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JEREMIH lyrics

Planes (August Alsina Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[August Alsina:] Just touched down on the runway All white on, no Sunday Step out there to the haters Got em' sayin "Imma be rich one day" But right now is our time and we winning Lemme pause, go back to beginning Seen a chick so bad, with an ass so fat Before the plane took off, I was in her Got her in the mile high club, she remember ('member) Can't tell you her name, don't remember ('member) But she took it to the head like a winner (winner) Had an airplane meal, that was dinner Lot on her plate, she was pickin’ out Begging a nigga to dick her out Now they ain’t lettin’ her back on the plane Cuz the way she was yellin’ and showin’ out All in first class wit the champagne Sorry lame niggas but you can’t hang Shawty say she fucking wit the campaign Tap me on the shoulder for the bang-bang Bang bang bang, do my damn thang She love the way I beat it up Say she want it all but then I try, she stayin out (damn) Wanna know how I do it? Girl, I does this shit And better fuck the rumors, we above that shit I just wanna hit the spot, have you in love and shit If you coming, we can kick it If you not dismissed I can put you in the Mile High Club, wassup? Let's take a trip Have you ever read ‘The World Is Yours’ On a blimp? Get high baby roll one, cloud nine ’bout to go up Lovin’ the feelin’ of the turbulence girl when we turn up When we land we can roll out Show ya somethin’ you ain’t know about Tonight we be takin’ off flight wit a camera to show out Catch me rolling thru’ the city Riding wit the top off Man my whip so big when you in it Fuck around and get lost Told my bitch to let her hair down What this shit cost? Tell me baby if ya about that life right now Hope it ain’t talk I can put you in the Mile High Club, wassup? Let's take a trip Have you ever read ‘The World Is Yours’ On a blimp? Tell her be free, baby spread your wings Got your legs in the sky like a plane Let me guide that, I’m the pilot Can’t nobody see you, 30 thousand feet On your knees in them Prada’s Make the freaky shit come up out her Get high baby roll one, cloud nine ’bout to go up Lovin’ the feelin’ of the turbulence girl when we turn up When we land we can roll out Show ya somethin’ you ain’t know about Tonight we be takin’ off flight wit a camera to show out [J. Cole:] Cole World, I got it, I got it, I got it, listen You need a nigga that’s gon come over and dig ya out You need a nigga that you know is not gon run his mouth You need a nigga when he done probably gon put ya out You need a nigga that’s gon put it in yo mouth Dick so big it’s like a foot is in yo mouth And you ain't babysittin’, but my kids all on yo couch And oh, you nasty, oh oh, you nasty Both graduated, so fuck keepin it classy Look, they love me in the Chi like MJ They love me in the Chi like Oprah No nigga could block, not even Dikembe Compared to Cole, boy, you’re softer than a sofa And so far my new shit’s so fire, nigga, check my profile Who ya know make waves in the low tide? Deebo’ed your bitch, now she both ours Nigga, lil brown liquor in my liver Pretty brown thang in my bed Been a long time since I had to ask for head So gotdamn don’t make me beg But I will if I need to cause forreal, girl, I need ya I could put ya on a flight, we could take off tonight If you scared of heights, shit I got a pill I could feed you I can put you in the Mile High Club, wassup? Let's take a trip Have you ever read ‘The World Is Yours’ On a blimp?

Bang Ta Dis (Remix)

BENZINO "Redemption"
(feat. Bars & Hooks, Prodigy) [Intro: Benzino] Un, un Can't hang wit dis Yo, can't hang wit dis Can't hang wit dis, bitch-ass niggas [Chorus: Benzino] Stop what your doin and slang ta dis Pull your guns out and bang ta dis We don't give a fuck if you hate and shit You bitch niggas still can't hang with dis [Hook 4x: Benzino] Blood, slugs, murder, jail Pussy, drugs, power, bail [Prodigy] Nigga, I throw you in the shark cage - straight Mobb nigga And nigga P ain't playin no games, fuck with 'em I have you niggas runnin around with shails I have you niggas buyin guns, for real Pattin on 'em, might pop up and lay things down You absolutely right, niggas get laid out Niggas is out they head going at me Nigga you ready to die, I'm ready to squeeze Fuck it, I ain't backing down or backing up I got that bomb shit - you get blowin up When my razor touch ya head, neck and face And I'ma give you that shot, rest in peace [Chorus] [Hook] [Benzino] I spend my whole life tryin to get paid for this I watched Rock get slayed for this I kept it gangsta - niggas.. don't.. want.. it Betta yet, motherfuckers can't take it Strike back so there whole squad suffer Attack niggas til they can't get enough of... I got RSO blood in my vein Made Men take it there, for see no pain I run with niggas that see no pain And cock them things, dip quick in the Range Unsolved murderers, cold case niggas Undescribable, when we squeeze those triggers Invisible like night glove Shine like a nickel four-fifth, bitch slang to this, c'mon [Hook] [Bars & Hooks] Yeah, it's real ill when a classic album drop But it's real fucked up when a classic album flop And your sweet dreams turn into nightmares - your plans get crushed It seems like the grands been flushed But since it's all for diniero, you can't give up We gotta keep hope alive and, keep strivin Keep scribin, and don't give up til we Diamond If any nigga get in our way squeeze iron [Bars & Hooks] Yeah, we gang bang him, we shoot him til we dyin Act like a nigga said 'Bars', and empty out fry him Shoot that nigga, cut that nigga til we dyin Cause he wanted to lay down, and we couldn't deny him So nigga, get up out or way, we don't play Ain't no nigga, ain't no bitch, ain't nobody I won't spray You niggas is ass, my niggas is Made, y'all mens is two throat, my niggas is too big Who want it Come bring it, let's bang, motherfucker [Chorus] [Hook] [Benzino] Boston, New York, bang ta dis Philadelph-e-a just slang ta dis North and South Carolina bang ta dis Chi-town, L.A., just slang ta dis Conneticut, Providence, bang ta dis D.C., Detroit, just slang ta dis Cleveland, Oakland, sland ta dis ATL, Texas, bang ta dis New Orleans, Tennessee, just band ta dis MIA, Jersey, hang ta dis Baltimore, Pittsburgh, just slang ta dis

Doin It

LL COOL J "Mr Smith"
(feat. LeShaun) [Intro: LL Cool J] Mmmm yeah (mmmmm) check it out baby Make it hot... then we drop it (oooooooh!) Uh, yeah (oooooooh!) Uptown, you know how we do it Yeah you know Make it hot [Verse One:] [LL Cool J] It's the first time together and I'm feeling kinda horny Conventional methods of makin love kinda bore me I wanna knock your block off, get my rocks off Blow your socks off make sure your G spots soft [LeShaun] I'm gonna call you Big Daddy and scream your name Matter fact I can't wait for your candy rain [LL Cool J] So what cha sayin, I get my swerve on, bring it live Make it last forever, damn the kitty cat's tight [LeShaun] Mmm... daddy slow down your flow Put it on me like G baby nice and slow I need a rough neck nigga Mandingo in a sec Who ain't afraid to pull my hair and spank me from the back [LL Cool J] No doubt, I'm the playa that you're talkin about [LeShaun] But do you really think that you can work it out [LL Cool J] I guarantee shorty it's real, baby stick it out Here comes the man of steel [Chorus: LeShaun, LL Cool J] [LeShaun] Doin it and doin it and doin it well [3X] [LL Cool J] I respresent Queens, she was raised out in Brooklyn [repeat 2x] [Verse Two:] [LL Cool J] I'm in the mix now, searching for the right spot To hit now, get down [LeShaun] Damn my lover dig down, you use a rubber [LL Cool J] Damn right [LeShaun] You are my lover [LL Cool J] All night [LeShaun] The putty good to you Word to momma [LL Cool J] Man tight The only thing left to do is climax Let's make it last [LeShaun] Word we ain't goin out like that All this time you've been telling that you was a Don [LL Cool J] I tried to warn you girl you wouldn't listen Now let's get it on [LeShaun] Mmm, baby wild, don't do that Chill wait a minute baby let me please you back [LL Cool J] You talk a good one shorty now you're makin me sweat How a live nigga like it girl [LeShaun] Nice and wet We get it To The Break of Dawn, damn you're large How a big girl like it Daddy [LL Cool J] Nice and hard Safe sexin it, flexin it, gettin that affectionate Chewin it, oohin it, all while we're doin it [Chorus (repeat 2X)] [Verse Three:] [LL Cool J] Baby, I wanna hit it in the worst way [LeShaun] Make it hot [LL Cool J] Schemin on the ass since the first day [LeShaun] Don't stop Damn I love it when you talk like that Make it bounce sugar [LL Cool J] Long as you can bounce me back More flesh than the Greek Fest [LeShaun] Roll up the sess [LL Cool J] Pass the Hennessee [LeShaun] Put my body to the test Wait wait daddy many niggaz ago I was a young girl listening to how you flow Now's my chance to hit you off daddy I'm grown From the back, from the side [LL Cool J] Right, I'm in the zone One of a kind when it's time to do mine Camcorder and the whole shit [LeShaun] Press rewind Let it flow on the screen while we puffs the L Layin back in the cut while we're under the spell [LL Cool J] Word life, I like the way the ep went down Go to sleep, tomorrow I'll take you back downtown We'll be [Chorus (repeat 3X)]

Madden On Gamecube

[Verse 1: Juke] She's a freak. I say let your flag fly, They crownin' me king like I was prince, And then my dad died. I'm a bad guy, I bet she heard that shit from you, Cuz you tell her what you feeling, Even if that shit ain't true, That's why you always in some drama, Guess you think it's kind of cool, To be the center of attention, All the mentions about you, Word to my tattoos, I'll be long gone. Getting slow dome Listening to my own song. I'm trying to live green, I guess that's why I buy it, Then I set that shit on fire. Blow smoke to the o-zone, Trying to learn it as I go. Staring at the blue print, I ask her nasty things, She tells me that she's so into it. She said I changed, Then she asked me what's the difference. I say Trini James, This nigga' is a bad influence [Verse 2: Trinidad James] Hold the hand claps cause I don't want none, My iPhone's got a gold button (Flexin'), Lime-green to match my money, I'm on one, so pray for me. Nigga yo' bitch, she cum for me, She in good hands, nigga' don't worry, What we do is none of your concern. With yo' pussy you in turn, So with yo' pussy it's my turn, I'm arrogant when I want some, I hate a bitch who want no nut, Fuck her so good think she owes something, She says she want a cut, So I said "Let's get faded," She thought I was a joke, But nah baby, I ain't Ledger, So she slipped off her Cements, And started sippin semen, She ain't even breathin' just...[moaning], She goin in, So the next time you on the couch, Chillin' lookin' at Netflix, Know that I was in yo' house, Givin' yo' bitch the business.

Back Up

DA BRAT "Unrestricted"
[Da Brat] (JD) This a test (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh This ain't no test (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh It's the real shit (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh Yeah (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh (Bounce) uh-oh (bounce) [Da Brat] (JD) If you can feel it in your back (Baby) It's the sounds of the motherfuckin' Brat (Baby) In the corner passing blunts, sippin' Yack (Baby) And if you must play the game Then gamble the stake's raised Take baby to Vegas I need the paper My flesh burnin' Niggas got me under surveillance their necks turnin' I'm an international playa, close observation The best policy is to stay in y'all faces The bad seed, I get niggas like I breath it's easy Been through niggas lyin' and cheatin' with bitches that's sleazy None of it's worth repeatin' If you flash money, spend that money or you can beat it I'mma star now, so it wasn't really shit for me to get shot down Spit illicit, unrestricted game, I'm independent Open the door to the bank but g's spent this 1 - If you out here doing things You're a honey getting money Playin' all of these fellas like dummies Make all the right moves when it comes to the game (Tell them they better back up) (Playa, playa back up) If you out here doing things (Doin' doin' thangs) You're a playa getting money Spending none on none of these hoes Make all the right moves when it comes to the game (Tell 'em they better back up) (Shorty, shorty back up) [Ja Rule] For the first time I can see my lifeline And you're ahead of me Thank God hard to imagine me But Lord why me? I'm the bad spirit that tortures the souls of the nearest Untouched pussy, what'chu want with me? Been through lesbianage, menage et tois Been even synonymous to hoes that floss and trick their dough If you livin' it, my life You live it as limited Cause too many worlds collide the killer degenerate I'll die in it As long as I keep my guns burn And Brat pushin' the Verge And the crack isn't German Listen Ja bring the heat catching niggas on their third wind We supply the pressure (Baby!) Shit it'll never end try to get out But baby you're locked in My world sip Hen and suffer from sin I'm sickening like Heroin Ja Rule the veteran, true with you But baby girl if you Repeat 1 [Da Brat] A girl like me need a lot So I proceed to plot And continue to add pieces to the rock collection that I got Shine on y'all light up the whole block I'm causing on Ja [Ja Rule] Shit on a nigga like me you need a lot Coming with game, what'chu got It's murda, if you don't get shot I clicky-clack on those pot post up on niggas Fuck y'all bitches [Da Brat] Shit fuck y'all niggas, you can't live without pussy Be disrespectful and get no more nookie Most of these hoes check y'all cause niggas ain't shit [Ja Rule] Y'all dismissed and y'all know Bitches ain't shit But live with it if the dick don't fit [Da Brat] Get it or quit it And acquaint Shaunte with your money I gotta get it Repeat 1 till end w/ Da Brat ad-libs [Da Brat] All I'm saying is do thangs Ya know what I'm saying Make the right moves Ya know what I'm saying Man, woman, boy, or girl Pimp, prostitute, he-heh Do thangs to get that loot Ya know what I'm saying Tell 'em to back up Cause it's the Da Brat So, So

U Can't See Me

JUVENILE "Being Myself"
[Chorus:] Now you can't hang around, my crew or my clique, Especially if you ain't about no gangsta shit, You can't hang around, my crew or my clique, Especially if you ain't about no gangsta shit [First Verse:] Kirby's round the corner playin' bones with Russ, I'm waitin' for my bitch to get off of the bus, She told me she could make it to my house by twelve, So we could get it on, just amongst ourselves, She came to, I had a blunt to blow, After that, I'ma be ready to fuck this hoe, I ran up in it for an hour or so, Put her back in the bus and took a route to the store, Picked up some brew for the rest of my crew, And a couple of cigars for a blunt or two, Headed for the D.J. Way on Teledonna, Now this area was all about drama, Hoes was sweatin', I had my shades on, Ready to put the dick on any bitch that I played on, Now what's the haps with you and your clique I don't think you want no more gangsta shit, Mo I can roll, I'm just a baller from the South, Ready to knock any muthafuckin' pussy out, I got bitches on the side wanna ride with nine, But don't understand the way that I kicks the style, But I'm a flexor, to riggedy-wrecks-a nigga from the Nolia, I'm goin' out everytime when I kick I'm like a solja, Niggas don't understand the way that I flow, The fliz-no is slow, so check this out bro [Chorus] [Second Verse:] I kicks the shit that make them niggas say 'ooh', That'll make them hoes say 'Yeah, that must be that nigga Juv', I'm from the, wild side of the city, What a pity, I'm wild, like a muthafuckin' crazed Frank Nitty, I'm not the old days nigga that's comin' with the gats, Nigga where you at Nigga where you at Nigga where you at Give me a bag of powder, watch me twitch, I might go crazy and wanna kill in this bitch, I seen a lot of niggas talk shit about me, But don't know a muthafuckin' thing about me, So keep my name outta your mouth and you just might just don't see the glock, POP everytime I see your ass on my block, Shop close for the hoes, that used to think that Juv would trick, But bitch how you feel Cuz you ain't got shit, Niggas wanna play these games and don't know, That I am the wickedest one you know bro, I'm just a nigga from off the side, So what's up I'm bout to rock in the house, right Microphone check one two, now what's the haps It's time for me to put my neighborhood on the map, I'm from the neighborhood of the wild Magnolia, Home of the killas, the trillas, the soljas, Droppin' muthafuckas like an everyday habit, If I see your fine, sexy bitch, I'ma stab it, Comin' from my head, my skin tone is red, Ready to put the muthafuckin' black boy to bed, I ain't never was afraid of no war, Cuz where I come from, we snort powder and we roar [Chorus] [Third Verse:] I'm in the Nolia, lookin' for the Poppers, Took me a hit off the blunt, then I spot her, Hoe that I know, bout twenty years of age, A pepper-red bitch with extensions in her head, Now she was the type to put you in a plot ball, Her last old man done got his head knocked off, But fuck I want the pussy so let's see what she's about, She gave me the phone number and the address to her house, I passed by late, she stayed on South Mero, Walked in the door with my three eight zero, Popped on that ass, got her nothin', I was outty, Now she calls me sayin' how she feel about me, 'Come back to me, Juvenile, I'm beggin' you please', 'Won't you just come back to me, Juvenile, I'm beggin' you please', Now, if I was King, just imagine that shit, I'd have the Queen back smackin' that bitch, Now drop to your knees and kiss, and you tease, Of that, hell of a guy Mister J-U-V, I want riches, fuck bitches and them hoes, No better than a sweater, fella, cuz I won't let her, Hoe blow my head off, and take me off ground, Knowin' inside that a bitch could bring me down, Juvenile let a hoe trap me That ain't the hamp, I'm on the map aiyyo I'm in the house, And I'm on the map G [Chorus]

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