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JETHRO TULL lyrics - Rock Island

Strange Avenues

Original and similar lyrics
Strange avenues where you lose all sense of direction and everywhere is Main Street in the winter sun. The wino sleeps --- cold coat lined with he money section. Looking like a a record cover from 1971. And here am I --- warm feet and a limo waiting. Shall I make us both feel good And would a dollar do But in your streets, I have no credit rating and it might not take a lot to be alone just like you. Heading up and out now, from your rock island. Really good to have had you here with me. And somewhere in the crowd I think I hear a young girl whisper ''Are you ever lonely, just like me''

The Streets

JAY-Z "The Blueprint"
Dear God.. how can I explain myself [J] Oh God bless me indeed When I'm so confused [J] Enlarge my territory [J] Place your love and protection over me at all times Help me! [J] Keep me away from evil Somebody answer me! [echoes] [J] Allow me not to cause pain [Jay-Z] Police in the background, screamin put the thing down That's how hard I was trying to put my thing down Si-rens ringin out, old ladies screamin out All this attention for me and I'm barely sixteen now .. it's feelin like a dream now Handcuffed, roughed up, I'm tossed in the bing now I'm lyin next to fiends now, that's the end of the story Let me bring y'all niggaz back to the very first scene now December 4th, a child is born Before I knew it, had my pops trousers on That's how we do it when the man of the house is gone You either, stand or fall, I chose to stand The hawk outside, so I blow my hand It's a cold cold world but I overstand Tryin to stay focused but I feel hopeless damn Can't cope with bein broke, I'm a man - c'mon [Chorus: R. Kelly] Son don't let these streets, get the best of you I will be right by your side, when you goin through Son just don't let it (just don't let it) Just don't let it (just don't let it) Just don't let it (just don't let it) .. get the best of you [R. Kelly] Late one night I was, rollin the streets Just, thinkin about what's goin on with me and trapped in this thug life, tryin to break free but this thug life just keeps callin me I'm livin life way too dangerously I'm drownin in my misery Looked in the mirror, there's my enemy Cause poppa never was a part of me Take one step at a time, mama said Sweet memories still remain in my head All of my life been lied to, misled Voices be like, 'Don't you wish you was dead' No ground to place my feet I feel the fire under me A way out is all I need Somebody, answer me! [Chorus + ad libs] [Jay-Z] Now the only thing left is more spirit to roam free .. cause ain't no goin home for me It's a cold cold world but I blew my hand A true first cause I knew that man I knew what he would do if I didn't draw first And I couldn't stand the thought of my momma steppin foot inside a church All I try to do is try to get up out the dirt Guess he's tryin to do the same, told me get up out his turf I wanted to talk to him, but that shit'd never work We was cut from the same cloth and what was under his shirt was his momma's rent, his young brother's clothes My nephew's food, and with that I suppose .. and with that I froze Now my life is frozen in time behind these iron folds And this story is told, for young soldiers who never choose the life we chose [Chorus + (ad libs)] [R. Kelly] Tears in my eyes as I look up, I'm tryin to hold back my pride but reality is screamin Gotta get a job cause mo-mma also screamin Streets are just like drugs, and it's like I'm out here fiendin Forget all the hits in the industry, cause ain't no exceptions in this game for me, look Neither God or my enemies, I choose God cause he understands, this young man with a thuggish heart Whole world in his hands but still torn apart Like I'm so close, but it's still so far Nightmares of me in a swervin car, ohhh No ground to place my feet (my feet) I feel the fire under me (heyyy) A way out is all I need (all I need) Somebody, answer me! [Chorus + ad libs]

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