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JETHRO TULL lyrics - Aqualung


Original and similar lyrics
Well the lush separation unfolds you -- and the products of wealth push you along on the bow wave of the spiritless undying selves. And you press on God's waiter your last dime -- as he hands you the bill. And you spin in the slipstream -- timeless -- unreasoning -- paddle right out of the mess.

The Telephone

JERRY REED "Mind Your Love"
Ya ever drop your last dime in a public phone Have it keep your dime not even give you a tone And you beat that silly contraption with your fist till it comes off the wall Or did you ever place a call to St Louis direct And get the Civil Defense in Connecticut And operators say well ain't that the number you called And my phone bill that's wrong about half the time And I always get this operator on the line And she says well Mr Reed ya just called this place on your phone And I say lady look I don’t know a soul livin' in Tokyo And the only way I can pay this phone bill is when I mortgage my home Well you can find 'em in every home This thing called the telephone It's the ultimate in modern day design When it ain't out of order then the number's been changed Or it's disconnected or it just won't ring Why it's enough to drive a sane man clean out of his mind Did you ever place a call on a hectic day And you couldn't understand a word nobody had to say And you keep tryin' to get your operator to come back on the line huh You stand there and you click that lever till your face turns blue And finally she comes buttin' in on you And she says your three minutes are up you're out of time Now I've had to stumble through the house without a light To get to the phone in the middle of the night And I stumble over every stick of furniture in the house just gettin' there So with a skinned shin and a busted toe I grab the phone And I say a hello and all I get is ah ah ah in my ear Well son you can find 'em in every home... Alright this is my last time with my last dime Operator what huh I know well I know that huh But uh uh uh operator operator well I know you're sorry What huh I spent fifteen minutes I’ve been dialin' home What ya you said that oh wait uh operator Yeh huh give me my dime will ya gimme my dime back I gotta go to the bathroom listen what is this oh nuts

The Uptown Poker Club

JERRY REED "The Uptown Poker Club"
Well now Bill Jackson went to poor ol' Dub To join the Uptown Poker Club And he cursed the day he ever told anybody he joined Cause his money used to go like it had wings When he had queens somebody else had kings And every night he'd just sit there donatin' all his coins He said boys now I'm gonna play it right tonight I'm gonna watch them cards and I'm gonna play 'em tight And then when I come in there son my hand's gonna be a peach Well he played 'em tight but after awhile He done lost his self a considerable pile So he got mad he stood up and he made this little speech Now boys you see this razor well I had it sharpened just today Now I'm comin' in here with my rules that everybody gonna follow when they play Now you Clyde you keep your hands on top of the table when you're dealing please Quit takin' them little wild cards and stickin' em down there between your knees And Jesse quit makin' all them funny signs like you tryin' to tip off your hand You better talk to me in American son American so's I can understand And Leroy quit takin' em offa the bottom ooh that's rough Just take five off the top then stop that's enough Then pass me them cards son let me cut on them things every time before you deal I like to handle them things boy I like to see Cause I got news for you lad you ain't playin' this game accordin' that fella Hoyle there Uh uh no tonight you're playin' this game accordin' to me Well now a sittin' around the table in that there game There just happened to be this ol' one-eyed man And Bill kept watchin' him out of the corner of his eye This old one-eyed cat he'd been dealin' kinda funny He done took a whole bunch of big Bill's money So Bill rose up and he looked around the room and with a sigh He said hmm said it's an awful shame Said there's somebody cheatin' in this here game Said of course it ain't gonna do for me to stand up here and mention the guy So I'll refrain from calling that party's name But you let me catch him cheatin' just once again And I'm gonna take my fist and I’m gonna close that other eye Now you see this razor well I had it sharpened just today Now I'm comin' in here with my rules that everybody must follow when they play Now Clyde you keep them bony hands up here on top of the table when you're dealin' please Don't go takin' them little wild aces stickin' em off down there between your knees And Jesse cut out makin' all them monkey signs you still tryin' to tip off your hand You better talk to me in American big AA so's I can understand And Leroy quit takin' em off the bottom of the deck son I tell ya that's rough This is an army game son take five then halt that's enough Then pass me them face cards over here let me cut them things every time before you deal Cause I like to delve in there son I got to see Cause I got news for you boys you ain't playin this game accordin' to that fella Hoyle there Uh uh tonight you're playin' this game accordin' to me Now then seein' as how you all know that I didn't ride in here on a head of cabbage Henry if you'll break out another deck of them Bicycles me and the boys will get on with the business But keep your eye on that fella wearin' the patch he holds them cards kinda funny Ha ha if he ain't careful somebody around this table liable to jack his jaw Ha ha ha ah son I feel like my luck just changed

Blue Magic

JAY-Z "American Gangster"
Roc-a-fella records The imperial Skateboard P Great Hova Y'all already know what it is (Oh Shit!) C'mon! [Verse 1] Yeah So what if you flip a couple words I could triple that in birds open your mind you see the circus in the sky I'm Ringling brothers Barnum and Bailey with the pies No matter how you slice it I'm your motherfucking guy Just like a B-Boy with 360 waves Do the same with the pot, still come back beige. Whether right or south paw, whether powder the jar Whip it around, it still comes back hard. So easily do I w-h-i-p My repetition with wrists will bring you kilo biggers. I got creole C.O. bitches for my niggas who slipped, became prisoners Trees taped to the visitors You already know what the business is Unnecessary commissary, boy we live this shit Niggas wanna bring the 80s back It's OK with me, that's where they made me at Except I don't write on the wall I write my name in the history books, hustling in the hall (hustling in the hall) Nah, I don't spin on my head I spin work in the pots so I can spend my bread [Chorus (Pharrell):] And I'm getting it, I'm getting it I ain't talking about it, I'm living it I'm getting it, straight getting it Ge-ge-ge-get get get it boy (Don't waste you time, fighting the life stay your course, and you'll understand) Get it boy [Verse] It's '87 state of mind that I'm in (mind that I'm in) In my prime, so for that time, I'm Rakim (I'm Rakim) If it wasn't for the crime that I was in But I wouldn't be the guy whose rhymes it is that I'm in (that I'm in) No pain, no profit, P I repeat if you show me where the pot is (pot is) Cherry M3's with the top back (top back) Red and green G's all on my hat North beach leathers, matching Gucci sweater Gucci sneaks on to keep my outfit together Whatever, hundred for the diamond chain Can't you tell that I came from the dope game Blame Reagan for making me into a monster Blame Oliver North and Iran-Contra I ran contraband that they sponsored Before this rhyming stuff we was in concert [Chorus (Pharrell)] [Verse 3] Push (push) money over broads, you got it, fuck Bush Chef (chef), guess what I cooked Baked a lot of bread and kept it off the books Rockstar, look, way before the bars my picture was getting took Feds, they like wack rappers, tried as they may, couldn't get me on the hook D.A. wanna indict me Cause fish scales in my veins like a pisces The Pyrex pot, rolled up my sleeves Turn one into two like a Siamese Twin when it end, I'm a stand as a man never dying on my knees Last of a dying breed, so let the champagne pop I partied for a while now I'm back to the block [Chorus (Pharrell)]

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