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JETHRO TULL lyrics - Rock Island

Big Riff And Mando

Original and similar lyrics
Marty loved the sound of the stolen mandolin. Somebody took it on a dare in the night-time. Run up to the radio, calling out to the wind. Now, bring it, bring it back at least an hour before flight time. It was a souvenir, but it was a right arm missing. Swap a woodwork rhythm for a humbucking top line. Big Riff, rough boy, wants to be a singer in a band. A little slow in the brain box, but he had a quick right hand. Run left, run right --- everywhere he look --- nobody watching, no, but that was all he took last night. Running on the power of a stolen mandolin. Steal a little inspiration. Steal a little muscle. Will he wake in the morning, wondering --- was it really worth it So make a little deal, Yeah, make a little hustle. Ringing on the radio --- got a proposition for those English boys. I'll make the sing-song --- you can make the background noise. One, two, three, four --- one bar and in. Give you back the mando, if you'll let this singer sing tonight. Marty loved the sound of the stolen mandolin. Big Riff took it on a dare in the night-time. Now it's four o'clock, and we're waiting at the sound-check. Looking for a face staring in from the sunshine. We got two strong lawmen from the sheriff's office. They're going to lift Big Riff before he plays the first line. Big Riff, rough boy, wants to be a singer in a band. Yeah, help him on the stage now, put that microphone in his hand. Think hard, think right --- nothing in his mind --- So Riff did a runner, but he left the mandolin behind.

From Yo Hood 2 My Hood

MC Eiht "My Neighborhood"
Geah Your lesson for y'all out there All the thug niggas on the block regulatin' This goes out for y'all (West Side) Gangstas will rule the world in the Y2K Check it out Can y'all see where I'm comin from Hoods and blocks and G's with glocks Young thug niggas with rocks Everyday and night cause ain't - nuthin' changed Destiny is meant for niggas to hoo-bang Lord have mercy - to the ones that's gone Cause only you upstairs know was wrong Night time hits, here comes the fire flies One more block to catch the drive-by Code of the streets you pack heat and skeet Any fuckin' hoodrat bitch you can meet Poor muthafuckas still wating - on the county Young black niggas dodgin' the county mountie Who got the fat stacks, the pack stacks Slugs to your back if my clientele you jack Knick knack - patty wack, packs straps Patty-wack your own homie trying to cheat on craps From yo hood 2 my hood's all the same Like yo hood and mine learn the same games Thug niggas, strapped girls down on planes If you get caught then don't say no names I gotta flick from a homie doing ten in the pen Gotta a little bigger since my lil' nigga went in Lotta tales 'bout fools gettin' em up and shanked Whose mouth tight shut? Whose shit that stink? Gotta lil' message - 'bout the bitch you fucked A nigga cross town got the hoodrat stuck Me and Loc jacked that nigga last week fo' ends I shoot a lil' paper till you up in the pen Fools still riding - got the spot on lock We gon' chill right here till you back on the block Nigga still bailin round here khakis and stars High as fuck as we throw the hood out the car We miss the days when you used to get drunk at night Never bailed on a homie when it's time to fight One times jacked us the last night, face in the dirt Tryin' to get info on who shot the store clerk From yo hood 2 my hood's all the same Like yo hood and mine learn the same games Thug niggas, strapped girls down on planes If you get caught then don't say no names Somebody help me out the ghetto Ya know - same story just like before I don't wanna be here just like you I slangs just 'bout everything to start new Do you have the answer? Niggas gettin' popped - dying off just like cancer You got your enemies, you got your old G's In the penitentiaries just want to be free If I had another chance would I do it again? Rewind the time and head right back to the pen Seems like I can't escaped this world of sin Judgement for this young thug in the end Time's up - this thug caught a slug In another town trying to slang drugs My moms pray for my soul As I lay below I wonder if heaven got a ghetto Chorus... Geah You how we do it

Hey Girl

THE JACKA "The Jacka"
Hey girl, what's ya name Hey girl, what's ya name [Girl] Hey boy, what's ya name [Verse 1: Jacka] It's the jack Yeah I'm a dope dealer On top of that I'm a liar and a stealer You gotta remember I'm ya nigga homes Real big like king kong and godzilla in the same room I'm on the run from the boys havin fun But I know I'll feel tha pain soon Yo, look what I go threw I know you want me to stay all night But I gotta flight To the next state, cop me a zip So I can concentrate While I travel tryin to make my rhymes elivate And ya trunk raddle at the same time Feelin high, feelin fly man at the same time I'm in K.C. pushin kicks With my nigga freeway rich I smoked a zip And one day I'm feelin crazy Always hella loaded so the hoes think I'm lazy But really I'm rich [Chorus] [Jacka] Hey girl, what's ya name? [Kazi] Flossin in ya 4 dot with ya chain Posin in ya half top, tough and braids Lookin like you want dick, what's game [girl] Hey boy what's ya name? Lookin like a rapper, but you prolly push 'cain Rockin ya drop top pumpin game Frontin like you really that hard to tame [Verse 2: Uzi] Fresh out the plane Pants saggin with my dick in my hand Who am I? bitch, I'm U-Z-I yes I still push 'cain I ain't gone front main Feeliin it under pressure with my ninjas feelin pain I'm a ghetto star So don't approach sidewayz girl Might smack ya hard I'm still young It might be yo ho that I flip and smash on Run her over in my big wheel with no mask on From Africa to England And Back to the bay Oochies stay hatin Girl hey Oochies stay hatin [Verse 3: Kazi] Yo, yo Yo, yo Yo, I push the 4's the 5s It's not a game Night time livin life in the fast lane Quite live at the light I see the boys to the right It's a must i get out of they sight I...tucked the 2 E Dumb cop made a Ui (u-turn) To my left squatin off was a cutie Sparkin up, her car was tough It must've her man's truck Mommy actin like she can't talk Her look was ill If looks could kill I'm bout to be a dead man Trapped in the losts of the land It's not me, really I just wanna get to know ya If it's right spend the night Blow trees enormous You the thug type Sneak a gun up in the club type Heavy on the wrist ma you aint right Stop trippin girl quit ya games Kazi just wanna know ya name [Chorus x2]

5th Gear

ANDRE NICKATINA "Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3"
Fast lane baby, ain't nothin like it, some play it cool, Some get excited, hit 5th gear and you might get indited, Spend all your cash try to fight it and how ya like it, The nickatina roll dice - shoot craps, a brand new rap means a Brand new gat, some rather sit around and snitch like rats, Ain't no tellin' where I'm at on the map, my chuck taylors days Stay lays devine, look in the eyes of a rap gad laced with Rhyme, and it's a felony, and it's in druthers what they tellin' me, and in my mind yo that's a penalty, Man baby so mean, she wear those apple bottom jeans, 90 Percent cream, bumpin' the 15, night time got parlay, plucka Plucka, in the mix now ya cocksucka, I never leave it alone home, I love a big baked roll, in your Face freak with plain clothes, yea fly like a kite no cops in Sight, racin' through the city runnin'every red light, drivin' Like I hate my life, got a cairn in my vein and my brain ain't No wife, night time got parlay, plucka plucka, in the mix now Ya cocksucka, You get flavour like a skittle when I rip a rhyme riddle, your Face is in da pillow den I shoot it in da middle, ya 26 words In the alphabet, and I use all 26 to get there grips, cause You can see me on the highway, the plane, the plane mein, Nickatina lake for a slate again, with hot weatha, hot leatha And hot chedda, you bring the beats with the hot borettas, My souls controlled by the late billy holiday, me and eric Strung got all the way, rainy alarm with the charm of a nickel As barm, then I sell you somethin that shoot straight in your Arm, and get a plate from duct tape to wear the bait, some man Made jars didn't give a little shake, I hope ya got somethin, 4 Pound on your waist, because I drive like I don't have breaks, Cause it's, the fast lane baby, ain't nothin like it, some play It cool, some get excited hit 5th gear and you might get Indited, spend all your cash tryin' to fight it, Uh, you see I'm cold blooded, gary petters go glovin', lovin' To play it cool but we heat it like an oven, I bowl gord in Borgeon, with all fairness, ain't no turnin' back, I burn a Sack so careless, sly just like stone, high all alone, Glowin', rap crews oblivious all outta they zone, and I was Told to treat em cold, a blow, ever keepin' flow, there's no Reason to tell a leader, go, this is a rush, the outspoken in The pissed discussion, like N.W.A I'm always into somethin', And I'm a record like a athlete, out shone stampy, rollin' with Motha fuckas just doin the damn thing, livin' life too fast to Catch it but got it mastered, down, now get mad and lash out, Classic, genuine rappin', watch the boy play, can't escape the Game the range is point blank, When it come to cash yea man some might divide it, but when it Come to me don't try it, gotta com-plaint, boys ride toys on Chrome, baby you drunk, you need to go home, 15 quick and I'll Thug rug bone, first of the month and roll another blunt, Tonight I got cranberry juice in my cup, you starin' at a rap, Can't freak, what up, night time got parlay, plucka plucka, in Tha mix now ya cocksucka, Put on your seat belt, need help I'm about to go fast, no Bitchin' motha fucka, so don't even ask, forget about the past, You betta do the math, freaks tryin' to put their dirty hands On the cash, more keys than a piano, you like to travel, think All the fours that flows, reach the ammo, retreat to the Shadows, fire in the battle, you might see me on your Favourite news channel, 2, 7 or maybe even 5, money on my mind , you can see it in my eyes, talkin much shit I don't eva have to Lie, unless it's to a judge, but then I gotta grudge, a game Where there ain't no love, money, cars, strip bars and the Hardest drugs, night time got parlay, plucka plucka, in the Mix now ya cocksucka, night time got parlay

Tamburitza Lingua

ANI DIFRANCO "Revelling / Reckoning"
A cold and porcelain lonely In an old New York hotel A stranger to a city That she used to know so well Bathing in a bathroom That is bathed in the first blue light Of the beginning of a century At the end of an endless night Then she is wet behind the ears and wafting down the avenue Pre-rush hour Post-rain shower Stillness seeping upwards like steam From another molten sewer Summer in New York They've been spraying us with chemicals in our sleep Us / they Something about the mosquitoes having some kind of disease Them / me CIA foul play If you ask the guy selling hair dryers out of a gym bag Chemical warfare 'I'm telling you, lab rat to lab rat,' he says, 'that's where the truth is at' That's where the truth is at That's where the truth is at And everything seems to have gone terribly wrong that can But one breath at a time is an acceptable plan She tells herself And the air is still there And this morning it's even breathable And for a second the relief is unbelievable And she's a heavy sack of flour sifted Her burden lifted She's full of clean wind for one lean moment And then she's trapped again Reverted Caged and contorted With no way to get free And she's getting plenty of little kisses But nobody's slippin' her the key Her whole life is a long list of what ifs And she doesn't even know where to begin And the pageantry of suffering therein Rivals television TV is, after all, the modern day roman coliseum Human devastation as mass entertainment And now millions sit jeering Collectively cheering The bloodthirsty hierarchy of the patriarchal arrangement She is hailing a cab She is sailing down the avenue She's 19 going on 30 Or maybe she's really 30 now ... It's hard to say It's hard to keep up with time once it's on its way And, you know, she never had much of a chance Born into a family built like an avalanche And somewhere in the 80s between the oat bran and the ozone She started to figure out things like why One eye pointed upwards looking for the holes in the sky One eye on the little flashing red light A picasso face twisted and listing down the canvas Of the end of an endless night 10 9 8 seven six 5 4 three 2 one And kerplooey You're done. You're done for. You're done for good. So tell me Did you? Did you do Did you do all you could?

The Load-Out

JACKSON BROWNE "Running On Empty"
(Jackson Browne & Bryan Garofalo) Now the seats are all empty Let the roadies take the stage Pack it up and tear it down They're the first to come and last to leave Working for that minimum wage They'll set it up in another town Tonight the people were so fine They waited there in line And when they got up on their feet they made the show And that was sweet... But I can hear the sound Of slamming doors and folding chairs And that's a sound they'll never know Now roll them cases out and lift them amps Haul them trusses down and get'em up them ramps 'Cause when it comes to moving me You guys are the champs But when that last guitar's been packed away You know that I still want to play So just make sure you got it all set to go Before you come for my piano But the band's on the bus And they're waiting to go We've got to drive all night and do a show in Chicago or Detroit, I don't know We do so many shows in a row And these towns all look the same We just pass the time in our hotel rooms And wander 'round backstage Till those lights come up and we hear that crowd And we remember why we came Now we got country and western on the bus R and B, we got disco in eight tracks and cassettes in stereo We've got rural scenes & magazines We've got truckers on the CB We've got Richard Pryor on the video We got time to think of the ones we love While the miles roll away But the only time that seems too short Is the time that we get to play People you've got the power over what we do You can sit there and wait Or you can pull us through Come along, sing the song You know you can't go wrong 'Cause when that morning sun comes beating down You're going to wake up in your town But we'll be scheduled to appear A thousand miles away from here

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