lash So I think I will submerge my feelings to complete this task And best believe I'll drown before I let us crash And seal it from the past Jeez The girl I could never have is elegant and intelligent And I just kind of fell but I'm irrelevant in her eyes And this is somethin' I can settle with I'm pourin' out my heart, and girl it's kind of for the Hell of it Girl you know that I ain't celibate I know who your fellow is but we can walk the park We can talk and we embellish in the creatures after dark Cause I know that I'm a rebel kid, we come from different elements But baby girl I can tell I get On your nerves, I'm watchin' you observe It's like the world's an ocean and I watch while you emerge You the center of attention, girl, no matter what occurs Cause this youth is like a curse, but it's also like a blessing Cause I keep these jokers guessing, MSFTS rep is what I'm dressed in 'Til these jokers learn a lesson If you messin' with my clique, I suggest you get to steppin' Girl, you're like Juliet with your nurse And you're lookin' so pretty and I've just been on a search You're the type of girl that I couldn't just write a verse So I hit it with the poetry, hopin' that it'll work If it doesn't then it's fine cause I'll just handle the jerks Girl I'm playin', no I'm serious, that's just one of my perks If we're friends then it's cool, just know that we were here first Through the thick and the thin and now we're here 'til it hurts [Jaden & Willow:] Baby girl you got me floatin' down Anywhere you wanna go Baby girl you got me floatin' down We can take it really slow Baby girl you got me floatin' down We can keep it on the low Baby girl you got me floatin' down And I didn't even know (This was just a crush This was just a crush This was just a crush) I can feel your body tryna come alive, come alive I feel you tryna pull me deep inside, deep inside No I don't wanna lie Ain't nobody gotta hide, no I can feel you touchin' me when we're home, we're old Now I like to look at you, you're like my clone So don't stare in the mirror Cause I'll poop all on your party I don't drive no white Ferrari No things aren't clearer I just want to say I'm sorry But girl you should know yourself These things ain't gettin' better No they ain't lookin' up for us Kissin' you, I'm up to dusk So paparazzi hush and shush She was in her 20's, just a crush But you know I like it when you tell 'em Bring the whole damn menu And we eatin' in the venue Girl you know you like to ball Chillin' with your friends, nah, ain't see that at all Man we like the Anunnaki, God ain't them jokers tall You can't buy that at the mall True love, you can't try that at the mall No yeah, um we were really good in Paris, but you know (No you wasn't!) Every relationship has ups and downs and the downhills are what makes the uphills (ups and downs are for a cissy!) So when I'm feeling all this pain and feel like she doesn't love me or whatever (she don't love you cause she with me cis'!) It's just that contrast, but when I feel like she's the only person in the world I want to be with (yeah right) Just contrast with those times, you know what I'm saying? Man I got some more to say Have you ever had a crush? Have you ever felt a rush? Make your heart stop, she don't even like to blush Cause she's in her 20's And I got a crush Oh man I got a crush Got a psychedelic dagger in my heart Lil' homie, tell them paramedics rush cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Man I'm 15 on the scene, lookin' clean But what does that mean? Cause she's in her 20's I got somethin' to say Have you ever had a crush? Have you ever had a rush? Make my heart stop, but she didn't even blush Cause she's in her 20's Have you ever felt lust? Cause she's in her 20's Have you ever felt lust? Cause she's in her 20's Have you ever felt lust? Cause she's in her 20's She's somebody you can trust cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's I hate crushes, I cover bruises with paintbrushes Pour it all in the music now that my bank's ruptured So pretty, she's so perfect, she's so worth it So bossy, she's so assertive, it's super sexy She never texts me, she never texts me, she never texts me Never texts me, she never texts me, forgot to text me Well I guess we accept the ones that neglect us And my moms say that we disrespect the ones that perfect us And try to protect us But girl I hope that you get this My thoughts are weighin' me down My neck can't handle the necklace Stare at you while you sleep, you had to call a detective Your father says that I'm reckless, I didn't cause all that wreckage Your fence was broken, I left it, had to give you this message I wrote it straight from the soul and it didn't make sense to text it So I snuck up in your room, put it on your shoulder and in return You sent me back a restraining order

Prelude To A Freestyle

I fell out the sky like baby Superman to a farm on kansas Now the world wanna see my story all on camera That's Magic Described by a Hater, That's tragic. Billy Shakespeare was in his grave doin backspins. The attractive power of every verse was so intense the ladies required napkins. The credits rolled: Below average seemed lavish, Garbage ass rappers With a goudy no class chain and a fitted turned backwards Black on black anti semite rap wazyap I'm out that nolia So niggas'll surely clap if I ask em Whip a nigga out his clothes from Freret to Jackson Nobody'll ever wonder or talk about what happened C'mon Son Who Better than us? Them? They ain't even figure out they own style yet man And every rhyme I ever spit out my face was spotless Any bitch I ever said strip to got topless Any click whoever said shit They got rocked So sugar Shane Mosley yo ass up out the cockpit We natural born fly guys Twist up yo Garcia vegas and toast to the wise guys We made it to the high rise Georgy and Weezy and Lionel and Jenny Kravitz Jigga and J. Cole Jay Electronica Magic Jeeeeesus Uprisings in Egypt The black Gods free up The Land erupt I hope one y'all is feelin me Some of ya'll gotta wait til the final act of the trilogy to get it Oh I get it Niggas wanna hear spit it But I never take shots Without establishing pivots Itsy bitsy spider climbing up the water sprout Moses with his ra hit the staff and got the water out Powerful parables I learned from the lips of my uncle Charles comin outta the VA like Clipse Now there's a whole wealth to dig thru But yo shit it's too shallow for me to dig you Feel me Man these wack niggas kill me The wordplay was sweet but the rhymes don't thrill me You lose Quit believing in the news The Asiatic Blackman conveniently rude Sincerely yours The Most Global

Summer Song

Peter Hammill
Summer song in the autumn, for you didn't catch the colour of the falling leaves. So many words have been spoken which you didn't understand and so couldn't believe. And the song that you're humming is yesterday's tune - Someone who you love is leaving you. You walking in sunshine by the sea with gull crying overhead; but now the skies are cloudy, and the love you had is dead. And the water recedes from the farthest dunes - Someone who you loved is leaving you. You remember the happiness you had as you laughed along in the sun but now your eyes are coming dull, there's a numbness on your tongue.... You look out at the water which is calling you over the wind, then you throw aside your handbag and slowly walk right in. And tomorrow you'll be in yesterday's news: someone who you loved has left you.

Step To The Rear

Brand Nubian "One For All"
Here we go... ( Okay everybody... ) ( Step up to this ) ( Sing my song ) ( Step up to this ) ( Sing my song ) ( Step up to this ) ( Sing my song ) ( Step up to this ) Yo Stud, bust it... Step to the rear, Grand Pu is on arrival. Raised in the ghetto singin' songs called survival. Runnin' round town givin' all the girls Puba snacks, I wouldn't try to scale my style, you just might catch a cardiac. Figured the way to get paid is to grab the mic; rehearse, ya know. Smooth as Jermaine, so honey don't take it personal. There's no need to try to diss the swinger, baby, all you get is two snaps up and the finger. The bob-a-loo bad boy, a threat to the paranoid, you try to step to this It's void! A new hit from the Grand Man, with nights like the Sandman, gain for awake in case I gotta stomp a head out. Busted is a trick that's not up my sleeve, it's possessed with finesse, and it works when I breathe. Paid in the shade with an A, that's the grade, with the papes that I made from this trade. So get hip to the grip, you know where to slide the chips if you wanna cash in on the wins. Grand Puba and I love to hit skins... ( And you know what ) ( I've got a song to sing ) ( Oh bay-bay! ) ( I've got a song to sing ) ( Here we go ) ( I've got a song to sing ) ( Oh bay-bay! ) ( I've got a song to sing )...Follow me now. ( Okay everybody ) 6x Grand Puba, the higher mystic ruler, keep a 40 in the cooler. She don't know me, Money Grip, you better school 'er. Before I have to play her is a foul way, and catch a quick short stay at the Holiday. Now forecast as I won't be playin' soccer with the dreads. Ballin's my hobby, doin' wonders in the bed. From full-size, to king-size, to queen-size, to high-rise, even bunk beds, I know how to work the leg. If Pu ain't the answer, then you must be sick as cancer, smooth romancer, let it ring, I'll probably answer. So come take a dip with your *private dancer*. Nasty, naughty, over 6' call me shorty. But I'm looooong...I'm like Stretch Armstrong, I go, on and on and on and on. Never in a scandal and I'm never caught schemin'. Knew Pu was dope ever since I was semen. Swimmin' in my daddy's big nuts... but now I'm scoopin' girls with the big ole butts. Arise to respond for the Max-well, ask well, hell, it don't even matter. Puba ain't game for the shit chit-chatter. Puba's in town, oh shit, let's scatter. You can hide that ass, but it just don't matter. The 90s is here, Pu is on a mash-out. Huns that I've done always seem to pass out. But hon wake that ass up, this ain't the place to crash out. You try to play me I have to throw that ass out. Foes and hoes, good riddance. Cuz when Pu comes out, there'll be no skiddin'. I'll slide upstairs and see Chuck at the chop shop, Tell 'im fade the size, let a wolf on top. () Reel and reel and soul to soul. Honey, heel to heel and toe to toe. It really doesn't make a diff, I'm not the type to riff, I might smoke a spliff, but I won't sniff. And ya don't stop... ( Okay everybody ) I'm-a end it like this: I'm like Superfly Snuka, know how to hook a hooker, caught her on looker, know where I took her, to the short stay, around my way, and like Monie say, it was the perfect way . I caught a verse from the Christian, and it goes Praise the Lord Skins lined up on a wharf for when I'm bored. From Na-ru, I'm in the right mood, and if you like the way that this flows, well that's cool. See this is no illusion, the style is too confusin'. If you try to bite, then you're cruisin' for a bruisin'. Back up, sonny, and let me make my money, then I'm straight, I got a date at 8. So see you brothers later, time to motivate. Yeah, now bust it... I'd like to give a shout to my Brand Nubian brothers, Lord Jamar, God Allah, Derrick X on the flex, and Alamo. And we gonna give a shout to the SD50s who pumped this. And I'm-a say, yo, peace...

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