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JETHRO TULL lyrics - Benefit


Original and similar lyrics
All the places I've been make it hard to begin to enjoy life again on the inside, but I mean to. Take a walk around the block and be glad that I've got me some time to be in from the outside, and inside with you. I'm sitting on the corner feeling glad. Got no money coming in but I can't be sad. That was the best cup of coffee I ever had. And I won't worry about a thing because we've got it made, here on the inside, outside so far away. And we'll laugh and we'll sing get someone to bring our friends here for tea in the evening -- Old Jeffrey makes three. Take a walk in the park, does the wind in the dark sound like music to you Well I'm thinking it does to me. Can you cook, can you sew -- well, I don't want to know. That is not what you need on the inside, to make the time go. Counting lambs, counting sheep we will fall into sleep and we awake to a new day of living and loving you so.

Going For The Gold

There's a voice on the phone telling what had happened, some kind of confusion more like a disaster. And it wondered how you were left unaffected, but you had no knowledge. No, the chemicals covered you. So a jury was formed as more liquor was poured. No need for conviction, they're not thirsting for justice. But I slept with the lies I keep inside my head. I found out I was guilty. I found out I was guilty. But I won't be around for the sentencing, cause I'm leaving on the next airplane. And though I know that my actions are impossible to justify they seem adequate to fill up my time. But if I could talk to myself like I was someone else, well then maybe I could take your advice, and I wouldn't act like such an asshole all the time. There's a film on the wall, makes the people look small who are sitting beside it, all consumed in the drama. They must return to their lives once the hero has died. They will drive to the office stopping somewhere for coffee, where the folk singers, poets and playwrights convene, dispensing their wisdom, Oh dear amateur orators. They will detail their pain In some standard refrain. They will recite their sadness Like it's some kind of contest. Well, if it is, I think I am winning it, All beaming with confidence as I make my final lap. The gold medal gleams so hang it around my neck cause I am deserving it: the champion of idiots. But a kid carries his walkman on that long bus ride to Omaha. I know a girl who cries when she practices violin. Cause each note sounds so pure, it just cuts into her, and then the melody comes pouring out her eyes. Now to me, everything else, it just sounds like a lie.

Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon

I enter the gates Into the realm where nothing dies But I'm still so cold inside Mesmerized... By visions past and gone Till the end of time I will eternally dwell Im dunkelsten der Stürme Falle zusammen die Kerkerwand Die mich schier endlos band Und herrlicher und freier walle Meine Seele ins unbekannte Land In the darkest of storms May crumble the dungeonwall That bound me almost endlessly And delightful and free may pilgrimage My soul into the unknown land I fly with the raven Through timeless spheres of frost... Through wasted lands of dreams Geflohen vor der Wirklichkeit - vor Ewigkeiten Und jenseits der Schwärze erstreckt sich Ein unendliches Meer aus Grau... Ein Meer aus gestaltloser Leere Doch die Qualen und der Schmerz verbleiben Als Erinnerungen an die vergangene Zeit Stolz und doch verzweifelt... Und in meinem Innersten hoffe ich Daß mein Leben nur ein Traum ist... Fled from reality - for eternities And on the other side of the blackness An endless sea of greyness extends... A sea of formless emptiness Yet the misery and the pain remain As memories of passed time Proud yet desperate... And deep inside I hope that my life is just a dream... The moon is my blanket In this cold domain So ancient - so cold... As a nightmare creature I crawl Awakened from my sleep To forever be... Wiedergeboren... Bei den drei Monden durch Mittwinters Tore Reborn... By the three moons through midwinter's gates I'm a shadow on haunted ground Laughing in sorrow Crying in lust The storm is calming and death is rising Evil - as pure as night Proud - full of sin Once again I'll rise... To survive eternity...

Social Disease

ELTON JOHN "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
My bulldog is barking in the backyard Enough to raise a dead man from his grave And I can't concentrate on what I'm doing Disturbance going to crucify my days And the days they get longer and longer And the nighttime is a time of little use For I just get ugly and older I get juiced on Mateus and just hang loose And I get bombed for breakfast in the morning I get bombed for dinner time and tea I dress in rags, smell a lot, and have a real good time I'm a genuine example of a social disease My landlady lives in a caravan Well that is when she isn't in my arms And it seems I pay the rent in human kindness But my liquor also helps to grease her palms And the ladies are all getting wrinkles And they're falling apart at the seams Well I just get high on tequila And see visions of vineyards in my dreams

Counting Out Time

GENESIS "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
The palpitating cherry-red organ was returned to its rightful place and began to beat faster as it led our hero, counting out time, through his first romantic encounter. I'm counting out time, Got the whole thing down by numbers. All those numbers! Give me guidance! O Lord I need that now. The day of judgement's come, And you can bet that I've been resting, for this testing, Digesting every word the experts say. Erogenous zones I love you. Without you, what would a poor boy do? Found a girl I wanted to date, Thought I'd better get it straight. Went to buy a book before it's too late. Don't leave nothing to fate. I studied every line, every page in the book, Now, I've got the real thing here, I'm gonna take a look, take a look. This is Rael! I'm counting out time, hoping it goes like I planned it, 'cos I understand it. Look! I've found the hotspots, Figs 1-9. - still counting out time, got my finger on the button, Don't say nuttin - just lie there still And I'll get you turned on just fine. Erogenous zones I love you. Without you, what would a poor boy do? Touch and go with 1-6. Bit of trouble in zone No. 7. Gotta remember all of my tricks. There's heaven ahead in No. 11! Getting crucial responses, dilation of the pupils. Honey get hip! It's time to unzip, to unzip, zip, zip-a-zip-a-zip. Whipee! (Take it away Mr. Guitar) - Move over Casanova - I'm counting out time, reaction none to happy, Please don't slap me, I'm a red blooded male and the book said I could not fail. I'm counting out time, I got unexpected distress from my mistress, I'll get my money back from the bookstore right away. Erongenous zones I question you - Without you, what would a poor boy do? Without you, what would a poor boy do? Without you, mankind handkinds thru' the blues.

Before You Walk Out My Life

MONICA "Miss Thang"
Oh oh oh, oh yeah yes, oh oh oh, my, my Here we are face to face With the memories that can't be erased Although we need each other Things that changed, it's not the same Sometimes it makes me wonder Where would I be, if you hadn't discovered Which I did, inside of me I know there was something, that we could compare Oh, well, I, 1-Never meant to cause you no pain I just wanna go back to being the same Well I, only wanna make things right Before you walk out of my life Remembering the good times From a portrait hung on high It's filled with so much color And the laughter we left behind I made the choice and you couldn't decide I made the choice, I was wrong you were right Deep down inside, I apologize (rpt 1) Though I made plans with you To always have time for you (Before you walk out of my life) I guess it's true, cannot live without you Don't ever go away, ooh oh yeah (rpt 1, 1) Before you walk out of my life

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