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JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) lyrics - Instructions

Yours & Mine

Original and similar lyrics
[J.D. talking] J.E. y'all, uh, J.D. y'all, that's me Swizz Beats, come on [Chorus - Jagged Edge (J.D. talking with chorus)] What is yours and mine Yeah, uh huh Break this up, none of that stuff This right here What is yours and mine Is a story about a nigga Work too hard, way too much wit a lot of paper What is yours and mine Ha, ha, and his girl Whatever you won't, can't stop us See, when you gotta lot man What is yours and mine It ain't shit if you can't share it Me and you, what is yours and mine You understand what I'm saying [Verse 1 - Jermaine Dupri] Listen, uh, I remember when we first hooked up you was only 17 Cut off shirts and jeans, was ya only way seen What I had didn't matter, it was all about us All day on the phone and the stuff we discussed I used to come over when ya mom's was gon' (Oow) We ain't know what we were doin' but we got our freak on And one thing lead to another, I introduced you to my mother Like, Ma, this my girl, that's when it started gettin' real Feelings stared gettin' caught, gifts stared gettin' bought And everybody knew the deal We used to hang out, kiss, argue, and all that Hang up the phone and call right back I got to know you like the back of my hand And, you got to show me hoe a girl love a man And, we took a small thing to a new land And when I say I love you, I wanted you to understand [Chorus - Jagged Edge and (Jermaine Dupri)] What is yours and mine (Uh huh, yo) Break this up, none of that stuff (Listen to me baby) What is yours and mine (Uh huh) Work too hard, way too much (See, we worked too hard) What is yours and mine (Yo, listen to me baby) Whatever you won't, can't stop us (Yeah) What is yours and mine (Yeah) Me and you, what is yours and mine (Me and you) [Verse 2 - Jermaine Dupri] The older we got, everybody said y'all gon' change But when 2-1 came, we was still in the game 92's new version of, Bonnie and Clyde No matter what it was, we was side by side You know the type you see gettin' in the photo booth Matchin' shirts, flea market, photo shoots Everything I saw cute, shit, you had to have it What's a fly life if a nigga can't share it Every new dollar made, I put it on you Hit the Porsche dealership shit, nigga bought two And when I went away, I got ya named tattooed A yo, I try to put the big bling on ya hand Cause uh, you show me how a girl love a man And, we took a small thing to a new land And when I say I love you, I wanted you to understand, it's real [Chorus - Jagged Edge and (Jermaine Dupri)] What is yours and mine (Yeah, uh huh) Break this up, none of that stuff (Uh. listen to me baby) What is yours and mine (Uh) Work too hard, way too much (We worked too hard) What is yours and mine (Listen to me baby) Whatever you won't, can't stop us What is yours and mine Me and you, what is yours and mine [J.D. talking with last two lines of chorus] Yo all my niggas that understand what I'm saying Look ya girl in the eyes and say [Verse 3 - Jagged Edge] Girl you so off the chain (Off the chain) You took a playa straight out the game (Straight out the game) Now I know what a good thing feel like (Feels good [x4]) I know, I gotta have it in my life Gotta playa messed up inside (Up inside) Made a nigga just wanna do right (Do right) Me and you is like Dre and Snoop Dogg (Dre and Snoop) Long as we together we can have it all [J.D. talking] Ha, know what I'm talkin' bout When you love her man, sing to her man It ain't shit, man you know what I'm sayin', ball on Bounce, bounce, bounce Bounce, bounce, bounce Bounce, bounce, bounce Bounce, bounce, bounce Now ride out

To The Listeners

Eric B. Rakim "Follow The Leader"
It's to the listeners (whispered 4X) *musical interlude* It's to the listener (repeat interlude and line 4X) Verse One: Rakim It's to the listeners, for those that have a ear for this State of the art, engineered for the mix Eardrums are playing along to what I'm sayin you're singin a song Stevie Blass on the keyboard, swingin along But you don't have to dance, play it cool and listen My DJ's mixin, and I'll do the quizzin Cause who is number one if not best then better Here's a hint: the 18th letter The rhymes is sportable, microphone is portable For any immortal man, swords is not affordable Never take a loss cause I'm hard to beat I ain't cheap but don't sell me a dream I don't sleep I'm Paid in Full, so save the bull This ain't a stick-up, you don't have to wave until you feel Sure, and you want more then wipe your sweat Cause I just wanted to see how hype you could get Cause when I came in the door steppin hard enough to shake the floor I just started but the others can't make no more Runnin out of beats breaks and out of time If I was gone, you'd be runnin out of rhymes I improve, record don't have to be long If it's understood and the story is strong You can speak out and hold the crowd as prisoners The people is peepless, it's to the listeners Verse Two: I'm the Lord, for somethin you can absorb Try and control and be cautious but the cut's in a cord Make me deeper than down, I make the crowd, crowd around People are peepless, cause the soloist found Phrases, thoughts, made by the R of course One thing I do is keep em different, and far from yours You keep talkin, when will all the damage be done? You say you're rulin but when I'm in the place you don't come Maybe you're waitin, to see what I'm makin One more style gets taken, then I'ma be breakin If the patterns are causes, piano is soft But make it hard for you to start, where I left off You find yourself, till the point is across You hit reverse to rewind it, that's when you hit the pause I set the scene, first you hear mixin Then the microphone fiend's in effect, still listenin? Pay close attention, never before mentioned Listen up I got a brand new invention Made from a musician it's notes are played crisp But listeners listen to what I wrote on a disc Copywritten but still bitten they almost sound like Almost pumpin, but it ain't down like A record's supposed to sound, watch as it go around Records are broken, smashed into the ground That ain't My Melody, brothers keep runnin up and tellin me Others are trying to flow smooth and steadily Potholes are left in my path then I crash and bruise Whoever refuse and cruise right past em Cause I just left to do it for easy whatever Death, till I get back you better stay in step After speaking you'll stare, if I was there your description is Letters full of poetical medicine, this is for the listeners


Dean Friedman "Songs For Grownups"
by Dean Friedman I fumble in my pockets for the keys to your fickle heart. I drop them on the ground and then surprise, surprise you pick 'em up. So I stand in the doorway wearing my patented foolish grin. 'til finally you take pity on my poor soul and you let me in. The time has come. Soon the ramparts will be overrun I hang my hurt in the hallway and follow you up the stairs. You leave a scattered trail of clothes straight up to your room. For a couple of hours the planets from their paths they stray, and every sense is filled with your sweet perfume. And when you come, it's with such power, I am overcome. Sandy, won't you ever make up your mind? The love you're trying so hard find is standing right in front of you. Don't you see that what you're searching for is waiting right outside this door? All you have to do is listen to your love. You sit up and turn on the TV with the remote control, you flip through fifty seven channels but nothing's on. And so you head into the kitchen and come back with a box of Oreos, and arrange them on the bed like checkers all in a row. And one by one, you make sure and sample everyone. Sandy, won't you ever make up your mind? The love you're trying so hard find is standing right in front of you. Don't you see that what you're searching for is waiting right outside this door? All you have to do is listen to your love.

Golden Train

[Verse 1] Don't you wake up yet Give me some time To watch you asleep Oh angel of mine And I would be fine, as long as you're near me Oh angel of mine [Chorus] But tomorrow if a golden train came to take you away, Would you go or would you stay [Repeat] [Verse 2] Here in this cozy room just me and you Cuddling and kissing, making sweet love, Shooting star wishing and watch the sun come up And then we'll sleep all day Meet in our dreams and live life our way Drop it all off and we'll fly away, Dip through the stars and wake up slowly [Chorus] [Bridge] Oh one thing I know for sure Is my love for you is deeper then any root or stone, Mamma told me so, Don't walk the streets alone [Repeat] [Chorus]


MOBB DEEP "Infamy"
[Havoc] Girl I know you love a thug be wildin' Smack flames out a nigga and I got you smilin' The way I cut a nigga every which way but loose A blood stained Gucci suit will be the proof Laid back cat but I love to chill Love a freak in a thong with a full of Said you went to catholic school and that's cool Let me see you throw the suit on With no interruptions, ma turn the cell off Start for the touchin' And I'm sick with the candle A fatty, ain't nothin' that a nigga can't handle I been through it It's a first time for everything, settin you free And I feel you your man ain't lettin' you breathe You a dime from your face to your navel Your man better wake the fuck up and let you out of that stable Used to think like that until I thought shoe on the other foot and I got Stay home, cook and clean like she the boss Hell no nigga, not while I'm up in New York She gonna do what she want, flirt when she want, fuck who she want Then nigga It's a wrap You like 'No she won't', but yes she will Chick might as well have Big comin' out of jail [Chorus X4] I got them keys to those handcuffs (handcuffs) Wanna be free throw your hands up (wanna be free) [Havoc] My niggas in NY know the game Bitch front, she gettin' out on the shoulder lane It's 3 in the mornin', why you think you came Should've stayed where you was, I don't play those games Ring on the finger, fatty off the meter There's only one thing that this shit could lead to The reaction, your mind'll crack And put my mans on if it's poppin' Bitch you laughin' Everything that I spit is real And everything on your inside you scared to tell The word creep, 'no' ring a bell Girl I know the situation all too well I'ma keep it gangsta, rep the 'bout Lady caught on, so I had to bounce With bleach in the crib, all my clothes got doused That's when a nigga knew I had to get out Know what you're goin' through, been there before Relationships now, it's like they got these laws Girl all you wanna do is just be free And that's why a nigga like me got these keys [Chorus X4]

Get The Picture

Kool Moe Dee "Knowledge Is King"
Yo I had to go for mine From the bottom to the top is a hard climb But hard rhymes beat hard times Gimme a spotlight and I'll shine Brither than the brightest star No matter who you are You're outdone I won And for the coup de grace Competition turns into fans Like a politician My competition spans From country to country It's never too far cause I'll take 'em all From the Shah to the Czar The Fu Man Chu The Prime Minister too The King and the Queen My rhymes are so mean I'll do A number on the country Like never before Is it a contest Or the threat of world war Choose your weapon no half-steppin' And let's go But if ya steppin' watch ya step And step slow Take your time change your mind Cause steppin' to my rhyme is like steppin' on a land mine Blowing you to kingdom come This ain't Vietnam A brother thinks he's ready for war brings him on A perilous journey You catch a hernia Trying to burn me Cause like an attorney I'll Cross-examine Your rhymes of my design And I'm styill standing Tall As the competition falls In actuality ain't no competition y'all Cause I'm rollin' over Rappers like a U.S. tank Meanwhile laughin' all the way to the bank Get the picture (3x) Suckers Tried to put me down Siad rap was crap And wouldn't be around Any longer than two years But eight years later I'm still here Fully paid Because the rhymes I made Made dollars and cents I wasn't dense I stayed Away from drugs I never touched a pipe When I wanna get high I smoke the mic I never did white lines I only write lines And I ain't sniffin' nothing but The vapors from hype rhymes As I start to float On the rhymes I wrote Ascending to a level with the gods and I tote Loads and mounds of people As they reach new heights A half-a-mile from heaven is the party site And I'm the attraction The ods will be packed in Coming out of their pockets for me to rock it And acting Like they've never ever ever been entertained They try to act godly but they can't maintain Aphrodite would freak As her knees get weak And Venus would peak Off every word I speak Zeus would get loose Fully induced I'll make Apollo's ryhmes sound like Mother Goose By night's end Mercury is so hyped He'd spread the word That there's a god on the mic Captivating all the other gods By the masses Described as a dark-skinned brother in glasses But unlike the other gods I ain't a myth You wanna rif I suggest you take the fifth Get the picture (3x) Knowledge Is the source of my success History is the course And life's the test For those who don't know History's repetitive Lack of knowledge Serves as a sedative Makes you relax and max The lack of facts Holds you back The odds are stacked Against a weak mind Makes a meek mind But mine ain't weak I got a piece and I'ma speak mine Telling you the truth I raise the roof With rhymes so hard I'm bulletproof One slip of the lip Could sink your ship You wanna get hip Let's take a trip All aboard This is the last call I ain't a mandate cause I'll only ask y'all Once and only once To purchase a ticket Get on the rap train Watch me kick it From state to state And every little hick town They'll all be down With the new hip sound Treating me like more Than just a star of the sport But more like the judge in a court Y'all rise And raise your hands in the air Pump your fists And solemnly swear To rock the truth The whole truth And nothing but the truth Not only the youth Cause the young and the old Are all alike It makes no difference When I'm on the mic For those who can't Visualize what their eyes can't see You wanna get the picture Focus on me Get the picture (3x)

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